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The Long Term Effects of Methylphenidate (Ritalin) Use

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The Study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23696790
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Dexter Myo (21 days ago)
So, now you’re saying that I can’t “run away” from my symptoms, and that I will be a loser for the rest of my life. Well, time to kill myself again
Dr. James Olack (1 month ago)
Can you do a blurb on the long term effects of long term effects please?
Todd leTornado (1 month ago)
I was forced to take Ritalin when I was younger. Ive dealt with depression since around the same age. I figured it was something to do with me. But its all clear now. Thanks for the great work.
Mikey Virtnan (1 month ago)
Stuff like this fuels misinformed parents from giving the one thing that could be a game changer for their kids. Unmedicated kids who are crashing without something to slow down the hyperactive thoughts and actions will self medicate on their own. Usually this happens at about grade 9, at which time parents and teachers are at their wits end. The child at this point finds respite in street drugs or alcohol.
agaragar21 (1 month ago)
You might also just be confabulating the occurrence of adhd treatment and then the occurrence of Depression...after 20 years of adhd most people become depressed, its highly comorbid. You see what you want to see ! What the research paper seems to say is treatments become less effective over the long term, I don't see any future negatives , I don't see an increase incidence of depression
Gia Borgia (1 month ago)
What is the alternative? I would tell you. Long term alcohol and drug abuse which so many people with untreated and undiagnosed Adhd struggle with. Love Mr Smart above and his "solution ".
Omkar Gadhave (1 month ago)
If i stop taking it.. Is there any side effects??
David Goey (1 month ago)
As alot of people are saying that are on this drug, like I am, it helps a stupid amount, I've hardly been able to do basic things like, work, pay attention for more than 10 seconds, form a cohesive sentence conservatively, have a clear thought or really just be effective at things that arnt video games and drinking alcohol. I agree that the side effects that these drugs need to be presented alot better than what they are, even my doctor said theres minimal research into most of these drugs and yolks struggle to find any all he gave me was what hed noticed over the years which wasn't a whole lot other than the basics eg, disturbed sleep, weight loss, depression (not common but not uncommon either), is the drug like cocaine, yeah I've had cocaine plenty of times and side by side biggest differences are ritalin doesnt numb you as cocaine also is an anesthetic, doses are way way way lower 60-80mg a day is what I use, if it were cocaine thatd be easy 1.5g and also ritilan lasts way longer, cocaine is about 1 hour give or take 15 minutes, depending on what pills you get instant or extended relase is anywhere from 4-12 hours, that's about it to me feels the same in every other way, which isnt a bad thing, cocaine if it lasted longer and doses were lower and no numbing it would more than likely be used instead, coke is a really good way to help with adhd but as I said doesnt last, if you look at how they both work very very similar, I'm unsure if coke has worse long term side effects, assuming you dont snort it, but if it's taken orally, it would be perfect for adhd. So to any fuckwit saying "its prescription coke ban it ew no save the kids" dexadrin vyvance and adderall are 100% the same thing as meth just not as powerful no you cant take more dex to get a meth high, but it functions no differently or you can go get desoxyn which is 5mg methamphetamine for your adhd Also if your kid is under 16 I'd advise against giving them this drug or infact any drug that isnt 100% nessacarry to sustain life any drug on young brains is detrimental to development, I can not stress this enough how bad it is for them, there are studies into this showing how much just damage stuff like painkiller, cannabis, alcohol, add drugs and more does to kids brains in such a short time, preferably wait till you're 25 as that's when most males brains stop developing, females are faster I thinks its normally 21~ but no one does so next reasonable is 16-18 as that's when puberty is over for most people or almost and major development is over
Mohammad Mahdi Yousefi (2 months ago)
@ Sons of Apollo Thanks for this video. you made a similar video for Atomoxetine Which had done a similar test on it which I can't find it on your channel anymore can you re-upload it and give the link to that Study again. It would be appreciated.
Elle G (4 months ago)
synch the video please
Satan's Daughter (4 months ago)
ADHD gets better as you get older. DEPRESSION DOES NOT!!!!!!! I will forever tell people not to give this shit to their children so they don't end up like me. I was a happy and cheerful child but when I started taking ritalin I lost all of my creativity and didn't feel like playing anymore. I was basically a zombie so my parents took me off the stuff but I never really went back to normal. Now years later and things have only gotten worse. I have clinical depression and anxiety. Things only started getting better when I started taking antidepressants and one of the first things I thought when they started to take effect is that I felt like I did before taking ritalin and that I suddenly felt like playing and drawing and talking to people. I felt like I was a kid again. Ritalin messed me up for so long that I didn't even remember what happynes felt like.
Omkar Gadhave (1 month ago)
Can you tell me what happen if i quite this medication.. Is there any side effects?
nahom tefera (4 months ago)
how to decrease long term effect of Methylphenidate (Ritalin)?
Andrew Daviston (4 months ago)
I didn't have a say in the medication I was given at such a young age, they never told me this could change my brain the rest of my life. What the heck? Where's my money? lol but really though like that's not cool you only get one brain
Elle G (5 months ago)
I'm on 54mg of Ritalin right now and your lips are not sync to the sound is really irritating me 😂
S Nomad (5 months ago)
So, what do I do then?
Pokemon Dudes (5 months ago)
wait so im on drugs?
Dr. James Olack (1 month ago)
Pokemon Dudes If you've ever taken a Tylenol or an aspirin or used an antibiotic for infection or put sunblock on then you've been on drugs. And you will be on drugs for the rest of your life, my young, nieve friend. Do some research.....for gods sake. Open a fucking book. Put your phone or iPad down, do some real exploring
Bruno C (2 months ago)
This is actually a pretty heavy drug
Anej Anej (6 months ago)
I dont have adhd and i took 2 36g concerta pills yesterday for the first time, couldnt sleep due to taking them too late and then took the next morning so i wouldnt get exhausted from not sleeping and ive noticed i had an erectile disfunction/ my penis would not get erect no matter what i do. Im worried about these effects since no one mentioned them when i was researching these adhd and id just want someone to confirm that these problems arent permanent/ some rare sidefect that i got for not being adhd positive and taking these unperscribed pills. Any help would be very much appreciated since im quite concerned atm due to not getting a clear answer on any google page about this particular problem with nonadhd concerta beginners/ users.
Anej Anej (6 months ago)
Sons of Apollo thank you for the quick response but the thing that worries me the most that im still not sure if the ED it long lasting or if it only occurs when the drug is still present in my system.
Sons of Apollo (6 months ago)
Erectile dysfunction is common due to the drug having vasoconstrictive properties. That just means it causes blood vessels to narrow or tighten. The reduced blood flow can cause people who take the drug to have ED. It's a common side effect of most stimulants.
Lydia Townley (6 months ago)
Or you could just sniff
Mystical Orbit (6 months ago)
I think it's important to recognize that the effect a specific medication has on a particular person is not necessarily the same as on another person. I know of several people in which methylphenidate lead to depression, but I also know several other people in which it helped to significantly reduce their depression. It ultimately depends on the specific neurochemical cause of the particular feeling; two people may both feel depressed, but it could be for entirely different neurochemical imbalances. Any particular medication may alleviate the severity of one individual's imbalance, but increase the severity of another's. On an additional note, I've reviewed the studies referenced in the video and there is a very important qualification that must be made. The subjects in the study who took methylphenidate did so on a continuous and unchanged schedule; this is not how the use of the medication is typically advised. Typically patients are instructed to go a set period of time without (or at least with less of) the medication when their dosage gets to a certain amount; this allows tolerance towards the drug to decrease as well as a chance for doctors to reevaluate the patient's symptoms. So even though the study does show the long term effects, the extent of which are of radical hyperbole.
