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Should Vegans Take B12 Supplements?

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A look at the only essential nutrient not present in the modern vegan diet: B12. Is it a good idea to supplement? Could a vegan get enough B12 in nature? Links and Sources: Facebook.com/micthevegan Twitter.com/micthevegan Instagram.com/micthevegan CDC Deficiency Report: http://www.cdc.gov/nutritionreport/pdf/4Page_%202nd%20Nutrition%20Report_508_032912.pdf, 96% of US Fails Fiber: http://www.ars.usda.gov/SP2UserFiles/Place/80400530/pdf/0102/usualintaketables2001-02.pdf Low Fiber Diseases: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/carbohydrates/fiber B12 Deficiencies US: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/89/2/693S.full 90% of B12 for Livestock: http://baltimorepostexaminer.com/carnivores-need-vitamin-b12-supplements/2013/10/30#sthash.RerFgkfc.dpuf B12 on Vegetables with Manure: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF00007957 0.1-0.5 mg/liter B12 Pond Water: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2482180?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents Tarahumara Study: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/32/4/905.full.pdf B12 Microbes in Small Intestines: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v283/n5749/abs/283781a0.html
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Text Comments (1326)
Nachtfalter (17 days ago)
Wait, if it may be possible that humans produce their own b12 and absorb it, couldn't some animals do the same so their meat would have b12 too? No argument against veganism though, still the best way to go ~
Rytis Liobikas (1 month ago)
What about Raw-vegan?
Rytis Liobikas (1 month ago)
What about water from washbasin?
Russell Booth (1 month ago)
When I go 100% vegan, I know that I can get my daily dosage from the soy milk which has 0.8 micrograms of B12 per 250 mLs so the fact that I consume about 1 litre of the milk means that I get 3.2 micrograms from the milk per day. I know that Yovana Mendoza has a soy free diet rather opting for almond milk but the soy based foods & products have the B12 vitamin which is needed in them as well. The bacterial sorts of foods which contain vitamin B12 are the likes of nutritional yeast.
Ashwin Rawat (1 month ago)
Grow your own organic food, the time you spend farming, even if its a small backyard farm, will give you enough b12. Imho.
CJ B (1 month ago)
I wouldn't say it's a flaw of veganism... but I still prefer my vitamins and minerals to come from natural sources. Any options for thst?
Virginia Feu Rosa (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Dweller in Black (2 months ago)
I just eat dirt.
outside tesseract (2 months ago)
Just eat humanly harvested eggs and milk instead of injecting this crap into your body.
Maggie Yescombe (2 months ago)
What about fermented foods? They use bacteria to make, so do they make B12 as a bioprocess? (If so, then wouldn't need pond water or supplements: I make my own fermented foods but I'm also still taking supplements till I hear some science on this.)
Nonoctoro (3 months ago)
No, so they died. Happy End
Emma T (3 months ago)
When I take B12 I get anal irritation which is a sign of parasites. I know B vitamins feed parasites so I guess I need a parasite cleanse.
Sang IN Park (4 months ago)
Thank you for captioning this vid. Your voice is too fast to understand perfectly for a foreigner. Yeah I should study english more.
Normieal (4 months ago)
Untreated water has lots of other goodies as well as B12.
Rick Varnum (4 months ago)
Cyanocobalamin is researched more because it's not natural. It's a synthetic created in a laboratory (GARABAGE). If you're only going to take one B 12, I take Methylcobalamin. Adenosylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin also have their uses, but the searching that I've done shows the Methyl is more readily available. Be careful of all the other garbage in the pill. I use "Source Of Life Garden" it's vegan friendly.
Fillip Baumberger (4 months ago)
i have never taken b12, its just marketing.
baller skater (4 months ago)
Awesome thanks!
Sergio Franco (5 months ago)
If daily intake recommended for b12 is around 2.4 mcg why are there products of 1500 mcg b12 that say take one daily?
