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Eating Away Indiana’s Asian Carp Problem

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Full Story: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/eating-indianas-asian-carp-problem-96780/ People are getting creative in an attempt to stop the spread of the invasive Asian Carp. Coming up a tour of a carp processing plant that’s considering all kinds of uses for the fish.
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Pio Sian (17 hours ago)
Gefilte fish, properly prepared and cooked well, goes well with Matzos and Mogen David. Some high hat snubs don't know what they are missing. I am not Jewish. If caught in large amounts, clean A Class Carp meat, can be dehydrated and be given to severely malnourished kids, not only off shore but in our neighborhoods,qualities of protein powder can be made available everywhere. China could be a good buyer. Less than ideal forms can be mixed with animal feed. They can keep their Tilapia.
73abu (21 hours ago)
i think its good for make a business with the fish, process the fish then maybe can try make fish & chips and sell it . for the left over grind it make a fish food , or can make food for poor people .. or make a sale in local market .
Mick Carson (1 day ago)
Look. I know all about Carps. We have them here in the millions and yes, they are destroying the rivers, lakes and waterways. If the Carps are not native to that river, then they should be exterminated at all costs. We fish then out for rivers and leave them to die on the banks. I know it's cruel but what we don't see is how cruel these Carps are when they compete and eradicate native fishes. Because Carps grow very big, they eat small fish and fry, theirs and native fish, eggs and all. Carps do not discriminate. Put them in a large pond filled with native fish and watch. In a few days, the native fishes are all gone, Carp population has increased and the pond is all murky because they also eat Yabbies, Shrimps, Mussels, worms, anything they can find. Then that pond water is unsuitable for animal drinking, but only good for watering vegetables. There is no sorrow now sympathy with Carps here. They're not native and are everywhere, including our Murray River, the largest river. 100 years ago it was clear water, not anymore because these monsters stir the silt and turn the water murky. We try to eradicate them but it's hard as there are too many, in every river and have to be careful not to harm native fishes. They taste earthy and can only be smoked to eat.
Said Yesterday (2 days ago)
Americans are an invasive species
Larry Keesee (6 days ago)
Add Northent pike.. they will eat all the carp..
Colbert Philippe (6 days ago)
One solution is to ask help from big fast-food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, Harveys, ...etc. The government could incentivise these companies to create a "Asian Carp" fish scandwitch that could be solde of "reasonnable" price. That would quickly create a big demand.
John Johnson (6 days ago)
How about all the native fish. I guess they're ... .
rushdi ahmad (8 days ago)
We send the fish first , then we come ..
G William (11 days ago)
If you give them cars to drive, they'll kill themselves off. (I'm Asian btw, so please don't get mad at my dumb reverse racist joke.)
chueyeexiong2010 (11 days ago)
A bunch of chinese immigrants will take care of the problem.
Ineluctable Smith (11 days ago)
Inept government officials should immediately allow cast net fishing for asian carp. I mean come on! They have a problem and uninformed government officials are standing in the way. (AS usual) Lets act to solve this!
Ed Loki (11 days ago)
They allow that already. You just need to get a permit for cast net fishing and you're not allowed to take certain species with it.
the viking (11 days ago)
I understand this is an old video. I live in Michigan..and did an experiment. Fried walleye, bass, sheaphead and carp,perch and pike oh this is the killer ..carp and sucker fish..no one could tell the difference. All where delicious..served with a dill sauce..
Cye Lannford (12 days ago)
This could feed millions of school kids ( fish sticks, patties)... make countless tons of old fashioned fertiliser... and make tons and tons of dog and cat good.
super fly (12 days ago)
fillet o fish sandwich.
Craig Arndt (12 days ago)
There’s a million things to do with them and they grow exponentially every year. Nice white meat, I’d try it.
David (13 days ago)
Develop a genetic defect that causes high mortality and introduce them to the population.
Andy Wolf (14 days ago)
Cut em up and feed them to the other fish.
alan30189 (15 days ago)
They need to find out their breeding habits. That could be a big part of the solution in eradicating them, but we are probably stuck with them. Getting them on the menus of restaurants would help.