Daniel Thorvil (6 months ago)
cant stop looking at that horse
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Hey (7 months ago)
I had a nurse practitioner for my severe anxiety and depression, chronic anxiety and lots of suicidal ideation. One appointment I talked about how I had no motivation- I couldn't do homework or write or any productive projects. And also it got to the point where I couldn't shower or get out of bed and wouldn't change clothes for many days. So she prescribed me Ritalin. I know. Then I got addicted to it and reliant on it and wouldn't be able to do anything without it. I ended up on 80 mg of it. I'm on 20 now, and will go off of it very soon. I now do Meditation and some exercise and have better willpower now, but what sucks is that without it, even if I can muster up enough effort to do things, I find no enjoyment in doing them. No point. I used Ritalin for my depression. Everything I've tried hasn't helped my depression like Ritalin has- but only when I'm on it. Obviously I no longer see that nurse practitioner and have a great psychiatrist who is in a few days having me take a test to see if it actually helps me focus. I'm not happy about potentially not being prescribed it anymore, but I'm aware that it's a good thing and that it's been a bad thing for me. Ritalin shouldn't be prescribed for depression. I'm coming to terms with that now. People with ADHD have every right to be angry at my bullshit when I don't even know if I have it. It's shitty to people who actually rely on it and who it helps to give it a bad name by not responsibly taking it. It's my fault, not the medication that helps so many people. Anyways, I'll take any suggestions on how to keep going and living when absolutely nothing makes you feel any positivity or motivation.
Kawaii but Psycho (9 months ago)
I have ADHD and I wanna know what should I do then? My symptoms cause me A LOT of problems and make my life much harder (and cause depression) and I've been told that meds help. Is the only solution taking meds every single day of my life?
jhmm gf (3 months ago)
Research nootropics.high dose piracetam and alpha gpc is a good place to start.also meditation and exercise helps.make sure you get high quality supps.
SonicRaptor98 (8 months ago)
Kawaii but Psycho Try finding a healthy diet that balances all the nutrients you need. And like FireJackle said, meditation definitely can help.
FireJackle (8 months ago)
music and meditation... is better than medication. i have adhd and have been prescribed it for about 5yrs now. the best advice i can give you is pay attention to how and drug affects your body and mind. i take it when i feel i need it, or when my family says i should, but dont when i know my days structure doenst need me to be too focused. what you need to understand is that depression is a symptom of your adhd, with lower dopamine neurotransmitters it can lead to feelings of dysphoria. finding simple things in life have always helped me overcome those feelings. music, reading, deep thought, dont ignore it or let it pester you, but delve into it, get to the heart of whats bothering you. when i do, it stops me from feeling dejected in a negative feedback loop, getting caught in your mind of negative thoughts. having something to look at and admire always helps, for me its the universe, and reading feeds that. music has always lifted my spirits too, i love chemistry, so reading about that always gives me something to think about . as i said above paying attenion is important, your situation may be very different from mine, so only you can understand what works. find what works for you, if you need meds some days go for it, but NEVER let that be your only outlet,
ליס ג (9 months ago)
Is there a permanent effect of using ritalin for few days a year?
blake hardnett (9 months ago)
You have zero evidence. Completely your own personal opinion. Stfu
s Jones (10 months ago)
That is why your doctor tells you to take drug holidays so you come back down to normal levels . You missed that bit out when talking about resistance
Drew Rogers (10 months ago)
was there ever a study done were the subjects taking the drugs were taken off for a year to determine the permanence of the results.
Newcastle Music Studios (10 months ago)
The first 2 days weer great.. i am on day 3 n feel not so good today... it could be unrelated. MY general productivity or lust for life was so low I needed something to pick me up from teh hole I was in. I am also considering switch to 30mg of vyvanse.. Has anyone experience with switch from methylphenidate to vyvance?? is oen worse for you tan the other?? I have so many questions.. but there is so much refuting between good n bad it's hard to believe anyone.
silvana leverrier (10 months ago)
I can read your lips any time, You are so hot. I’m serious.
Jack G. (11 months ago)
I know this is an old video but I was wondering if you could possibly say how or if anything changes when methylphenidate is prescribed not for ADHD, but in an adult with post traumatic brain injury (an adult who never needed any kind of drugs to maintain focus/cognition before the injury).
Marx Westaway (7 months ago)
Jack G. Exactly the same effects. I suggest you get off it unless you want to make things worse when you come off it.
Nikolay Fadeev (11 months ago)
Also, guy on video dont really know what he is talking about, taking study results out of the contecst.:) Yes, receptor amounts will increase and this can give you a depression or other negative effects when you stop with the drug at once, but if you step down carefully and with alot of time - your reseptor amount will go down as well. The problem this study shades look on is that effect will decrease after a while and higher dosages is needed and the mechanism for that.
doap do do ap ap (1 year ago)
I take ritalin and i have learned to deal with the side effects. And overall i do wayyy better in school but im worried about the long term shit now .....
a price (1 year ago)
Is there anything that someone can do, once the long term effects have taken hold? I was given concerta as a child, my ADHD is abysmal and I have suffered from depression that is effectively ruining my ability to live my life, I am in debt, etc. I'm aware of others in the same boat.
Chef (1 year ago)
i take adhd meds and i fucking hate it. fuck my condition, fuck these pills fuck it all to death
i dont get why more dopamine transporters is a bad thing. specially coming from a daily mj user. i deplete dopamine like i piss so i know i gotta be hurting on that part. in this case i feel itd be useful temporarily
rundownaxe (1 year ago)
My doctor prescribed this to me when i was 15 for ADD. At 14 I had tried speed and ecstasy. I was shocked to feel how similar they were to the ritalin. Later I went to have a full blood test done. When the doctor was telling us the results, he said that they found ecstasy and speed. When my mom started to panic. he quickly added that it was completely normal since I was taking Ritalin and the molecules are similar to speed and that the 3 drugs were in the amphetamines family. I arrived home and told my mom that I was not taking this shit ever again. I couldnt believe that they were giving me amphetamines on a daily basis. No wonder I had lost 40 pounds, had trouble eating and sleeping and always woke up feeling like shit until I took the meds. I had a friend that had his kid recently put on Ritalin and concerta. I told her all about this and she didn't believe me. I put her on the spot and told her to actually take the dose she gives her kid. A few hours later she looks at me with sad eyes. She understood right then and there what she was doing. It's nearly the same as when we were tripping she said.
Rhys McFeast (1 year ago)
Armstrong, I accuse you of taking Ritalin to help pick up film awards.
SHAZBAT414 (1 year ago)
how many comments on these videos are made by drug company employees?
no no (1 year ago)
I've been addicted to ritalin when i was 15 years old. At first i was taking it just for fun and out of curiosity. After 2 weeks or so my body wanted more ritalin. I changed drastically in 2 months. I was using it every day of every week. I was getting more and more aggressive towards others and i lost my hunger. I was send to a rehabilitation instution where i fortunately succeeded to get clean. Anyone who is undergoing an addiction of ritalin, please think of the people you hurt. Don't think that you are not addicted and search help. Trust me, i know how it feels and i know that it is the best solution to get clean.
vfddcv (1 year ago)
Please do ashwagandha
vfddcv (1 year ago)
Fuck methylphenidate its weak as fuck.after 5 days it doesnt work anymore evn when double dosing
vfddcv (1 year ago)
1.you forgot to talk about blood pressure heart health etc... 2.so what do you suggest for adhd ? I cant memorize anything when studying plus i drive like a madman...some herbs worked for me but because of raising acetylcholine levels gave me painful muscle spasms so i had to stop...
vfddcv (1 year ago)
Are these changes permanent?
Nikolay Fadeev (11 months ago)
No its not, this retard dont know what he is talking about. :)
Username (1 year ago)
Methylphenidate is a life changer if you use it correctly and also get enough sleep and food. As for mine experience I can say that my life is more structured and better. I can focus much better, I can finally listen to people. I can sit still. My mind isn't wandering everywhere. The only negative side effect for me is that It's sometimes very sedating to me, because it calms me down so much (which I'm not obviously used to). As for everyday use, yes and no. If it is a real significant reduce in your symptoms, well then I recommend you take it everyday for best result. If It's not working as good as intented, but only working in periods where you really need to have structure and focus. Then take it when you feel you need it. It's supposed to work right away, occasionally. Also learn how your body and mind reacts to it, and how it's supposed to work. It's purpose. Tell me your experience. Best Regards
bernard lefebvre (1 month ago)
What is worse ? Having a long and misérable life with dépression and always tired or a shorter life with energy ans hapyness. Methylphenidate had me go out of a very long and severe depression in three days I prefer have side effects in a joyful and shorter life than have no side effects on a sad life Only People Who have no problem says methylphenidate is wrong.... Because they dont need it.
