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The story behind it all...
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Afrothentic Fisher (15 hours ago)
I pray for healing and restoration for your entire family. Know you are loved. You are here for a purpose. You are still finding it. So glad you are here :)
Mary Yakob (19 hours ago)
Love your videos so much and you are a so good person ❤️
baileytaylor (3 days ago)
you are nit a mistake
baileytaylor (3 days ago)
omg im crying
Tasha Trendzz (3 days ago)
You’re so awesome... very raw and true I love it ... although I wasn’t adopted I often feel the same way
Kk ??? (3 days ago)
you are truly an amazing person!
BriaLianaBesos (5 days ago)
So candid!
Kunmi Onapeju (6 days ago)
What you've said about the void you feel is a universal feeling. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for being open. Please know you're loved and appreciated by SOO many.
Monique Dawa (6 days ago)
I just came across your YouTube channel and I want to let you know that I appreciate you and look up to you for everything that you've been through and being strong! I am 29 also and I remember growing up how hard it was to survive.. I understand where your mom is coming from and I also understand where your Aunt is coming from. Without saying I believe I know why she wanted you as her own. Keep your head up!! You have a beautiful woman by your side and life is becoming a whole.. take it day by day and I look forward to seeing you grow! 💖🙏
maya hinkson (7 days ago)
You did a lot of editing out😂😂😂
Nyi’s World (7 days ago)
Describe me : dream chaser 💜smart funny pretty describe u : brilliant funny smart talented handsome the best u can be
Nyi’s World (7 days ago)
How how would it be better with our u as funny as smart as the best u can be u are ... may ppl love u and so do I so that makes many 100 times more ❤️🌷🤞🏽💝💜
Nyi’s World (7 days ago)
Pause wait . Mistake were do I see the word bc I’m tearing up ... u know how many times I felt that way and I’m not adopted I’m such a fan and luv you so much and always will support u and Luv u for who u are u showed me how to be strong god has a plan ❤️😘
Anita Mlem (7 days ago)
This was though loved how real it was stay strong ma dude . That must have been tough feeling all if those things you shouldn't have been feeling, being in a different state of mind , not feeling loved. Wow man this really touched me 💛💛😥
Daniel Quintero (7 days ago)
Keep going mystic... i know i was a blessing and a mistake aswell but dont think negative.. be glad and bleased ur alive.. theres no life without pain my friend 🙏 u got this .. u make me laugh and help me keep going after ive had the same thoughts aswell.. keep going my friend and be strong 🙏 cheers bro 😪
Jermaine (8 days ago)
You are so gorgeous
Norma Baker (9 days ago)
You are not a mistake! Things happened beyond your control due to the decisions of other people or just by circumstance. You are in no way at fault for any of it. Life comes with pain. That is unavoidable. Even though there was pain surrounding your situation you are also a source of joy for the parents who raised you AND you are the healing balm to those who share your pain of the past. Don't ever believe you were a mistake who was not supposed to be here. You have brought happiness to a lot of people on youtube and by sharing this story you have probably helped a lot in their sadness as well. Life sucks. It comes with all kinds of things that cut us deeply, but it is so important to look for the things that bring us joy and that is worth all the pain we have to go through. I came across these videos by happenstance, but I am so glad I did. Your story is beautiful and it touched my heart. I know your mom is so glad to have you back in her life. The old emotional scars won't just go away, but they will lessen in time and you will be thankful to have this time. You will heal each others pain. God bless all of you. ❤️
Romonia Jackson (10 days ago)
Sorry about that Miss print I was trying to say that you can bond with not buy
Romonia Jackson (10 days ago)
I think you're adopted mom and your real mom are two outstanding individuals who love you dearly and thank God that you have two moms that love you unconditionally that is so rare so you are blessed beyond measure and again thank you for sharing your story you now have another family sister I don't know if you have another brother or not but you have other individuals that you can now Buy on with in spite of what happened in the past so I wish you nothing but the best may God's richest and best be yours forever
Romonia Jackson (10 days ago)
I am a new subscriber to your YouTube channel and thank you so much for sharing your story I think you give hope to people who are in your situation and I think you are handling this and such a great way and such a positive way thank you for the love that you continue to show unconditionally in spite of what you've been through and even concerning your real mom thank you for your life story it encourages me. And when I saw the video of you sharing the letter that you received from your real mom or should I say your birth mom I was crying right along with you it touch me so thank you so much for sharing
ramin ivarami (10 days ago)
You are a role model mate.... 👍
ramin ivarami (10 days ago)
I feel you..... I've always thought I was a mistake.
