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Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow on Terrifying Musical Boot Camp For Pitch Perfect

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Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow play members of an all-female a capella group in the upcoming Pitch Perfect, and while both actresses had solid voices to begin with, they were still put through the paces as they prepped to play competitive singers. We caught up with Anna and Brittany at a recent press day for the movie to hear about the musical boot camp they and their costars were put through and why shooting the comedy sometimes made them feel like they were away at college. Check out our interview, and catch Pitch Perfect in theaters everywhere on Oct. 5. Subscribe to PopSugarTV! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugartv Visit our website for more celebrity and entertainment news! http://www.popsugar.com Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/PopSugar Get the latest updates via Twitter! https://twitter.com/#!/popsugar
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Text Comments (205)
grldn zaid (5 months ago)
this is so real
Ty Nguyen (9 months ago)
3:16-3:28 Brittany is in awe staring at Kendrick talking XD
Erin McGrady (1 year ago)
The tailgating part was really confusing for me (but I got the gist of it) because in the UK tailgating is illegal, it's when you drive too close to someone. Haha I was there for like 15 minutes trying to figure out what it was lmao
Áron Nemcsik (1 year ago)
Why Am I thinking that when Anna watching Brittany she imagening her naked. Becaouse lets be honest Anna memorized her all the way(pun intended)
Millenatv (1 year ago)
1:51 "that's not true" "that's true" LOL they're so cute i can't even
natalia paredes (1 year ago)
I love how brittany was like: "thats not true.."
WolfieeWolff PackDays (1 year ago)
Millie Andrews (1 year ago)
'You would have made a really funny Stacie' translation: I wish you were Stacie bc Stacie is seductive half the time and Sendrick is real😂
Madeline McCullough (1 year ago)
That girl who plays Chloe is the girl from hairspray
Mia Watson (1 year ago)
Madeline McCullough yeah
Eleanor Chapman (2 years ago)
Anna kendrick is my favourite singer and actor and dancer in the world I couldn't find anyone better I absolutely love the pitch perfect films more than anything else
cara r.a (2 years ago)
For sure Anna
Beatriz Oliveira (2 years ago)
why i ship them so hard
Millie Andrews (1 year ago)
Beatriz Oliveira bc Anna and Brittany are amazing
TheJennyShow (2 years ago)
Where are u bechole sendrick fans
Accailia (10 months ago)
TheJennyShow 🙋
Tyler Posey (10 months ago)
Camrentooreal cam (1 year ago)
TheJennyShow Here!!
laura (2 years ago)
+Jennifer Fallah here!
Mathilda L (2 years ago)
I'm here!!!
Olivia Miliann (2 years ago)
Funny! ;) LOL!
Sophovot (3 years ago)
god she's so ditzy, i love it
radcoppartner (3 years ago)
i really love them and adore them <3 once i get throught the music industry or something im going to meet them and be their best friends (that is my goal, do not judge me XD) i think they're adorable and i love everyone in pitch perfect and 2 (like in both of them and maybe the ones to come) i just wanna hang out with them and like have sleepovers with them <3 please tell me im not the only one?
radcoppartner (3 years ago)
true that
Chloe Horton (3 years ago)
+radcoppartner personally don't judge but my favourite character has to be the one haileey plays in the second one but my favourite person from both is fat amy Rebel makes a amazing fat amy her being a comedian really i think helps her with the roll with fat amy
wxx (3 years ago)
I really love how Anna 'messes up' Brittany! Constantly making the serious-brittany-during-interviews disappear :P
heavenlygal101 (3 years ago)
I've been a fan of Brittany Snow, since the TV show American Dreams first aired.
Chelsea Graham (3 years ago)
oh chloe , its just god punnishing you because your a ginger!
BexyMay (5 months ago)
Yep and Kelley (but I was going On what they said) they didn’t mention Kelley.. THEY HAVE LITERALLY BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME though! How rude of them not to mention Kelley too..
Gabby Whyte (7 months ago)
BexyMay and Kelley
BexyMay (9 months ago)
Well she died it so she could stand out from the others as Rebel and Anna camp are blonde :)
BexyMay (9 months ago)
Zechariah Cameron Blonde is Britts natural hair colour but she had to die it ginger for Chloe :)
Marty Jones (10 months ago)
Idk why people dye their hair. Ik many will get mad at what I say, but there's no need for it.
