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Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire - What Do You Think? - Impressions From Gamers

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Lets discuss the game now that many of you may have beat it or experienced it. What did you like and dislike, are you waiting for the console release. I will be discussing the answers in the next International Podcast My Amazon Affiliate link. Buying anything with this link helps ACG http://amzn.to/2igWHDV https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming 👉 More PC Game Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62tz83FJJjlEpRdOT63lruxsTA6m1t9s 👈 👉 More Console Game Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL62tz83FJJjlP-rz4qKNts3Kwf3iwhbpG 👈 Integrity Statement* Any game code supplied by PR/Dev is purchased again upon its release and given away to Patrons. No game is reviewed for free and no sponsorships for game reviews taken. My money is on the line just like everyone's. Patron - Merch 👉 https://teespring.com/stores/acg?page=1 👈 👉 https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming 👈 👉 paypal.me/ACGsponsor 👈 👉 http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6233509-Angry-Centaur-Gaming/ 👈 Social Stuff & Reddit 👉 Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACGVids/ 👉 My Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremyPenter 👉 Podcasts on Googleplay https://goo.gl/ad34zw 👉 My Itunes: https://goo.gl/SEj1bW I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. Videogame reviews all the time. So if you are tired of short reviews, ones that don't discuss all the game, this is the right place. No big website 2 minute stuff here. Coverage includes ps4, xbox one, pc, xbox 360, Wii, Wiiu, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy.
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ACG (4 months ago)
So lets do this! What do you think, what did you like or not like. Did you get it, are you waiting for the console version? Let's discuss and then I will try to break them down on the international podcast more and more as I do more of these videos. https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming
TheRexTera (4 months ago)
I think that old schools RPGs like Pillars of Eternity attracts an older demographic. A lot of people bought the original in a midlife crises fog for the promise of an old school RPG, but the problem is how hard it is for an adult brain to truly get into an RPG like this. The sequel is probably going to sell less because the targeted audiences simply don't have the time to play it.
m3divh (4 months ago)
I loved the first game and love this one even more, even though i was not looking forward to this one.. The problem for me was i heard about it like a month before release.. wtf.
A Better Tomorrow (4 months ago)
Love the game. Still don't possess any connection to any companions whatsoever. It's weird. I remember Morgan and that hot rogue chick with the bad teeth who waas supposed to be a stand-in for Imoen. Obviously I remember all chars from Divinity Original Sin II because of how integral they were to the main plot which was a great twist. Yet that's still not a game breaker because I love the way they explain the interesting bits not through the main narrative, but through random ass books, items, side-quests, and side-stories. (SPOILERS) Yeah sure I can't remember who that hillbilly who keeps tagging along with me from PoE II that I always assign as a tank, but I do remember the interesting nuances between Rymrgand and Berath and why the former really really has a hard on for Eothas' main plot while Berath is literally the embodiement of what stands in his way. Overall, I find the stuff with animancy barely comprehending how to make gods while other facets of society progressed farther than Engywithian society yet the Engywithins still researched tech on how to make Gods and dual motivations explained in books reminiscent of Morrowind. Like you had different perspectives in books and in people on the same exact God being discussed. Like how the animancy book is just a horror novel yet the title comes off as if the material was introductory content to a college course.
ChaosPrototypeIX (4 months ago)
There are few reasons imho. Rpg's are big time investments, often it takes quite a bit of time to grasp all game mechanics, steam has became full of garbage so good games get lost among the garbage and also there was almost non existent marketing of the game. And lets be honest, games as service are all the rage for the past couple of years. But I have no doubts that it will do better on the consoles because their stores arent as full of garbage as steam is.
Thicc-Face Geralt (4 months ago)
Having not bought the game, due to being broke, and not out of lack of interest, its worth noting that advertising this game, and possibly any similar isometric WRPG, is probably extremely hard as they are generally NOT fun to watch. They lack the flashiness and the bombastic elements or set pieces that other types of games, by other companies, exploit or utilise in their marketing campaigns. They can't draw the attention of potential customers the same way, say, an Activition or Ubisoft game can with their trailers and gameplays. They are mostly designed as slowburners, and, as a result, only appeal to people who know what they're getting themselves into; they only appeal to their niche audience. The provious game had a huge traction generated due to the Kickstarter, and the huge buzz surrounding its revival of a, back then, a dead genre. A lot of people were talking, cheering and in general spreading words on the internet, and this helped increasing market interest, even amongst people who weren't already familiar with genre before... And the sequel simply lacked that.
aaron (2 months ago)
Basically I haven't bought it yet because I'm working on the first game. I found out about the pillars games last summer and instead of buying deadfire I thought I would try the first game to make sure I liked it.
emagneticboy97 (3 months ago)
I haven't bought the game yet, but definitely plan on it. I just don't usually buy a game until I'm ready to commit the time to it.