Mkada Collections (11 days ago)
4.4 million thanks God for you. God makes no mistake. 😊Thanks for making us happy in our lowest times.
Larry Wingo (12 days ago)
I can't ever imagine what you are going through. I just wanted to reach out to you. You're not a mistake, but a wonderful blessing that helps others through pain!!! I'm praying for you and your continued healing process. Be blessed man and peace within!!!
Shelly&Mauv (13 days ago)
Appreciate you sharing your journey.
Monica Calvert (13 days ago)
Focus on your baby now Mystic
Catina Cole (14 days ago)
I really hope you know you had nothing to do with what happened in the beginning you have helped so many just remember the joy you bring to so many I am one of the many you have helped so many times
Jillian Mcintosh (14 days ago)
God doesn't make mistakes so please never feel like you are a mistake. You were wonderfully made by God and you have purpose here. I hope you know that you are loved.
Donovan Stevens (14 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your feelings with us globally, basically bearing your soul in front of millions of people. God will bless you my friend. Much love, Donny from Cape Town South Africa.
Jenny Andersson (14 days ago)
Never ever think and say that u are a misstake. U are a gift from God nomatter what. U are here for a reason.?
Makayla Sykes (14 days ago)
Im only 16. I was taken in by my step dad when i was one year old and adopted at the age of 6. I still live with my birth mom because she married my step dad before he adopted me. I have met my biological dad 3 times in my life already. And my oldest brother once. My middle brother i have never met and it hurts me really badly. My dad doesnt want me to talk to my biological dad bc of stuff from the past. I dont really know much of my dads side of my family and it eats at me everyday. So i don’t understand completely but I understand being adopted.
Cheryl Haurik (14 days ago)
A child is a Blessing from the Lord. Don't say you shouldn't have been born. You are a beautiful, kind young man. A creation from the Lord created in his image. Please realize you are here for a reason. Maybe you could help others. I Love you.
Star Light (14 days ago)
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! You are such a great spirit but yet you are in emotional turmoil. Stay beautifully you!! God bless
nikkimarie Johnson (14 days ago)
You are not the reason for the decision that your parent's made your birth mom what she had to do. You are loved so much by your mom .you make me cry . I pray that you find a way to heal and let joy take over and take it in one day at a time. The little child in you is hurt .but the man your are is string one day at a time. GOD IS IN CONTROL 😊
Kevin Bell (15 days ago)
Thank you so much
Kevin Bell (15 days ago)
Man those feelings I feel everyday you showed me something I wish I had but I know no one is a mistake no one because God has a plan for everyone ik exactly what you are going through ........ your a blessed person
Adrian Hanson (15 days ago)
We love you Isaiah. You’re not a mistake. You’re important.
Adrian Hanson (15 days ago)
We love you Isaiah. You’re not a mistake. You’re important.
kamihya 1987 (15 days ago)
You are strong and you need to realise this soon , and know that most people going threw this would have gave up on them self and said fuck life but you are hanging on to what you got...but you never ask to be born but your here now so realise how FAR you got in life feeling this way and your not dead yet ....Why ...because you know your life is worth more then gold. Trust me I know how you feel and I'm 31 years old and I realised I don't need people to love me I stopped drinking and smoking and I feel happy excepting my path where ever it go's or who I go with don't matter who love you love yourself ....You will understand soon just give it more years it will come to you the worst of it will end soon your still in your twenties your still figuring things out but deep down that self worth will come out like a Alien baby on a movie 😊
Rebekah A. Rodriguez (15 days ago)
We all have a roll and a purpose on this world and a mistake you are not, I understand how you see it like that but those people around you needed to go thru that pain, exc and it’s sad because innocent was in the middle you but everything happens to us for a reason good or bad. Hate, pain, bad things need to happened for other doors to open you my dear are loved by many, keep blessing us with your videos and bringing smiles and laughter to us xoxo ✌️ ❤️
Rey B (15 days ago)
You have A purpose and you have been a great blessing to all you encounter. We're thankful for You. Your family loves you. We love you. You are certainly worthy. None of this is your fault you were the strength to everyone in this situation. Stay strong. And must importantly, please, stay you. Because YOU are Beautiful Soul. .... I've felt this way with my absent parent who was there for another child. And I suffered greatly.. But I'm thankful every day for how I turned out... I could've been worse off. -- You turned out perfectly❤
Social Web (18 days ago)
Sir, My comments to you are just my humble opinion. You are right not to have tried to continue to hide or mask the pain. I can't even begin to tell you what that decision has done for your life. You are at the perfect age to deal with this. Because, sooner or later, it would have come out and it wouldn't have been pretty so God bless you. God has blessed you for allowing you, now, to be able to take the steps you took; allowing you to feel what you feel in the best way possible. Some people, unfortunately, and literally, can't feel deep pain till it explodes. And that might mean in their forties or fifties or beyond. You are so blessed and thank you for sharing your story with us. I'm sure your story will inspire others. I agree with the comment that you have been and are sooooooo loved from all around. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT ,IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN YOUR FAULT.
