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Top 10 My Favorite Openworld Games for PC

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Text Comments (199)
Johnson Janu (1 day ago)
How to download this games??? plzzzz help
Sara Atef (2 days ago)
you could put gta V instead of Final Fantasy iv
ashish singhal (3 days ago)
Very good
Marcel Tabaraka (4 days ago)
where is mafia 3?
Anime Royalty (6 days ago)
Almost 3 years later and Just Cause 3 is still my best open world game over any shitty open world game they've made since then. So sad my pc can't play it😭
Rafay Rafay (6 days ago)
Get 5
Heelal K (6 days ago)
No GTA IV time to leave this Earth 😁
Nanu Venkatesh (7 days ago)
Nice list there are few disappointment for some gamers out there though
Nanu Venkatesh (7 days ago)
sorry to point out but u didnt finish the "for" in need for speed payback
Hacker 81 (8 days ago)
Bhai agent p rebel spy for pc download link batao
Sharvesh Sharvesh (9 days ago)
Bro where is gta 5
Leonardo Polishuk (9 days ago)
NFS Payback is on the list but not Forza Horizon 3!?
اين اسماء الالعاب ؟؟
Tiyas Das (10 days ago)
Can u plz tell me how u downloaded watch dogs 2?? I downloaded it but it showing black screen...... plz help 🙏
Parth Pednekar (10 days ago)
Pls give the link to download NFS payback
14UnDeAd14 (11 days ago)
I actually like this list, it is far cooler and more unic that the average everyday list we see on YT.
Mohamed Ishak (12 days ago)
GTA 5 is the best 😎🔥
Kabir Rogers (12 days ago)
1. Witcher 3 2. Assassins creed syndicate/origins 3.Skyrim 4.GTA 5 5.Watch dogs 2 6. farcry 3/4 7. Batman Arkham knight 8.Fallout 4 9.GTA SA 10. Just Cause 3 11. Subnautica full release/Dont starve 12. MGS 5 TPP 13. Sleeping Dogs
Legendary Rahul (14 days ago)
WHAT?GTA 5 is not in your list your are the first person who don't like GTA 5 as open world game.
Erik Malawi (15 days ago)
I would say everyone’s entitled to there opinion but after this I believe I change my mind
LOTUS (15 days ago)
i lost my hard disk space after downloading 4 of them :/...so much GB
Sudesh Madhuranga (16 days ago)
Just cause 3 is boring as hell.
smart cook (17 days ago)
GTA 5 is not there ??
AMINE MOHAMED (17 days ago)
jaust caus is the best U_U
mourad belk (19 days ago)
can i play this games on my laptop LENOVO V110 with no problems and nice graphics Specs: Processeur Intel Core i3-6006U (Dual-Core 2 GHz - Cache 3 Mo) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 4 Go de mémoire DDR4 (4 Go intégrés + 1 slot libre - maximum 12 Go au total) Ecran large de 15.6" anti-reflets au format 16/9 (1366 x 768) Sortie HDMI, pour le raccordement à un téléviseur HD Disque dur de 500 Go (5400 RPM) Communication sans fil Wi-Fi AC + Bluetooth 4.1 1 port USB 3.0 : vitesse haut débit avec des périphériques compatibles Batterie offrant jusqu'à 5h30 d'autonomie (selon l'utilisation et les programmes installés) Webcam intégrée 0,3 Mégapixel Sécurité : puce TPM 2.0 intégrée Haut-parleur monaural (1x 1.5 W) + microphone monaural intégré Windows 10 Famille 64 bits Directx 12
Mr. Anonymous (19 days ago)
PC? Ew.
Sparsh Verma (20 days ago)
Wd 2 is the best
Hard Worker (20 days ago)
Why in far cry 5 everything is looking somewhat shaky
Aman Jiwani (21 days ago)
Which laptop or PC you use for playing game?
AllGamesReview (21 days ago)
You can look at the specification of my pc on Channel About tab
Sudip Sarkar (21 days ago)
Kartik kumar (22 days ago)
ac origins?
RJnator (9 days ago)
Kartik kumar that game is awesome
vijay R (22 days ago)
low spec high Graphics PC games download here
atralapastruka (22 days ago)
Omg, I hope this is a joke...
Kaunain GameHacker (23 days ago)
Watch dogs 2..... favourite
Vishal Govind (23 days ago)
Seriously u like watch dogs but not GTA V
Jatt Be Like (23 days ago)
Nfs payback open world lol
UNDEFEATED7000 (25 days ago)
Some funny games in ur List! Haha
ayedi slah (26 days ago)
where is gta .Saints Row and Mafia
capsuleboy (26 days ago)
I played Ac 2 and 1, 1 is better, better story and overall game. I played far cry 2 and loved it, next I am going to install farcry 3. Fallout 3 made my head go booom , I felt so depressed when I finished and all the dlc as well. Fallout vegas will be my next fallout but it is no longer steampunk like fallout 3, it is sort of futuristic, weapons are realistic. Batman Archam city is probably the last best game I played. About NFS, hp2010 was good, but NFS MW 2012 sucked. I already have the next nfs I am going to install, is the run, but right now I am playing FUEL, so it will have to wait.
capsuleboy (26 days ago)
did you play darksouls 1 and 2?? they are great. About GTA, 4 was good but GTA vice city was the best gta ever along with gta SA, even they didn't have graphics at all. Vice city better lights, music, atmosphere, better humor, better character lines, it was a universe. GTA SA was good but was all about balls, d**k and f**k, hookers, so SA humor was forced and immature.
