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Why do women wear perfume and men wear cologne?

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skirts365 (3 months ago)
There IS no difference. Only people obsess about gender "signals." Having two different words for the same thing comforts people who obsess about arbitrary gender differences.
Everyday Products (4 months ago)
They already had men specific fragrance in the ​1950's .. Monsieur de Givenchy came out in 1954
Pokemon Pokey Journeys (5 months ago)
What if there's a man who wants to wear women's perfume like for example bombshell from Victoria's Secret
Mike Sandoval (7 months ago)
My ex girlfriend smelled like stale cigarettes that’s one reason aren’t together
Fatima (8 months ago)
Perfume is a Egyptian invention notting european at all then tey learned the art of perfumery from arabic culture.
Common (9 months ago)
Im a girl and i wear cologne but i wear women deodorant dont judge me
totljag1 (10 months ago)
because there ugly and they stink !
Scooby Doo (1 year ago)
I remember having a clonge, spray I used to say it smells like rice, but I could never figure out what it was
Aswad (1 year ago)
It is still like this in the Middle East, fragrances have no gender, specialy if the perfume is locally produced.
Marci LK (1 year ago)
In the 1920s Chanel made a perfume for women composed of leather and tobacco. She wore this scent for many years. It is today considered unisex, as many perfumes are. I recently purchased a Clive Christian perfume that is one of his masculine scents (although he says all are unisex) which is composed of ginger and pink peppercorn with a cedar wood base. It has a light spice which to me smells like cardamom. It is very appropriate for a lady who doesn't always want to smell like flowers and fruit. A little spice can be very enchanting, sexy even.
Joshua Rivers (1 year ago)
I wear perfume only to be honest.
Mathilda Vere (1 year ago)
Cologne is perfume.
ThePoolIsAbstract (2 years ago)
Yes the Buffy alcohol gif is why I exist
Violet Wrath (2 years ago)
Mars Mahoney (2 years ago)
kinda like trying to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense to begin with and then picking a side and saying it  doesn't make sense
Joe Hudson (2 years ago)
I grew up at a time when women wore perfume, and I loved to see a cute girl or lady that smelled good because it was an attraction for me, and I enjoyed being around people who smelled good. If men wear cologne, that is fine with me, its better than smelling earthy or sweaty.
Glitzy Bubbles (2 years ago)
I'm a guy and i wear perfume
Morgankane2000 (3 years ago)
But do you know why the french started to wear perfumes? They used to throw their urine out the windows into the gutter in the streets. This was before they had toilets in their houses. They started using perfume to overwhelm the terrible smell in their streets.
wise man (3 years ago)
products like gucci rush the idea is could be for women. but i want to wear it but worried how others will react.women can wear cologne can i get away with women s fragrance?
Maiwand Bawari (1 month ago)
You can wear anything you want
Observation (3 years ago)
My guess is that perfume is marketed towards women, and cologne is marketed to men, generally, and the people often conform to this.
ObsessiveSongstress (3 years ago)
Honestly, I smell like basil right now. :)
clifton moore (3 years ago)
So its ok for men to wear perfume. ok i didnt know this
Zoozy G (3 years ago)
I wear both TO BE HONEST
cooldaddyjames2814 (3 years ago)
I'm a man and my underarms smelk like onion does that mean i was supposed to be a girl?
Oriana López (3 years ago)
I'm a woman and i use mens fragrances... I love that woody/dry/citric and heavier smell...and i get many compliments about it, you have no idea! When someone asks me for the name of the perfume, and i tell then *it's ''for men''*, I don't care if someone considers it weird...i love it and it make me feel good... what i do really think is weird and obnoxious is to make smells a thing of genders... same with colors.
Danielle Barrett (11 months ago)
Oriana López exactly! I wear men cologne and j so many complaints it’s crazy.. I feel like men and women can wear the same fragrance who cares..
Julia Gregoratto (3 years ago)
kristen!! what brand is your jumper? i love it!
Julian (3 years ago)
I am a man that prefers perfume more than cologne. I like to smell sweet and fruity. The good thing is I don't really get weird looks at the clothing store when I am buying perfume because they think I'm buying it for a girlfriend.
