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Rinaldo beats up Horton after being boarded by the goon Lucic

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Flyers vs Goons
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leonard desjarlais (1 year ago)
everybody beats up that dope Horton!
leonard desjarlais (1 year ago)
Hortons always getting beat up!
JaBar Kawan (1 year ago)
Just like that Rinaldo is out of the league
Stephen Roach (1 year ago)
rinaldo is scum
Carnage (1 year ago)
fuck Rinaldo
Greysen Gagne (2 years ago)
I mean come on now.. I know it's tradition to hate on Lucic and the Bruins, but Rinaldo is an absolute peice of shit and deserved it. How many cheap shots has that dirty fuck thrown in his career as well? Probably to many to count.
Jim c (2 years ago)
Lucic is such a douche.
matt61387 (2 years ago)
The Milan Lucic process: 1. Throw the cheap shot 2. Run 3. Start throwing punches once someone else has grabbed guys arms 4. Act like the innocent party 5. Go fuck yourself
Greysen Gagne (2 years ago)
When has he ever ran from a cheap shot? All he did was stand there, Hahah.
David Buswa (2 years ago)
Funny thing is that Zac Rinaldo now plays for the Bruins. LOL! The Bruins sure can pick 'em. BTW, I'm a Bruin fan and I like Rinaldo
David Buswa (2 years ago)
+Matt Morgan I think Rinaldo is done as a Bruin because of the suspensions in the NHL and AHL. Those penalties that garnered him the suspension were reputation calls by the refs.
Matt Morgan (2 years ago)
+David Buswa yea when the flyers traded him to you guys I almost stopped watching. He was my favorite player
TheMightyOrange (3 years ago)
Yes Lucic is a goon but Rinaldo isn't yes of course
Chip Griffiths (3 years ago)
Yeah baby....
Patrick Bayne (3 years ago)
rinaldo and lucic are real hockey player
deputyduffy (3 years ago)
lol.....notice the score........................
Beast Mode (2 years ago)
Hahahahahaha!!! #gobruins
rulinghabs (3 years ago)
Love it. Horton acts like such a big shot against smaller guys.
bruce morton (3 years ago)
and gets filled in.....
Zer0Skateboard (3 years ago)
i'd love to see simmer and lucic go. they both have similar styles of play, except simmonds isnt a whiner and can take a hit. he also isnt violent, just a really hard worker, and i think lucic has enough respect of a player like that.
BurnTheLeaves (3 years ago)
lucic would fucking destroy simmonds with ease. Don't kid yourself.
marpole8 (3 years ago)
fuckin love Rinaldo, his style of play is impeccable.  
Joseph Greco (3 years ago)
+Eric M Name how that is dirty.
Eric M (3 years ago)
+Danny Lock lol yea, thats why Rinaldo is known as a repeat offender..and Lucic and Chara ARENT! game, set, match. you lost. 
Danny Lock (3 years ago)
+Eric M yeah cheap shot artist. Like charas hit on paxcioretti or however you spell it into the glass a few years back. Or almost every game lucid plays in. "Bud"
Eric M (3 years ago)
+Danny Lock lol cheap shot artists? well, maybe marchand. and i call bullshit on that, rinaldo has had several plays where he was trying to hurt opposing players. Last note..this is America bud..ill comment as i please. thanks. 
Danny Lock (3 years ago)
+Eric M the Bruins play old school hockey? That's where you're wrong.. the Bruins are cheap shot artists. They play dirty. Marchand, Chara, Lucic. They all play dirty. Rinaldo never tries to hurt someone except the letang hit. That was just him saying be has no respect for anyone on that team. The flyers play old school hockey. Everyone says it, even the broadcasters and espn analysts. And I don't really care about your life I'm just saying I see you on many videos bashing rinaldo. Get off his hammer
Tyler wirth (4 years ago)
Lucic Is the boos
Zac Grant (4 years ago)
stupid referees.. not boarding at all
Gian gordils (4 years ago)
Rinaldo beats up Horton after being boarded by ***The 60 point earning*** goon Lucic
Edward Lovelace (4 years ago)
Lol goon. Guy scores goals. 20+ at least. Rinaldo is more of a goon than Lucic.
Owen Morgan (4 years ago)
SCOREBOARD..SCOREBOARD..SCOREBOARD.. lmao retarded ass flyers fans
Greysen Gagne (2 years ago)
And this was the year after they swept the Flyers in order to win the cup in the playoffs.. So I'm sure the fan who made this video was just salty as fuck.
Richard (4 years ago)
Of a game from three years ago?
