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GTA 5 Online Minigames - Soft Top Supremacy

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GTA 5 minigames! We're back in the funnel of death and arguing the merits or convertibles! Series Playlist: https://youtu.be/pyesQvB3tQc?list=PLtZHIFR5osfBIm1MG3fRJTUI-st1G17qe ► Check out my store: http://smarturl.it/yogsSjin ◄ ♥ Subscribe: http://yogsca.st/SjinSub ♥ Website: http://www.yogscast.com Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/sjin Yogscast Games Store: http://games.yogscast.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogsjin Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/yogscast Twitter: @YogscastSjin Our iOS App: http://yogsca.st/t1i 25% Yogscast discount on game servers! http://multiplay.go2cloud.org/SHs Powered by Chillblast: http://www.chillblast.com/yogscast Mailbox: The Yogscast, PO Box 3125 Bristol BS2 2DG Business enquiries: contact@yogscast.com
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Text Comments (237)
Jacob Hanshew (1 year ago)
7:46 Sjin's avtar is just laying there like "Help, I am in excruciating pain." 16:56 and at this point Duncan decides "There can be only one"
Wolf Wildshield (2 years ago)
whatever noise Duncan was making me think my earbuds were broken
shortshort nation (2 years ago)
I was. eating Cheerios when Duncan did the noise and milk went threw my nose
SaladAssLeDuck (2 years ago)
Zoey was a complete beast
matt quelch (2 years ago)
Zoey ruins it all again
Fa Mulan (2 years ago)
This video is what is known as 'fun.' It doesn't matter who wins, how about you all shut up
RyTyNation (2 years ago)
10/10 for that spider don't starve impression I actually knew what it was
Binx (2 years ago)
Gg Zoey,gg.....
simon bra (2 years ago)
Ther're all so mean to Zulus xD He is the best though
Dan Hill (2 years ago)
Zylus with The Darkness - I Belive In A Thing Called Love lyrics and nobody else even bats an eyelid lol
SmythJunior (2 years ago)
That tactic from Zoey 11:03 was top class
Jack Survivalwolf (2 years ago)
Well they did say you can't steal a car of a different colour so technically Zoey cheated and Zylus was right... didn't think I'd say that
KingBobbito (2 years ago)
Let's not all forget... RED GOEZ DA FASTIST!! RED IZ DA BESTEST COLOR. Udder dan green o corse.
Acidric Rainbow (2 years ago)
I hate Duncan when he,s a massive try hard like in trials of derpulies
Acidric Rainbow (2 years ago)
I hate Duncan when he,s a massive try hard like in trials of derpulies
Clayton Demory (2 years ago)
Its a little suspicious that Zoey is good at the game when shes not one Zylus's team, but when she is on his team she starts losing. Smells like sabotage.
Cameron Bell (2 years ago)
Sjin needs to zoom his camera out like zylus!!!!
al145 (2 years ago)
bob mcboogerface (2 years ago)
Sjins best unnoticed joke 12:55-12:59
Jange21 (2 years ago)
this wasn't annoying
Omega Basin (2 years ago)
Personally I prefer my tops hard but you know....that's just me...
KingBobbito (2 years ago)
+Omega Basin If a top isn't hard it probably won't spin as long
Nexusborn (2 years ago)
Sjin, you need to fix the description! It says argueing the merits or convertibles! It should say the merits OF convertibles! but still, great video!
Anita Batistic (2 years ago)
I wish you and Sips would get back together again
brendan jones (2 years ago)
Zoey is MLG af
Kylesico912x (2 years ago)
Zoey just has the cutest scream when getting murdered by Duncan.
SenpaiSuz (2 years ago)
Braden McReynolds (2 years ago)
Sjin and Zylus should have won
THEBOSSMAN (2 years ago)
Dear God...INTENSE!!!
Cam H (2 years ago)
Zoey and Duncan cheat go team Sjin and Zylus
CHiP the Irisian (2 years ago)
14:06 WITNESS ME!!!