Toothygrin (3 years ago)
I will never wear cologne and I wash with uncented soap and use mineral deodorant. I tend to smell like burning coal,woodshavings,horse shit or smoke( fire not cigaret). when I smell someone with too much Perfume/cologne on em it makes my stomach turn.  
mrpizzanipples (3 years ago)
I'm a man and I wear Lady Gaga's Fame perfume...
Brian Linville (3 years ago)
Psychology TOday magazine did an article, that in stone age, ancient ,even medievial times people often naturally knew who they were attracted to (men and women) by smelling the natural sweaty pheromones.  ONCE perfumes came into play,  (longstoryshort), people couldn't SMELL, the person that was truly meant for them, the one they would be naturally attracted too, and wind up Confused by the perfume instead and wound up with wrong person, no WONDER strained relationships! so go stanky
Beas (3 years ago)
My Swedish husband calls his cologne perfume. In fact in a lot of Europe perfume is perfume, there is no need to use a more manly work for it. 
MyLittleJourney (3 years ago)
I have never been crazy about perfumes, though I have recently found a bottle of blended essential oils that acts as a very subtle perfume I adore - it makes me feel good, so I wear it :)
TiBun (3 years ago)
When I wear a scent, which is rarely, I use Old Spice. I hate the smells of the "female" body sprays as they give me a headache.
KaylaNoelle1 (3 years ago)
My boyfriend wears Givenchy Play and it smells sweeter than most colognes like cinnamon and vanilla and I loooove the way it smells. Still trying to find a perfume he likes as much as I like his cologne though ..
A Darice (3 years ago)
What made you cut your hair? It looks really nice.
MelloDees (3 years ago)
My smell usually is a mixture of a tart but sweet fruit, a floral scent, sandalwood, and amber musk.
kujmous (3 years ago)
I dare you to look through the men's fragrances and deodorants, and find a single one named after a thing THAT ACTUALLY HAS A SMELL.  They are all these... ideas... and concepts.  I ran out of deodorant last week, and my wife dug through the bin and presented me with the two options... Apollo and Phoenix.  I gave her the dumbest look.
ourpensareourlips (3 years ago)
I have to comment on the part about biological sex. In my experience, it isn't so much the chromosomes as the dominant hormones in your body. If your body has a more estrogen based endocrine system, you'll smell different than if your body has more androgens. As a trans man who has been on testosterone for over four years, I know first hand that body odor changes depending on your hormones. I would imagine transfeminine people on HRT would notice a change in their body odor, but I can't say first hand. But testosterone will definitely change your BO (and for the first while on T, it's almost certain that you will at least occasionally smell bad. You will smell like a pubescent boy. Please put down the Axe. Seriously. Walk away.).
Nick (3 years ago)
Can't smell anything. Lol...
Endezeichen Grimm (3 years ago)
Men wear perfume too.... I don't get what this is about.....
Joscelynne S (3 years ago)
Hey Cristen I love your videos and I'm a regular viewer. I know that you, like me identify as a feminist. From my understanding it is not okay to use the slur word "pr*stitute" as it has negative connotations and can offend or hurt sex workers. Please avoid using this word and the w-word in the future in the interest of being an intersectional feminist on YouTube.
Sara Basturk (3 years ago)
My fiancé is Turkish and calls his fragrance perfume, because in Turkey, kolonya is something to put on your hands after you eat, on cuts, and even on mosquito bites. Parfüm is the word used for the personal fragrance that you spritz on.
Alexius Nemo (3 years ago)
In all the years I taught HS...I agree on your points but there is a period of experimentation where both genders try different scents AND amounts. While some teens get it "right' quickly others take longer. Also a factor is how much can  student in high school afford. You can't ignore fads in scents too. There was a running gag in The Big Band Theory how "Howard" was in the "more is better" school of scent applications. Even truer for some teen in both genders.  
Mary's Test Kitchen (3 years ago)
I used to work in a perfume shop and it was so funny when someone would pick up a tester and decided they liked it for themselves, but as soon as they heard it was marketed towards the other gender, they would immediately put it down. Women and men alike were almost repulsed by the idea of accidentally wearing a fragrance that was made for the other gender. It's silly. 
Two Scoops of Soul (2 years ago)
I grew up with family working in the fragrance industry (the manufacture end) and I work in it my self now as an adult. So I was introduced really young to the idea that fragrance preference and perception are totally arbitrary, and everything we think about those scents is marketing. I regularly wear fragrances for both genders. It's funny how people react differently to the scents. If I'm wearing something light and sweet people will sniff the air and say "what smells nice?" But they don't assume it's coming from me. While my more vintage masculine scents (cedar tobacco rose vetiver leather) sometimes get me 'double hugs'. As in, when someone is hugging me and they let go, they get a whiff of me, and hug me again to sniff me some more. Usually with the comment: "You smell like my dad". haha.