I've had my eye on this game for some time as a fan of the Baldur's Gate series, but I couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on it because I already own, Divinity 1 and 2. The Divinity series is so good that im not sure if buying this game would be a step backwards in time. Can someone who owns both games tell me which one you like better and why. Thanks
joemama114 (4 months ago)
Going to do a good bad comparison to Pillars 1. Good They removed the silly necessity of grouping weapons in predesignated proficiency lists like "adventurer" or "knight" allowing for more varied weapon combinations. Pistols, shotguns, wands and rods (or is it scepters?) are all 1 handed now so even more variety. Also the proficiency system is way more interesting than the last game so that's real neat. Bad They altered around the per rest and per encounter system of Pillars 1 which was a good system I think. It really made different builds and different classes feel different and play different. Now all classes and all builds feel far too familiar to each other, they feel too similar to be different. Call your power pool what you want if it's all per encounter and replentished per encounter then it's the same thing. 90% of abilities could use "power" to activate instead of guile or discipline. Monk and chanter are the only 2 who feel unique to me. Good They added classing options for companions and sidekicks to tailor make a viable team depending on your PC. This is a huge step up from P1 and it's partly the reason I never used some of the companions in P1. If I've already got a mage and a chanter for magical support, cc, damage do I really need a cypher or a druid? Not really no. Bad This is a personal gripe but the roster is smaller, I mean your team. Having only 5 people just seems a little annoying considering the last game had you with 6 plus any animal companions. I liked the 6, I get that this is a non issue for many people and considering the inter party relationships and rivalries that form, I could see 6 being too big of a crowd to manage. Good The events of the past game as far as I've seen them actually make some significant impact on your play in P2 which is always great to see. Continuity of story and character and even the gods is great fun to see and even though I've not see it all yet, I'm sure I'm going to at some point. Bad I have no idea at all why the messed with the endurance and health system of P1. That was such an interesting thing and it was 1 of the reasons that P1 stood out as different among the "infinity engine greats". They had a new gimmick that nobody ever did before and maybe it wasn't the best but it added an interesting level of realism to the combat. Instead of losing all your health and dying, you get your endurance beaten out of you and knocked down and can be revived with magic but wounded until you are fully healed by resting up. That was different, that was new, that was unique to them. Good The inspiration and affliction system Damn that's a competent system and very interesting too. Having buffs and debuffs tied to player stats in such a way as this is really simplifying compared to the previous game that had a status effect list that went on FOREVER Bad The inspiration and affliction system takes a while to understand and there wasn't any real comprehensive explanation of this in game. I had to resort to wiki's Considering P1 and P2 have an encyclopedias worth of info about the game in game, and 2 added the neat tool tip pop up. It would have been nice to see it all spread out to read on 1 page or diagram or chart or graph. Perhaps that's a personal issue, I'm not sure. Good and bad The Story. Not sure how to phrase this without spoiling anything but it feels a little like a retcon of the story preceding P1. The story of P1 has no direct connection to Eothas or the saints war or Saint Waidwen. What you have to deal with is all the shit that happened after the war. Nearly all of the stuff you get told about it is third party translations and you don't really get the story from any Radcarans or any other side. You get Durances tale, you get Edér, both have their view of it but they didn't see the other side. When you finally get the story from Eothas, it seems too little too late. It feels like a retcon of all the shit that led you to that moment. At least it felt that way to me. The story felt a little weak. Good and bad For immersion sake it's good but for game play sake its annoying. There's a number of conversation and scripted actions that can lead to an instant wipe with no chance of survival. I get that in a world hostile and filled with magic, this shit can happen, and for story sake, you're just a watcher you're not invincible. However it is annoying to lose progress because you forgot to save before doing stuff that could kill you without a fight. I will say that it was funny 1 of these is at the beginning and it's a speed runners wet dream XD you can "beat the game" and get to the credits screen in about 1-2 minutes.
MaynardKeenanX (4 months ago)
Left 2 potd playthroughs and wasted 2 weeks of play because the game either kept crashing at bosses at the ending or main questline being broken...now I have to wait what...+2-3 weeks for a patch that maybe fixes it.....naw...just uninstalled right away and never comming back to garbage Obsidian
Andrei Jedidiah (4 months ago)
Is it coop or ai npc
Diego Messori (4 months ago)
The game is amazing and a huge improvement over the first one, the only disappointment is the ending... and quest bugs, the game will be much better if it gets a huge DLC
Jexter (4 months ago)
I liked it. In many ways, it was a big improvement over the first one. I really liked the pirate theme and how it was done. I only wish Path of the Damned was a bit more challenging. In fact, I was forced to load only few times due to dying (each time was because my characters got mind-controlled). This was not because those fights were difficult, but because I felt no need to prepare for them, as the rest of the game is so easy even with the highest difficulty setting. I did not come across any major bugs and was able to complete it without serious issues. No point waiting, if you like this type of RPGs, go for it!
Dalen Johnson (4 months ago)
Probably will skip this for Divinity Original Sin 2, as Im interested in their game master mode, Matt Mercer showed off. Other than that, this game seems to 'similar' to the above.
Christopher Saravia (4 months ago)
I haven’t bought it because I keep hearing from many reviewers. That the story wasn’t that good. For this genre of game, I prefer a bullet proof storyline, over complex fighting mechanics.
Yeng Yang (4 months ago)
28 hours and I’m still trying to decide on a class
Knjo0101 (4 months ago)
Liked pillars.....waiting for console version I do not have a good gaming PC.
Timothy Pecoraro (4 months ago)
Havent played the first one yet. So Im just waiting til I can play and finish the first one.