Nimai Costa Costa (27 days ago)
So you don't like GTA v
GAMING WORLD (28 days ago)
your favorite we also favorite but its too large tell about low space game
JP de Hell (28 days ago)
me and your are same collection but I didn't try batman arkam knight and I should download finalfantasy xv and you missed tomclansy ghostrecon I think
I think watchdogs 2 is better than gta 5. I love wd2.
Pranay Sharma (9 days ago)
Sahuji's film productions Sahu wd2 is one of the most boring games I’ve played. U can’t do shit compared to GTA
UNDEFEATED7000 (25 days ago)
GTA5 is really better! 30player online....im play it with boost Mode! And graphic and the World is Beutiful! Whatchdogs without Players and Frames Drops...i was thinking like u...but we was wrong! GTA 5 is Hard to Beat..
GTA 5 is old now. However in GTA 5,you can do a lots of things.
UNDEFEATED7000 (25 days ago)
Im a big watch dogs 2 Fan, but is not better than GTA...maybe same good! GTA 5 is hard to Beat.
Gamers Tomb (29 days ago)
Batman is reality..
bubu mic (29 days ago)
I prefer games with swords instead of guns ... And stop using cheats in fallout 4 ...
Amal roshan (1 month ago)
seriously on gta5😣😣😣😫😫
Marvel Koraag (1 month ago)
Want to download 1.just cause 3 2.watch dogs 2 3.batman: arkham knight
Your game name font size not better viewers want game name in big size
rascu valy (1 month ago)
Wheres gta 5???
Saramma Mathai (1 month ago)
Gta5 Where
Vedant Sanjay Patil (1 month ago)
First game is which
SN Creative (1 month ago)
If you play all this game on your PC then why you didn't play GTA 5
SN Creative (1 month ago)
I think GTA 5 is really a open world game than the list of game shown in the video
Kevin Kowshick (1 month ago)
can you please send me link for nfs payback game.. lot of website games are not working after download
the real supergamer (1 month ago)
GTA 4 and GTA 5 is better than these games
Neko Nesto (1 month ago)
I have ac syndicate
Mrinal Verma (1 month ago)
Phantom pain for me
Mohit Roy (1 month ago)
Saint's Row man... That game is so badass!
Ayush Sarkar (1 month ago)
All are out of range for my pc spec
King killer (1 month ago)
Haha where is gta5 Gta5 is far better than watchdogs2 and justcause3 And where is Assasin Creed origins ?u really thing syndicate is better than origin or black flag lol No skyrim either ? Justcause3 is totally trash.
The Crazy man (1 month ago)
King killer jc3 is fun too i played it and it was lit
Gaming with Serban (1 month ago)
King killer wd2 is better than gta5
make on video on: Graphic 2.0 GB DDR5 128 Bit Processor : Core 2 due, I have i5 2k Second Gen Ram 12 GB or 4 GB
Ako si (1 month ago)
omg, bro i download this game also.. except for fallout. not a fan of fallout game.. nice vid bro.. im happy that my laptop(lowend) can play this game..
Explorers Venugopal (1 month ago)
When did "NFS" became open world game
vishal aro (1 month ago)
Just cause 3 is better than gta 5..... Agree..?
Rstar Sunny (1 month ago)
Hahaha do i need to subscribe ur channel for dis kinda jokes.
GamerZ 4 Life (1 month ago)
King killer (1 month ago)
vishal aro I played both jc3 is trash lol
YEEMAD (1 month ago)
FO4 is an unoptimized piece of trash that bethesda hyped people up about leaving them disappointed when it finally came out
Sagel Serapion (1 month ago)
Dude where Is assassin's creed:origins
Black Fox (1 month ago)
So glad gta 5 isn't on this list it's so overrated
Pranay Sharma (9 days ago)
Black Fox even if u don’t like it u gotta admit its def top ten best open world games because of how much u can do in that game and how much work was put into it
Johnny Ay (19 days ago)
Black Fox it's overrated, but it's still lots of fun.
Barnabás Vida (20 days ago)
gta 5 is fucking awesome, and soo many people plays is, that should tell something about it
Tech Pegasus (28 days ago)
Black Fox I agree with you man GTA 5 is really overrated
Black Fox (1 month ago)
Dachi and I'm just one person with little experience making games rockstar is a giant company with more people and have allot more experience making games
DarkDarren (1 month ago)
I hope this is in no particular order cuz if you think Need for speed and non other than fuken payback is better than The Witcher you're insane. Also AC origins is better than shitty Syndicate.