Moisés G.M. (5 months ago)
Nearly all those who suffer from B12 vitamin deficency are omnivores, then how can they suffer such deficency if they eat a lof of animal products ? Well, because the deficiency in question is caused by a bad absorption of B12 vitamin, a bad absorption caused in turn by a digestive atrophy or a lack of intrinsic factor production. In short, B12 vitamin deficiency is caused by a poor health, which is in turn caused by a bad diet, specially rich in animal products and lacking raw foods like vegetables, fruits and seeds. So no healthy vegan needs B 12 suplements if his diet is correct.
Sophia's violín (5 months ago)
Hello Mic. thank you for the video, good information! I wanted to ask you if you have a specific brand of b12, there are too many, I don't know wich one to buy! help please!
Ruthywoothy S (5 months ago)
B12 is just a microbe bacteria, its natures supplement...so what the heck, ill take it in pill form rather than eat a rotting corpse.
Experience True Self (5 months ago)
Great work Mic. Thanks so much for your great research and information. xo
contingent exe (5 months ago)
Can i drink a red bull to suppliment?
inchekwa 0509 (6 months ago)
Am i good if im taking vit b complex capsules?
LietuvaLietuviams1 (6 months ago)
Mic! i read that barley grass contains all the b12 you need. you havent mentioned it at all. if true why supplement?
ghost fields (6 months ago)
So should I eat dirt ? I take b12 but if I can get it from dirt should I? I'm not opposed
Is 1000mcg daily too much? A reputable brand locally only has this one type. Read from somewhere side effects of too much B12, including harming the kidney.
Pedro Hack (6 months ago)
hhancp take it twice per week
Sk1son/FPVillain (6 months ago)
Henry Carvalho (6 months ago)
Chlorella = b12
Henry Carvalho (6 months ago)
Simon Naylor (6 months ago)
Where does the B12 in the supplements come from? How is it harvested?
Pedro Hack (6 months ago)
Simon Naylor There is synthetic b12 and a type that is made using bacterial culture
peacerra (6 months ago)
Hi Mic , i know you are doing great with your videos , but you gotta def make better research before you recommend people buy any pills ! Sauerkraut is a total natural B12 boost !
Sara N (6 months ago)
I thought humans couldnt extract B12 from the soil anyway, because we dont have the bacterias in our stomach to process it as for example cows.
Carl Cosby (6 months ago)
I’ve seen that Methyl B12 is the best to source?
R. m (7 months ago)
Excellent video. Thanks!
beppegoals (7 months ago)
Don't forget that to produce B12 you need cobalt. Without that, you can have the most powerful gut bacteria, but there is no way you can produce B12.
Fusion (7 months ago)
hey, what is this "adventist" thing he keeps mentioning in several videos? I googled it and i don't think google and him are talking about the same thing...
V for Vegan (7 months ago)
Fusion good luck then! No vegan cream options there? Do you know the app happycow? Shows you vegan/vegetarian restaurants around you and shops as well. Maybe give that a try.
Fusion (7 months ago)
yeah, I'm trying to make that shift right now. Just today I planned out some things to cook and went shopping. Problem is, being vegetarian is really difficult in China, where I'm working these days. They don't really understand the concept... so I'll try this week just eating the things I cook and not eating out. There are some things I don't know how to change, though, like coffee creamer, and I don't think I'll be baking my own bread for the sake of avoiding eggs. We'll see how this goes...
V for Vegan (7 months ago)
haha that's true. To be honest the argument to go vegan for health is in my opinion still quite weak, I went vegan for environmental reasons and the ethics of it are also extremely convincing. Good health is like the bonus. Ever planning on shifting more plant based or happy as is?
Fusion (7 months ago)
haha, i love how everyone is like, "here, have a study" - no sarcasm at all, this is a good thing. Thanks for your reply, I read it and it's one more piece of persuasion to fully go vegan, though tbh the study wasn't as conclusive as I hoped. Right now, i'm a guilty semi-vegetarian, occasionally bending on meat for convenience.