Magdalena Utsch (18 days ago)
You're so Strong and i'm so proud of you that you got threw it and you have to know that There was always and There will be always someone how loves you! Never forget this We all are loved even if our parents don't give us this Love that we need so much...
Magdalena Utsch (18 days ago)
Sry if i didn't write everything right... i'm from germany
Claudia Huesca (18 days ago)
There is hope in Jesus. God chose you from the very beginning & that is exactly why you exist here on this earth. If you go to God for your closure, He will bring all the healing & freedom that you need & He will show you the great purpose that He has for your life. Your story is your testimony & it’s something that God can use to bring hope to others & show you that you are not a mistake. God bless you 🙏🏻
Leslie Turner (19 days ago)
A baby is a miracle from God. YOU are a miracle from God never think that you are a mistake. You have a purpose on this earth and God will continue to show you your path. Keep pushing and continue to strive. You have those that love and adore you. Just remember you are beautiful.
All Things Annika (20 days ago)
I am adopted to and I have felt the same way I know that im only 13 and your in your 20's but can completely relate to you.
Katelyn Gisclair (22 days ago)
You just explained every feeling I have felt every day my entire life... finally someone gets it
joyce33 (22 days ago)
I don't no you but I love you .Because of God and because of God you will get through. You are a blessing to be hear my child never a curse.
That’s So She (22 days ago)
You gotta think about it this way baby. Even tho you’ve put people through pain (which was out of your control so don’t beat yourself up over it) look at how many people you’ve touched. You’ve made so many people smile and laugh and have given people something to relate to. You were put on this earth for a reason. You are worthy. You matter just as much as everyone else does.
Mo Knowz Money (23 days ago)
You are supposed to be here King. Everyone loved you so much & they couldn't be with or without you. I hope you realize how fortunate you are to feel all the love of all your 'Mothers'. You are special & great for sharing to help others heal. So proud of you!!!❤
Tsy Ch (23 days ago)
You aint a mistake you are Loved ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kate torro (23 days ago)
You were not a mistake... you were meant to be here
Maged Saeed (24 days ago)
Most of People in my country who similar to ur story they end up running drug business. proud for you man 👌🏽
Buggz SH (24 days ago)
Dopeness stay strong ...
MeMyself N Kids (25 days ago)
I'm adoptedd I was taken away at 6 Adopted at 7...... It's been a weird life allot of lonely night's feeling different ECT....neway on glad u met your family that was a big step. I met my parents finally again my mom a crack addict still/heroin addict n father passed away 6 years ago from hepC sand a staff infection spread to his lungs from using heroine. Best I found my ☮️ bring the best parent I can be the my children. Literally I've made them my world. There father passed away a lil over a year ago. So now unfortunately there gone experience a similar pain of not having there father. But yeah I feel to Mystic, stay strong life is CRAZY.
