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Top Ten Upcoming MOBA 2016 - 2017

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Thanks for watching friends, more to come! List of games below! Battlerite: http://store.steampowered.com/app/504370/ Gigantic: https://www.gogigantic.com/en/ Paragon: https://www.epicgames.com/paragon/en-US/home King of Wushu: http://kow.snail.com/en/ Paladins: https://www.paladins.com/ Supernova: https://supernovagame.com/ Master X Master: http://www.playmxm.com/en BreakAway: https://playbreakaway.com/ Smash + Grab: http://store.steampowered.com/app/412720/ Arena of Fate: https://www.arenaoffate.com/
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Text Comments (142)
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
A few of the games on this list have been shut down or they haven't had any public updates in a while which might mean they are planning to can the game. Such a competitive genre, this is bound to happen. Ohwell enjoy the list friends!
james clay (4 months ago)
Skylent Games RIP paragon...
TyrellDaKing ! (8 months ago)
Skylent Games just like paragon 😞
adel amim (8 days ago)
2:03 that kick from the woman
Zalute (14 days ago)
How does it feel that the devs ruined battlerite?
ME (5 months ago)
Paragon: shut down (i personaly didnt like it) Gigantic: shut down (my favourite game ever made)
bb.dean_xoxo (5 months ago)
RIP gigantic....
Paragon is gone now what ?
NotFBI (6 months ago)
i dont think battlerite is a moba, and if it is it shouldnt be
Skylent Games (6 months ago)
Yea its weird. Id personally call it a Brawler.
TheGeo (8 months ago)
Rip paragon
David PT (8 months ago)
A year later So Battlerite is not a MOBA at all and still needs a lot of work and a lot more content Gigantic is nice but still needs a lot of things Paragon has been shut down since Fornite BR's success King of Wushu...considering the last videos about that game upload on youtube were months ago I'd say it's pretty dead and exclusively played in China Paladins we all know about the fiasco going on over there, also it's not a MOBA Supernova is in Open Beta but already seems pretty dead which is a damn shame because it looks cool to be honest Master X Master is gonna sadly close down on January 31st BreakAway is redesigning and redefining itself, we might not get news until maybe the end of the year Smash+Grab disappeared? I'm pretty sure it's dead Arena of Fate has been changing owners and what not seems to me like it will never come out So from the whole list the only positive I would take here is Gigantic
Muhannad Jdayeh (21 days ago)
And gigantic shut down :/
XRXMX (8 months ago)
http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/landing/?ref=RiJkMkXfs5pRLYgSoebV ^ I'm just leaving this here Hyper Universe,2D moba,super amazing and exciting.
muuubiee (8 months ago)
You forgot to mention Overwatch!!!! If you're gonna name games that aren't mobas and pretend that they are mobas, you should really have mentioned Overwatch.
ThisIsLemonGuy (11 months ago)
Can we get a classic moba?
Infinor (1 year ago)
+Skylent Games how to download Arena of fate pls dont tell me they shut it down
Chilean Guy #6 (1 year ago)
you can strike out paragon, it#s turning into shit. just don't
Ant! V!Rus (1 year ago)
True story bro ^^Epic Games did big mistakes (legacy) Rest in Peace...
lmlUltimateZombielml (1 year ago)
Paragon is shit now lmao
Steven Willett (1 year ago)
Dota 2 remains supreme. But thank you for the video!
KLIDZA (1 year ago)
In 2018.Awakening of Heroes will be dominante.
Slacky (1 year ago)
Just found out about Smash and Grab and its Closed
Murrici the third (1 year ago)
anyone there who is having problem with the Smash+Grab link?
Murrici the third (1 year ago)
EmeraldWarden (1 year ago)
VAINGLORY for life
Zombie Warrior (1 year ago)
iron league for android a good moba
Moba Games (1 year ago)
Llama flap (1 year ago)
gigantic second? it's broken, haven't been able to play it for ages so yeah instant dislike
HeyItsMike (1 year ago)
Supernova is pretty fun but it has a lot of balancing to do. Also it only has an America server which is a pain in the ass for players like me in any other region.
PhantomGlitch (1 year ago)
When ppl start copying hi rez FML
Harris Tan (1 year ago)
Arena of Fate also dead...
King Grey Rose Crow (1 year ago)
wasn't supernova shutdown??
Narcis Lucian (1 year ago)
How can i download master x master?
VG Sada (1 year ago)
PC or android??
Alexandru Andreiaș (1 year ago)
Gool,i will try them all :)
Brandon Harrelson (1 year ago)
Shame that Supernova and Arena of Fate, two of the more interesting ones to me, are pretty much dead already.