V for Vegan (7 months ago)
Fusion the seventh day Adventists it's a religious group that has a vegetarian diet. Here a study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4191896/
tfizzle1235 (7 months ago)
Or you should get your b12 level checked
miamar (7 months ago)
I'm vegetarian, should I take b12 supplement
Hugh Mungus (6 months ago)
you young af.Start eating meat.be raw vegan after puberty at least.You're in a crucial age for development
Jay C (7 months ago)
No human can use vitamin B12 produce in their own gut. Vitamin B12 is produced below the ileum. Therefore it cannot be absorbed into your body.
Finally, a very informative video, thanks! All those meat lovers must be scratching their head lol
Olrac Sobi (8 months ago)
I eat an apple a day on average and never wash them (admittedly most of the times they are organic). Also, I don't wash my salads that accurately and, of course, I NEVER wash rice, lentils or beans before cooking them
Guigui (8 months ago)
6:05 It is! When I started to take B12 I was a vegetarian for a few years and vegan fit a year, and concerned I could have a big B12 deficiency. So I did a starting cure of massive doses of B12 to be sure my B12 level gets high enough, before I take normal doses. And after this cure I got a big acnea episode. That was the first time I had so much since I was teenager. It went away after a few weeks though.
ARMED DEFENSE (8 months ago)
I wish someone would do dental work on you with a house brick.
ARMED DEFENSE (8 months ago)
Ah so you admit that a bullshit vegan diet does not have B12
James Scherr (8 months ago)
Thank you Mic!
Jazmine DuPree (8 months ago)
There is one vegan natural b12 source I found. Seaweed sheets. The kind used to wrap sushi.
Ana Rodrigues (8 months ago)
Is spirulina a good enough source of B12?
Amber C (8 months ago)
Can u do a vid about nutrition yeast? Can we use that instead of supplement?
Gavin Matthews (8 months ago)
I would never drink from the yara river it's highly polluted!
KPB (8 months ago)
Gotta love this. The question-Is it difficult for Vegans to get B12? The answer-well, you don't get this, and that, and that, and this.....Typical fucking Vegans. Morality at the Mouth alone. Your identity and lives, pinned on what you eat, or choose not to eat. But never mind the Leather Shoes, leather car seats, that new leather belt, the fossil fuels you use on a daily basis. Truth is something you cannot stomach.
Miggsie (8 months ago)
No, they shouldn't supplement with B12, they should live by their 'humans are herbivore' philosophy, anything else is pure hypocrisy.
Noel Uchendu (4 months ago)
dont think you paid attention
Florencia Ferlido (8 months ago)
Hi, im sorry but i dont understand something. If we are all supposed to be vegan, why do we need supplements? I am vegan and this topic worries me, i feel like non vegans could use this as an excuse or something, i mean if they asked me that i wouldnt know what to answer
arti (8 months ago)
As a vegan i must say that this video opened my eyes.. Very underrated video. Everybody should have seen that
Lucretia Harris (8 months ago)
you're so smart I am not getting it , where can I get a good b12 supplement that will absolutely absorb, I can't do the drops, I had thyroid surgery so I need a pill that works, thank you,
JoLynKell California (8 months ago)
How do you call a diet you have to supplement healthy?
Falon Hyde (8 months ago)
Mic, I enjoy watching your videos. I need you to make a video about cyanocobalamin vs methylcobalamin. I've watched so many videos from both ends and it's confusing and I should know who to believe. Thanks.
Satsuma (8 months ago)
Man, I wanna download all your videos and make a collection ^^ (which should be shown in public schools :D)
Queen Kuntress (9 months ago)
Your spewing out wrong information. I suggest you read up an non bias report.
Alonzo Lopez (9 months ago)
B12 helped me. I take 250mcg a day which may be bit much but i feel much better now. I like lifting a lot and i noticed that it helped me out. Still vegan and i laugh at how people try to use this as an argument against veganism
Hans Killuminati (9 months ago)
Dr. Micheal Greger says 1x 2500 microgram a WEEK.
