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CVS NEWBiE w/Mr. CleanCut (2/18-2/24) 6 Items for $0.16 each! CleanCutCouponing

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Text Comments (94)
Secret Zexyula Teloiv (9 days ago)
The boyfriend side
vvaningen (10 days ago)
So cute! Love this! Lol!!!
Kat Slat (9 months ago)
You go Mr. Clean Cut!! You both are so funny lol It's gret to see you two have SO much fun
weaverlove1 (9 months ago)
So so so glad to see my favorite guy not knowing what he is doing he totally needs the makeup love your family lol lol
CleanCutCouponing (9 months ago)
weaverlove1 Lol!
frecklemefancy (9 months ago)
Great video!
Paula Speak (9 months ago)
LMAO!! Too cute!
Erica Greene (9 months ago)
This just made my day, thank you ma’am!
Joan (9 months ago)
Lol good one
Shannon Dunaway (9 months ago)
zoe szotak (9 months ago)
Yes! Yes! YES !!
Tasia C. (9 months ago)
Your shirt 😂
maritzacortes123 (9 months ago)
Luv the video !!!!Thank you
Sandy Cholewczynski (9 months ago)
I've missed Mike!! Glad to see your back! Needed to smile. Your too much. Natalie you got your hands full. 💕
CleanCutCouponing (9 months ago)
I know right! lol!
Ruth Gonzales (9 months ago)
You are so funny... Thanks for the deals... Kids are adorable.... Good seeing you again...
M. Lee (9 months ago)
Funny guy 😎😜👍😄🤓🤑
Melody 4949 (9 months ago)
He is funny
Hien Robinson (9 months ago)
This was too cute for words! Love the spider!
Lynn Davis (9 months ago)
That Spider....Man not cool, but loved the video
snooooopycomehome (9 months ago)
Way to rock the "Man Spout" ponytail.
Patricia Lombardi (9 months ago)
Hair on Fleek.
CleanCutCouponing (9 months ago)
Patricia Lombardi bahaha!
Amber Mullins (9 months ago)
Love mr. Cleancut and his video's
Hey Thelma (9 months ago)
Jajaja he is so funny
camarojen1000 (9 months ago)
Loved it! Too funny!
Aj. DeLeon (9 months ago)
Wow, he's back in full affect!!!
candycandor (9 months ago)
Mr.Clean cut coupon we missed you!!
Pam Butler (9 months ago)
Like she said that dang spider!!🕷🕸
Wendy Lira (9 months ago)
😣😣😣😭😭😭 first red box not working not its fine don't need more make up have my crts on my app got all my stuff and then he ringse up... Sorry ma'am extracare system is down so it's not going to take your app coupons off
CleanCutCouponing (9 months ago)
Wendy Lira Aww I’m sorry you had a bad experience.
Alicia P (9 months ago)
Lol awsome
Saving with Stephanie J (9 months ago)
I never get the Whole Blends Coupons- dog gone it
Natasha Early (9 months ago)
So funny! I was wondering where Mr. Clean-cut's newbie videos had been. Are they here to stay?
Carolina Reyes (9 months ago)
muy bien guapo 👏👍💋😜
Rosa King (9 months ago)
Omg! Your husband is awesome! That spider tho! 😳 Lol
zuxette santana (9 months ago)
delia patlan (9 months ago)
He was funny! 😂😂👍👏👏😂😂
Melissa Clark (9 months ago)
Loved your video!! Lol ty
Latasha White (9 months ago)
Mr. Cleancut is hilarious! Thanks for the video!
Mary ramirez (9 months ago)
Sarah S (9 months ago)
Love the video (though I gotta say I’m not a fan of the shirt). He’s a funny guy!
Jazmin Arroyo (9 months ago)
Jajaja!! La araña 🕷🙈 hermosos bebes😊
Nany G. (9 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 thanks!!!
Maria De Jesus (9 months ago)
Nice...had fun...:)
Kammie Bell (9 months ago)
Wish there was a haha button like FB 🤣😂
Karla Echols (9 months ago)
This has been the best video ever!!! Love it
AttachedToTen (9 months ago)
You just HAD to go there with that dang 🕷! 😭😂
Houston jr (9 months ago)
I see you Mr CLEANCUT with the CLEANCUT!! Enjoyed it!!