David Huerta (25 days ago)
I just saw the blogs and have 2 questions. Now that some time has passed and your questions were answered. Do you still fill a void? Are you still wondering why?
tiffanydish (26 days ago)
How could you be a mistake when soooo many people loved and wanted you. You are here for a purpose, to make people happy. You are just awesome. I LOVE YOU
GamerZahm (26 days ago)
U made me cry so much, I felt like im adopted just watching this and feeling the pain u have/been through and I'm really really happy that u got to meet ur bio mother and sadly u couldn't meet ur bio father and that's sad, and I'm glad that u got over the pain, I'm just happy that u finally met them! Do think of negative now, just positive, u have so many people that loves u and we r here to support u no matter what! We love u!😭☺☺💗💙🌹 Like if u agree with me!☺💙
TER-TER NC GIRL (27 days ago)
I think you handle very good. And I would think everyone wants to no where we came from and I parents.I could not stand not noting who my mom and dad were. That’s our birth wright. I thought you did GREAT BABE. The family seams very nice and wow was your mom not sooooo. HAPPY TO SEE YOU. God bless you both on this new journey.I really did think you did so good sweetheart.🙏🙏❤️❤️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️👏🏼
Jade's flowers (27 days ago)
Sorry I'm late but I seen it I have 2 other brothers adopted and I got wait till next year to fine them both at the same I bin very hard to no knowing anything so thank you for this
Noah Garcia (28 days ago)
god didn't just put you on earth for no reason isaiah, he put you here for a reason...... youtube. dont ever think u were a mistake because thats not true
MizzChocs (28 days ago)
Oh good grief boy u main me sad at 12am on a friday. My biological uncle was supposed to adopt me too but they went to court and idk what happened😕 My situation kind of similar to urs actually...except my uncle and aunts didnt even have a chance. Its sad to know what could have been. I am so torn over this. I just found all this out 1 month ago. I still love my family...the fam that raised me. One day at a time I guess😯😕
Tia Synti (29 days ago)
My mom was adopted, but didn't find out until she was in her 30s. Her adoption was going to be taken to the grave, but liquid courage revealed the "secret". Seeing you teary eyed and as someone who has been adopted, kind of helps me understand why my mom has some moments where she'll says she feels abadoned and disliked by her children or other people. I didn't understand why she felt that way before, but seeing your video helps me understand what someone who's been adopted feels like. Thank you for sharing this!! You're not a mistake, you're high- larious and no one can tell you otherwise.
shvntt y (29 days ago)
I can relate....
Corbin Boykin (30 days ago)
What happened to him having a kid?
OVOBreezy Pue (30 days ago)
I'm not adopted, but you are meant to be here. You are not a mistake. Do you know how many people you may have uplifted and made them feel like someone understands what it's like to be someone who is adopted and the emotions they deal with. You give them hope. So you are meant to be here.
anast dime (1 month ago)
Watching your adoption videos made me think, why the fuck people want to have children where there are so many children out there waiting to be adopted? It's like saying dont adopt a dog from a shelter go buy dogs which is really INSANE. People that wanna have kids should prioritize adoption, letting their egos that would end up destroying "their" kids aside and helping some kids that got left from their moms. Is it so hard to let your ego, let your "but i wanna see my better self/ the self that i would wanna be" on a complete other person and go adopt? Why are we perceiving adoption of a stray dog the correct thing to do but when it comes to our kids we wanna "create" OUR own?
Nicole Idowu (1 month ago)
I had to pause this video several times before I could get through it. My God. 😢
Silent tuber2 (1 month ago)
your biggest family now, is your youtube family. From all the comments, I see a lot of people care.
Ally Retelsdorf (1 month ago)
Im a adopted child too and found out the truth about my adoption and birth mother and things I wished I never knew . Made me have a lot of hate towards my birth mother and many feelings of worthless and abandonment and much more , I have always hated my self and suffer from depression and anxiety on a daily basis. I love my real family that adopted me but I have so much hate for my birth mother and the things that were done to me and happened to me when I was a baby .