Knocks Tea (4 years ago)
Say whatever you want about Rinaldo, this guy has guts, love it!
dee astley (4 years ago)
horton is one of the most fake tough guys in the league. never seen him win a fight in my life
megs grooming (3 years ago)
rome took his ass out in a bad illegal hit,  but he is a bitch lol
Kristen C.17 (4 years ago)
Lucic is not a goon, he is amazing. He's better than you. You don't even know how skilled he is bro. Stop being a faggot
humparepatta (4 years ago)
how does his arsehole taste?
Kristen C.17 (4 years ago)
+wreckless eric I'm an awful person? 1) YOU DONT KNOW ME 2) YOU DONT KNOW LUCIC 3) You have no evidence to show he is a terrible person. He is a skilled and talented hockey player. I don't give TWO SHITS what you say... Lucic will and always be my number 1 favorite player on the Bruins. Soo uhh yeah SHUT UP and I will go on with my day. Yeah I don't CARE WHAT YOU SAY SOOO UHH GET OUT THANKS
Kristen C.17 (4 years ago)
+tobias ahlström No.
Kristen C.17 (4 years ago)
+Vahlris  ..... Dude? Okay. Keep it cool... Bro
Vahlris (4 years ago)
Alright keep it classy, dude
harrison2755 (4 years ago)
You know there are bruins fans around when someone is being called a retard and there's bad grammar and spelling
21scrum (4 years ago)
+Al Burbank  lol why are you commenting on every single Bruins video? Do you honestly have nothing else to do? Because it's honestly laughable. Don't you think if EVERYONE you talk to completely disagrees with what you have to say, you should rethink your position a little bit? Everyone KNOWS that the Bruins have some complete shitheads on their team. (some very skillful I'll give you that). Like Marchand, who will take a cheap shot on somebody and then runaway like he did nothing wrong, then take a dive like he did again in the Detroit series like he's a damn soccer player. Players like Krejci, Boychuk, and even Chara, have all been guilty of embellishment on multiple occasions.The other obvious example is Lucic, a guy who can be tough, but whenever he gets knocked down, he can't just move on with the game, he'll chase the guy down behind the play, and get a cheap shot in that'll get him a penalty or a fine. The Bruins are a team known for being able to dish out physicality, both clean and dirty, but not being able to take it back whilst keeping a level head. This is why unfortunately the Bruins are one of the lesser respected teams in the league. The team definitely has talent, nobody denies that your precious Bruins have talent, and loads of it, but for the near future, they will be known for not their skilled play, but rather their inability to keep a level head, and embellishment. Please don't be one of those fans that, while every team's fan base has them, sees nothing wrong with certain aspects of their team.
bruce morton (3 years ago)
Well said 21scrum. My thoughts exactly.
by2004 (4 years ago)
fuck the bruins. go kings!
GingoTV (4 years ago)
Milan Lucic isn't even a goon? He has 298 career points. Then you have Rinaldo who gets like 15 penalty minutes in 5 seconds. You sir need to read the hockey dictionary. 
CheAtBoy112233 (4 years ago)
Well Rinaldo actually draws more buddy, you must've got speared in the balls to much from lucic
Ron Volovnik (4 years ago)
He may have all them points but his demeanor is that of a goon...Does that work for you?
liveclassictunes (4 years ago)
Why didn't Rinaldo go after Lucic??? LOL!!!!!
InfamousMedia (4 years ago)
+Ryan Webb matt cooke isn't either? neither was sean avery? what about that gorilla dan carcillo? maxim lapierre? steve ott is a weasel too. people hate on boston because we're consistently good(recently speaking), recently won a cup, and play physical and bruise up other teams. if lucic played for columbus or buffalo nobody would hate him, ask patrick kaleta 
northlander (4 years ago)
lucic is still groggy from getting filled in by Colton Orr .hahahaha , he is not even liked in his home town .
Hockey (4 years ago)
Holy shit You again?!?! I saw you on 3 other videos commenting stupid shit like this! Don't you have better things to do than to argue with other commenters?!?!
Ryan Webb (4 years ago)
+liveclassictunes everyone knows lucic is a cancer in the league, regardless of their fanbase.
Danny Lock (4 years ago)
if you didn't realize Simmonds went after Lucic and Lucic wanted no part of it and im sure Rinaldo went after Lucic but Horton tried being the hero and getting in the way.... wrong choice though
kyliam80 (4 years ago)
Horton got OWNED.  Typical Lucic hit from behind.