Jeffrey Gifford (1 year ago)
i chose 2 go off meds when i was 12 or 13(im 32 now) n i believe it was a good idea,as far as thinking goes my brain never stops n i find an advantage in that when it comes to problem-solving or being tired i have excess energy to burn(lack of sleeping sux however n most days i get 6-7 hrs unless im off work n i crash n play catch up)
Some One (1 year ago)
I remember at a young age I took this to help with my OCD and my ADHD which came from my PDD autism (I am still thankful that it is on the lower end of the spectrum) but my personal experience was fairly normal from my perspective but my grandmother told me a few years after I stopped using it that I "looked like a zombie" (referring to how it made me focus). I do remember that is was almost entirely flavorless and had the texture of extremely fine sand once exposed to moisture in the mouth. I started around 2-3 grade with a normal dose around 35mg but we were thinking about getting a stronger dose close to 40mg. Then I stopped about when I was first getting into middle school in 6-7 grade after my doctor telling me that I was getting better at controlling myself. Now I don't really need it and just control myself when it is needed like work but not that much at my own time. I hope that you find this helpful in any way.
Eun Buall Cho (1 year ago)
Thank you for good info. I started to taking drug and worried about it a bit
David Almonacid (1 year ago)
Can you make a video about other Ritalin long term effects? Like short-therm memory problems or other kinds of side effects?
David Almonacid (1 year ago)
Can you make a video about other methylphenidate long term effects? Like short-therm memory problems or other kinds of side effects, long-therm convulsion, etc.?
Sons of Apollo (1 year ago)
Ritalin is the brand name for methylphenidate.
Golden Arts (1 year ago)
Everyone is different. Just keep that in mind.
GBC (1 year ago)
No fuck this drug. It made me a fucking zombie. I would sleep and do nothing when awake. And while I was awake I was tired. I stopped taking my it and stayed up for 4 days and had to go to the hospital. They would give it to me during school and normally I'm the class clown and would make everyone laugh. I was silent. I just sat there blindly doing everything I had to do. They decided to put me on some sort of depression meds because My demeanor was the polar opposite of what it used to be. My mom would make me take it even though I told her what it did to me but I was punished if I didn't. I ended finally convincing her to stop making me take it and they tried to put me on a different type of fucking ADHD medicine. They gave me a prescription for vyvanse I think and refused to take it and was punished. Basically I would never give this to anyone.
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
you have a shitty mom. tell her to do some research before blindly listening to your dr and forcing you to take a drug that addicts compare to a mild cocaine high. taking it every day for a while will make your adhd/attention span get 10x worse too when youre not on it. just lie and spit the pill in the trash if you have to. the thought of being forced to take that shit AND getting punished for not taking it just pisses me off to no end. crush up one of your pills and put it in her coffee then ask how her day was later lol dont do that horrible idea.
Sprsae (1 year ago)
Rehabilitative a stimulant taken at so low doses you can't even feel the effects wont do shit to you, if it ruins your life, you already got problems
Meinung Abundance (1 year ago)
So WHAT are the negative effects? Merely that you have to take a higher dosage to feel good? This is not much of a negative effect.
Rare metalmorph (1 year ago)
Ritalin blocks dopamine reception, so...stronger version of Zyban/Wellbutrin?
cyril gagnon (1 year ago)
The point is that microdosing doesn't induce excitotoxicity. So methylphenidate isn't actually neurotoxic if people don't exceed that minimum dose... On the other hand, it does induce a higher production of dopamine transporters which isn't great... Btw people who have ADHD naturally have a lower dopamine level than normal individuals. Therefore, methylphenidate helps people to cope with this handicap...
MrTadfortitude (1 year ago)
I Have a question! I have been on a few different meds at different times in my life. But I refused to accept my need for them and therefore refused to stay on them. But now at 42 years old and in my professional and personal life, I cannot deny the massive impact my severe ADHD has on my life. With that being said, what ADHD drug would allow me to take it only when I need it and not expose myself to consistent everyday use. But rather, use it when I'm faced with challenging situations of which I know I am struggling greatly??
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
i rarely take my adderal and its only when im working which is 3-4 days a week if i do. you can do that with any adhd drug really. you dont have to take it every day like drs tell you and i would actually strongly advise against that. drs are annoying and hard to work with when it comes to dosing and whatnot so whatever he gives you just tell him you are taking it every day and everythings going fine whenever you see him. as long as he doesnt know you have a stockpile of pills forming youll be fine. i also take half and sometimes even a quarter of what i get prescribed to keep tolerance and dependability as low as possible. it almost acts as an effective placebo since i can hardly even notice the effect which is actually what i was hopping for. just taking the pill now tells my brain to kick into high gear automatically and i start getting shit done as if i was on the full dose.
Jake Reedy (1 year ago)
really helpful video. thank you for sharing and making this study so approachable. "until then...I'll see ya next time"
Robin Erlandsson (1 year ago)
I Can and will just tell all you guys that the real experts on how the brain and body reacts and responds on foreign substances that we add to our brain that does not belong there in the first plays. And that every single little thing you add , your brain will replace it or react ,, is the drug addicts.. Especially if you've been there for a long time to see or notice how to replace your brain with a chemical and shut it down, I'd like to say and my thougts about that you develop tollerans, and it doesn't matter what substance you add , same with everything , when it comes to steroids,opiods or benzo, you name it . I am convinced that the tollerans is not that your brain have stabilized and "accept" it but instead tried to fight it off and then when you've forced the fucking substance into your brain something happens but I don't never for a got damn second that our super developed brain tries to interact with shit like for an example lyrica, heavy opiates, benzodiazipiner and the list can be make long.... Sorry for swenglish but i think some of you guys know exactly what i'm trying to say .. As i said before,, start listen to the real experts on heavy duty medicin ,, AND REMEMBER,! ALWAYS QUESTION DOCTORS BECAUSE IN ALL CASES OF MY COUNTRY, MANY MANY DOCTORS RECIVEC BONUS FOR THE LABEL THE PRESCRIBE , LIKE A PLANE TICKET AND SO ON... We are talking about mega mega business and you know that money talks ...
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
you speak nothing but the truth buddy. more people need to wake the fuck up and do their own research
KoKi (1 year ago)
ritalin+alcohol = cocaine effect. ;)
Sprsae (1 year ago)
KoKi looks like someone havent tried cocaine yet, cocaine and ritalin feels completely different!
Pressol (1 year ago)
I don't know if this is normal, but my ADHD is much, much worse after the first 2 days of use of ritalin? Is this affect normal? Is there a chemichal misbalance occuring in my brain right now inorder to make my brain realize there is a misbalance so it could make it there be homeostasis of dopamine receiptors? Is this intentional? Will this change?
Sprsae (1 year ago)
Pressol whats the dosage, and are you doing any drugs while on it? Like caffeine or alcohol? Or even nicotine?
Troy Sincomb (1 year ago)
Youre taking too high of a dose or drinking too much coffee. Coffee ramps it up.
gina tautua (1 year ago)
i was giihng to talk to his shrink be now he changed his mind for me to talk with him he is 21 years of age and they will not talk to me about jesse
gina tautua (1 year ago)
my son said he cant live with out his ridlyn
gina tautua (1 year ago)
i think my son is taking it because he has been using cokecane) and when he cant get the cokecane) he will take the riddlyn and i porred oit riddlyn becaue it looked like my oxys i thougt he took and come to find out i was missinf 20 oxys and he did put it in his bottle of ridyln and also i geuss they look the same also and he has neen taking zanex too and he saide he take morfine and he does morfine i. his bottom like mixed with water and he was on the zanax wien he told me this so i think that pill is a truth teller because he told me every thing and cant remember a thing about it but he gets to a point where he slerrs cant talk and his hand shake and body he cant stand up and when i called the amblance they said he will be find and that is a hood high a good mix i cant beleave what i heard
Nolan Pearson (1 year ago)
Keep him away from your oxy's/pain meds... that's a very slippery slop, especially combined with uppers (cocaine). I'm not too sure how Xanax are in combination with other drugs but it's also a highly abused script.
MEGA (1 year ago)
Is there anything I can take for ADD that will be safe long-term? Thanks.
Troy Sincomb (1 year ago)
Herbs that help focus are a weak "version" of these drugs and wont have side affects. They help a bit, but that is about it. If you dont do any heavy lifting I would suggest at least 3 times a week. That will help you focus with the testosterone boost.
shyboy 1992 (1 year ago)
I felt miserable on Ritalin how about you
Anker Larsson (1 month ago)
I feel great on it
TJ Mandat (1 month ago)
TheRusschannel You had this problem too?