Make the illegal netting legal Problem solved $2000000 consult fee due now Is Indiana that stupid?
ChickenBone Robinson (20 days ago)
The women barely chewed that fish & look like she wanted to spit it out
Richo Williams (20 days ago)
Make em into Fish fingers then their days are numbered. Everyone loves fish fingers (except that weirdo that is just about to tell me all about it in the replies! like if you think that person should put down the keyboard and back away)
dang0088 da (21 days ago)
these fools, u can eat it or use for cats and dogs food, you damn fools, dont let them take to china.
陈天龙 (22 days ago)
Simple, change the name to Asian White fish.
Gary Harper (23 days ago)
Seems like someone should be able to hollow them out and make shoes for poor people.
Geebop Baluba (27 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with Asian carp! There just as good as catfish and we should start doing that.
John Woodgate (1 month ago)
Need to open up more fish camps along these rivers. fried Silver fin (Asian carp) with grits and hush puppies. Yummy
ANTONIO CORAZON (1 month ago)
This is white and tender meat.....enjoy it
Derek Derek (1 month ago)
Indiana is cursed
David Bradley (1 month ago)
The Korean and Japanese love to eat carp! SImple pay the Koreans to fish on the river and they will take all that can!
Hugh Jaanus (1 month ago)
Did you notice her voice creaking/low octave at the end of sentences? @ 1:10 "rely on" Lots of American females do it for some reason.
no name (1 month ago)
fertilizer and pet food....end of story
Phillip Bishop (1 month ago)
Strong, nasty flavor. Absolutely disgusting. Bon apetite!
Bjarki Elisabetarson (2 months ago)
hahaha they found out best way to eat them well einstein move over someone more clever then you freeze that fuckers and send them to china and get money are the uk
writerconsidered (2 months ago)
Do what we did with Cod 200 yrs ago. use them for fertilizer.
Guyinpajamapants (2 months ago)
You don’t want them but you can’t use a net to catch them? You should be able to use any means necessary! Throw the bicatch back!
Lroy Johnson (2 months ago)
Americans are too scared for change !! To scared to try it !!! But yet they fucjen eat process foods like hot dogs n shit but dont even know what the fuck is in there
Hylton Smith (2 months ago)
Dog food
Jeet Priyo Dey (2 months ago)
It's hard to cook
Tom Slak (2 months ago)
These are real healthy for you so lets deep fry them and make them unhealthy.
Average Student (2 months ago)
Sell it as Rohu Fish, the native name for Asian Carp in Pakistan and India among other countries... !
Marc Letourneau (2 months ago)
Meanwhile just make pet food with it
rc3291 (2 months ago)
Rename them Hoosier Trout. Problem solved.
Bill Goodwin (2 months ago)
It's Indiana. Just pray them out of the water.
devestv (2 months ago)
Southeast Asian fish patties. No bones to deal with when it is all chopped up.
Rodrigo Comia (2 months ago)
Call the Asian guys. We will those fish.
Eleazar Y'shua (2 months ago)
I live in Malaysia and Asian Carp is a special delicacies serve for rich and famous people here. We will steam it or deep fry or cook it in traditional way... it really delicious fish.
Encourage the people for Fish and chips. Marinade in garlic salt and fry like the English fish and chips. The left overs can be dried and pelletted for chicken feed.
Marcus Holmes (2 months ago)
Change the name, it has been done with salt water fish before to make them more marketable
Stephen H (2 months ago)
One company now calls them Silverfin. We'll see if it takes off.
Francis Lim (2 months ago)
We Asians pay a high price eating Asian Carps in Restaurants,,they are good eating and can be prepared in many ways,taste great in FISH AND CHIPS,Japanese fish teriyaki and Indian curry fish,etc.
CL. G. (2 months ago)
I used to go fishing with my father as a child a lot and caught some. They were special because they get big. We ate them ;-) I ate a lot of self caught fish as a child ...