Alex Collett Sinfield (2 years ago)
a game of musical cars at the end there
SirBeardwell (2 years ago)
I love Zoeys laugh
Lamborghini 6187 (2 years ago)
Why did you stop making rule the world
sandra rowe rowley (2 years ago)
more quest to rule the world plz
AdamlPlace (2 years ago)
omg please introduce some variety, enough with the battle bowl
harley (2 years ago)
the commentary with these guys is beyond shit
craziedzombie (2 years ago)
Really the same video come on now sijn
The One??? (2 years ago)
Why isn't there any perspctives of Zoeys screen?
Jack Glaser (2 years ago)
Why does Zoey sound like she has spit dripping from her lips every time she makes an "f" sound...
duncan is really rude, poor zylush
Dat Boi (2 years ago)
You can't beg for mercy after you pull a stunt like that. xD
madsstagsted (2 years ago)
Might I ask, is Rule the World over? It's been 2 weeks since the last upload and I kinda miss it, so I just wanted to make sure
SupaSlothTV (2 years ago)
I love how he always plays the same music
Alex Hawksey (2 years ago)
Omg Zoey's pro plays tho
Jar Red (2 years ago)
It was established at the beginning that you can't use a car that isn't your colour. Zoey even said it herself when sjin went into their area then she proceeded to cheat herself! Bad sports.
Jeff Hyder (2 years ago)
Zoey seems like a very very annoying player to play GTA 5 with.
venomx99x (2 years ago)
man the music he uses reminds me of bleach and its awful I have watched it too many times already!
XDBRUTALITYXD (2 years ago)
Zoey cheated they said not to steal the cars they deserved to lose that match
Shyradder (2 years ago)
"go soft or go home" -Duncan 2016
hazzer905 (2 years ago)
+MadShyPie relatable scenario
Shyradder (2 years ago)
depends on the circumstance if this is a child's birthday party it makes sense not sure why I used that as an example but still
KingBobbito (2 years ago)
+MadShyPie Isn't it usually the other way round?
Zoey showing us why they call her Proasheck, that damn kill at 5:00 was beautiful
edstirling (2 years ago)
IRL soft top models are usually heavier because the roof can't provide any structural rigidity to the frame and the bottom has to be reinforced to compensate. The frame still can't be as stiff and the handling suffers.
Vladimir Delta (2 years ago)
Black like a doll's eyes.  BLACK LIKE A DOLL's EYES
Poseidon Octopuson (2 years ago)
That Spider sounds like what justin beiber puts at the start of his songs.
Jefsua (2 years ago)
I laughed so hard I farted.
JumboPixel (2 years ago)
please mute duncan
ruben de regge (2 years ago)
OF COURSE RED CARS ARE FASTER... don't you guys know the timeandspacebending car rules? 1. Red colour makes your car go faster 2. Race striping make your car go EVEN faster 3. Add blinker fluid every 300 miles, you'll need it...
Force2Reckon (2 years ago)
"How do you have more force than me what is this!" He's pushing downhill into you, while you're pushing uphill into him, gravity is on his side.
Austin Andersen (2 years ago)
Dec 7th
Potatozuli (2 years ago)
I knew it was the spiders!
Michael Allgeier (2 years ago)
Look at 7:15!! Above the minimap it shows when this was recorded. Ha
Ninja13 (2 years ago)
I love everyone in this video, but honestly, I feel like that was sort of bullshitty. The carjacking was unfair, and car color switching is also horsecrap. Oh well. Still really entertaining. The salt has lasting effects though.
Kate Morrissey (2 years ago)
Words cannot describe how much I love Zoey x'D
jose gutierrez (2 years ago)
Big fan love you
First Last (2 years ago)
Zoey crush officially starting now :)
CuttlefishLuminator (2 years ago)
Actually what Zylus was singing mission impossible not James Bond
Coalcrafter (2 years ago)
downhill in funnel = more force. facepalm
Nathan (2 years ago)
Sjin is the only person in this video that isn't a whinny, rude, cheating knob.
WolfPack DiggyDog24 (2 years ago)
Suq Maidic (2 years ago)
zylus, the hard top you kept using is one of the worst cars in the game. honestly whoever thought it was a good idea to use those instead of muscle cars is an idiot
chase tillery (2 years ago)
<3 Zoey
Infinatum Gaming (2 years ago)
Zoey the massive cheater. Really these playlists should all be called, "When in Doubt, cheat"
ShrekisGr8 (2 years ago)
Let's not change colors. Proceeds to throw Sjin out of his car
FreakyBoobFaceCream (2 years ago)
best sound ever thank you duncan
the fantastic forecast (2 years ago)
what happened to rule the world
Potato? The Man (2 years ago)
Again sjin didn't win, his response "not fair"
Tyler Tracey (2 years ago)
Can we just be thankful that spiders don't hiss, just think about how horrible that'd be.