Abhik Biswas (1 year ago)
top view camera simply turns me off . like battlerite
Andy Ly (1 year ago)
I love Mona games and it's my favourite type of games
OwO (1 year ago)
Gigantic is the best
DisturbeD802 (1 year ago)
sooo there actually are no upcoming mobas besides um battlerite thats already dead
I miss supernova, RIP.
skate (1 year ago)
Eternal Arena is the best. Like if you agree!
Teman SePermainan (1 year ago)
heroes arena
C_H_A_O_X (1 year ago)
PARAGON is dead to me monolith is fucking broken
Trowa0101 (1 year ago)
D-did you just put friggin paladins on the top 5? really? i mean come on, no matter how much you love the game it's not a moba and since patchs 13-14 it wasn't even moba-ish anymore, it's just another shooter who abandoned it's uniqueness just to make full retard shooter fans happy.
exodus8083 (1 year ago)
will arena of fate be on console and pc
Cameron Deppermann (1 year ago)
Arena of Fate is most likely never getting released. The division of Crytek that was making it has been shut down as of a week ago.
Ajay B.S (1 year ago)
Paragon has its length cut short in its new update-Monolith. It is more fun and exciting to play now.
oniuserjh (1 year ago)
now if they could make more interesting kits and items im not kidding some of the items are WORTHLESS simply becuz they require a champion that can "Bleed" or "Burn" aanother... or be bled/ burned by them... ther are only 2 characters that bleed or burn...SO WHY DO THESE ITEMS EXIST??? UGHHHHHHHHHHH
Zooz (1 year ago)
what microphone do you use for your videos?
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Blue Yeti
Veg Vamp (1 year ago)
break away, paladins, gigantic, battlerite,
WTFAnyNameWorks (1 year ago)
I can't wait for Battlerite to release
Eduardo Rivera (1 year ago)
There is a great misconception here, MOBAs aren't popular, F2P team-oriented games are popular, that's the reason why so many MOBAs have failed miserably.
Malren YT (6 months ago)
Then what are the 4? (Not hate intended)
I thought the comment was stupid, and then I read the replies There are 4 successful mobas. The rest have fell down and died Other genres, on the other hand, have many successful games, but none are as popular as Lol or dota 2 of course, but waaaaay too many are more popular than heroes of newerth and strife Overwatch isn't even close to a moba
braf zachland (1 year ago)
+Brandon Morris i think the op is correct, and your example just shows that there are casuals who play because they have moba fan friends that do. on their own they'd likely not play. i play mlb the show but no other sports games so you cannot consider me as a fan of sports games solely because sometimes i play mlb the show
Brandon Morris (1 year ago)
In a weird perspective. You could argue that they aren't popular. I can count friends on two hands that don't play mobas enough to be considered a moba player but they still play once in awhile. And they only do it while with friends to tag along. They have no real interest in the game themselves. I call them parachute games.
ReadySetMoses (1 year ago)
MOBAs aren't popular ?!? Sure lol
NotSoGood (1 year ago)
And yet there's nothing here worthy playing
Khalid Alhariri (1 year ago)
Strongest Fighter Tournament Paragon is.
vSymph (1 year ago)
I love the passion you have of making these videos:) Keep it up Bro!
Jose Garcia (1 year ago)
Dude i mean, i love th work and the effort you put on your videos. Like the whole narration thing and the explanation about the details on the game... Feels like one of those AAA gamming channels that had been on youtube since forever. I really love your work and i hope you keep making these good quality videos. You have my subscribe. Kuddos from Venezuela buddie!
Ekko (1 year ago)
paragon is 1# on my list no questions about it
Z like Zerthi (1 year ago)
Stunlock studio just make another same game but with much better themes, lel.
XXX200o (1 year ago)
Battlerite is not a moba, it's arena brawler. It has no pve element, just pure pvp.
Jason Thomas (1 year ago)
jerry tong (1 year ago)
XXX200o i see tag moba in battleritestore page
XXX200o (1 year ago)
perhaps you should read some of the developer interviews before making stupid comments.
Christian Tucker (1 year ago)
"Multiplayer Online Battle Arena" Perhaps you should know what MOBA stands for before making stupid comments.
CL4P-TR4p Red (1 year ago)
dude... you say it like this: neesh
Little Crow (1 year ago)
been following your channel a bit and has aided me in sifting through the games that look good but are nothing like their adverts also in finding good games among the rest such as Toxikk, and Blacklight Retribution well good in my opinion cheers for takin the time to actually play the games aswell ive found all your clips are very informative keep it up and ill be sure to keep watchin/following
ItamarAzulay (1 year ago)
5:58 is just rumble from lol 6:02 is malzahar
Moon Gaming (1 year ago)
ItamarAzulay are you sure?