61chopsy (3 years ago)
Just another hater I see.. looks like you need a brick in your mouth.
bruce morton (3 years ago)
+Lawrence Druckman square in the back, dumbass
Lawrence Druckman (4 years ago)
It was a hit from the side, a bad call you tool! Go away fool!
Ron Volovnik (4 years ago)
Truth hurts dont it?
Dangalls3 (4 years ago)
You're an idiot.
John Gottron (4 years ago)
Rinaldo shouldn't be in the league. Lucic is overrated and top 10 dirtiest players in the league. there, i settled all arguments on this page
Vahlris (4 years ago)
+Cam Rose Lucic is really dirty, that hit on Ryan Miller ring a bell? he's just a classless player, way overhyped by bruins fans too
Sean Ryan (4 years ago)
+Cam Rose um, lucic spears more than any other player in the league. its a classless piece of shit. 
SirCamsta (4 years ago)
He has made dirty hits but so has crosby and every other player in the nhl. So he is no more dirty then any other player.
kyliam80 (4 years ago)
+Cam Rose Lucic can easily be classified as dirty.
SirCamsta (4 years ago)
Lucic? overrated!? had 20+ goals this season and isn't all that dirty. He has done questionable things but to classify him as dirty is wrong. So you settled a few arguments but started up another. Way to go.
Dangle City (4 years ago)
I love that everyone is calling the bruins a dirty team, and the most hated team in the league sure the Bruins have some dirty hits. AS DO ALL TEAMS I'm a bantam playing top tier hockey and you still see dirty hits as young as 13... The bruins are one of the most clean honest and judging by the fact that they have not won a game in regulation in over 20 games the best team in the league (at the moment 4/10/14) you don't win a presidents trophy playing dirty. Dirty teams *cough* canucks *cough* end up in 23rd place with a -26 differential. Not 1st with not only a 83+ differential only 3 players have a minus differential the lowest plus/minus on the team is -5... out of 30 players who have played. There are the facts of why the Bruins are the best NHL team T-E-A-M.
Ron Volovnik (4 years ago)
Never heard of them being dirty????....Crawl back up Jack Edwards ass bitch...
SirCamsta (4 years ago)
Thank you... you are right and all these bruins haters are just finding reasons to shit on them.
MrTirien (4 years ago)
Never heard of them being dirty, but whenever anybody in the boston team get a clean hit the whole team screams "Waaaambulance... we got sand in our vagina!!!" and goes after whoever made the clean hit. To me that is sooo annoying.
Cole (4 years ago)
lol you're clueless bud
Mike McClelland (4 years ago)
Al Burbank your a fucking idiot. Ya they won cuz they are the toughest team. You sound so stupid with your idiot comments.
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
Yep. But I think Rich was a big loss:/ I loved the guy. He was like Bergy. Set everything up and back checked. Stats didn't show to be great but he was a key player.
SirCamsta (4 years ago)
He had good moments but he also had some very bad moments and the two didn't balance out very well so getting Loui and Reilly was great.
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
Oh yeah. 100% agree. Segiun was shit for us. 
SirCamsta (4 years ago)
Yeah. but the blues gave them a run for their money so I think we have a better chance this year with reilly smith, loui ericksson, and the hidden gem carl soderburgh.
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
Nope no need to be. Just sucks Chicago made it past Blues.
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
#buttkick22  lol? u can hit the goalies wen they r out of the crease and just stop ur retarded
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
Why not "Mom." By the way how was Mothers day?
trolman777 (4 years ago)
how come you comment on every video against boston defending them when its a dirty play????
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
#shivsixohfor   are you serious? Help from the reffs? Do you even watch hockey? What the fuck, you are the stupidest person I have ever talked to. Please don't comment back so I don't have to ruin your miserable, retarded life.
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
GeassEleven (4 years ago)
Haha the irony
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
Sentence*  Go back to your cage.
Evil Dr. Porkchop (4 years ago)
+Al Burbank Excuse me, but you forgot to capitalize the "a" at the start of your first sentance. Also, "Help from the reffs," is not a complete sentance. Don't be a technical piece of shit, because it is annoying.
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
+jason martin Happy princess? Also you forgot to add a punctuation at the end of your sentence. Fail much?
toxicnarcotic14 (4 years ago)
Lol a goon. A goon who scores close too 20 goals a season.
Ron Volovnik (4 years ago)
Let me be specific then...he picked his fights with players he knew he could beat...
Ron Volovnik (4 years ago)
A goon who picks his spot when it comes to fights and only fights guys he knows he can beat.He had his run in with top enforcers and he realized he cant hang with them...Colton Orr proved it,lol...
