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Poachers Paradise ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )

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This is a rock song I came up recently about poaching and the extinction of endangered animals in our world, its a subject I feel very strongly about. There are some graphic images in this video I made up for the song but I feel the subject matter of the song needed a hard hitting visual approach.I will at some point have this track released on i tunes and Amazon as a single early 2014.This is my last original of 2013.
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James Powlett (4 years ago)
Poachers Paradise ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )
James Powlett (4 years ago)
this song and video i made is purely directed at the chinese regarding there continual participation in the ivory trade
Mick Wilkinson (4 years ago)
Hi James great rockin'track and video,well done Happy Xmas and New Year Mick
TheDano1947 (4 years ago)
Daamn Jimbo, this song rocks and the message is dead on. Shades of Glenn Fry

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