Michelle Topham (9 months ago)
Don't take a B-12 supplement, never needed to. If you drink things like soy milk fortified with B-12, you get all the vitamin you need.
Ekata Satya (9 months ago)
I very much appreciate Your educational effort, Mike, and would like to share two links to take to consideration. https://academic.oup.com/dnaresearch/article/15/3/151/464397 , about B12 produced by Lactobacillus fermentum ( in sauerkraft) and https://www.ncbi.nlm.gov/pubmed/12533125 about conflict of interests in biomedical research widespread (69%)...../ I dont know how to spot this in any particular study, e.g. how to find a sponsoring info in publication papers , I'm just a beginner/.
Ryan M (9 months ago)
Hi Mic, really enjoy your video's. I've only been Vegan for about 3 months but just before I went vegan I was injecting Hydroxocobalamin b12 subcutaneous, about 1000mcg every week. I developed horrific acne on my back, stomach, shoulders , arms, none on my face surprisingly. I stopped the b12 after I put 2+2 together and the ance started to subside. All this is anecdotal but I have no doubt in my mind the b12 was too blame. What I will be doing now is getting my levels tested before supplementing with b12 again which I should have done to begin with.
Outrageous Flavour (9 months ago)
I was b12 deficient when I was eating meat, so that's not even a foolproof way to get b12 lol. Since being vegan my levels are great (because I supplement). Supplementing is easy and cheap and well worth the effort, seriously brain and nerve issues are nothing to shrug off.
Ariel Hall (9 months ago)
Awesome video! But cyanocobalamin: NOOOOOOO!!! Please dont take that. Take methyl. Cyano is the most popular one because it's the cheapest to make, not because it's healthy. It has freaking cyanide in it. Duh.Methyl B12 is much more easily absorbed by the body.
BetterYouBetterWorld V (9 months ago)
Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike you say b12 is in nature but i live in nature and where is it? cause its not natural to drink dirty water or munch on insects i dont get it.. you need to tell me lol im not eating unwashed anything cause im not a fucking eedyat and possums cum over everything lol is there b12 in rain water or clean water cause we dont all live on a river.. help an earthling out lol, WE NEED MORE B12 RESEARCH UP IN THIS BITCH, im not fuckin with the lung cancer risks from tablets theres enough in the crap i eat
caupoli (9 months ago)
Hi Mic, what about spirulin b12 and eating sprouts?
Nehul Jain (9 months ago)
Do I need a priscription for vitamin b12 supplement? Should I be getting one if I am thinking of supplementing?
NoExitLoveNow (10 months ago)
Yes. Yes they should.
Phailyour (10 months ago)
Doesn't nutritional yeast have b12?
SpiralShinigami (10 months ago)
What are your thoughts on this conference about B12? https://youtu.be/5ibPqDPEF4U
MrKomodo96 (10 months ago)
So 100 MCG b12 tablets is sufficient?I've been taking 500mcg for 6 days.I didn't want to be dependent on that dose anymore so I'm buy the lesser 100mcg. I'm learning about veganism and mistakenly thought 100 MCG was too small but I guess it's not after all.
jim stoecker (10 months ago)
I eat a lot of mushrooms, they are often grown on compost, so do mushrooms have B12?
Hans Killuminati (10 months ago)
A new study says that everthing over 55 micrograms per day is linked to increased lung cancer... Is that true?
Justin Case (10 months ago)
mmmm now I'm thirsty for a "pond water" smoothie =)
Fred Mendelson (10 months ago)
Any info,or comment, from you regarding methylcobol 50 and folic acid as supplements to vegetarian/vegan diet and possible cause of lung cancer ?