Al Burbank (4 years ago)
hes scored 30
toxicnarcotic14 (4 years ago)
Lol a goon. A goon who scores close too 20 goals a season.
Sean K (4 years ago)
That right there is a tough hockey player. Getting hit by one the the biggest goons in the nhl  FROM BEHIND. And still be able to beat the shit out of horton. I cant name 1 person from the bruin who would-wait, COULD do that without embellishing or can take it like a man. Well respected man right there. 
Chilly Bandino (1 year ago)
Sean K (4 years ago)
+Ron Volovnik Ikr xD
Ron Volovnik (4 years ago)
I loved the fact no Bruins fan decided to argue with this,lol.
Bazooka Joe (5 years ago)
the title to this video is dumb just like the name of poster
anthrax0349 (5 years ago)
I'm a huge Pens fan but I love Zac's fights.
buttkick22 (5 years ago)
But you're new and don't even know ur own team. You've made that blatantly obvious with how many times you've been wrong. "They weren't fined"....."Lucic has never been suspended".....keep em coming new guy. Happy to educate you
Raymond Smith (5 years ago)
A guy who follows the Sabre's trying to talk hockey with a guy who follows a real team....priceless!!
buttkick22 (5 years ago)
BOTH were fined for kneeing and slew footing hahahah! Man you literally have no idea whats going on do you? You better go back to whatever sport u were watching before u decided to give hockey a try because it's beyond obvious that's your CLUELESS. You don't even know what's going on with your own team?!?!?! Pay attention new guy. You're embarrassing yourself again.
Raymond Smith (5 years ago)
Sorry little fella....never happened, and you know it!!! Tell me, is it really that embarassing to be a Sabre fan, that you troll Bruin video's to see what a real team looks like....fricken' idiot.
buttkick22 (5 years ago)
ummmmm marchand was fined for slewfooting on that play and mcquaid was fined for kneeing on that play (was also given 5 and a game). They both had a diciplinary hearing for the slewfooting and kneeing u moron.Players with no history have been suspended for the same infractions. Once again, u have no idea what ur talking about and just exposed and embarrassed yourself yet again. "Incidental contact" hahahaha. Clueless..
Raymond Smith (5 years ago)
wrong again little buddy....check all of these video's again. Marchand body check (I don't know where u see a slewfoot) on niskanen, McQuaid incidental contact with foligno, Lucic hit on Miller (definately NOT a SUSPENDABLE OFFENSE), Marchand CLEAN HIP CHECK on emelin. NONE of the examples you game are suspendable plays..... Try stating facts instead of your opinions....run along, it's past your bedtime!!
Darian K (5 years ago)
LOL, you've got to be kidding. Typical blind bruin fan.
Camo (5 years ago)
If Lucic is a goon, then Rinaldo is a first line goal scorer lol
buttkick22 (6 years ago)
How come other players were given suspensions for all the examples i just listed but the bruins were given fines/warning instead? If anything, the bruins get away with the most suspensions lately. That's my point. Look up the vids dude..
buttkick22 (6 years ago)
marchand slew foot on niskanen, mcqauid knee on foligno, lucic hit on miller, marchand clip on emelin, etc. All of those could have been suspensions. Especially thw two marchand examples and most definitely mcqauids knee.
Jai Bronson (6 years ago)
Jai Bronson (6 years ago)
Hahahahaha you're going to make fun of them for wearing visors? You're an idiot there's nothing wrong with wearing a visor I bet players like Lappy wish they were wearing a visor. Players like Coburn and Pronger were against wearing visors until they had facial injuries and realized it can say your life and career. Plus it's not like you still can't get nailed in the face just not the eyes and forehead.
keithcos1 (6 years ago)
1975 ;)
Patrick Rodden (6 years ago)
what was it.....5-0
sttocnippil (6 years ago)
Stanley Cup Champion clowns.
Jeff Lebowski (6 years ago)
I hate the Flyers with a passion, but Rinaldo is a boss.
Ron Volovnik (6 years ago)
a Bruin that gets his ass whooped is well deserved....
MrSouthphillyitalian (6 years ago)
more like flyers vs clowns
chrilope (6 years ago)
@newcarrussell i wasnt using a wide range of vocabulary. just calling you a fagget. and you cant see anything from horton and rinaldo. the fight took about....10-15 seconds before it started after lucic's hit. so you dont know who was the agitator in the fight. expert.