Ved Asish (1 month ago)
Where is GTA 5 man
Madhav Ram (20 days ago)
Ved Asish it's not your top 10 list
Vivek Vaidya (1 month ago)
Plz put link
Parthib Seth (1 month ago)
Your pc specs
Playstaion Nation (1 month ago)
You said for pc not console and pc all those games is on console also
Mounira Rhaiem (1 month ago)
Metro exodus
Movie Scene (1 month ago)
You play all this games in your pc ??? Real or fake
amanuiel grmay (1 month ago)
It's not fake
amanuiel grmay (1 month ago)
TheJaguar this is real
chandra the great (1 month ago)
Where is gta 5 in the list
Pratap Singh (1 month ago)
Gta 4 and 5?
Sray Hybrid (14 days ago)
Pratap Singh both
Hyper (1 month ago)
Ron Willson (1 month ago)
NFS payback is free roaming....?
KekTV (10 days ago)
and pay 2 win, yeah
Dj Anonymous (1 month ago)
SAVAGE KILLER (1 month ago)
Sir want to sell you game for giveaway
Satyanarayan Verma (1 month ago)
Same to me but not fall out I HAVE XBOX ONE X
Vinayak Kurtkoti (1 month ago)
I have all these games except for fallout
Vinayak Kurtkoti (8 days ago)
Kevin Kowshick did you got that game????
Vinayak Kurtkoti (1 month ago)
Ako si really got someone good friend I wanted to buy it but I don't like fallout that much
Vinayak Kurtkoti (1 month ago)
Kevin Kowshick sorry bro I have DVD of that game
Kevin Kowshick (1 month ago)
bro i need nfs payback.. do you know any working link.. most of the website games are not working
Ako si (1 month ago)
Vinayak Kurtkoti me too bro... !!! amazing!!
Aryan Borah (1 month ago)
I guess you've never played GTA.....that's why its not in the list
Play games Technical (1 month ago)
Please share my video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHcY1KC3Cwk&t=5s
MSD Mr. cool (1 month ago)
No gta game!!!STRANGE
A S W I N (1 month ago)
make a video with 4gb ram no graphics card
Gunjan Singh (10 days ago)
A S W I N sab navre nahi hote
Bin Laden (28 days ago)
ARK , Far Cry 3,4,5 and arma 3
The Best (1 month ago)
#1 Minecraft #2 Gta Sa Or Gta Vc #3 Assassins creed brother hood #4 ManHunt etc
Adil Ahmad (1 month ago)
seriusly far cry 5 is bettre than far cry 3? Fallout 4 bettre than FO NV? Assassins creed syndicate bettre than Ac IV/II ? Need for speed payback ? Kill me! No gta v or any gta game? Skyrim? TIME TO LEAVE ERARTh
Phone Hlyan Tun (3 days ago)
Check the title dickhead it's his favourite. Not earth's favourite lmao
Touche. (5 days ago)
Everyone has their own opinions
RedWolfGaming 11 (5 days ago)
Bad story? Dude are you sick in the head or what?
MCteristic (7 days ago)
Its his opinion,mate. No complaining on that
AWDTH1111 (9 days ago)
Yes I agree with everything on the video. Far Cry 3, New Vegas and Assassin's Creed 2 are piles of dogshit. Fight me...
gear up (1 month ago)
hey your name is tyler
the real supergamer (1 month ago)
gear up no I that NFS character name
player boy x (1 month ago)
Sorry not far cry 3
player boy x (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 minnimum requirements
KrooksGamingInHD !!! (13 days ago)
Oieeee!!! FarCry 5 needs a gtx 670 for minimum gfx... Please don't share false statements which demoralizes a person's heart xD
VICTIMOS (1 month ago)
can run it with a gtx 960m on laptop 900p high settings... well optimized
sea fish (1 month ago)
At least a 1070
Saarthak Agarwal (1 month ago)
Can you please make videos for low spec PC's Like fps games for 2 GB ram
BIGmanSAC (23 days ago)
download Rango tech low spec experience. works wonders!
EmanMC2018 (25 days ago)
Play Red Faction
The Best (1 month ago)
u need to buy a gpu,It helps great time!
Saarthak Agarwal (1 month ago)
Is this a good game
Saarthak Agarwal (1 month ago)
My cpu sspeed is 3.10 hz
player boy x (1 month ago)
Which kind of far cry 3 is this
Ferlin Resnu (1 month ago)
Woooww :V
Professional Gamer (1 month ago)
it's good but fallout is not
Orestas Ark (1 month ago)
4th liked the vid
Play games Technical (1 month ago)
Hi I love this games
PLAYwithCHAD 435 (1 month ago)
Second comentary i like so much your videos please say hello to me :)
Specsy (1 month ago)

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