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Top 10 My Favorite Openworld Games for PC

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Text Comments (556)
ClemsY Ride (2 hours ago)
need for speed HAHAHAHA
Irshad Ahmad (8 hours ago)
Download Games Car Games Top Download Plzzzz
Featured Tech (1 day ago)
I have Intel core i9 16gb ram Nvidia geforce 2080ti Can I run gta 5
Amitrajit Das (1 day ago)
haven't you played gta??????
Criss Dragon (2 days ago)
Rushikesh Badame (3 days ago)
Maximim which graphics card a core 2 duo can handle??
HEMRAJ SINGH HEMU (3 days ago)
where is gta
suhaib ahmad tareen (3 days ago)
what the f k is that . not availible on microsoft store
mohamed said (3 days ago)
What about gta 5
What Games On the List is free to play and offline?
Hasnain khan (5 days ago)
Bro why max payne 3 is not in the list
TricksWala (5 days ago)
Best open world games video!
Sufiyan Brohi (5 days ago)
Gta 5 is top game
royal gamer (6 days ago)
Gta v is best
Pygmo (6 days ago)
Fucking Ubisoft fanboy
Periculoso157 (7 days ago)
My Favorite Openworld Skyrim
Creativity (7 days ago)
all are my dream game cz my pc is 2gb ram
Gaming world (9 days ago)
Your spec??
Chechamma V (10 days ago)
Who loves watch dogs 2 or just cause 3 give me a like
ravi raj (10 days ago)
First wala kon sa game hai bro
Kaif King (10 days ago)
Broo plzz help with need zip code i cant find
tanja marinković (11 days ago)
i love all this games
BeatBoxer RDX (12 days ago)
NFS is a openworld game ?
Limkun (12 days ago)
ff xv is not open world
rohan ali (13 days ago)
I men dest GTA 5
No Idea (15 days ago)
wheres gta 5 its a great open word game
Rinku Singh (3 days ago)
Kay nam ha game
Shubhankar Paygude (18 days ago)
Good list but gta 5 shud have been on the list
Gleamz Gaming (20 days ago)
Can i play watchdog 2 in 4gb ram amd 320 r7?
Kaarthik Sameer (20 days ago)
No pubg?????
roblox dude (20 days ago)
S.L.I. Entertainment (23 days ago)
Where is GTA 5??!!!!!😕😕😕
Vishal Saini (24 days ago)
Bhai down load kha se kare
Adil Khan (25 days ago)
Adil Khan (25 days ago)
Chechamma V (10 days ago)
GTA 6 is not made only it's GTA 5
Utkarsh Singh (26 days ago)
Hit like if you want to see gta 5 in that list
emran khan (27 days ago)
2:20 game ??????
Yogita Rajput (28 days ago)
You don't have GR wildlands and GTA V I have these games and playing on max settings with constant 60 fps gameplay everywhere with my msi GTX 1060 6gb currently these games are the boss of all previous releases open world games These are the greatest open world games at this time .
Laldin Chachi (1 month ago)
You forgot gta v
ALL HINDI TIPS (1 month ago)
Gta 5 miss man
AZIZ BOHRA (1 month ago)
Your PC specifications
English songs (1 month ago)
Gta 5 and the amazing spiderman 2
TheDragonKing (25 days ago)
Tasm2 sucked and GTA 5 is overrated
Lekhraj Singh (1 month ago)
Is payback an open world game
TUSHANT 195 tech (1 month ago)
john eric santiago (1 month ago)
Need for speed payback Need for speed paycheck Need for speed black Need for speed white Need for speed purple Need for speed blackmen Need for speed Caucasian Need for speed wet water Need for speed dryland Need for speed dryer Need for speed 1,2,3,4,5,-20 I dont know why this need for speed changing its title yet it has the same mechanics. XD
john eric santiago (1 month ago)
2:56 what was that hahahahah
Himesh sharma (1 month ago)
What is the name of first game
Sayed Anan (1 month ago)
00:35 the windshield is clean after a bloodshot
Leonardo Dank (1 month ago)
learn how to read before u keep moaning about not having "your" favorite open world game in the list you autists
Ultimater Zone (1 month ago)
Pretty Good games
Random MC (1 month ago)
you know what witcher 3 reminds me Ciri is black
Pygmo (12 days ago)
losta hex (1 month ago)
i have all of these. took some time to download but well i enjoy it everyday.. nice video.
Animated Movie (1 month ago)
spider cause (just cause), i cant play that shitty game, i tried the first and the second, a big shit without fun
Md Kayes (1 month ago)
Tera make bur
dklingen (1 month ago)
"PC" and using a controller - call me surprised!