Shamrock11 (6 years ago)
@shiv604 Yes, we are enjoying very much! Thanks for asking!
colin lang (6 years ago)
Who's a goon team by the end of this year half of the team will have over 20 goals each goons or not we are the best team on the ice in any aspect suck it you FANCY FUCK play the game the way it should be played HARD! join a pannel thats better for you soft people pick the game apart! its balls out hockey at its finest LOVE IT OR GO WACHT BASKETBALL! BAEN TOWN FOR LIFE!
squon1996 (6 years ago)
2 most hated teams in hockey: Canucks and Bruins. Hmm, I wonder what they have in common.
shiv sixohfor (6 years ago)
you guys these are the bruins! they're above the rules. how do u think they won the cup? hard work? no they played dirty and with the help of the refs, won it. enjoy that cup boston. :D
EdgeHeadTubeV2 (6 years ago)
@gaymingmatt He was suspended for it. Happy?
kjo14 (6 years ago)
@gaymingmatt ya no kidding. bruins get away with everything lol. so dirty
C (6 years ago)
@gaymingmatt It was not a free pass. One game is enough to keep the moron Flyers and Canadian fans from saying that he is lenient towards the Bruins. This hit would not be a suspension to anyone but because of the Miller hit that is why he needed to give Lucic a 1 game suspension.
C (6 years ago)
@chrislopez44 Ah look at all the guys around the play. Do you see Horton NO!!!!!!!!!!! So did Rinaldo the Goon go after Horton? YES!!!!!!!!! as for Fagget I am glad to see you have a wide range of vocabulary just stink at spelling it is faggot. And I know you do not know me and really do not care what you type. I know what I know from seeing this game and i know the entire Flyers organization is a classless one.
Davio88 (6 years ago)
@newcarrussell Really? You think he went after Horton just because he has had concussions? Or maybe because the puck was at his feet and he wanted to get the puck.
mcrockafelladragon (6 years ago)
fuck you lucic
chrilope (6 years ago)
@newcarrussell haha you specifically know that rinaldo went after horton because he had a concussion? lol you're an expert. you should be working for a sports broadcasting channel or something cause i dont think anyone knew about that except you. congratz expert. fagget.
shomick09 (6 years ago)
@ jay87whatever, since the 2010 playoffs? you're right, nothing spells out owning like being up 3 games and losing the series 4-3...oh wait
Jay87539 (6 years ago)
Non whiney Bruins fan.The Bears have owned the Flyers since the 2010 playoffs.Rinaldo is a back stabber poser who can't carry Nate Horton's jock.Fuck you flyers habs canucks penguins red wings
Loyalty1269 (6 years ago)
@richg6567 im sorry but wasnt that last year when u won the cup???living in the past much? your gonna milk it as much as u can when u have to deal with living in boston i guess.
richg6567 (6 years ago)
Last I checked, the Flyers had Chris Pronger, who has the reputation of being one of the dirtiest players in the league. And wasn't Randy Jones a Flyer when he sent Bergeron head first into the boards, knocking him out for over a year. Don't worry, though, Flyers' fans. It doesn't bother me. Especially when I have the memories of Boston Bruins, 2011 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!
letmepointout (6 years ago)
two dirtiest teams in the game now, followed by pittsburgh, anaheim and edmonton when sutton isn't suspended
Jay Dee (6 years ago)
So will the Bettman Bruins get away with another one again...Chara on pacioretty, Lucic on Miller!!!
Ben Lawrence-Farhi (6 years ago)
You guys are all kidding right? Rinaldo is the one that left his feet on his initial hit. Lucic hardly touched him lol ... and this is coming from a Rinaldo fan.
Joe Cooler (6 years ago)
very nice.
25stanleycups (6 years ago)
Lucic is the shit of the nhl. The perfect cheapshot artist. Comes from behind all the time.
Tyler Hogemann (6 years ago)
It's shame for all the philly fans that even though Rinaldo may have won the fight, the flyers still got their asses handed to them.
KrolNelly (6 years ago)
Rinaldo is a beast!! Gets hit into the boards by that scum bag Lucic, then beats the crap out of that dirty monkey Horton. I hate the Bruins especially those two, if you can't tell.
andy seymour (6 years ago)
Lol a Philly fan calling any team "goons"
Scott .M (6 years ago)
dirty hit and rinaldo still gets up and beats the shit out of horton. What a hero.
KoivuTheHab (6 years ago)
@diegoteinog Side? Yeah, right... Mr. Shanahan isn't blind.
SirLooch (6 years ago)
Was on shoulder
diegoteinog (6 years ago)
@gaymingmatt The fact that he hit him on his side and not his back might be a pretty good defense.

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