Aljoy Udarbe (3 years ago)
Been loving Brittany Snow since the Hairsprays :)
The Deathly Hallows (3 years ago)
I will always stand by my view that she is gorgeous ginger and she looks strange blonde...
JessieMCXB Ford (4 years ago)
Brittany snow is so pretty I wish I could meet her
Heather Henry (4 years ago)
Marty Jones (10 months ago)
Everyone looks better when they don't dye their hair
crazy_ji (3 years ago)
^shes naturally blonde
JessieMCXB Ford (4 years ago)
No she's naturally ginger
Alphonse Al (4 years ago)
She's actually a blonde.  Surprise. Though, she does look good as a ginger.
Sparkly _Blue_Galaxy (5 years ago)
We are frends rite
jeevanthi Dahanayaka (5 years ago)
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Hannah Polk (5 years ago)
I wish Brittany snow and anna kendrik were in more movies there fantastical
Kelsey Geary (5 years ago)
Namine, Amber who isnt this girl?
Karley burton (5 years ago)
Guys, Britt didn't dye her hair for the movie the director didnt ask her she did it so her character would stand out from Anna Camp, and Rebel Wilson's character considering they are blonde
Gabby Whyte (7 months ago)
Karley burton and kelley
Marty Jones (10 months ago)
Karley burton I wish that no one would dye their hair. We all look better how we naturally are.
MeganRebecca27 (5 years ago)
Who doesnt have a toner for Jesse?
Frederik Jul Nielsen (5 years ago)
brittany looks much better with red hair
Clace830 (5 years ago)
Naminé :)
CaptainKnight22 (5 years ago)
How can Brittany Snow be a "shy Stacie" but be in that shower scene with Anna Kendrick and not have it be awkward
Edward Jermendi (5 years ago)
omfg i love chloe sheis so cool
Bailey Morris (5 years ago)
why would she be she was just makin eye contat thts wat normal ppl do
I Am Squidzy (5 years ago)
Juliana Dorr (5 years ago)
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ticforlove (5 years ago)
Brittany is naturally blonde, she dyed it red for the movie and now dyed it back to it's original color
Martin M (5 years ago)
much better
Missy Doodles (5 years ago)
anyone else think brittany looked better red? just my opinion
ItsMeBrielle98 (5 years ago)
@LolaAnn Brittany Snow is naturally a blonde I've seen her in movies before
Lola Ann (5 years ago)
no she died it blonde after im pretty sure because if she had died it red it wouldnt have looked that grreat and natural her eyebrows are also red
Sian (7 months ago)
Lola Ann she's dyed it for the movie, she's blonde naturally
Laia Subirat Bonals (5 years ago)
I love that movie, I whached 2 times and I'm going to watch a lot more times!
AESub (5 years ago)
"Lez" hear more about these two!
milesandemilyrock (5 years ago)
Their knees are SOO SHINY!!
Jess (5 years ago)
Brittany Snow is a natural blonde, has no one seen John Tucker must die......
Kristelle Baluyot (5 years ago)
Brittany looks so pretty in red hair ...
carin herven (5 years ago)
Haha she should have orange(red?) hair irl, it is SO much cuter..
Rahil (5 years ago)
brittany is a natural blonde guys
Casey Gagnon (5 years ago)
Is Chloe a ginger or a blonde
chonisblossom (1 year ago)
Casey Gagnon Chloe is a ginger but Brittany Snow (who plays Chloe) is a natural blonde
Laila Chung (5 years ago)
Thumbs up if ur number one dream is to meet the Pitch Perfect crew.I know mine is
BexyMay (9 months ago)
4 years later and I’m still watching these my absolute dream is to meet the cast it would mean the world to me.... but doubt it will happen 😭
Laila Chung (5 years ago)
Brittany looks better with the reddish brown hair. But she is stil beautiful as always!
Kenzie Fawn (5 years ago)
Brittany looks better red
melanie riopel (5 years ago)
anna kendrick played the favorite role but I like more brittany snow
Phoebe Miles (5 years ago)
you could have say it too if someone else played "Becca" role. you're just saying it now coz you already seen her in it.
Monica Chang (5 years ago)
I wish she said I wanna...finger a minor right now!
Ruby Jayne (5 years ago)
I love her hair!!
beatrix flournoy (5 years ago)
she looks pretty with both colors of hair!