heartofgold3dot Kaye (1 month ago)
You were meant to be here, you were never a mistake, God doesnt create mistakes Mystic
Sandra Jordan (1 month ago)
I hope everything gets better for you. I'm sorry that you have went through the pain you have
Ronaldo Brooks (1 month ago)
God is not sleeping bro💓
Parker Sangster (1 month ago)
U were meant to get put on this earth it was gods plan and u do matter and people do love you❤️❤️❤️
Gina Johnson (1 month ago)
Well I am at 6.44 and still aint heard the truth
Vanessa Strydom (1 month ago)
Mystic i just wanna send all my love and know that ur not a mistake❤
Lisandra Mua (1 month ago)
Your story made me cry 😢 so many people complain about then little things when their are more serious issues with other people may god bless you and your new chapter
Carla Mabry (1 month ago)
I wish you the best this was very touching i cried with you i felt your pain God Bless U
shaunaboo961 (1 month ago)
It is totally not your fault... you are made of god you are NOT a mistake ♥️♥️♥️
Ladyparis4L (1 month ago)
God loves you ❤️
Ladyparis4L (1 month ago)
Your not a mistake everything in life happens for a reason ❤️🙏
Nicole Smith (1 month ago)
I pray that you are getting all of the love and support that you need and deserve. You have two families that love you. You were wanted by two families. I hope you realize how blessed you are ! 🙏💗💝💞
The CamDF (1 month ago)
Props for you showing your feelings on YouTube man that takes a strong person... we got your back 💯
KekeLew (1 month ago)
❤️❤️ buddy please don’t feel that way. My heart goes out to you and I send my prayers for your healing
Damian Parks (1 month ago)
This makes me cry because I feel everything he is saying I could watch this over and over and cry 😭
Wavy Jamar M (1 month ago)
Touching story sorry you went through that by it all happened to morph you into the man you are today peace and blessings ❤️❤️❤️
Catekya Kavuu (1 month ago)
Yoh the strongest open hearted person I've ever seen.. Bless you
Felicia Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Yournnot a mistake. I swear we are the same ! I feeel youuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m adopted and I always felt like I was a mistake, ugh poor baby I completely understand keep your head up . lol at this we are here for a REASON ! we are special ! Adopted kids are special !!
Elizabeth Mason (1 month ago)
That's how I feel my dad left my life when I was 9 years old I'm now 12 years old
Bracketville August (1 month ago)
It takes a man to admit what you have admitted. It's okay. You have gone through the worst of it. Now, where do you go from here? You can't live in the past any longer. Everything has been brought to the light. The relationships you had were what men do. either through what you have been through, divorce breakups. Because they are afraid of abandonment. You are now a father. You make sure you do not repeat what was told to you by your aunt and your mother. Stay the man you are. Even if you can't see yourself married as of now, make sure your son knows you are there one hundred percent. Your "real parents" THEY made sure you have the chance to be whatever you may focus. You are not a selfish man but a cautious man. You are guarding your heart, even with your birth mother. it's okay. EVERYONE OF THEM LOVE YOU. including your SISTERS. You, know there's this blues song title "You Got To Hurt before you Heal". it's so true to the lyrics. Nothing is your fault. You were conceived for a purpose. Your mother and father "Biological" were the tools to get you here. Now ask the father where do you have me to go from here.💕💕👀💕👍💖
Nathan a Star (1 month ago)
Take them braids out bro they pullin ur hairline back making yo forehead look big
Nino (1 month ago)
You have a purpose here in this world. Don't ever believe you were a mistake. Both families love you unconditionally, you are blessed my brother. Stay strong. Whatever time you have left with your birth mother enjoy it to the fullest. Much love and support and respect from Texas
Orlando Pagan (1 month ago)
Dam bro Listen I know it hurt But remember this that god loves you so much and he is here for you
Gab Win (1 month ago)
I watched this and cried with u. Pray and ask GOD for help to heal ur heart. I feel this is the only way this hurt is going to subside. Hope the best for u
Susann Lopez (1 month ago)
No one in this world is a mistake God had ur book written before you were even born 🙏
Johnaton Nunez (1 month ago)
All these ads really helped
Nothando Zulugirl (1 month ago)
To all those people who lost a mom or dad just look up in the sky and know that you do have the best dad you have jehovah god who will never leave you and will always bless and protect you
Nothando Zulugirl (1 month ago)
Jehovah is with you ,the timing of you meeting your mom was definitely planned by jehovah he feels your pain and loves you
tesha SCHOUTEN (1 month ago)
Your not ever a mistake. Look at all you’ve done for so many of us. Your are strong, brave, smart, talented. It will help with time. It will get better. We are here to help you as much as you’ve helped us. Thank your for sharing your story and your issues your going through.
Johnathan Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I know what you go thru I been through the same when I was younger

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