Cognitive Dissident (4 months ago)
Before now, I hadn't played POE1. POE2 looked so good that I just bought POE1 and the expansions. I want to finish the first game and then to import my character/story to the second. Maybe there are folks like me with the same line of thinking.
Hugh Mac (4 months ago)
I haven't got it because I have 12 other isometric games that I haven't finished or played yet, it seems we are overwhelmed with good isometric games at present.
Giblix Studio (4 months ago)
Bought the game. Played it for 2 hours and went back to replay POE1. Instead of a generic warrior I now run a melee Cipher. PoE2 has a lot better lighting and still a great atmosphere as well as multi-classes. That's about where my interest ended. Pirates theme are "meh" to me and glad it doesn't play that huge of a deal as expected. I'm always a bit worried about the combat in games like this. You get a lot of really cool skills and spells. Tactically games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and now PoE as well leave a lot to be desired..especially for someone like me who predominantly plays tactical games to begin with. Easy and Normal you just click on an opponent and your group gangbangs everything to death with hardly using any of their skills/spells. On Hard you need to use more tactical usage of your crowd control spells and pay a little bit of attention to opponent resistances. Often forced into a group setup of at least 3 tanking characters that limits your options a bit. On the hardest of difficulties there is no tactics and its mostly just cheesing your way through most of the stuff. So Hard is close to the sweet spot, but still reduces the freedom in party setups a bit for me. Which is a shame since that doesn't invite me to replay these games and try out different character builds and party compositions. For me games need to have great combat first and foremost. Second a great story to give a reason to fight. And I do read almost everything when it comes to the story. But if the combat isn't good I just can't play no matter how great the story is. I'd just rather read a book instead which is less annoying then constantly having to deal with dull combat. On top of that... If PoE1 is anything to go by. I probably shouldn't have bought PoE2 right away. Instead wait for all xpansions to be released and on a GOTY sale to get them all at once.
Sujan Thapa (4 months ago)
saw around 40 fps in your video. How taxing is this game to graphics card??
Elijah Crowe (4 months ago)
My God, this is by far the most civil Commment section on the entire internet. ACG's fans are the best. Great stuff ACG, loved the reviews, talks and replies to comments!!!
ACG (4 months ago)
it is indeed
Bradley Curry (4 months ago)
Bought Pillars 1 but found the game environment empty with a lack of NPCs to add flavor to the world...the story in Pillars 1 was lackluster, was never driven to finish the game...my previous purchase...as well as the reviews on Steam for Pillars 2 (which I trust more than any other source, especially the negative ones since lots of games IMO get too much fanboy positives than actual critique) seemed to indicate that the world is bigger but not necessarily filled with flavorful NPCs (side quests, random dialogue to add life to the world) and another lackluster story really makes it hard to purchase, as well as the indication that there are many bugs filled in the game. It appears to me that It's just another Pillars game with all the same things I didn't like from the 1st one. I'm torn because I do want to support the Isometric RPGs...but these games fail to hold even slightly up to the classics like Baldur's Gate that I hold them accountable to. Makes me want to wait for a sale. (I should also add after writing that I've heard SJW bullshit was in the story or writing, that does not endear me to the game, if anything it's a great way to tell me to fuck off by the devs).
Bulunderuuun (4 months ago)
When Obsidian lost Chris Avellone they lost their heart. Story is crucial in an rpg like this and it's seriously lacking in Pillars 2. The writing has to be extremely strong if it's gonna be infused with politics (Fall out New Vegas pulled it off for example). Another element that seems to have been lost from older Obsidian games is the sense of humor. It didn't help that Tyranny and Torment were both extremely disappointing games. I think people are holding out for sales on this one.
Howdyho (4 months ago)
I consider myself to be generally well aware of what happens in the gamingshphere and I wasn't even aware this was released (since I was away for 10 days). Perhaps the marketing just utterly failed this title?
Everlasting (4 months ago)
I didn't buy it because the first bored me way too much, and I'm someone that loves these types of games. For recent types, I played divinity OS 1+2 to completion and loved them. The first one of this just could not grab me in any way. This one looks better, but not better in a way that would grab me personally.
Regie Ferrer (4 months ago)
The game is great I just restarted after filling up my party because i really wanna try multiclass
Adanos (4 months ago)
I didn't like the first one, i was bored after an hour, and forced myself to play the damn thing.. Compared to tyranny pillars one were garbage at leasst when it comes to the story and the world itself and whole feel of the game. Of course neither of them compare to baldurs gate trylogy with all the mods installed.
Corran123 (4 months ago)
I liked the first one quite a bit and finished it twice. Didn't pick up Deadfire though and I don't intend to. I'm not a fan of the pirate theme and the game feels a bit too flashy for me. I prefer the somber (more 'boring') atmosphere of the original game. In addition, the recurring party members aren't really my favorites. I can't comment on the gameplay, but everything else I have seen from this game just rubs me the wrong way.
TOAOM123 (4 months ago)
Honestly just waiting for it on consoles
smokol1983 (4 months ago)
I didn't buy it yet because I'm playing God Of War !
Dude Master (4 months ago)
I don't have time for games like this anymore (would have loved this as a teenager though). I have my paradox games and that is already more than enough.