Madeline Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Awesome lol ❤
Angie Salinas (10 months ago)
Loved It!
PreciousDiva419 (10 months ago)
Awesome I love y'all videos
Ro Ro (10 months ago)
Love the shirt
Saira Rodrigues (10 months ago)
Too funny 😂 I should have my husband do the same 😂
Queen Bee. (10 months ago)
gcfan803 (10 months ago)
I love it! The hair in the beginning, hahaha!!!
April Hernandez (10 months ago)
Words of wisdom from Mr. CleanCut... And hold S#!? THAT DAMN SPIDER SCARED ME 😂😂😂
CleanCutCouponing (9 months ago)
April Hernandez 😂😂😂
Love it, too funny. I'll have to show my husband so he can coupon with me too😂😂😂
MsPanage2000 (10 months ago)
OMG the intro got me laughing so hard LOL
Debra Mercado (10 months ago)
Very cool!!!!😂
Billie Taylor (10 months ago)
Amanda Libby (10 months ago)
Hi, omg u r too funny! Show ur receipt next time, show us how u did. Happy day
Taia Watkins (10 months ago)
Omg! Lmao!! He is hilarious!😂😂😂
myownIDENTITY (10 months ago)
I so miss that shirt but wait the man pony-tail ...Nat! Ur hubby is too funny 😂. Love the playfulness in this video 😅.
CleanCutCouponing (10 months ago)
myownIDENTITY ❤️❤️❤️
Audrey Turner (10 months ago)
Way to go Mr Clean Cut. 💙
Donna McNally (10 months ago)
That was great! Funny too...
Rogeryashley Reyes (10 months ago)
very nice!!..
Maggie Monge (10 months ago)
U guys r so funny😂😂😂😂
Faith loving grandbabies (10 months ago)
Mr Clean cut awesome
T. Marie (10 months ago)
3 to 5 hahahaha this is just great!!! Thank u!!! Hahaha I needed a good laugh💖💖💖💖
danny dornacher (10 months ago)
I fricken love it.
kandie van dyke (10 months ago)
Love you guys!!! So glad you're back
Clipping4Coupons With Aly (10 months ago)
Thanks Mr. Cleancut! You guys are too funny 😊
It's a Brenda thing (10 months ago)
Adorable baby's ❤ and OMG i jumped back with the giant spider 😂. Awesome video thanks a lot!
CleanCutCouponing (10 months ago)
Thank YOU!!
Hot mess Couponer (10 months ago)
Lmao I wish my husband would do this kind of stuff with me when couponing
wanda910 (10 months ago)
I love when you have Mr. CC in your vids!
Running Kimono (10 months ago)
Mr. clean cut; killing those deals 💯💯💯💯💯 awesome
CleanCutCouponing (10 months ago)
<3 <3
Laura L (10 months ago)
You guys are awesome😊
Girl Power (10 months ago)
Lol he was funny 👊👊👊👊👊
Pam Hocker (10 months ago)
i'm glad to see hubby back. He's so funny. Thank you for BD video.
Paula H (10 months ago)
Start small..sort of like that palm tree you're rocking. Palm tree today ..pony tail tomorrow... welcome back. The two of you are so funny lol
CleanCutCouponing (10 months ago)
Paula H lol!
tracy armstrong (10 months ago)
He cracks me up. Lol
Vonda Johnson (10 months ago)
Aersome.... Funny funny
Michelle Mullally (10 months ago)
You two 🌟ROCK🌟 💗💗💗 it!!!
Beth Huff (10 months ago)
Have to admit the spider gave me a little anxiety. Mr Clean Cut did a good job!
Soledad Belton (10 months ago)
That spider scared me lol
Sharon Bezel (10 months ago)
Love his videos... 😂😂😂
Shorty Liz (10 months ago)
Love the video and the shirt. Great job!
Dynamic Designs (10 months ago)
He's back lol

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