Stephanie Weeks (2 years ago)
+Mary's Test Kitchen | Vegan Cooking I know lots of girls who like masculine scents and vice versa but they usually won't wear it cause they feel it makes them less of a woman/man.. just another reason to view gender as a spectrum and not a dichotomy!
Weird. Confused.
J. C. (3 years ago)
Fun fact: The word "perfume" only references the scent that one puts on, while "cologne" originally referenced a perfume with alcohol added (to disperse the scent more efficiently). Since colognes might irritate sensitive skin, they were only designed for men. However, check your labels, most "women's" scents today have alcohol in them (to disperse the scent better), while most "men's" scents don't (to avoid over-spreading the scent), meaning that women actually wear cologne and men simply wear perfume.
MrFuthisshit (3 years ago)
Parfume was worn in ancient Egypt, put in a different form.They put a mixture of oils and wax on their wigs (they shaved their hair for hygiene purposes) and let the sun and heat melt it releasing the aroma.They later developed what we know as perfume today and were the first people to actually write a recipe for it.
luckynbr13 (3 years ago)
I don't wear cologne, but I happen to smell like diesel after work. Does that count?
Monica Johnson (3 years ago)
I have noticed that I often like the scent of a body spray/perfume in a bottle, but not on my own skin. I also feel like my bo does smell a bit more masculine than other women I know. Would that be correlation or causation?
R MH (3 years ago)
Perfumes I can smell so strongly I can taste them, even light layers of them, and I hate them on myself and others. But I've never had that problem with cologne and have it less often with body sprays. I will note I smell cologne way less often than perfumes; guess most men don't know how sexy it can be whereas many women don't know when to stop spritzing.
xxRikuKHx (3 years ago)
I use fruity scented body spray. Perfume and cologne make me sneeze.
Adara Tulley (3 years ago)
I have allergies to perfume/cologne and strong deodorant, so I can't wear(is that even the right word for it?) anything. But still interesting.
Ruby Doomsday (3 years ago)
I wear men's deodorant (Old Spice!) because I got a case of it for super cheap a couple years back and still haven't gone through it all. The more I use it though, the more I've started gravitating towards mannish scents like lime or vetiver to compliment it whee I used to prefer vanillas and jasmines and things like that. Maybe it I weren't such a cheapskate I'd still smell like a lady.
Vandergrif (3 years ago)
In all fairness a lot of old spice deodorants smell pretty damn good.
Andrew Murray (3 years ago)
People wear too much of that crap either way and it literally burns my nose outdoors! I had to walk up a block because this guy in the crosswalk who I was standing downwind of, was going to make me pass out. That said, If I had to wear some, I like Hugo Boss cologne, but I like cheap fruity smells like Body Fantasies over cologne. For the most part I'm one of those not so weird people who actually like their own natural scent. I wonder if some of Scwabb's work where he worked on gay and trans people and pheromones, if I actually am attracting myself! Yay science...?
Kiera Demorest (3 years ago)
To me, very neutral smells are the most pleasant. Not smelling gross or covering up gross with a different pungent smell, just clean.
Mike C (3 years ago)
I don't wear cologne nor after-shave because I really dislike the scent, as I've seen many other people say in this comments section. I'll only use deodorant if I'm going to a fancy location of some sort. But I saw a SourceFed video where one of the hosts, Meg Turney, said she was wearing a deodorant for men, namely Old Spice, because she really REALLY liked the smell and another female host, Trisha Hershberger, commented that Meg, indeed, smells like a boy. So I guess some deodorants work as intended?
Corbinite (3 years ago)
Fun fact: The reason why humans are so diverse in appearance is directly related to our loss in odor sensitivity. Most animals identify each other by scent alone because if animals look too different, they could stand out to predators. But early humans were less concerned with blending in since they had largely worked around needing camouflage so our appearance was allowed to radiate far more rapidly than is observed in other animals. Combine that with the founder's effect (which is where you have a small population migrating over a large distance, which further speeds up genetic drift and produces a somewhat distinct population) and you have what we try to approximate with the label "race". We look different simply because we can.