Terron (4 months ago)
I certainly plan to buy it, I love this style of game but being honest I found it hard to stick out the first one. I liked it but wasn't exactly blown away. I will still get this in a few weeks though when I am done with sea of thieves lol
Krzysztof Rucinski (4 months ago)
A fig backer here. I really really like it. It has better pacing and much better quest design than PoE1. However, I am worried that narrative might be a bit shallow this time around. A lot of thought was put into the setting and I find faction&world interesting, but PoE1 had another thematic and philosophical layer to it, which so far simply isn’t here. However, PoE1 came together at the very end, I am secretly hoping that the payoff will,be worth the journey - that said journey in Deadfire is far more enjoyable this time around. What I didn’t enjoy at all are companions, which is a big problem, but it might be due to broken relationship system (more about it below). As a game of this size it needs some work. I find difficulty to be much to low - playing on Veteran, and from what I heard Path of the Damned is far from were it should be as well. Add to that issues with importing save, and issues with dispositions and relationship triggering too easily. Some of those are supposed to be fixed very soon, but some will take more work. PoE1 became an excellent game in its 3.0 version, Deadfire is solid from the get go, I hope it will mature as time gets by. Fine for me - I replayed PoE1 three times, I will return to Deadfire again. If someone goes for one play through only, I would suggest waiting until Deadfire is at its best. Even if story will end up being shallow, it’s still one hell of an adventure.
Samori Sykes (4 months ago)
I bought it and I like it so far. One weakness is the dialogue you have with companions. Conversation threads don’t seem as varied or as deep as they were in poe1. But the combat , gameplay and environments are amazing. I also think it’s a superior setup with all the different Factions compared to the first game.
tej Analysis (4 months ago)
Thing is many who like the game,including me would have backed the game or bought it through gog,(which many people do)so,steam sales doesn't matter that much when it comes to popularity...also story doesn't have the depth to it..all in all a good game,which had great potential but is let down by a mediocre story
Matteo Pacini (4 months ago)
Played the first one on PC but the old machine didn't handle it too well. Got it on PS4 and while the loading times did get progressively long I found the controller conversion was handled egregiously. Will get Deadfire for PS4 as soon as it's released. I believe the new (FF12-style) custom AI management is going to make the console experience equal to the PC's. With the first game, micromanaging the party on a controller could get cumbersome, especially during intense battles. I can't wait to put my hands on it; watching gameplay I can't agree with you more when you say the battle system feels amazing now. Top of my wishlist.
quattroUnodos (4 months ago)
Will buy but don’t buy games full price, anymore. Wait till holidays u save 20 plus dollars.
ARKANOiiDE (4 months ago)
No controller support = no buy for me. I only play on my TV using a controller, using M+K is awkward that way. Many recent RPGs have controller support, Divinity Original Sin 1+2, Torment Tides of Numenera etc. The thing is that the dev even released the first game on consoles and plans on doing the same with Deadfire, but just refuses adding the controller support from console versions to the PC versions. Sad.
Tyler W. (4 months ago)
I bought it on release. Huge fan of obsidians isos, played through tyranny, PE1 and now 2 but the sales are normal imo. The reality is, there’s really no real demand for these style of games nowadays. But it’s a greatso far, 40 hours in and having a blast. It’s something different that separates itself from other games
Joey Overmeer (4 months ago)
Will definitely buy this when I finish the first game.
Bitter McBitterson (4 months ago)
Appreciate your work man but, where are all the Walking the walks? My favorite videos by far. Like nerd meditation!
aluinie (4 months ago)
I was one of the people who gave money into their fig campaign. i enjoyed the first one as i tend to enjoy a lot of different rpg's. Deadfire is a great game and i am enjoying playing it. I do like the changes made though as said story could been a bit better but i do like the world and its locations which means i end of spending ages looking in each location. For me also the game does not bombard you with microtrasactions and loot boxes. I do think Obsidian did lose a bit in the writing when Chris Avalon (hope i spelled his name right) left. He did inject some great characters and story in previous games and i do think that Deadfire suffers a bit from his departure.
Jordan Novoa (4 months ago)
I want to play it but I'm not in a hurry. I never played the first, but I did play Divinity Original Sin 2 and after watching some gameplay of Deadfire I was sold on it. As another commenter said, you invest in an RPG when you're ready for it.
Domino D (4 months ago)
I wasn't a fan of the first one, so I am not sure if or when I may pick this up. I didn't like the gameplay, story and some of the pathing issues irritated me. Now this does sound like the game play is better. Despite the good reviews, I am waiting for a sale on this one, be it steam or on the ps4. I just don't feel like I will enjoy this enough for full price.
SolusBatty (4 months ago)
I've put in 8 hours in so far and I feel like the battle effects are not done properly because I have no idea what is going on when all the spells fire at once and the characters seem to stack on each other, or they are not so distinguishable. I keep pausing all the time, but it doesn't help as much as it should, or at least it gets to the point that I pause so much the flow of battle is awful. I know I'll get hate for this from some more hardcore fans of this kind of an RPG, but whatever.
Mr Douche (4 months ago)
Game is awesome. I like it a bit more than DOS2 tbh. There are some performance issues and a lot of bugs tho, so it's a better to wait a bit.
Frankie Drums (4 months ago)
Going to play Omensight or Fox n Forests?
