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Flomax (tamsulosin) : Know Your Drug

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In this week's episode of Know Your Drug, Brothers Phil DeBiasio and Dai-Nghia Khuong discuss the prescription drug Flomax (tamsulosin). Flomax is commonly prescribed to treat BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and bladder outlet obstuction/dysfunction. This information is a general guideline and is not meant to replace physician orders. Patients using Flomax should use this medication according to their prescriber!
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Jan Janssen (13 days ago)
Thanks for this super presentation! I am personally on Flomax and I use it for my BPH treatment. I order Flomax online here https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/flomax-pills-generic-mens-health-02-04-mg-tablets-tamsulosin-bhp-prosatic-hypertrophy-urinary-bladder-boehringer-ingelheim-online-pharmacy-xl.html for many years now as it is cheap and this is the medstore advised by my doctor. Keep making this videos for the men's health.
simran kumari (1 month ago)
after taking this Medicine for one day i have dry ejaculation what to do doctor have given for 10 day veltam 0.4. for prostate infection. and we are planning for baby . please advice me. why this happened no sperm release after sex. is this normal after stopping this Medicine or it will effect my sexual life.
JET (22 days ago)
AS far as Ive read the drug affects ejaculation frm wet to dry
Ghoshi Moshi (2 months ago)
Dr. K (3 months ago)
Also prescribed for kidney stones to relax the ureter spasms and to help ease painful stone spasms and can aid in passing stones
Carr Riffle (3 months ago)
Do not take flomax. I was on flomax for under a month when I started experiencing erection pain. Within a few days my erections were curved 70-80 degrees. unknowingly I continued using flomax and the condition has worsened and I've been diagnosed with a severe case of peyronies.
raul gomez (4 months ago)
Which is it, Flomax Or Flomex? It is spelled Flomex behind you, but you are calling it Flomax.
Liz Camsters (6 months ago)
An old video but still totally valid, great job guys! Flomax is still the number 1 medication for BPH ( prostatic hyperplasia ) and I order Generic Flomax online cheap at https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/flomax-pills-generic-mens-health-02-04-mg-tablets-tamsulosin-bhp-prosatic-hypertrophy-urinary-bladder-boehringer-ingelheim-online-pharmacy-xl.html for only 1.60 USD per tablet.
Douglas Diaz (9 months ago)
Thanks guys. Yo Dai your slides spells Flomax “Flomex”. Maybe that is an alternative way to spell???
Dr. K (3 months ago)
Douglas Diaz different spelling, generic and name brand
D Wornock (10 months ago)
I have 29 each unexpired and purchased 10/25/2017 flomax (tamsulosin) 0.4 MG capsules that I wish to donate or give to anyone that needs them. https://i.imgur.com/VGoamqN.jpg
Komputar (11 months ago)
Flomex or Flomax?
GETREAL! (1 year ago)
welcome to mickey mouse club
firstfoyer1 (2 years ago)
I'm a woman, I've been prescribed Flomax for urinary retention. is that right? since is for men.
Liz Camsters (6 months ago)
Woman can also be prescribed Flomax of course as in the end it works same. Flomax is just a very effective medication and mostly used by men, but women ALSO! Order Flomax online cheap here at https://www.pharmacy-xl.com/flomax-pills-generic-mens-health-02-04-mg-tablets-tamsulosin-bhp-prosatic-hypertrophy-urinary-bladder-boehringer-ingelheim-online-pharmacy-xl.html as I do myself too and save a lot of money.
William Zaneski (2 years ago)
You should discuss floppy iris syndrome, very important.
Carr Riffle (3 months ago)
William Zaneski and Peyronie's
lilac819 (3 years ago)
Hector Jr (3 years ago)
Babar Afghan (3 years ago)
Great information

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