Krisha k (1 month ago)
+Corbinite wow
Corbinite (3 years ago)
+neeneko True. It's hard to know objectively.
neeneko (3 years ago)
Something I would love to see some research on is how diverse we actually are when compared to other animals.  Humans have a lot of specialized wiring for differentiating faces, but even with that you can see it break down when you are asked to tell people apart from other regions of the world.  So I wonder how much is actual increased difference as opposed to us having wiring that is highly specialized for telling humans apart.
alg11297 (3 years ago)
So really perfume and cologne are the same thing. The hardest part about marketing these items is that the consumer can't smell it through the ad or the TV. This is why the perfume and cologne ads are so bizarre.
hallyuniverse (3 years ago)
+Risa Fyosse Perfumes are dabbed on, eau de parfum is sprayed on. Your perfumes are EDPs (like most fragrances), not true perfume.
Corbinite (3 years ago)
+Risa Fyosse I think it might be an older difference then. Or I very well could be making it up.
Risa (3 years ago)
+Corbinite I dunno about that. All my perfumes are sprayed on...
Corbinite (3 years ago)
I think the technical difference is how they're applied. Cologne is sprayed an perfume is applied with a tiny brush thing (I could be wrong). But because of the gender association, they also smell different.
fleex21 (3 years ago)
These videos may be informative, but I just can't perceive the host as a feminine woman.(and yes believe it or not I do like feminine women) She sounds loud, aggressive, impulsive and I would even say angry. As if she fights with somebody while talking. Also, her language is artificially complicated. She probably wants to hide behind these dry and cold speech to prove something. So just to summarize: the information in the videos may be valuable, but the way it is delivered is repugnant.
Taylor Hober (3 years ago)
I suppose you like your women submissive and giggling like schoolgirls and pure as the morning daisies? Calling the presentation repugnant just because she doesn't present in a super timid/sweet way is silly and  far too reliant on gender roles. 
lulululalalaa (3 years ago)
to me she seems very feminine. not that it would make any difference in the quality of the video if she wasn't, but anyway.
Corbinite (3 years ago)
+Neiwun I know trolls when I see them, and up to a certain point I'm fine with responding. I feel like even though he's being a huge dickwad, It's giving me the opportunity to say some productive things. I'll never convince him of anything, but other people might read this and learn something.
Mike C (3 years ago)
+Corbinite Oddly enough, I can't see any of blackbelt's comments here. I have to go to my Google+ notifications tab in order to read them. Anyway, from my perspective, blackbeltbeatdown is a troll. The most obvious example is how he tried to insult you by calling you "gay". You can tell he did it without any emotion or effort because he's desperately trying to feel relevant by being included in any type of conversation. If he truly cared about this conversation, he would have made 1 or 2 long replies and that would be the end of it. But there's obviously something else that's drawing him in here and I think that something is you, Corbinite. You're feeding his desperate need for attention. We both know that Cristen wants to uplift men just as much as women. Her videos speak for themselves and you do not need to defend her... or at least, not more than once per video. And I hope you know that homophobia is very often about the individuals personal struggle with their own homosexuality or their relationship with their parents. So it's not that blackbelt hates homosexuals, he just hates his own personal issues that are brought up by the existence of homosexuals. Either way, I wouldn't bother replying to him any further. I don't think he really wants to argue with you, but instead wants something to distract himself from his own sad life.
Corbinite (3 years ago)
+blackbeltbeatdown Well we do need to teach boys better, I've seen massive failings in the way our culture raises boys. That is a cultural criticism, not a jab at men. It's also not about men's nature or biology or anything. It's about the things we ALREADY teach boys. Things that they wouldn't do if we didn't make them that way.
Twostones00 (3 years ago)
Women just stink. Perfume is used instead of bathing.  Stop using it please.  It is gross smelling and very irritating.  I do not want to breath in your stinking perfume.
Acquavallo (3 years ago)
I was always under the impression everyone wore 'frangrences'
Julia Brooks (3 years ago)
I smell like pizza. Is that attractive?
Corbinite (3 years ago)
+Julia Brooks Well that doesn't smell bad. (I was going to turn that into an elaborate joke but I can't remember how it worked and so now I'm just awkwardly here making weird comments to strangers on the internet)
Julia Brooks (3 years ago)
+Corbinite Pizza Hut? 