KOWLOON城牆DREAMS (4 months ago)
People I'm sure are just waiting for a sale. It has that GOG.com-indie-game-price-will-drop kinda feel to it, you know.
Hauken (4 months ago)
This game is fantastic, a spiritual successor to baldurs gate 2 in 2018. Modern mechanics and graphics, old school adventure!
Norwegian Imposter (4 months ago)
Your review made me get it (via cd keys, sorry developers ) but I have yet to play it. So many good games, so little time!
trueshadow64 (4 months ago)
The first pillars of etenity game i got sucked in and couldnt stop playing it for a week. This one... as much as id love to try it out AT SOME POINT, after watching some of the wishy washy reviews that werent overly positive or overly negative and with all the AAA high quality games that have been coming out lately, i just havent been motivated to invest the time into this CRPG game. Im sure some day i might swing back around to it, but right now theres so many other games to play, its hard to stop everything else for this.
gen go (4 months ago)
Learned my lesson from the PoE-1! Waiting for the GOTY-Version.
realshompa (4 months ago)
I wonder if many are waiting for the console edition / complete edition? Pillars 2 cost about 12 dollar in the steam region my Steam is registered and that is a really good price. I haven't bought it yet, maybe waiting for consoles/complete edition. The problem is time. We had Far Cry 5, God of war, Yakuza 6 launched and there is not enough time for Pillars 2?
Kenneth L Sterner (4 months ago)
I’m really enjoying it so far. I did not play the first one so I have zero understanding of the lore / mytho’s - so I treated the story as if I was playing as a hero who had accomplished a lot that had a new challenge. To me it really scratches the itch of pen and paper RPG. I appreciate the multiple ways to complete quests, the ways you can influence your companion motivations, the text based immersion when exploring and the interplay between various factions. For me the big selling point was a two tiered map - I’ve always been a fan of this in games. I absolutely love jumping on my ship, exploring an island frought with Skeletons crawling out of swamps, Rotghasts plaguing me in towers, and in the end find a Fampyr that might have corrupted the island. After disposing of him I get to re-name the Island too, to reflect my experience on it. This exploration goes hand in hand with the well designed maps where your character runs through some pretty ‘Tolkien Esque’ locations. I really like areas like the Brass Citadel but also their contrast to some of the small fishing villages you find as exploring. The artistic team in my opinion really got behind the lore of the game and created a lot of areas that impressed me. Combat is the one area I’m a little lacking on. I like the spell system, but find myself casting near similar spells every fight. It’s always “buff defense, try and clump enemies to de-buff their defense, heal, summon Ogre / Drakes and repeat.” Don’t get me wrong - the ability system is phenominal. The amount of builds you can do is unlimited... but the enemy AI / type hasn’t done enough for me in terms of combat to warrant major changes. That all being said? I still find some of the fights pretty cool. It’s absolutely amazing to see your choices in text based scenario’s play out in the fight. In one instance a Drake ate a Xaurip, allowing me to sneak behind it and start the fight in sneak mode to get the best position. Naval battles are not bad. I’m a little sad that the best way to win is just “full speed ahead” repeatedly until you can board, but if you immerse yourself into it it can be pretty cool. Overall I enjoy the gane. My biggest positive is the dual map of exploration mixed with choices and seeing then play out. This is further enhanced by nearly every skill giving you the capability to say or do something you feel like only your character could do because of how you built him. The biggest negative for me is both combat repetitiveness and the wish that my companions interacted with me a little more than they do. I like seeing them nod or shake their head in conversations, but I would like to see companion AI as vocal as the player. Especially in a game like this where world building is such a priority. My verdict is a 8.5/10 as a game compared to others, but I consider it one of my more favorite personal games. P.S - I also heavily enjoyed Tyranny, which this game has a lot in common with.
Josh Taylor (4 months ago)
Sadly, I cannot fool myself into enjoying turn based games. Me and 3 friends were going hard in Divinity Original Sin 2, where they enjoyed talking to everyone and learning the lore etc, while I just dabbled on my cell phone until it was time to smash stuff. I cannot immerse myself in or enjoy a game where my character is essentially a chess piece.
okrum (4 months ago)
Not intending to buy this one, just curious...Played the first one on PC, but never finished it, too long...
Red Knight (4 months ago)
Bought the game. General impression is that Obsidian improved the scale, character reactivity in dialogues, world exploration, but sacrificed story cohesion for refining combat mechanics. I mean you start as L1 - explanation being that Eothas took your soul. Ok... but why is Eder L1? Why do I have a party of 5 instead of 6 as in previous game? Why does your ship crew mutiny if you give them food and drinks they dont like? Its 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Still, these are minor complaints, so I am surprised the game sold so bad. Especially, since PoE1 was so amazing. So sad to hear this news too. I guess these amazing games are just not meant to be successful in the age of "games as a service" bullshit. Then again, it could be that ppl are just waiting to buy the game when expansions come out. I bought it, but I wont play it until I get the expansions.
Patchy (4 months ago)
I personally am waiting. Too many games in my backlog.