Fo Ren G (2 years ago)
+Tyler Tracey It would be better if they would, honestly. Because then you could determine their location via direction of incoming sound and not get surprised (and a heart attack) when you suddenly notice one.
Aaron Shefchek (2 years ago)
+Tyler Tracey But... they can. They literally can.
bluethewolf222 (2 years ago)
+Tyler Tracey  Even as a person without arachnophobia, I would freak out so much if they could xD
Adam (2 years ago)
Oh my gawd Zulus is soo shit lol
El DwarfGasmo (2 years ago)
Am I the only one really sick about how zylus always has to explain himself and make excuses when he fucks up? Why can't he just accept it when he isn't particularly amazing at the game, and has to make out that he is and something 'lucky,' or 'accidental' happened instead.
fiallonfire (2 years ago)
I wonder if the teams ever begin with Sjin and Duncan and they have to restart it until it's different teams because together they'll just insta win
Dracith 180 (2 years ago)
didnt they already establish stealing other teams cars was against the rules...?
Fa Mulan (2 years ago)
+Crusade Opposum Which is allowed.
Dracith 180 (2 years ago)
+Ryan Lee I get that but they set up rules and then broke them, its just kinda weird
Ryan Lee (2 years ago)
+Thomas Jones to be fair the game is called grand theft auto as in car stealing
BRONCOS FAN (2 years ago)
Yes I thought the same thing but she always cheats anyways
Jake Kunz (2 years ago)
the hard tops are better...immediately pushed off
Demonyx YouTube (2 years ago)
I got more... Alien from Duncan's impression.
Tango2007Lacutus (2 years ago)
15:20 that old AF reference XD
PersonWithWifiAccess (2 years ago)
Btw skydoesminecraft played this along with many other maps you have done as well
WolfPack DiggyDog24 (2 years ago)
no one cares
TheXtory (2 years ago)
I think Tom should permanently replace Zoey. I'm sick of her foul play -.-
B Richard Collebrusco (2 years ago)
Zoey is such a cheatsy-doodle.
bitspacemusic (2 years ago)
Zoey going MLG in the Funnel..
Final Achievements (2 years ago)
milo simmons (2 years ago)
best gta episode in ages
Squirrel (2 years ago)
14:57 when zylus confuses the mission impossible theme song for the james bond one -.-
venenarius (2 years ago)
I really hate it when Zoey does craps like that and gets away with it.
WolfPack DiggyDog24 (2 years ago)
if Duncan confronted her everybody would say he's whining. So pick one and stick with It.
pollracker (2 years ago)
Duncan was being really damn annoying
Philip Pinsoneault (2 years ago)
The thumbnail appears to say "SOFT DP"
fiallonfire (2 years ago)
Syl Bun (2 years ago)
I haven't laughed that hard in a while
Matthew Bartlett (2 years ago)
Play the pirates of the caribbean soundtrack between 4:36 and 4:52.
Scrumpy_1 (2 years ago)
where is Zylus from
Scrumpy_1 (2 years ago)
I do enjoy watching Duncan
Jonas Klebonas (2 years ago)
Zoey's car jacking was bullshit.
Fa Mulan (2 years ago)
It's called tactics.
acedias12 (2 years ago)
+Jonas Klebonas lol
XCAltoona (2 years ago)
+Jonas Klebonas 3pro5you
dnceleets (2 years ago)
kind of unfair because if she pushed someone out a car then Duncan could have just ran them over where they don't have a chance especially if he held their car in place or if she had taken the car in a 1 v 1 right before her car got pushed off then that would leave her opponent without a car where she would have lost
BRONCOS FAN (2 years ago)
Alex S. (2 years ago)
Zoey is probably the most likeable carjacker ever.
benjamin kennedy (2 years ago)
RufusOmega (2 years ago)
Sjin does know that 'love tap' is a synonym for domestic abuse, right?

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