Corbinite (3 years ago)
Where's the pizza from, because that actually makes a huge difference.
purplepurrs (3 years ago)
I was told by several friends like I smell sweet like a flower. I've only ever used to wear non scented deodorant if I knew I was going to be sweaty so I hardly ever used it and all of the compliments came when I wasn't wearing it so I guess I just smell really good. :D
Goomba Pie (3 years ago)
Things smell different to different people, but there might be tendencies in what we find to be attractive smells in terms of the opposite sex (hetero-normatively speaking here, then, ofcourse). But these scents are being made and advertised to attract the buyer: for example (hetero-normative assumptions again here, im sorry) perfume is intended to attract men, but instead they're being made and advertised in a way that will attract women because that's likely who is going and testing them and buying them. So if you're a lady you might wanna bring a guy along with you to go perfume shopping, and if you're a bro-dude then might wanna bring a smooth-thighs along with you to go cologne-hunting.
lycheens (3 years ago)
Can't stand perfume/cologne but I don't mind deodorant scent. People that wear too much scent give me a headache and I will get off of an elevator with my nose held when people do this.  Both men and women do, but it seems that women are more often guilty of it.
Corbinite (3 years ago)
I remember this somewhat older woman in a class I took at university. Really nice, great to talk to, good input in the class. But so much perfume. Gave me a headache too. I've since noticed that same perfume to be pretty common in the new-wave semi-hipster community.
E Grantham (3 years ago)
Great video! This was very informative. (I especially liked the Gilmore Girls gif. Haha)
Nimbus 2000 (3 years ago)
Where I live (Central Europe), everyone just wears perfume. I don't recall 'eau de cologne' sold in many places. I associate cologne with the 'after shave' type of scent. Is that only Switzerland or is that a European thing?
Cheeza Rose (3 years ago)
I'm not an expert but In Europe (at least where I live) most fragrance for men are "eau de toilette" which are more concentrated than "eau de cologne". Eau de toilette is also the most sold fragrance for both gender. Eau de parfum or parfum are usually more found in women section but there are some for man too. The difference between al of them is the concentration of the fragrance and how long it last. This whole thing might be a difference of labels between the US an Europe or just an american difference.
Cheeza Rose (3 years ago)
You're welcome :)
Vandergrif (3 years ago)
+Cheeza Ryuurei Ah, good to know, thanks!
Cheeza Rose (3 years ago)
Because "toilette" didn't use to mean what it means now in French and in English. Before the invention of showers and running water,bath were only once a week or less sometimes so people did what is called "Faire sa toilette"  in French. Meaning washing oneself in the morning with a wet glove,towel etc and "eau de toilette" (short way of saying water to use during your "toilette"/ your washing) was use before as kind of a substitute for deodorant. "Faire sa toilette" by extension also came to mean grooming oneself,like getting dressed,doing your hair or make-up (for women) etc
Vandergrif (3 years ago)
Anyone else wondered why Eau de Toilette literally translates to toilet water? Doesn't seem particularly 'fancy' when you're aware of that.
Cheeza Rose (3 years ago)
+Liberty Lawson Yes that's what I was wondering about :)
Jaclyn Lizzi (3 years ago)
I smell like mild hairspray and coconut shower gel XD
. (3 years ago)
haha my underarms smells like weed
LiquoriceLover (3 years ago)
Personally I hate the smell of  cologne and aftershave. I find it stings  in my nose, almost like petrol. I'm not too fond of perfume either. I feel it smells too strong, even if you just wear a tiny amount. Having a shampoo that smells nice and some deodorant is good enough for me.
Arya Deva (4 months ago)
As a male, same, I really don't like cologne and aftershave. I much prefer fruity fragrances.
giovanni brito (7 months ago)
purplepurrs but the good colognes perfumes don't effect with ashma or reaction ashma cus you don't even smell it is the people that smell you that can be affected with the fragrance aroma ashma is more because of the dust allergy or infection & bacteria of something that clog the lungs
Annika (3 years ago)
I agree. I don't get why some people have to wear so much perfume. To me they don't smell good, they stink! 