Kardis (4 months ago)
I backed the game on Fig, and blasted through it on release. Like you said, all of the combat systems got nailed. I feel like when I lose combats I'm either in an area I shouldn't be in (fighting level 15 dudes at level 10 for example) or I didn't manage my units well. Being able to use all of my abilities without having to worry about resting every ten steps was nice too. When I played on Veteran, I didn't have to use empower much at all, but on Path of the Damned, it's become an important and handy tool for me, so I've been enjoying that aspect of the game immensely. All of that being said, I think the story in Pillars 2 just doesn't really come together. There's so much shit going on on the side that the actual final goal of the game just gets drowned out by all of the stupid garbage I have to put up with to get there. For example, while I appreciate all of the interesting political stuff that they tried to add to the game, most of it just feels unimportant, especially in light of the fact that you can just ignore it all and complete the game by yourself if you feel like it. All of the time that you spend helping people in Nekataka has basically zero plot relevance, and I just wish that there was an actual plot reason to go around helping people/screwing people over/killing everyone that was remotely relevant. It seems like going around and exploring the Deadfire is the exact OPPOSITE of what we need to do. The Gods have chosen us to run after Eothas and figure out what his deal is. Why can we just go exploring all of the corners of the world and save that for last? Why does each little island have a 5-minute short-story for us to learn about, a few baddies to slaughter, and then nothing else? Why would we even want to go? As human beings playing a video game it's certainly interesting, but in terms of story development it just seems ass-backwards. Besides those weird motivation problems from the characters, I also didn't like a lot of the secondary systems. Managing the crew is just a waste of time. If there was a way to completely disable that part of the game I would do so in a heartbeat. It adds nothing to the game, and just drains your time having to stop in at random places to pick up Ale and Rice. None of your shipmates have interesting stories; indeed, most have no story what-so-ever. The ship-to-ship combat is a mashing-1-fest for me. I ignore the few cannon shots they get off at me and immediately go to boarding. So many systems add basically nothing, and take away from the experience by making me waste my time. Even waiting for my boat to move across the ocean feels like a waste of time sometimes. I'll probably end up making a mod that adds a super sail that just gets me across the map in a few seconds so that I don't have to put up with this crap anymore. As a human-being outside the game, I really enjoy the combat, and I like a lot of the world-building that they've done with Pillars 2. It just feels like the main plot goal had nothing to do with all of that interesting world-building, and that a lot of the potential of the game was wasted worrying about Eothas popping out of the ground and blowing up your character instead of offering you some other interesting motivation for being in this area and influencing the politics of the world. Why not have you get kidnapped by animancers who want to mess with your soul? Now you have to stay in the Deadfire and explore it to find the missing fragments of your soul. You have a reason to go to every little island trying to find every little animancy lab with every little bit of your soul, and once you get enough of it back you can go kick some guy's ass and get back the last little bit. It would have been a much better fit to the plot, and motivated a much more active role in the politics of the Deadfire (getting sailing rights to areas controlled by different factions, etc.). In the end, I'm still happy I backed the game, and I've really enjoyed playing through the game. Here's to hoping that mods polish off all of the crap and make it as good as it can be. PS - They need more icons when leveling up. Way too many duplicates holy cow.
Daniel Fryman (4 months ago)
I was going to pick it up and then found out divinity 2 was going on preview on Xbox one today, the glowing reviews for that was enough to have me hold off.
JustinInExile (4 months ago)
I bought it because of Critical Role and because my D&D group are taking a break, but I kinda regret buying it for such a high price, the combat is ok..ish, but the world and characters just seem flat and uninspired, but maybe it gets better later, but for now I don't realy care for any of the plots. Usually I steal some RPG game quests for my D&D game, but I haven't encountered any that I would feel particularly involved with.
Rheinguard (4 months ago)
I love the game. I don't recommend anyone going into this without playing the original PoE, waaaaay too many things fall flat.
wolfflow (4 months ago)
It's on my wishlist but how well is the game optimized for a controller?
TallenHeist (4 months ago)
I played the original and was turned off by the enormous amounts of text right off the gate at every NPC and every time you touched a soul. That is a terrible way of easing someone into an adventure by dumping lore at the player and hoping they'd remember it all. I played Tyranny and while it did a better job at presenting the lore the enemy variety was extremely lacking. It was all variations of a handful of melee fighters and backup archer and mage. While I enjoyed the idea of being Tunon's Judicator it felt a bit flat and past the first in-game week I never felt like being a villain or the world feeling like it were anything other than a fantasy setting. With those two past experiences I was not looking forwards to PoE2 to begin with. When I found out you had to import an old save or select some background options from the first game I just stopped caring. That is why I moved past these games to focus on the Shadowrun and Divinity series. Maybe Underrail later on.
Jim (4 months ago)
The game surpasses the previous entry which was a fantastic game itself.
Mia Cassinelli (4 months ago)
I bought it from GoG. Not played it yet though but will this weekend. I wasn't going to get it because you said the story was a bit boring, but i read some people who thought it was awesome so it seems to be a mixed bag and i'll take the chance on it
Carnagath82 (4 months ago)
I didn't buy it because most people are saying that the story and characters are not very good. You absolutely need those elements to be amazing when you are releasing an isometric RPG like that. I played the first Pillars, and the amount of text that game had was ridiculous, yet almost all of it was not interesting enough to hold my attention. After about 6 hours I started skipping it and had to ask myself "why am I even playing this then?". If the sequel is worse in that aspect as people say, then I have no reason to buy it. There was a user made add-on for the original Neverwinter Nights that was based on the Lone Wolf gamebooks of the 80's, and it was about 100 times more engaging that the entirety of PoE 1. Verbose does not equal good. Developers need to rethink their writing and how significant it is in games like these.