TheRusschannel (2 months ago)
I broke my penis on it :/
Joey Vogel Car guy (2 months ago)
KYSS EXACTLY i dont even need it but my parents are like U nEeD dIs sHeT but i faked taking it for like a week and i was 100% fine and i even worked harder and had a chairicter and didnt feel like a piece of zombie shit
KYSS (2 months ago)
I've been on it for a week. I feel no positive change. But now I feel more sluggish & anxious 😣
Rachel Starr (1 year ago)
If I hear that Ritalin is ban or forbidden l will go back to catfishing
Rachel Starr (1 year ago)
Can you mention sexual side effects
mark Monaco (1 year ago)
Divinyls Wosu I think the best thing I learned while on this drug is that whatever I do I need to breath completely in and out. This only has helped me run (i have asthma) and ejaculate during sex (which I couldn't do previously. I believe learning to breath correctly is what fixed my problems.
AnalQueen1969 (1 year ago)
This nigga fucken sounds like a nerd
Azad Nezamdust (1 year ago)
I'm confused. is there any medicine for ADHD without long term side effects. Then what should we do.
Caroline Murray (5 months ago)
There are clinics who treat adhd with diet. They actually do brain scans and you can see the results.. A lot of times adhd is caused by a diet high in breads and carbs and processed foods. People don't realize how much diet affects our bodily functions. 70% of all serotonin is produced in the gut, not the brain. Fresh fruits and veggies should be in every meal..
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
learn how to deal with your adhd the hard way without drugs like me lmao there was a time when humans didnt take a pill for every problem they had. it aint easy but its worth it. your brain and body will thank you
jason raaymaker (1 year ago)
long term side effects,we might die today start iv use and enjoy life or stop taking it, buy a real nice bed, get fat, and hope not all your dreams are nightmares
Most people are also defficent in Magnesium, Omega 3 and Vitamin D so maybe you can look into that too since if those levels are balanced it's easier to concentrate
Azad Nezamdust (1 year ago)
Chituga Khalifa (1 year ago)
Drink milk first then take any Methylphenidate drugs that enhance your sex drive and if you are addicted to Methylphenidate drug, watch porn and have higher risk, do porn
Stop talking you fool.. !!! you do not have an ADHD problem to see how it affects your daily life!!! I have benefited from Ritalin since i started!!! so , how would you know about the long term problems facing ppl using Ritalin!!?? Are you a doctor little man??!!!! please let me know if you are... thank you
KittiesRulez (5 months ago)
I also have ADHD and I still suffer to this day from the lingering effects of the ADHD drugs they shoved down my throat as a defenseless child. You are speaking against science as it is showing long term effects .
SonicRaptor98 (8 months ago)
SamanceGroup Financials Look up the side-effects of Ritalin before launching into a rant like you did. People can get seizures and anxiety, both chronic, because of Ritalin. Additionally, there have been people who were on Ritalin long term because of "ADHD" or "ADD" and they died of CARDIAC ARREST - a heart attack. That only scratches the surface.
blake hardnett (9 months ago)
Opinion. Not facts.
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
doctors dont know (or at least dont say) jack shit about the adhd drugs they prescribe people. theres a 98% chance that they never took whatever drug they prescribe you and would never take it given the chance and all the knowledge they have of the drug just comes off something they read. also guess i should just come out and say it but taking ritalin or any adhd drugs every single day is very very bad for your brain. ritalin will actually make your adhd symptoms wayyyyyyyyy worse when not on the drugs after a month or two of taking it. hmm kinda curious to see how youre doing on your ritalin 9months later.
Alex Krastanov (1 year ago)
if you have ADHD then your an idiot for not taking medication. also stop complaining that this drug has ruined your life because that's clearly an escape goat from the real issue causing you depression.
Delta Jay (2 months ago)
Alex Krastanov you’re actually a fucking retard. This made no sense and you clearly have no idea what your talking about.
Ryan Feery (3 months ago)
u haven't got a clue what ur talking about pal especially if u haven't got adhd
TheDragonKingK (9 months ago)
Alex Krastanov your
Cre4ture (1 year ago)
Alex Krastanov who TF are you bitch, I have ADD and take it and I have started to recently feel something like depression. I also started getting anxiety attacks. So shut your ignorant ass up. God, your fucking stupidity pains me.
jason raaymaker (1 year ago)
your sign? capricorn maybe, taking time to make  someone feel better i thought that was smart, correct and nice. I am a capricorn but not a great speller lol
Garrett McNaught (1 year ago)
There are so many things out there that are so much better for you than trying to patch yourself with a chemical. If you are looking for something, Hardy Nutritionals has a clinical therapy with nearly 30 medical journal publications and it is drug free. It is called Daily Essential Nutrients.
Captain America (2 years ago)
I've been taking concerta for a month. I can't sleep at night and i get full of anxiety during the day. I have ADHD. How could I control it? I need help...
Jeffrey Gifford (1 year ago)
thats the million dollar question now isnt it? to put it bluntly u have excess energy to burn n u cant sleep yes?
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
the only real control you have over concerta is the part where you pick up the pill and swallow it lol which i recommend you dont do because that drug is horrible. its like a set up scam of a drug. you take it, it feels good, it helps you focus, etc. you take it every day because your dr tells you to and now when youre not on it your adhd symptoms are 10x worse making you depend on the drug even more. its a fucked up cycle that inevitably leaves you feeling like a zombie who cant accomplish anything without a stupid fucking pill. dont be that guy. learn how to deal with your adhd on your own while youre young the way humans have for 100s of years. no drugs required
Sprsae (1 year ago)
if that happens concerta isnt the right choise for you, in most places there is a amphetamine medication too! but its rarely prescribed! that might work, if not i don't know.. also, im not sure but i am a drug addict and have tried about every stimulant out there, and it seems like you are taking too much, lower your dosage until you build up a tolerance, the ritalin high itself isnt very pleasant, like you described but with more euphoria
AsmodeusClips (1 year ago)
Talk to your doctor, not fucking youtube comments.
nybraveheartIII (2 years ago)
Captain America take it early in the morning, no later than 9am. For anxiety, learn how to meditate or at least the breathing exercises so you can know how to find relief when having more anxiety than usual.
Electrician Dallas Tx (2 years ago)
Thanks for the suggestions you have provided here.
Thanks for the info!!
GrizzilyHD (2 years ago)
concerta last longer than ritilan
Joshua Waurich (2 years ago)
so what is a decent alternative?