FaQ Hue (2 months ago)
Just let a lot minority’s into your state and tell them go ape shit and catch and eat as many as you want. Trust me they’ll help. Small town White ppl hate trying new and weird things to them.
kayak347 (2 months ago)
Shitloads of ways to use fish like that period
maddad621 (2 months ago)
American Wild harvested Silver Fin white flesh fish perfect for deep frying and battered fried. No farming, hormone free fish! That should be the best selling point! Why waste time trying to farm fish when the rivers and lakes in the mid West are teeming with a big bounty of fish? Should do very well with supplying the fast food market.
Jom Liporada (2 months ago)
Bring in asian carp's natural predator- asians.
Stephen H (2 months ago)
Or ship more to China. Help with the trade imbalance.
then benagcz (3 months ago)
Carp is delicious in Poland is premium fish eaten on Christmas Eve
Connor Hamilton (3 months ago)
There like the suckers since nobody wants to eat em . But yet suckers are delicious just like am carp
thomas b brann (3 months ago)
cook them the way old timers did--pressure cook them bones and all--bones r sof and eatable like sardines, love thwm too--u can can pressure cooked carp and they taste just like salmon!!!
thomas b brann (3 months ago)
u can can the meat in jars too!!
Yung Biz (3 months ago)
Wait, nobody tries to eat it?! What's wrong with you people!
Stephen H (2 months ago)
It's the name "carp". People confuse it with the common carp, which aren't good to eat.
Maximus (4 months ago)
wow, Americans are stupid, they have unlimited super cheap fish that JUMP into thier boat effortlessly and they dont care, like holy shit, its free goods fish, i would live a happy life with free fish if i lived near a river with thouse xD
Greg Cxox (4 months ago)
I live in Indiana by 4 of the biggest rivers in the state and I've never seen an Asian carp ever.
Harold Brooks (5 months ago)
I'm horrible at fishing, but I think even I could do well fishing carp
Mike383HK (5 months ago)
Hell, I'd eat it!! Bring it on!! Protein all the way!!
Brave_K JandC (6 months ago)
I’m don’t fish but I’ve watched quite a few videos and read many comments on Asian carp. It seems clear that this fish is much healthier than most fish, and probably these wild versions are the best in the world. Much better than farmed fish of many types around the world. The only issue is the bones. People have solved much harder problems and this one is begging for a solution. A great food supply that no one wants!
Mick Carson (1 day ago)
Of course Carps are healthier. They eat, eat, eat, till they eat themselves when food runs out.
Stephen H (2 months ago)
I watched several videos on cooking them - the easiest way is to bake it, then use a plastic knife to cut it - the knife will cut the meat, but not the bones. Then just eat the meat.
Akiva Patterson (6 months ago)
Feed the Homeless
Christian Nickels (6 months ago)
Introduxe a population of tiger musky they are sterile so cannot over reproduce and they eat white sucker so why not carp we use them to controll carp... suckers northern pike
Dennis Vu (6 months ago)
This problem will solve itself since it will be the only fish in those waters soon
Ronald Solberg (6 months ago)
If someone could find a way that fast food chain restaurants could sell them like the old fish and chips places that would help.
Donald Stephen (6 months ago)
"doesn't taste like fish at all". What's the point of eating fish if you don't want the fish flavor? Steam is the best way to cook asian carp
Blind Bob (6 months ago)
These fish are worth a FORTUNE in Asia... ESP. that size. She is bullshitting and trying to keep competitors out of her market
MartinHunter Nemisis (6 months ago)
They are an excellent table fish, we are very good at over fishing a given species, so why not do the same for these fish. I would like to see more commercial fishing for these invasive fish.. just because they are ugly doesn't mean they are not delicious!
Delboy Trotter (7 months ago)
Seems to me these are the muslim migrants of the fish world! Millions here, nobody wants them?
khmereissrak (7 months ago)
Better than manufacture chicken nuggets.