Lord Mooty (4 months ago)
I am a big fan of the original infinity engine DnD games so I was hoping to really enjoy the First Pillars. I got about half way through the game and stopped, the story and world just didn't really do it for me and I felt the maps, combat and quests were not all that exciting either. I'm not sure why but it just felt off.
chaz (4 months ago)
Gotta say so far the game is far better than the boring first game in just about every way but I wouldn’t pay more than 30$ for it
Vivek Senapati (4 months ago)
I'm still playing Divinity Original Sin 2! I have a few other games to finish before I pick this up. Hence I'll pick this up during a sale
Waffle Kern (4 months ago)
Doesn’t matter how good a game is if it doesn’t scratch any itches for me. LevelCap did a good video talking about this kind of thing. Law Breakers did poorly even though it was a great game, because it had no market. I am not in the market for this game, it doesn’t really appeal to me much. So that’s why I wouldn’t buy it even though it is, supposedly, an amazing game.
Alex Porri (4 months ago)
It's an awesome game, improved in almost every way from it's predecessor. Only reason I just can't enjoy it is the ship combat, imo it feels so out of place.
Joe (4 months ago)
I'm about 35 hours in and this game has drawn me in more than most recent RPGs. Loving it very much!
utubzsucks (4 months ago)
Things like gameplay, graphics and sound are much improved, but the main story and and overall quality of side quests is so low that I have a hard time getting into it.
Jakob P. (4 months ago)
I'm about 35 hours in, with doing alot of side content, so not that far into the main storyline. My initial thoughts is that it is a good evolution on every aspect from Pillars 1. I especially enjoy creating interesting class combos in multiclassing and I genereally like, not love, the world. Where I think the main issue is, is in the story's structure. You're encouraged to do a butload of side content, but the main storys premise is to hurry - making the pacing weird and basically hold me from binging the game. It is still a good game overall and a welcome progression of the traditional CRPG genre, it dosn't innovative like Tides of Numenera or Divinity 2 does, so I don't think new comers to the genre would enjoy it.
Red Shabazz (4 months ago)
I still have the first one in my wishlist, along with Deadfire. Need to finish Witcher and Divinity, then this. THEN i have to play Spellforce 3....
Paul Taras (4 months ago)
I have too little time for gaming and there are so many unfinished games waiting for me: Persona 5, GoW, Horizon Zero Dawn, Prey, Bloodborne - I can go on forever. Game looks amazing and I would really love to try it out but I feel like when I finally get time to play isometric CRPG I will firstly go for Divinity OS 2 - everyone is loving it and declaring it to be the instant classic. May I ask for your suggestions guys, which CRPG's you think I need to play first (maybe even something else I did not think about)?
Amatsuichi (4 months ago)
Combat was the issue for me... real-time with pause isn't really that appealing to me... turn based / tactical combat would be much more fun, DOS 2 style... just my personal preference. May be an option to switch combat styles would be a reason to buy this for some of us.
RadioactiveBraunMan (4 months ago)
Probably won't buy it because the setting is absolutely unappealing to me. The first one was excellent, the mystery of adra, a mystery spanning eons etc. Now its pirates.. meh
Jay Yemeth (4 months ago)
While it may lack the experimentation factor of Original Sin 2, it's a definite improvement over the first game. The story is a lot more straightforward, writing is better (quality over quantity), gameplay and mechanics has been smoothened out and somewhat streamlined, companion quests still suck, music is inferior to the first game, ship navigation and combat is pretty boring. Still it's almost free from the shackles of standard high fantasy tropes and most of all, Baldur's Gate II. Gave it a 9 in my review for Indian Noob.
Kyle Detzler (4 months ago)
The game is fantastic. I'm not normally one for the top down view rpg type of games but this has made me a fan. I like the difficulty and lack of direction with the quests. The game kind of makes you use your brain instead of just having a marker always showing you where to go. Maybe that is typical of this kind of game but this is the first of its type that has reeled me in.
Carlos K. (4 months ago)
The first game was my GOTY in 2015 and I had played it for more than 100 hours. The story specifically got me deep in. This one, it looks fantastic but unfortunately my PC can’t run it smoothly based on the recommended system requirement. I will wait for the Nintendo Switch console release, which is in December.
Gord Lord (4 months ago)
I'm gonna get once i get a better laptop and once I finish the first game (playing through console version and I'm loving it a ton!) And I'll get it on console too cuz I'm sure I'm gonna love this game a lot
Shruken18 (4 months ago)
I enjoyed the game but it's just inferior to Divinity OS2 in every way. I enjoy the turn based system a lot more than this system and the main story was very thin. I also think the ship and crew system was quickly tagged on and had zero interest in it throughout the game. 7/10 for me.
dogbert9999 (4 months ago)
I actually want this game and want to buy it but i have two problems stopping me. I don't have the money right now, and I have not finished the first one yet. I plan to buy it when i can
RagingPapist (4 months ago)
The game is RADICALLY more fun than the first game. I couldn't put it down. The first game was so boring that I couldn't finish it. Im pleased to say that I didn't find it critical to play the first game to understand the story of this one.