Emryk Pichette (4 months ago)
Sprsae damn took your advice when you posted this 9 months ago , now my ADD kid looks like a 40 year old compared to other kids and won't stop crying about the bugs inside his skin
Sprsae (1 year ago)
meth or speed in low doses, lasts longer and has lighter comedowns
eric newmen kill yourself
Rocco (2 years ago)
I want to preface a series of questions I have with a disclaimer and an apology: I don't really know much about these drugs although I find the subject of pharmacology very intriguing, sorry if I ask any questions to which the response should be obvious or where literature is easily found that explains the answers -- there's a lot of discussion, but I find your videos to be very informative and helpful. Backstory: I went to a psychiatrist recently, I'm kinda-sorta-maybe suspecting I have a pretty large deficiency in dopamine due to the fact that I liked to use cannabis chronically for a long period of time and its a dopaminergic narcotic drug. I've been using it since I was 16 -- began using heavily by the time I was 17 and very heavily by the time I was 18. I recently turned 19, decided to quit -- because it wasn't alleviating my depression anymore or anxiety, it was just making me paranoid. I don't have faith in anti-depressants and see them as neurotoxic which may or may not be partially wrong/right, but that's not what my questions are about mainly. I have been given a prescription for Adzenys XR-ODT, esentially Adderall XR in the form of an oral disintegrating tablet, so mixed amphetamine salts. I've noticed it affecting my limbic system because I've been more complacent and not as prone to rapid cycling through emotions, I've noticed a sort of plateau in my emotions and expression. ****** My first question to you is, if I really do have a dopamine deficiency (I've always had ADHD diagnosed early on by the time I was 11, but never recieved meds although I have tried Adderall before) then theoretically speaking, would it be more beneficial for me to be on methylphenidate because I will produce more dopamine long term? ****** Second question, if dopamine levels are increased WHY on earth is there long term depression associated with long term use??? From the understanding of somebody who is completely naive and ignorant of this information, shouldn't I be happier long term? If this is true, that I have a deficiency, lets say I went to a neurologist and its a fact -- shouldn't theoretically speaking, I be a lot more alleviated from my depression if this IS a key factor? Is it because the individuals in question are used to having more dopamine constantly being produced, so when they aren't -- they experience depression? There are a lot of factors that contribute to depression, a lot of it is thought and behavior induced -- behavior therapy alleviates depression more commonly associated with abnormalities and personality disorders, but I do believe I have a deficiency of some kind and I'm really curious if I as a human came out of a cookie cutter and had an extremely extremely low level of self complexity, then I wonder -- would this work, theoretically? The amphetamines have been alleviating my symptoms of depression, although I recognize this is kind of a crash and burn long term plan for the depression. But because I experience none of the euphoria that I experienced when I was 16 and tried amphetamines, I'm convinced I have lower levels now of dopamine and also -- that it would probably make little difference between the two for me personally, but I could be talking out of my ass without any basis -- I find that drugs that effect me similarly feel similarly, although not the same but maybe I'm just being futile in my attempts to distinguish my thoughts and experiences. ***** Third question, I saw in a video somewhere that for those that are deficient in dopamine - amphetamines actually help things (receptors, transmitters) function long term how they are supposed to in regular people, is there any truth to this at all??? **** Fourth question, if somebody uses methylphenidate long term and has increased levels of dopamine permanently from using it, would it be safe to say that adderall would be a lot more effective used after it because there is more dopamine to use? **** Fifth question, can you do a video on Wellbutrin or antidepressants? I don't feel like many people speak about it as much as amphetamines for obvious reasons, but I'm curious about whether therapeutic doses of amphetamines for say five years would be as harmful long term as therapeutic doses of bupropion. **** Sixth question, are there any other drugs that increase levels of neurotransmitters permanently like methylphenidate? Especially in regards to anti-depressants? A lot of new drugs are being released, a LOT of people find that the current drugs offered disagree with them to do some of the effects that come with the drugs that they don't like or that eventually they experience a rebound and they make the persons feel subjectively worse. **** Seventh question, is there any new anti-depressant being researched or trialed that you find actually seems like it could provide greater results than anti-depressants currently on the market, at least on paper? **** Eighth question, do you think that there is potential for any new stimulant drug that might not be as harmful as amphetamines are? I'm curious about this, did some research but I was unable to find much -- just re-branded amphetamines.. I PROBABLY HAVE MORE QUESTIONS BUT I'M UNABLE TO REMEMBER I KNOW I'M RAMBLING BUT YOU REALLY KNOW YOUR STUFF!!!!!
DumbC_NT (2 years ago)
Hi I am 18 years old I was diagnosed with a.d.d at a very young age this video was helpful I was prescribed at the age of 6 starting at 10mg the 6 months later 20mg then it kept on increasing I was 11-13 years of age and I would be on x2 50mg tablets per day one in morning one in midday I had very serious problems I could never sleep for much longer than 3hours when I would go off this medication I would have deep spouts of depression with no meaning I Remember turning 10 years old and I was worried that my life had been I waste I was constantly scare of death, when I finally got off concerta or Ritalin at the age of 13 I was completely depressed my life was pretty tragic, if anyone has any children who had behavioural issues like me I would strongly advise other solutions cause till this day i still fell a little broken like depression comes in and out if anyone has any advice to help me out I would be so grateful. In my honest opinion Ritalin should not be given to anyone under 18
Pink Guy (2 years ago)
same for me but if i don't take it my body feels wierd and i'm really sleepy
DumbC_NT (2 years ago)
+frederick couillard I would strongly advice that you get of it and try to find ways to become mentally independent without medication
frederick couillard (2 years ago)
I am 15 years old and i am fucking depressed now :( when i take concerta)
pedro Ferreira (2 years ago)
hi i am 13 yo and ive been taking ritalin since i was about 10 here is my advice stay the fuck away from this piece of assholic shit drug because it will completly ruin your social life it has awfull horrible side efects such as headches paranoia when you take ritalin nothing is fun anymore you feel like a zombie and an outcast because when you take it you just stare and dont feel anything your friends would be telling jokes and youl usually just be staring at a wall or something on the lines of that this is my personal experience and i did have some suicidal thoughts that i havent told anyone about (NOTE:i do not sufer from adhd im just a student if your a student like me you should take validspert its a ligther natural drug that has the same effect
Bleach Smith (1 year ago)
pedro Ferreira if u don’t have adhd why u taking it? I do and I took my first pill this morning
Lightmare X (1 year ago)
Chase youll be fine dont worry. just stop taking your meds.
Chase Jackson (1 year ago)
Cyrus wish I would of took these recommendations seriously. Now Im facing the consequences of depression And the feeling of never seeing my normal self again. Afraid to ask this question but will I ever feel like my normal self again. P.s. other people who have add or adhd I recommend not to take it as well as see your add or adhd as a strength and take this comment serious unlike other comments I didn't. Education is great but true happiness is by far better. Rather be homeless than feel like this.
Elias N (1 year ago)
pedro Ferreira big surprise you're using a drug off label and it had horrible side effects
RUSTY (1 year ago)
+Pedro Ferreira! I know exactly what you are talking about! I am now 25!!! Everything this dude is saying is exactly what I was like from 8-16 was selling these things for $3 a pill for 10mg and 20mg for about 4 yrs!! HATED ABSOLUTELY HATED RITALIN DISAGREE WITH IT TO THE MAX!! I have found weed has been a way better solution than this government piece of shit...... Not just trying to brag about the weed but hey I can feel relaxed and sit still without annoying anyone around me for long periods of time and actually sit back and think on things! Ritalin is the worst thing you can give to someone without a doubt! I despise the stuff I would be exactly the same zombie as Pedro had stated. lying still staring into the walls for hours just thinking... Not socialising! (I worked at a supermarket on checkouts and would skull down a couple beers before work just to be able to socialize that little bit to the customers) Seriously if I could go back I would of smoked dope IN MODERATION that is instead of taking ritalin... without a doubt would of been way better for my health etc... do you really think theres no bad effects of long term ritalin that your shitty ass government not going to let you know about.... RITALIN HAS SERIOUSLY FUCKED MY LIFE UP BEFORE I EVER TOOK DRUGS,ALCOHOL OR ANYTHING WITHOUT A LIE!! I HAD SUFFERED FROM SEVERE DEPRESSION BY THE TIME I WAS 12!! who tf thinks about suicide and shit at that age.... RITALIN TURNED ME INTO A MINDLESS DRONE If anyone reading this just seriously try other things than these shitty man made chemicals to control your brain...
Nomadian (2 years ago)
ADHD symptoms are considered to be a result of lower dopamine levels. This study shows that long-term treatment of methylphenidate leads to an INCREASE in DAT availability. Wouldn't this mean that after treatment, although the medication becomes less effective, you have less "need" for a dopamine re-uptake inhibitor like methylphenidate, due to the 24% increase in transporters? Meaning that patients could potentially cease treatment, and perform more effectively than had they not been treated at all? The study's results, and the conclusions drawn, seem contradictory...
Diego Souza Rodrigues (3 months ago)
CONCLUSION: Upregulation of dopamine transporter availability during long-term treatment with methylphenidate may decrease treatment efficacy and exacerbate symptoms while not under the effects of the medication. Our findings also suggest that the discrepancies in the literature regarding dopamine transporter availability in ADHD participants (some studies reporting increases, other no changes and other decreases) may reflect, in part, differences in treatment histories.
Sprsae (1 year ago)
after the treatment? you can't simply quit with it and hope it cured your adhd, however, it will treat it very nicely as long you're on the medication! the only problem there is the tolerance
Ben Ramprashad (1 year ago)
No, I think you may have misunderstood. The dopaine transporters are responsible for the dopamine re-uptake. They are the thing that transports the dopamine out of the brain. Methylphenindate works by inhibiting these transporters so that more dopamine can accumilate in the brain. A %24 increase in these transporters would LOWER dopamine levels meaning that the patients have %24 percent more difficulty producing and sustaining dopamine in the brain when not on the drug. This would suggest that yes, It is effective in the short-term, but over time, it would just make you feel more shitty and make you require more and higher doses. That is what the study suggests. I can Speak first hand. I suffer from chronic unmotivation/dppression/add. My first month of methylphenindate treatment was amazing. I felt inlightened, and life felt good, and work and school were easy and fun and my addictions to my phone and alchohol went away, I felt so level headed and mature, and excited about things and happy. I couldn't wait to live the rest of my life like that, I felt like I had woken up. About a month or so into treatment, I noticed that I would feel super shitty unless I was on the drug (like suicidal thoughts and intense sadness) I would crave the drug as soon as i got up in the morning so that I could feel good. I was so dependant on it just to feel normal. Yes, the drug worked short term, but now my overall happiness basline is lower than when i began treatment and I need higher and higher doses of the drug just to get back to that baseline. I have faith that the drug is effective short term. I am proof. I am sceptical however that you could take this drug everyday for years and have it still be as effective as the first day you took it. This drug is not sustainable, and the study discussed in this video is proof. For the record I am an 18 year old male, I am an athlete, student, and work as a swim instructor. I practice healthy active lifestyle, and there is nothing in my life circumstantial that would be responsible for my negative treatment experience.