Zabeba Dalel (1 year ago)
HushPuppy 1 (1 year ago)
Zabeba Dalel VainGlory
Krazlus Games (1 year ago)
Heroes Evolved
Owen Havelock (1 year ago)
Skylent Games yas thx for noting h.o.t.s
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
Heroes of the Storm is the next big one. Vainglory for mobile.
Agame IMVU (1 year ago)
Dude, Smash&Grab is dead. The game doesn't exist anymore.
Kermode Slumber (1 year ago)
isnt smash and grab down?
littlemedic (1 year ago)
Yep , thought it would be an amazing game but they stopped development
hillnegus300 (1 year ago)
smash and grab got canned, company disband
Waiting for Hyper Universe's release in the West. So hyped for the game
Brute (1 year ago)
When will gigantic be officially released
BoyFLY (2 years ago)
is paladins on ps4 yet?
Threshtaajat (1 year ago)
Just buy overwatch paladins is bulllshit
Ian (1 year ago)
Don't think so, but soon.
Sevomyr (2 years ago)
League of Legends, DotA 2 and Smite are enough.
obli terator (1 year ago)
and now you have paragon, heroes of the storm, master x master... which are pretty much different from lol, dota an smite.
Skip Nobodycares (1 year ago)
mastering league... nobody have done it sofar... mastering battlerite hmm about 2 week of playing.. its ez af in gameknowledge decision making etc
Helios (1 year ago)
league dota and paragon*
Merecir (1 year ago)
And Battlerite when you want to play a true skill game.
Sevomyr (1 year ago)
+Elijah Idemudia Then four of them are enough. LoL because it's the first standalone one, DotA 2 because it's a successor to the original Warcraft mod, Smite because it's popular and quite outstanding and Paragon because you like it.
Krazzy Singh (2 years ago)
how long more before gigantic releases ;_;
Ian (1 year ago)
I believe it's in open beta in a few days.
Krazzy Singh (2 years ago)
beta keys plssss skylent
mochammad iqbal (2 years ago)
i feels this channel is going bigger, is the same feeling when the first time i subs to gameranx :) good job mate
Nidham (2 years ago)
breakaway it look great game
Joseph Andrew Tuason (2 years ago)
awesome list. battlerite ftw
Hardcore Blaze Omega (2 years ago)
lol supernova is down bb wtf u take this list from?
Krayvern (2 years ago)
Just read the forums, look at their FB page and Twitter page. They havn't posted anything since May.
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
Is it really? It wasn't long ago at all that I did 2 promotional videos for the game, and their site is still up.
Skylent Games (2 years ago)
I love showing off and talking about brand new games; hope you have fun friends.
RevivedSoul (1 year ago)
Ey you played Yasuo. Played alot of him as well. My main was Zed. I quit some few month ago because of demotivation of how i played. Hearing constantly that unlocked is much better and more outlook. I just couldnt do it. it was to hard for me to adapt after playing 1000 of games locked. Aswell reaching Plat, but i wish i started on right foot. My favorit game. A bit tired and playing with a friend snatched me out. Looking for Gigantic. You can call me for essay kun
exodus8083 (1 year ago)
+BurnedMyWaffles oh ok thanks
BurnedMyWaffles (1 year ago)
exodus8083 battlerite has been on steam for quite awhile, $20 if I remember correctly. it's a good game. and it's only pc as far as I know
exodus8083 (1 year ago)
Skylent Shore what is battle rite on just pc right
exodus8083 (1 year ago)
sparky it's in open beta now launch announcement is coming soon
izzes (2 years ago)
Really looking forward to Paragon, man. Not only graphically but the game itself looks well designed and if that's the ground zero of their journey I'm really excited to see what comes next.
Laramee Desjardins (8 months ago)
Haha lol check their page now, had alot of potential
TyrellDaKing ! (8 months ago)
Welp Paragon shutting down
brandon haist (11 months ago)
it isn't, people are just whining about balance and matchmaking like in every other moba. The game has made some odd choices in terms of character itemization (only being able to equip up to 3 items at a time), but aside from that, the game is quite fun.
Yioba (1 year ago)
izzes well Rip this comment we all had hoped but I heard the game is shit now
Kristopher Giliun (2 years ago)
SuperNova is f2p?
Vynellin (1 year ago)
Kristopher Giliun yes
ClassicTophatGaming (2 years ago)
battlerite isn't a moba....
ClassicTophatGaming (1 year ago)
+fatima12262 Not in the sense that most people know it in it isnt.
Kristopher Giliun (2 years ago)
moba = multiplayer online battle arena 100% Battlerite description.
fatima12262 (2 years ago)
multiplayer online battle arena so yes it is a moba
Beau C (2 years ago)
First after first
league of minecraft (2 years ago)

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