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Today's PRANK was an absolute shocker... literally. Cameraman Carl has some serious electrician skills after tampering with another one of Elliot's appliances... in fact, his skills worry me a little bit. Nonetheless, little did I know that today's prank was about to backfire on grandad! SORRY GRANDAD! Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1TUsWWI "" Check out my latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyWUZdpC24U&list=UUhoQQRDf-zU1h6_YjKkWvdw Elliot's Beauty Tips: https://youtu.be/-ZS4FlZXGUQ?list=PLBEbXxokKv_ECocKHve1YMHh9bYp23HpL Healthy Cooking & Living: https://youtu.be/0vhfSPFgTMc?list=PLBEbXxokKv_G9i1FBZb1kxRiXFA-Yg8mT SuperGlue Pranks: https://youtu.be/XXB0qvfR2KM?list=PLBEbXxokKv_E5V42_diH5F1k8u_Ocmjtz Follow me: WEBSITE: http://benphillips.co FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BenPhillipsUK INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/benphillipsuk/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BenPhillipsUK VINE: https://vine.co/benphillipsofficial SNAPCHAT: BenPhillipsUK KEEP SMILING
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Text Comments (12117)
Ben Phillips (1 year ago)
Watch till the end funniest video ever!!!! Hit the 👍 if you want to spend the day pranking elliot with me! I'll fly you to Uk or get you here!
TBNRSparking30 (4 months ago)
Ben Phillips Hai Ben!!! ❤️
Arnaldo Miranda Morales (4 months ago)
K S (5 hours ago)
#shoutoutben Elliot’s cute af
ibby 1122 (9 hours ago)
super glue hi mouth and back o the floor😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
AJHW 4 (9 hours ago)
Glue his hand to his willy😂
Leighton Stanley (10 hours ago)
Austan Breytenbach (14 hours ago)
Wakes Ben heir
gule him to the toilet
Umid Jalali (1 day ago)
Tell Elliot to suck D**k
Sans the Skeleton (2 days ago)
terra bitten (2 days ago)
idea:super glue his hand to his dick
Luigi Fan (2 days ago)
King Torres (2 days ago)
Glue a bag of weed to his bag
Mystic TV (2 days ago)
etinosa iduozee (2 days ago)
Fraundy Lam (3 days ago)
if he hates bananas, turn him into banana penis
Fraundy Lam (3 days ago)
Turn him into a banana
Fraundy Lam (3 days ago)
Turn down into banana
Vanesa Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Michael Pace (3 days ago)
Peirce his ears
William Harnetty (3 days ago)
DisplayedRainbow (3 days ago)
Electric pants!!!!!!
John Kolano (3 days ago)
Funnier than the simpsons
gaming with Mateo (3 days ago)
Il-_187H (3 days ago)
Just do a real vid for once
Jamy Schram (3 days ago)
Glue Elliot to a baby car seat
Just Me (3 days ago)
#shout me out
Bastar Naji (4 days ago)
foxy98 _God of gods (4 days ago)
Do a wet head challenge but use battery acid instead of water
Put super glue on lips
dd jj (4 days ago)
He crazy as hell
Kcy Kuykendall (5 days ago)
Put plastic rap on the toilet and glue him to the seat while he sits in poop and or pee
Professor K (5 days ago)
Louie Peters (5 days ago)
Your gay
wei shao (5 days ago)
Gabriel Escobar (6 days ago)
Kyla Silver (6 days ago)
Reece Coote (7 days ago)
# sorry bro
Freddie Felton (7 days ago)
He smashed 🥃 😲
Zulpha Muhammad (7 days ago)
Hii Ben superglue Elliot onto a wall
Skull Crush Pro (8 days ago)
Keep touchering him 😀😀😀😀😀
Mia Anns (8 days ago)
Raani Lanka (8 days ago)
Hdiddfsgbsvsh svh shs hheheeissz s
Boo baker (9 days ago)
I liked
Chirayut Tanuwat (9 days ago)
Super glue to seat
gummyman 10 (9 days ago)
#benshoutout change his clothes. To a shorter zize
Jordan Matsos (10 days ago)
galaxy cat (10 days ago)
Bonjour comment çava bien out past bien jk I’m english
Snowolf 42 (10 days ago)
#ben shout me out
Snowolf 42 (10 days ago)
#ben shout me out
Farzana Nabizada (10 days ago)
Sorry bro
Olivia Thompson (10 days ago)
Lol lol lol lol
Cosmic_ :/ (11 days ago)
Super glue a dildo to his pants
tia montgomery (11 days ago)
# Ben shout me out
Huss Gaming (11 days ago)
O crapshoot
Shequan Gibson (11 days ago)
Omg ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......
Ezzat Sorial (11 days ago)
Tumbs up for ben phillips ❤
Darren 10234 (11 days ago)
Toni axiak (12 days ago)
#shout out
The Piano (12 days ago)
He should be stripped down in underwear, in the mall!
Francisco Hernandez (12 days ago)
Hid in walkie talkie
harry peters (12 days ago)
grandads face
Taldirr V (12 days ago)
Ryan Walker (12 days ago)
Put pin tacks in his pants
Michael Mclintock (12 days ago)
Super glue his mouth #bro #bae
Bodi Noordsij (12 days ago)
When i heard he gave the earbuds to gramps i had an tear come😢. Actually i feel a tear by everyone getting hurt
linda smallwoods (12 days ago)
DO MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super Koopa Show (12 days ago)
Lol je ne suis même pas français mais avec l'aide de google je peux parler français.
msblack827 (12 days ago)
Put itching powder in his clothes
Josie Wren (13 days ago)
Glue on a thong
LCR Colton's Friend (13 days ago)
Take Lee prank
tray tray (13 days ago)
Prank u ate his 📱
Danicka Mooneyham (13 days ago)
Do a taser money
Jack Baitley (13 days ago)
Put a fart machine in his pants or his coat
Malcolm Stone (13 days ago)
Nice job haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
FortAlexNite Fortnite (13 days ago)
Superglue Eliot to a wall
Muslim Elnadief (13 days ago)
ricky barnes (13 days ago)
Crazy Tuna (13 days ago)
Iike if u feel bad for the guy at the end
Dannydj22 1v1 (14 days ago)
Glue the doornob
Kerri Paton (14 days ago)
Gachavers the maker (15 days ago)
Why don't u dress him like a girl or dye his hair
pokèmon Go (15 days ago)
Do a second walky talky vidio
Chris Lyde (15 days ago)
Glue a machete to his hand.
Rodrigo Tai (15 days ago)
Sorry bro!!🤷🏻‍♂️
MAXIM EDITION (15 days ago)
8:33 Elliot has his yeezys again
Dynamite Dallas-W (16 days ago)
Shaun Riddell (16 days ago)
stick crismas lists to him
Tyson Shinn (16 days ago)
# ben shout me out electric shoes
HFortnitegod Yt (16 days ago)
Ben ure a ledgend 👍🏾
Why can’t I stop watching 7:44-7:53??😂😂😂
Sos Mercs (16 days ago)
Stripper prank
Put slime bukets in his room
Leoni ninja (16 days ago)
#ben shout me out
Glitter sparkle Beuty (16 days ago)
Superglue poo 💩 to Ellie head
Dreson stewart (17 days ago)
Victor Ramirez (17 days ago)
Antonio Estrada (17 days ago)
I know

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