Elaine Fleureton (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Fabian Prado M (11 months ago)
Ok I'd like to tell you the story of a friend of my mother, she was around 55 years old, been vegan since lots of years, took the B12 supplement and one day, she began to have organs failing because of too much B12 (sorry but don't remember how the organ is called in english) and her body couldn't process it anymore so she had severe dementia issues and mental problems. I mean, this is a real case. When my mother found out that I wanted to be began she went TOTALLY BANANAS about it, she didn't like it at all. Forced me to eat meat. What do you think of this case? How much B12 should I have a day if I want to be vegan? Please help. Love your channel!
Jerry Perry (11 months ago)
Untreated water doesn't exist if you live in a rural area like most of us. All the chemicals and manure from the fields end up in the streams. We live in a poisoned world.
v (11 months ago)
I just started taking iron pills because the last time I tried to donate blood I couldn’t! So hopefully that helps me out and I will definitely take B12 soon... I never wanted to because I thought, “I’m not going to be a stereotype” and I saw it as defeat... But fuck that! This video makes perfect sense and no shame in my vegan game. 😎
Jerry Perry (11 months ago)
I hope it was recommended by a doctor because you have iron deficiency. Common among women but men usually don't have it. If you use an iron pan you will get a little iron from that. C-vitamin binds iron.
Barry Anderson (11 months ago)
People living in the 5 Blue Zones noted for longevity in good health with happiness do not take supplements and they do not have B-12 deficiencies like in the USA. Their diets are a 95 Plant mostlly raw and a 5 percent organic animal grass fed open range and organic fermented raw milk kefir products loaded with B-12 . Thank You Holistic Chef Barry Anderson Visit www.bluezones.com
wm 117 (11 months ago)
How do you explain so many vegans giving up on eating this way only.
wm 117 (11 months ago)
kvtassel (11 months ago)
Dr. Brian Clement did a teaching:  The Appendix use to be much bigger a few generations ago.  B12 was cultivated there for the small intestine to absorb further down.
A Life Long Walk (11 months ago)
I've said this before but you break everything down soooo perfectly!
Knowledge Seeker (11 months ago)
You are THE BEST vegan insight provider on YouTube!!!!!!!!!!!
toomy1995 (11 months ago)
Fullyraw kristina said that she takes a b12 supplement
Kirt Kirt (11 months ago)
treated water has hugely increased human life expectancy, B12 pills are way better than drinking filth
Kirt Kirt (11 months ago)
imho vegetables covered in shit are no more vegan than vegetables covered in cheese
Fat Boy (11 months ago)
This is going to be an uneducated question for sure but you always hear vegans always deficient in B12 gotta eat meat, how dangerous is being deficient in B12? What are the potential short and long term effects with being deficient?
Sophia Alina (11 months ago)
I am so thankful for the supplements.
Orlando (1 year ago)
Why do I have the feeling that you are in love with Christina?
Jose Caballero (1 year ago)
What about b12 vape pens
Duchess 19 (1 year ago)
I have a 500mcg supplement. It's the lowest I could find. When should I periodically take the supplement? Because that sure is a lot more than 2.5mcg daily value
chill out (1 year ago)
Thanks 💜
Neophyte (1 year ago)
the problem with the whole "take the supplement just to be safe" argument is that you'd have to apply it to every crackpot theory out there on what your body supposedly needs to reach healthy homeostasis. My cupboard is piling up with pill bottles at this rate. Also, supplements always come at a risk of being contaminated.
Deepkiran Kaur (1 year ago)
What about side effects of cyanide in cyanocobalmin? Isn't methylocobalmin better? that's what Dr. John Mcdougall recommends too
Tara Morell (1 year ago)
Thanks for your content. I am learning from you. However, why do you always bash meaters whenever you speak about vegan nutrition. Seems so defensive. Again, thanks.
Austin (1 year ago)
Very interesting, but quoting 'IQ' studies is pointless. The test itself is meaningless, and has its origins in racist ideology and vulgar econometrics: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2009/nov/12/race-intelligence-iq-science http://www.skepticreport.com/sr/?p=369

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