So if these drugs (all stimulants?) have these effects, what ought those with chronic ADHD take for treatment? Or is there a proper way to mitigate the bad effects and still reap the positive ones? For instance, what if the drugs are used in bursts, e.g., to study a couple times a week, on exam days, etc? Are there any medications or methods to decrease the increase of dopamine (and other potential neurotransmitter) transporters, receptors, etc.?
MurpoHD (2 years ago)
How long are we talking to have these effects on your brain?
JamBooBx (2 years ago)
Its talking about therapeutic use over a number of months or years... Ive been on methylphenidate for 3 years and can confirm that this does seem to be the case and i feel worse than ever... i didn't notice any of it until around the 1.5-2 year mark so one off use is not going to do anything to your brain...
Ben Skinner (2 years ago)
8-10 hours
murat dogusan (2 years ago)
it is not permanent tho right?
Pankaj Ahuja (1 year ago)
+murat dogusan ikr i got done with this huge ass assignment well before anyone could and they asked me for help. I am a GPA 2.0 student ffs
murat dogusan (1 year ago)
+Pankaj Ahuja agreed. Using medication for 6 months and my life has changed. I'm still trying to fix what I have done wrong in past but I have a clear path now. I can't imagine something more profoundly life changing than methylphenidate to an Adhd patient.
Pankaj Ahuja (1 year ago)
dude. I have ADHD and before the medication I used to loose my shit trying to talk to people, be reckless, and create addictions very easily. It could or could not be the effect of it. But I'd say most people bitching about it ruining their lives have lives that were already "ruined".
Johnny Poopoo pants (2 years ago)
murat dogusan yes it is. I was 14 or 15 when I stopped taking this and at 24 I'm still dealing with permanent damage to my ability to socialize with other human beings. I also have lasting tics that will probably never go away, and I'm highly susceptible to drug addiction.
murat dogusan (2 years ago)
Than its as safe as medication gets
Daniel Woods (2 years ago)
This drug has given me Motor ticks and ocd type effects since I was 8. This hasn't stopped Fuck methylphenidate
Daniel Woods (2 years ago)
it did after years
Pink Guy (2 years ago)
but shouldn't it stop once you stop taking it?
The Bro (2 years ago)
I was depressed over a breakup and took ritalin for 2 months straight because it would let me feel very good for 3 hours. I feel like i have chronic depression now, i don't know what to do.
002brooklyn (1 year ago)
meditate, smoke small amounts of weed, exercise
S3ntry (2 years ago)
Geçmiş olsun mustafa kaya. İlk 2 ay kullanma süresinde 3 saat iyi hissettirebilir ama ilacın gerçekten yaptığı şey senin beynine duvar örmek veya at gözlüğü takmak gibi. Doktorumun önerdiği dozlarda 10 mg Ritalin kullanıyorum. Mümkün olduğunca günde 30 u aşmamaya çalışırsan hiçbirşeyin kalmaz ne uzun ne de kısa dönemli. Direkt olarak mutluluk vermiyor bu diğerleri gibi zaten adam da bahsetti. Yanlızca bir şeye odaklanacağın gerektiği zaman kullanmanı tavsiye ederim. Ritalinden sonra depresyon hissetmen tuhaf çünkü daha 2 ay olmuş alalı. Ben 2 senedir bu ilacı düzenli olarak kullanıyorum fakat kullanmayı durdurduğumda normal mutlu yaşantıma devam ettim. Senin aldığın doz ne kadardı?
Amir Mark (2 years ago)
Try curing depression with spiritual stuff and maybe a psychologist guidness but try not going the pills root
Jinsi K (2 years ago)
Of course you have a fucking depression. You might as well go to the hospital and get some cure. Also, try go seeing a shrink rather than popping pills.
hottie (2 years ago)
great video! it has helped me a lot. but how did you find this information. did you learn it in school or did you find it on forms? @Sons of Apollo
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
Thanks! The study is in the description.
Erduk (2 years ago)
I'm glad I stopped taking that stuff when I was 14 or so. At least my brain had some time to grow and get used to not being on government cocaine. I can't believe they're giving this crap to boys because they don't sit still for 7 hours straight.
김베리 (12 days ago)
+KayRayPresents cool, btw I stopped taking it ;) it was like caffeine for me and it didnt do me any good
KayRayPresents (12 days ago)
+김베리 I just take it when i need to do work because first of all you don't want to go on a really high dossage plus you can get addicted to it but it is amazing when u need to do work
antonio o (29 days ago)
Kids aren't suppose to sit still
yung falco (4 months ago)
김베리 no because i developed a tolerance. my doc put me on medikinet but on this i got a tolerance too and now i am on Elvanse which is similiar to adderall and pretty much a swiss equivalent to vyvanse. its a lot stronger because its an amphetamine. if you want to talk about it or need advice just tell me. id be glad to help
김베리 (4 months ago)
yung falco ok tomorrow is my first day taking it and I hope it goes fine! Btw are you still taking ritalin??
j (2 years ago)
Can you talk about the long term effects of cannabis
Cassim Cassius Caytaab (2 months ago)
I and most of my friends who smoked the modern variants of cannabis like skunk and blue haze etc developed serious mental issues, by the grace of God I've recovered but many of my friends and family members have completely lost thier minds and thier mental illness as a result destroyed thier families. Unless you can find the original weed these days, which is very hard to find, keep well away from skunk and all the modern variants unless you want to risk developing schizophrenia. Just visit ur local mental hospital and see how many young kids have lost thier minds and put unbelievable trauma on thier families as a result of smoking skunk etc. If you care for ur loved one, ur love ones I.e mother farther, brothers, sister, wife and kids who will ultimately be picking up ur pieces when u fuck up big time and can't tell ur ass from ur elbow then please keep far far away from shit like skunk.
Sander Bijsterveld (9 months ago)
janez janez you forget cannabis does increase the chance of getting into a psychose to those who can develop psychose even without cannabis, it can speed up the progress. it however will not CAUSE psychoses.
Kaare M. (1 year ago)
Ignorant, so ignorant...
janez janez (2 years ago)
cannabis doesent have negative effects. i use cannabis for 28 years and i never had even wet nose for all that time. and not just me, but all people i know that are using cannabis like i do: in a big amounts. memory is almost eidetic(photo memory), im workaholic, i care about environment, im helping to other people without asking or thinking, etc, etc. you dont need no studies my friend, just light one and enjoy it.
Corz Illa (2 years ago)
Jonathan Vasquez Ive got one study that has never been undertaken you might want to consider..... ( not one single death "directly" attributed to cannabis sativa ever reported in the history of mankind".. ( disclosure ) if you are predisposed to mental illness this can in some cases exacerbate or bring on more early these symptoms. ponder that for a while.
Bartu Arık (2 years ago)
Hey I am sorry my english not good. I couldn't understand what he has said ? Ritalin using group and doesn't using group. what is differences finished test ?
Heliopolis671 (2 years ago)
I healed my sickness if upper echelon IQ, and above normal stamina and physical abilities. Robotripping and ritalin over a period of 2 years, can heal you to. Now i can enjoy TV, and most fast foods. Life is easy and care free, no pesky reasoning ore critical thinking. PS i do not believe in crazy shit like NWO ore mind controll no more.