Pygmo (12 days ago)
+TheDragonKing Personal preference, but PC is a lot more accurate and comfortable, considering your equipment
TheDragonKing (25 days ago)
Games are easier to play using a controller
ASIF PATEL (1 month ago)
Top 5 games 1.gta 5 2.call of duty world war 2 3.farcry 4 4.watchdog2 5.nfs payback
Crosby (1 month ago)
Gta is shite, played it and don't like it... So did he.
Sangeet The Great (1 month ago)
7:28. Who else though it was water?
The Athlete Gamer (1 day ago)
Sangeet The Great it is water
Steve Renthlei Gaming (7 days ago)
lol me
lion_slushie (9 days ago)
TheDragonINFINITE (1 month ago)
great list your favorites i have already finished all of them besides final fantasy
ANSH RANA (1 month ago)
You don't like gta5
ANSH RANA (1 month ago)
You don't like gta5
Khan Aj (1 month ago)
what is the four game name is ?
AregSP (1 month ago)
Where are Roblox?
future rock star (1 month ago)
Very baad choice
Tari maa ki chut gta 5 is butter teri video loda gand
LOO YONG SIANG - (1 month ago)
This my Top 10 list 10.Gta 5 9.Call of duty black ops 3 8.Battlefield 3 7.Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) 6.CSGO 5.Prototype 2 4.Gear Of War 3 3.Assassins Creed Rogue/Origins/Revelation 2.Minecraft 1.Fortnite
tech gamer jitu (1 month ago)
gta 5 is the best u idiot i think u dont what is gta 5!
Gongam Taipodia (1 month ago)
is these are in off line
sound wave (1 month ago)
go make your own video and post your favourites instead of telling this guy what his favourite games should be. It's his freaking list, not yours.
BugraaKill Packs (1 month ago)
Yahia Dewedar (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 offline or online
VIRUS ASH (1 month ago)
its his top ten fav...shit head peoples still disliked it
MUHAMMAD Haaris (1 month ago)
Where is gta 5
Waheed Khalid (1 month ago)
waseem M (2 months ago)
The witcher 3 .... is the best 100%
Adam (2 months ago)
A racing game with check points isn’t a open world game. I don’t care if it’s one of your favorites
Kesav Darshan (2 months ago)
But GTA San Andreas is best!
Rasmus Lepp (1 month ago)
+stephen Protomartir never. Gta san andreas is better
stephen Protomartir (2 months ago)
play just cause 3 bro you'll change your opinion
rizwan shaikh 7869310661 (2 months ago)
download kaise kare
Dolly Chamuah (2 months ago)
please make Gta6
Reza spar (2 months ago)
only assassin creed syndycate🤜❤❤❤
Technical Gamer (2 months ago)
hae anyone wanna sub to sub
Rakesh Kumar (2 months ago)
Which link you from download
Harandar Bharti (2 months ago)
GTA 1 best game
sanket Mishra (2 months ago)
Where is sleeping dogs 😡
Sxdden (2 months ago)
Guys Just Cause 3 is amazing, you guys should buy it!
are this your playthrough? too bad i never watch worst playthrough(s) than yours before.
King Marvel (2 months ago)
Do you have the download link for Assassins' Creed:Syndicate
Reux XXX (2 months ago)
Arma III best
Abdelrahman Ashraf (2 months ago)
JC3 For free or what
Zombie Apocalypse (2 months ago)
ASMITA BANERJEE (2 months ago)
Gta,amazing spiderman,saints row,splinter cell,wildlands,sunset overdrive,dying light,the forest,dead island ,state of decay ?
Rubrixie (2 months ago)
sleeping dogs?
Super Mario still the best.
Aniket Gamit (2 months ago)
amazing BrOoo👌👌👌👌
Its Freak (2 months ago)
Man where is Mafia 3 and Gta V ? :((
Sarmad The bananana (1 month ago)
its his "top 10 list" of his own in his opinion not yours ;-;
Sharvesh Sharvesh (2 months ago)
Far cry 5 is the best
Vansh Puri (2 months ago)
Far cry 5 is best
MaxFury 394 (2 months ago)
It is not farcry 5
flowergreeeeed (2 months ago)
Well.... not quite games for best experience with gtx 960.
M.C REPOST (2 months ago)
why do you say for pc but you use a controller
CD-GO Gameing (2 months ago)
Gta 5 = lots of bugs bad ai good graphics open world

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