Stan Webb (7 months ago)
Commercial Fishing the river for the carp.... could sell them as cat food as the USA has large cat pet population....they showed on another video they were using electricity on state fish and game boats... they herd them so start with this and catch all of them in a short period of time if they catch everything then replant the game fish.....
lily lily (7 months ago)
I love eat asian carps, because i am asian. they are much more delicious than all fishes in walmart. But i donot know where to buy them :(, walmart have no asian carps at all. and other markets also have no asian carp, i do not know where to buy them ! Just a lot of catfishes in markets, but i really dislike their tasting :(, catfish taste are so bad !
Lone Wolf (6 months ago)
Well if you love them so much get a pole and take your ass fishing there's plenty of them unwanted bastards around in Illinois. I say unwanted because they will eventually kill off other breed of fish that are crucial to other breeds of fish leading to extinction of certain species. Mark my words.
dexter2433 (7 months ago)
be fantastic for dog and cat food
Head First (7 months ago)
Okay, but how do they taste? I'd use them if I thought they would work in place of other fish.
Vance (7 months ago)
Seems everything has weird eyes in Asia
Miki Seius (7 months ago)
Cat food, dog food, pig food, Zoo food? Animals don't care what type of fish it is.
LaughTooHard (7 months ago)
Asian Carp = More illegal aliens. I'll bet Radical Liberals will register them to vote.
Robert guzek (7 months ago)
Release the GAR!
uncleblakey0777 (7 months ago)
You would have to pay me to even try to eat it.
Ron Skotnicki (7 months ago)
carp is carp. they are a dirty fish. period.
Al Martinez (7 months ago)
So is tilapia, crayfish, shrimp, lobster, catfish etc etc all dirty bottom feeders that we eat anyway.
Missy Squirrel (7 months ago)
cat food!!!
Lee Martin (7 months ago)
as I'm looking through the comments it seems like everybody feels the same way why don't we just met him and kill them and grind them up for a few years
Lee Martin (7 months ago)
Open Season all year long no limit on the catch grind them up put them in the damn corn field
Russ G (7 months ago)
Doesn't it figure that desirable, beautiful, and good-eating fish that are great sport fish are getting scarce in our fresh water lakes and streams while these "pieces of carp" are breeding like rats?
Russ G (7 months ago)
These things are butt ugly, like everything else that comes from Asia!
Trevor Or (8 months ago)
Turn the fooking things into fish meal fertiliser. It's no rocket science
Russel Dupley (8 months ago)
human, pet and live stock food. plus use them to to kill other invasive species
USA Growby 7 (8 months ago)
Obviously, big prizes for multiple daily fishing contests. An important rule is that certain species cannot get returned to River. Go get 'em fishermen!
Island Aerial (8 months ago)
Pet food, Fish farm food, fertilizer, etc...
Learning Christian (8 months ago)
Old Carp Recipe: clean and open fish up, nail it to old chopping board and rub in olive oil, lemon, herbs slat and pepper. Bake in the oven for 2 hours and when done throw the fish away and eat the board :-)
Roy (8 months ago)
I heard people do not like carp because it is too bony. There is one solution to that. Pressure cooker! Clean the fish as usual, take out the entrails head, fins and vertebrae. Throw in your favorite spices with a generous amount of rum (or moonshine) to take out the fishy smell. Pressure cook for about an hour and voila! all the remaining small bones will be soft enough to eat. A good source of calcium too!
Ric D (8 months ago)
I read somewhere how native Americans buried fish under the maize they planted
Rick Fountain, Jr. (8 months ago)
let fishermen sell them....we will make then extinct then...chinese will pay top dollar if we market the fish as CLEAN, WHOLESOME, REAL, HARVESTED IN USA
Markyellowcake (8 months ago)
What's with their weird looking eyes???
The King de Butterflies (8 months ago)
I hate to be that person, but maybe if everyone who is trying to market this fish as edible or new and exciting did not sound so sad, maybe it would be more appealing, right?
David caddick (8 months ago)
We eat catfish,crayfish bottom feeders
ヲタ福 (8 months ago)
Japanese people eat them as sashimi, sushi, koikoku(soup), syabusyabu. But don't recommend to eat them raw. Eat them cooked. http://kyoudo-ryouri.com/en/food/2185.html

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