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Lapse of reason ( Words & Music by James Powlett 2013 )

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Here is a link to another of my songs Poppy field https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5hUg... This is a new rock ballad original song I came up with this week, I love these kinda power ballad songs and have wanted to right one for a while so here it is.Its the longest song ive ever written but I think the length works well with the song.The video I put with the track I think works well with the storyline of the track. Heres is a link to my song mambo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQRm6... there was a poem i read years ago called faint heart in a railway station the subject of the poem was referencing love at first sight and what choices your faced with sometimes that have to be made on the spot,ie do i go left or right here , so i came up with this song its on the same themed subject matter the video i added was to push the story across a bit more , so poems can inspire me as much as anything else
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Les Oakley (5 years ago)
James, just loved this, fantastic. Les
MarkusGitarre (5 years ago)
fantastic song! thumb up
bluesharp59 (5 years ago)
Great vid , and you have a great weekend !
Shungabali (5 years ago)
excellent!! great song and guitar playing...your music is getting better and better.love the vid too. thumbs up-Mary

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