mumakurau (3 years ago)
thank you! i thought it was just me! XD
purplepurrs (3 years ago)
Yeah I have asthma really bad and I wish people used less smelly stuff, it can give me an attack. :/
Michael Naness (3 years ago)
IM A GUY AND TO ME PERFUMES SMELL MUCH BETER IS THIS WIERD? oh well im gay so i guess it makes sense
J. C. (3 years ago)
Perfumes do smell better, but us damn straight guys have that societal polarization that draws a distinction between what we like and what we want to be like. Fuck it, though. I use orange sapphire lotion on my head when I shave it. :D
Nickolas Brielmaier (3 years ago)
I only smell like Old Spice and Cheer (from washing clothes) and like how I smell. The only times I really use the cologne I was given is select occasions where I'm in a suit. And then I still manage to get the amount spritzed wrong >.< 
Ravenclaw Seer (3 years ago)
I'm a genderqueer guy and wear perfume... I love perfume and hate all cologne... it stinks so bad to me.
Rachael Williamson (2 years ago)
I save my vera Wang and Viva La Juicy for special occasions. B&B is my Walmart fragrances. Lol
Ravenclaw Seer (2 years ago)
+Rachael Williamson Probably anything floral. I don't have a favorite. Body Fantasies Twilight Mist is good.  
Rachael Williamson (2 years ago)
What is your favorite perfume?
14th century? What about scented oils?
Mims Lang (3 years ago)
My boyfriend got a bottle of Chanel Homme something something for Christmas for a relative. He came home, spritzed one pump on himself and the instant I smelled it, I ran to the bathroom and vomited. He never wore it again.
Rhys Atkins (3 years ago)
+Mims Lang you are possesed by an incubus.
DAN8800 (3 years ago)
+Mims Lang i think you have compromised immunity
Mims Lang (3 years ago)
+Paige Wells I'm very sensitive when it comes to scents. I once changed my conditioner and the light smell my hair gave off gave me the worst headache.
Paige Wells (3 years ago)
Really I love Channel's colognes, I guess it all depends on the person. 
Unibrowpopcorn (3 years ago)
lol that's unfortunate
Alex Jasso (3 years ago)
Is that why whenever your armpits stink and in an attempt to cover up the smell, you drench them in deo, and makes them smell even worse.
emilyshmelimy (3 years ago)
I've never done that
purplepurrs (3 years ago)
Yeah seriously if you smell that bad you probably need a shower!
Jeff Liggett (3 years ago)
It all stinks!
Lars Haugen (3 years ago)
I wear womens deodorant because i don't like how the male counterpart smells, am i wierd?
Jorge Cool (4 months ago)
I started using women’s desodorante too because I felt like the ones for men were to strong and I hated that it left a ugly odor at the end of the day
Siberius Wolf (3 years ago)
Well.. women can wear men's sprays if they want.. they have more social freedom in that way.. the same as they can wear guys clothes.. so I donno how much of a help their comments are.. I think if it's a girly flowery smell.. then people will raise an eyebrow if they smell it and know it's you.. anything sweet and flowery and the such.. if you're okay with that then it's fine... but also remember the longer you wear it.. the more it tones down and becomes more earthy and mellows out.. and being a male it should have an even better effect with that.. buttt I think your best option is to go with a somewhat gender neutral one or a mens one that isn't as strong.. and don't wear much of it.. Also another option is a deodorant crystal, it kills the smell and it's just a crystal thing.. wet it and put it on lol, no chemicals or anything.. 100% the crystal material itself.
Jennifer Huitzil (3 years ago)
+Risa Fyosse So my favorite fragrance is Lauren by Ralph Lauren, it's marketed as a women's fragrance. However it turns out that my dad was "borrowing" it thinking it was my brother's and my brother was doing the same thinking it was my dad's. They went through half my bottle before I told them it was mine and my brother actually went and bought his own. I remember reading a review of the Lauren once with a woman describing it as "the signature scent of preppy girls I went to high school with". Basically fragrance genders are arbitrary and make no real sense to anyone.
Risa (3 years ago)
I'm female and I have no qualms with wearing cologne! (Like, whenever I can liberate a bottle from my brother. Haha.) I always thought perfume and cologne scents should have been switched anyway and knowing that perfumes were gender neutral in the beginning really helped. I see nothing wrong with wearing a scent you like regardless of gender. I mean, it's just a scent.
Jennifer Huitzil (3 years ago)
Nah you're not. Before I switched to unscented I wore men's deodorant for a long time because I'm not into my pits smelling like fruit or flowers or baby powder, it's gross to me.

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