Norad Autumns (4 months ago)
Backed it at fig upon announcement. Was not disappointed when it released. Its buggy like everything these days but obsidian likes to polish even long after the release date.
Kazymedic (4 months ago)
There are two things that are throwing me off on this title. The first thing is lack of story depth and the second is that Divinity 2 spoiled the piss out of me with the multiplayer. I am one of those lucky 30 something nerds that still stayed in touch with their magic/DD buddies from back in highschool, so we think Divinity 2 is a hoot. Perhaps the review didn't capture me to purchase it like some of the other items that have been covered. I am not sure what the history of the game is, but it feels like (without me playing mind) they ran out of money? I know they didn't run out of ideas, because those people are very creative.
Jesper Bengtson (4 months ago)
I'm playing Divinity Original Sin 2 at the moment with three friends and that is filling up my time for this type of game. Other than that, PoE1 never really did it for me for some reason, which is a bit strange because I really adore BG1 and BG2 in particular. I should maybe have another go at it. Other than that.... my gaming time is limited these days and Frostpunk is amazing (do take a look at that if you haven't already).
Spicy Pepper (4 months ago)
Is this game independent from the first one? I didn’t play it.
even1313 (4 months ago)
I'm personally waiting for the ultimate edition that will inevitably come out down the road. The same way I did for the first one and D:OS 1 and 2. Since I don't typically replay games this is how I get the most out of them.
CitizenX3639 (4 months ago)
I think this will sum up a lot of people, Obsidian is one of my favorite, if not favorite developer, but there are so many good games released every week it goes down the "I KNOW it will be better with some patches and feedback". And as i am not a reviewer or in the media i would say the avg time it take for me to complete a game(always hardest difficulty) is probably over 30-40 hrs. hell, just spent 40 with Tower of Time and over 50 with Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulator. Im sure this is a great game, as all Obsidian games are, but there are just so many good games with hours upon hours of fun today. Its not the old days when you got that one game that would last weeks every 4 or so months, today its weekly. Keep up the great work ACG.
ZeVio74 (4 months ago)
I'd love to get into it, but I get incredibly bored of traditional cRPGs, and I know it's just me. I have tried so many and none have got me into it, but I definitely see the appeal for certain people
Seiriously (4 months ago)
Dying to play it, but my pc is severely out dated, I can only hope/wish it's released on PS4 someday. I'd be on it right now if I knew this potato could actually do that.
terabite16 (4 months ago)
i am not into that kind of games (old school rpg) but i played divinity original sin 2 and i thought it was game of the year so i thought i would try POE2 and i just hated it dunno why i didt feel free, the 1st city had 4 ppl to talk to the whole city lol....DOS2 in the 1st city i stayed there for like 15 hours doing quests and exploring...it just felt shallow and stright forward to me like you go to the village next to the 1st town and there is 1 person to talk to JUST ONE PERSON that just kicked me out of the world....guess its just not for me but great reviews :) also i think it didt sell well because of word of mouth...DOS2 sold very well because everyone played it was just screaming GOTY and this one everyone plays it is like "meeh its ok"
Shane T (4 months ago)
I love Deadfire, It's a big upgrade from the first game, and is just a joy to play and plan through. That said, from what I've heard from others, and something I thought about as well. People just skip out on buying playing these games for a bit, until patches come out to fix bugs, and maybe some DLC/extra companions release. The Bug thing seems to be the big issue. There aren't any really bad ones, but small things, like respeccing wiping a few talents, level scaling enemies doesn't quite work, some save import issues. Little things that will be fixed and you might as well wait a month until they are.
Skylar Ziegler (4 months ago)
Just waiting for Switch release. With a family that's where I get to play anymore
DoodlePuff78 (4 months ago)
Was this reposted? I could of sweared I watched this like a week ago...
Dan Potato (4 months ago)
Think the reason it didn't sell well, is because of the success of divinity original sin 2. That game is alot more flashier with its turned based combat compared to deadfires real time combat. Despite being in the same genre, the games are very different, and people wanted more of divinity imo.
Incognegro dos (4 months ago)
I do find it funny how some who critique voice actors are not very well cultured themselves. It's almost as if they are expecting some standard cliche voice acting based off of Hollywood stereotypes and aren't familiar with how some people actually speak. On the other hand studios have to use voice actors who don't even come from these backgrounds to try and embody an "island dweller" for instance for us to hear in game. Interesting... that isn't to say it is bad or good.
3en6ie 3en6ie (4 months ago)
I haven't bought it quite yet, I will on GoG.com. I know that this game requires a lot of time investment and I'm still playing threw some other games at the moment.
Vitor Valente (4 months ago)
I am still playing the first one, and i am loving it. I will buy Pillars II - Obsidian Edition in the next few month, since I don't have the time and money right now.
Justin Schmitz (4 months ago)
I'm 100 percent the intended audience for this title. I've been playing top down rpgs for as long as they have existed. But lately I've been waiting for price drops with obsidian titles. I did for tyranny and I really enjoyed that game and I'll be doing the same for this one. Does that mean there's a decline in quality for this genre. Unlikely, but possible a dulling of enthusiasm as what was once old is no longer new again.

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