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Solo: A Star Wars Story SPOILER FREE Review

94 ratings | 2552 views
Here's our full spoiler free review of the new star wars movie, Solo. Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Text Comments (24)
Film Gob (6 days ago)
This channel/reviewer is a massive Disney/Marvel shill, of course a turd film like this will be praised.
Vectorbass (7 days ago)
Feminist robot? what the actual fuck?
rksp215 (7 days ago)
Does it have any space Wizards in the movie
MaybDefinitely (7 days ago)
Lol sounds more like a paid ad than a review
Nerds Playhouse (8 days ago)
Great review. You changed my mind. I “will” go see this now.
jr0d56 (8 days ago)
Stop putting Disney jokes in my Star Wars movie.
Ricky Nuggets (7 days ago)
jr0d56 stop being a crybaby bitch.
lareymac (8 days ago)
Is Donald glover playing the role of billy de Williams
Doongie4ever (8 days ago)
I didn't see the Last Jedi but I am looking forward to seeing this.
SwaggerLikeUz (8 days ago)
Great candid review! trolls are triggered
Paul McCormack (4 days ago)
I'm still looking forward to it brother!
dspcumsonstream (8 days ago)
Soylo a soywars soyry
CaptainRidley (8 days ago)
Found the pleb
Elbereth Gilthoniel (8 days ago)
Jeremy Jhans said he would forget about the movie in t minus 1 day. I suppose the critics are split...that said, there are critics who have honest opinions and critics whose vote is up for persuasion. I still marvel how many critics loved TLJ while most SW fans loathe the movie. Who to trust? ... fans. Trust fellow fans.
CaptainRidley (7 days ago)
It didn't take out the entire fleet. Heavily damaged? Yes. The FO was still able to get the Walkers to crait somehow. That one ship was a massive cruiser so the logic does work. What are you going to complain about next? Mary Sue? Not muh Luke? Child slaves?
conkerlive101 (7 days ago)
CaptainRidley Perhaps not shitting all over the cannon by taking out an entire fleet by suiciding one ship.
CaptainRidley (8 days ago)
The fans are retards who have no idea what they want.
Mr. Fuller (8 days ago)
So negative. Why live like that?
Lol Topkek (8 days ago)
Star Wars has become mediocre.
Mako (8 days ago)
Even the critics don't like this pile of garbage. 72 percent on rotten tomatoes. Kathleen Kennedy needs to go.
Rip (1 day ago)
72 isn’t bad, it’s what I was expecting tbh... looks like a fun film that doesn’t go too deep!
SwaggerLikeUz (8 days ago)
Lucas spin offs > JJ & Rian's saga Trolls are triggered
PotatoPeeler (8 days ago)
72? that's not too bad
Raihaan Sandhu (8 days ago)
First view

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