Legs (2 years ago)
The audio is fucked. Its completely out of sync and couldnt watch it.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
I am very, this is a question I get a lot and I will make a video about it soon, but I'll answer it for you quickly. The difference between Adderall and Dexedrine is that Adderall as levoamphetamine in it. Levoamphetamine while the mirror image of dextroamphetamine has different effects. Levoamphetamine acts weakly on dopamine, but very strongly on norepinephrine. Dopamine acts on the central nervous system and is responsible for the desirable effects of both drugs, focus, decision making, ect. Norepinephrine acts on the autonomic nervous system which, increases heart rate, suppresses appetite, constricts blood vessels (why you feel cold), it has very similar effects to the fight or flight response although not exactly the same. That is the difference right there, which is why dexedrine is better for studying, because it just activates the CNS and does not give you as much of the unwanted effects that are not useful for studying, in fact they are probably more of a hindrance than a help. Hope this answers your question, I'm definitely going to make a video about it in more detail, because its definitely a frequently asked question.
Legs (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Well that depends on how familiar you are with Dexedrine. I take it now but was prescribed Adderall before. It had a different effect on me. I cant really describe it but kind of manic. You may say I was taking to much but I wasn't, I am taking more Dexedrine now than when I took Adderall and I feel amazing. Pertaining to that, When I took Adderall I was always cold Why is that? With Dexedrine I can feel really warm and sweat but not normally. Just wanted to know why they were so different yet still pretty much identical chemically wise. What exactly are the difference between  CNS stimulation and PNS stimulation. Thanks.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Legs Oh btw were you looking for the answer for a particular question? Since I'm going to be making a second part, maybe I can keep it in mind as I look through material.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Legs I know its horrible, it bothers me so much looking at it! I was having computer problems at the time (have a new computer now). Was going to reupload it so it at least wasn't choppy, but the old computer got wiped out. I'm going to be making a part 2 shortly, same theme different mechanism of long term effects. Hopefully that one will be better. Sorry about that, the study I talk about is in the description if you were interested.
Sm S (2 years ago)
that's why you take a drug holiday regularly. when you feel it isn't working stop taking it for a week
Jiraf (2 years ago)
Don't you have to take a drug (actual medicine) for a couple of days for it to fully kick in?
Heather Leisure (2 years ago)
Methylphenidate is neuroprotective against the effects of Adderall when taken at the same time. It also amplifies long-term plasticity in the hippocampus. Additionally, kids that really do have ADHD and grow up unmedicated have abnormally-shaped basal ganglia and atrophy of certain brain regions - methylphenidate has been demonstrated to mitigate this and allow the brain to develop more normally to maturity; ritalin reduces the development of ADHD-related brain abnormalities.* Adderall does not do this because it has a different mechanism that can force extra dopamine into regions of the brain it should not go (causing lots of unpleasant things). There is a problem any time we talk about "the drug doesn't work anymore" or "I need to take higher doses of this drug" or "long term unfavorable effects" -- *it is virtually impossible to create a drug that you can take daily that somehow prevents the brain from reaching homoestasis.* Anything you put in your body, if you do it regularly enough, your brain will compensate somehow in an attempt to restore some kind of balance. The downregulation that is a result of the brain reaching homeostasis with the dose of whatever prescription drug you're taking daily (or dietary supplement, or tea, or coffee, etc you get the idea) can be reversed simply by ceasing the dose (tapering is easier on the body/brain). In the case of methylphenidate, since it is primarily a dopamine-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor rather than a dopamine agonist, tapering off of it will simply upregulate whatever receptors had been previously downregulated. All your brain needs is time to reach homeostasis again. Of course this is different with the amphetamines which are potent dopamine agonists and can force extra dopamine all over the place and cause real damage. HOWEVER, drugs like ritalin are supposed to regulate a system, keep things flowing smoothly and evenly by slowing only the recycling of whatever dopamine your brain has, and that exactly what it does - people complaining that "it doesn't work anymore" are talking about the FEELING, they like the nice feeling they used to get. *But objectively, ritalin is still working in your brain.* It's not supposed to make you feel good, it's supposed to help you function normally. When you can't feel it anymore is when your brain has achieved the homeostasis it is ALWAYS striving for. That's why I have problems with doctors not prescribing "subtherapeutic" doses, because people become addicted to the nice feeling and tell docs "it doesn't work anymore" when they can't feel it. But the drug is still working. The drug is not the problem, the way it is prescribed is the problem.
rimerwt faaber (8 months ago)
I hate it when people think methylphenidate is only for people with ADHD but I use it because I have ADD....
Weekend MotorSport (9 months ago)
agree 100%
Kawaii but Psycho (9 months ago)
This gave me SO MUCH MOTIVATION. I'm on Ritalin and I was scared because of videos and research like this. I have a question, will my brain eventually become a neurotypical brain? Or do I have to take Ritalin to function normally for the rest of my life? And will the "comedown" get better? I started 3 days ago and feeling the worst comedowns. When it wears of my symptoms are much worse and stronger than before. I've read that it's because I'm not producing endorphin after dopamine so I'm afraid it'll always be this way (because I'm not gonna release endorphins) I ate chocolate but it didn't help.
s Jones (1 year ago)
I completely agree a drug holiday is a must on regular basis , stop for several days until your resistance has gone
CR100026740 (1 year ago)
Maurice Aguilar bingo.
David S (2 years ago)
Are there any documented medications without severe permanent side effects or equally effective non pharmaceutical ways "natural" of relieving ADD. It just seems that these drugs seem to make you worse in the long run. Either causing long term depression as you stated or over time your body needs more or grows immune and you have to modify and then increased side effects result from it.
ma22be61 (2 years ago)
No there aren't . Even non-stimulant ones (like Strattera) have MANY side effects (sometimes even more than the simulating ones). The only way to reduce the side effects is by NOT using medicines everyday. Trust me , while on medicine , lots of people changed many things in theor lives due to the motivation that these compouns give. Taking them everyday to get homework done is just stupid. Of course I'm not a medic but it seems quite obvious that there are quite a lot of side effects if you use ANY psychoactive medicine for long term purposes.
xpallodoc (2 years ago)
hmmm now I'm paranoid about the two times I took 30mg Vyvanse pills. I took it today and yesterday but no more! I am having some real problems taking an interest in some things and focusing but I want a better permanent solution like getting into the right diet that can sustain me longer then a possible negative dead end with the medication. I hope I haven't done any noticable damage with the two pills but I've taken other things before like magic mushrooms which made me feel different not bad though. I also tried xanax more than a few times. I've been a little wreckless but I never did too much of any of it more than a few days and then I'd stop and never again. I was considering taking Vyvanse every single day but honestly this was always in the back of my mind and this cements it I don't want to take the risk and I'm already paranoid about what damage I may have done as creativity is one of my very most treasured personal attributes.
Dragon Sage (1 year ago)
Have you tried stacking 5HTP with L-tyrosine?
Chituga Khalifa (1 year ago)
Did you feel like having sex
BritishGamer (2 years ago)
i take 81mg of ritalin a day, i started taking it when i was 7 years old (lower doses the of course) i am now 19 and it has changed me...
Tenzing Khedup (2 years ago)
+ma22be61 Wow! Thanks! Now gotta get some Tyrosine.
ma22be61 (2 years ago)
+Tenzing Khedup So your depression is probably caused because you took methylphenidate for too long and you stopped it. But remember I'm not a medic. You should visit your medic and not follow my advices if you need help.
Kevin patterson (2 years ago)
So what about the studies done by carl hart, drug researcher and neuroscience done with amphetamines on rats that showed no damage was done to there brains by dosing on d-amphetamines for a period of time. You should listen to him or check out one of his books. I only recommend him because he's some one who's done a lot of experiments regarding this topic, and debunking the myths of amphetamines and many other drugs. Im not saying i necessarily believe him 100 percent on everything his says because I'm no scientist by any stretch of the word but he offers a different perspective that i would love to hear others opinions on especially yours since you both you and carl seem to be very well informed.
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Kevin patterson I watched the segment, I have to say I disagree with what he says there, however I am not sure if there is additional context from earlier in the conversation that could explain why he is saying what he is saying. I did poke around a little bit in the video to try to find it, but its a long video. I think I will make a video to address that, it might be a couple weeks before I can get to it. I had a few others planned before then. I'll come back and let you know when I do it.
Asbjørn (2 years ago)
Well.. I think this video miss the big perspective.. The brain is an absolute expert in "normalizing" the function of the brain. This is why methylphenidate causes the increase in the dopamine transporters. I just recently started on taking methylphenidate. I can feel that when the drug wares off, I get worse than I was before treatment. But then again. I am still more stable in my thoughts, because I am not constantly fighting a massive amount of thoughts that I have little control over day in and day out. I know that you don't dislike the drug, and just try to be informative.. But in the big picture, everything you ingest, change the structure of the brain. If you eat a lot of fast-food and sugar, your sensitivity to dopamine release drops a lot. If you exercise you get less sensitive to fatigue, both mentally and physically. Everything that becomes a habit, will change the brain structure. Methylphenidate gives minor change in the brain, when looking at the other structural changes it causes. Because it is easier to get a healthy routine and habits on metyhlphenidate, the increase in dopamine re-uptake is not the worst side effect. I have a friend that was diagnosed when he was little, and the medicine has made a greater impact on his physical growth than on his sensitivity to relapse when not taking methylphenidate. His ADHD is much worse than my ADD, but in time of writing, I wish I was diagnosed five years ago. My untreated ADD provoked panic attacks and clinical depression in the later months before my diagnosis got official (the lack of thought control made me very confused and they got more and more negative).. Now that I have started treatment with methylphenidate, I feel more calm and in control of my own mind. I agree that long term side-effects are not talked very much about, but they are minimal compared to the increase in quality of life and stability. (Though I agree that it is prescribed too quickly these days)
Sprsae (1 year ago)
the problem with it when used as prescribed is that it wears of WAY too quickly, amphetamine should be a more common way of treating this, as it has a lighter comedown and lasts much longer (even when used as intended)
SHAZBAT414 (1 year ago)
ma22be61 I would add that any drug that actually increases your capacity for healthy relationships via a balanced productive lifestyle is going to improve your health and enjoyment of life in the long run. But unfortunately neurochemistry is not so predictable, nor are relationships.
ma22be61 (2 years ago)
You're right. That's called homeostasis . Your brain gets used to things and tries to repeat them because it's easier. If you learned how to finish your homework faster on Ritalin you will not forget that the next day. If you learned how to code on Ritalin you're not going to forget it the next day. And the list goes on. For example many peoples got rid of anxiety PERMANENTLY by using benzodiazepines only a FEW times. Their fears were probably stupid (getting judged by someone for stupid reasons ,getting bullied etc..) but while on the medicine they realized that there is nothing to worry about (they actually learned something from it) or they solved the problems that caused the anxiety while on the medicine. In my opinion evey (psychoactive) medicine used for long term treatment for something is wrong. SSRIs stop working , stimulants stop working , anxiolytics stop working and so on. Sometimes it's easier to change lifestyle (diet , exercise and so on) than starting to take medicines everyday. Even meditation CURED many peoples from anxiety , depression and many other things. But for some peoples it's to hard to start doing something to change their life , even on medicines.
S3ntry (2 years ago)
İ don't really know about the neurologic terminology so i will tell you what i experienced. İ've started using ritalin and concerta about a year ago and i switched to ritalin because ritalin is 10 mg's and concerta was too much harder to control the dosage. Then i started to crush the pills and snort it to feel the effects suddenly. And it worked. İ'm using 10-30 mgs of ritalin intranasally every day. İ didn't build up any tolerance so it has the same effect every time. İ don't feel any depression when i'm off ritalin. İt is like an inspiration in a dust form. Only time i get depressed is when i'm not working about something. İt is like coffee to me. But i'm not doing ridiculous things actually i'm getting the work done and i'm like a machine every time. When i'm off ritalin like 2-3 days (sometimes i take a break) i feel released and happy for some reason. İt is like a decision point whether i'm getting my job done on ritalin or be happy off ritalin. İt never caused any permanent effects in my sight. Thank You for information if the video is true.
MINDYWAAAA (1 year ago)
please do not snort ritalin. snorting it does not absorb properly in the body as does orally and destroys the membranes of your nose leading down your throat.
S3ntry (2 years ago)
+Vinicius da silva After my own experience; Xanax was the strongest but it lasts very short. Klonopin lasts so long but not as euphoric, Ativan gets the job done but no euphoria and average lasting time of the effects. Ativan is the most safe of them all three. Feels like no emotions at all. Just a blank mind. Also experienced a mild amnesia with benzos. 
S3ntry (2 years ago)
+Vinicius da silva Depressants like benzodiazepines is the second best stuff on the market after opioid painkillers. İ didn't really mess with the painkillers, hard to find a good one and they're expensive. İ always think like ''ritalin is like methadone for cocaine'' ''adderall is like methadone for crystal meth''. About the other prozac type of depressants, they're more like medication purposes and takes a long time to get them to work. Not instantly euphoric but if you have patience, why not euphoric? 
S3ntry (2 years ago)
+Vinicius da silva Thank you :) İ'm just an experienced 19 year old recovering heroin user.
S3ntry (2 years ago)
+Vinicius da silva Doesn't have to be last lol. Adderall is really addictive in the long term usage. But it has softer comedown than ritalin. Mood changes after quitting adderall is the opposite of ritalin. When you quit using ritalin, you will be less stressful (i can say happy but i'm not sure) but more distracted. Adderall withdrawal is pure depression and agitation. You wanna take adderall everyday for a long time? Don't. Your tolerance to adderall will increase quickly. İ didn't take adderall too much, i was taking adderall once a month if i find one. Ritalin tolerance builds up slower and breaks up faster. Ritalin hurts your brain a little bit but not as addictive as other. 
Lance Wilson (2 years ago)
i have been taking about 40 milligrams per day of this for a year or 2 now and i did 30 milligrams a day before that for a couple of years but i am not depressed but what i do notice is my memory being really awfull lately is this an effect of the drug or is it just me?
Lance Wilson (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo thanks i was actually worried quite alot
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Sam_MLG Swaggerloop That does happen in many people who use stimulants long term. Blocking the dopamine transporter in certain areas of the brain helps to increase memory, which is how Ritalin works, however as studies have shown chronic use cause the body to upregulate the transporter; leading to higher amounts of the transporter, which would cause the opposite effect.
Moody Alam (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo - Very informative - Thanks. I have a question. Are there any such studies for similar effect for non-stimulant drugs for ADHD (ike Straterra). I know (from your other video) that stimulants and non-stimulant work in very different way. But I was just wondering if the use of non-stimlants leads to similar chronic problems in the long run?
Moody Alam (2 years ago)
+Sons of Apollo Many thanks! :)
Sons of Apollo (2 years ago)
+Moody Alam Hey there, any drug that drastically changes the normal order of things in the brain is likely going to get an aggressive response from the body. I have read some things that I will share in a video sometime soon hopefully, the difficulty with the newer drugs like Strattera is that often not much is known about them, not even the mechanism of action. Which in turn makes it more difficult to look for potential changes that may be occurring. Drugs like amphetamine have been around for nearly 100 years so much more is know about them. I'll see what I can do for you though.
Jjsqbar 212 (3 years ago)
is there any effective a.d.d. medication out there without such horrendous long term effects. Intuitive and wellbutrin don't really do anything beneficial for me, stimulants have always helped. Im somebody who's taken stimulants for years now to treat my symptoms and for many years being young, dumb, and naive to the effects of these drugs I didn't always take them responsibly either and am just curious if theres any way to reverse the damage i may have done i probably shot my self in the foot for good but was just wondering if theres any light at the end of the tunnel for someone who has gone down that path
Sons of Apollo (3 years ago)
+Jjsqbar 212 Unfortunately they all have very similar long term effects. Most of the long term effects don't come from the drug, but the body's reaction to the drug's effects. For example if you have another drug like methylphenidate that is also a dopamine transport inhibitor, it will have the same long term effects, because the effects are cause by the body reacting to the blocked transporters, not the drug. To think of it in different terms, imagine a someone dumped a bucket of water on my head. I would be upset. I would be upset with the person, not because they intrinsically upset me, but because they dumped water on my head. The dumping of water on my head is what upsets me and that is what I react to, it doesn't matter who does it or if a bucket falls off a building by accident, or if its by Shamoo the reaction will be the same. My reaction is to the water, it doesn't matter who or what did it. Its the same with drugs that change neurotransmitter levels in the brain. The side effects are reactions to these changes, not to the drug. Like the water example it doesn't matter how it happens the reactions are the same. Thats why the side effect profiles of the drugs are almost exactly the same. I'll make a video about it sometime if you like! Hope that explanation wasn't to convoluted, maybe I can think about it for a little while and come up with a better analogy.

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