Hannah Holt (5 years ago)
I definitley prefer her hair in the movie! :-)
Maddie Latour (5 years ago)
Justin Davenport (5 years ago)
Most of the movie was filmed on LSU campus.
catherine ward (5 years ago)
It is great. I love it
Angela (5 years ago)
1:11 <3
Tommy Murray (5 years ago)
very bad put together
Nicholas S (5 years ago)
In my opinion, she was the most beautiful.
Alex Papasozomenos (5 years ago)
She removed her nodes.. so courageous!
laurengrimes (5 years ago)
Anna has a toner for Brittany;-)
CimorelliAwesomeBand (5 years ago)
Brittany is Amber in Hairspray
GodsAura (5 years ago)
Was she? Hm... never saw the actual movies, but interesting, and I concur
GodsAura (5 years ago)
Dude, it was Kristen Stewart, that's how she's famous
Sara Hetherington (5 years ago)
no she isn't...
adventrix (5 years ago)
Cute ending. Aww
Ene Kern (5 years ago)
this is just GOLD
janis alex (5 years ago)
brittany always l00ks h0t red 0r bl0nde<333
Maja .Jönsson (5 years ago)
Brittany reminds me of Drew Barrymore a little
Fatima Disomimba (5 years ago)
She was really blonde. But I like her more as a redhead.
Julia Schorr (5 years ago)
why cardio
Madi Feder (5 years ago)
At the very end shes able to talk so fast while reading the email from her mom because she had to learn how to like talk really fast in her debate movie Rocket Science
0o0JesusCakes0o0 (5 years ago)
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ally kim (5 years ago)
she was originally blonde when she started acting if i'm not mistake.
Ashley Guinn (5 years ago)
The end with Anna getting the text from her mom was the best!
Falcon Windblade (5 years ago)
At the very least, she's the ONLY one in the cast who could do the singing-with-a-cup thing... heck, she was made to put it in the movie cuz she knew how to do it in the first place...
BexyMay (9 months ago)
Actually they were originally going to get Kendrick to sing I’m a little teapot but then when the crew heard that she could do the cups then they changed the audition song to cups because they wanted it somewhere in the movie 😀
Mitra Tabandeh (5 years ago)
why did she go blonde ??? nooooo
BexyMay (9 months ago)
It’s her natural hair colour
Jovane Jr Mateo (5 years ago)
I'll say this now, I never watched twilight. Closest I was to it was when I watched the parody movie. So I don't care anymore -_-"
BexyMay (9 months ago)
Tbh nor have I...
Jovane Jr Mateo (5 years ago)
Either way,it's not like her birthday was the next day or week...
greengem000 (5 years ago)
Except that's not the tailgating anna & brittany are referring to.They were referring to tailgate party..meaning, a social event held on or around the tailgate of a vehicle often involving consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages and grilled food.In schools tailgate parties are held in arenas and stadiums..and yes,parking lots..
QVXO (5 years ago)
so... was she actually a DJ or not? They never mentioned that
Jovane Jr Mateo (5 years ago)
No read it properly "Definitley pulled of a 16 year old" meaning she played as a 16 year old in twilight "...being 27 or so at the time" there he said she's 27.
Jovane Jr Mateo (5 years ago)
That's what he said
Jovane Jr Mateo (5 years ago)
Anna Kendrick
GodsAura (5 years ago)
who in twilight?
jacob mcmiller (5 years ago)
redheaded or not.... she still can get it
janis alex (5 years ago)
brittany l00ks h0t b0th ways
ThatOneSiKNinja (5 years ago)
Anna Kendrick played the part perfect and I don't think anyone could have played her part as good as she did.
Chloe K (5 years ago)
I think she was referring more towards the comedic side of musicals, although Glee would fall into the category...
Chloe K (5 years ago)
Definitley pulled of a 16 year old in Twilight being 27 or so at the time no prob!!
Chloe K (5 years ago)
It's also when a bunch of trucks park out in the bush or wherever, let down the tailgates for seats and just have a time :)
Chloe K (5 years ago)
the fact that actors/actress’ always have beautiful complexions (even without Photoshop) and also can sing, maybe not as amazingly as Jennifer Hudson etc. But can hold tunes and be cast in musicals makes me a bit envious as all I want to do is be able to sing my kids lullabies. I don’t want to go on American Idol, just bless them with the beauty of the voice....Anna and Brittany are insirational!!
lidyamarshella (5 years ago)
brittany look like jlo in red hair
Scarlett Turner (5 years ago)
1:18 her lip ops out
kayla barron (5 years ago)
they are!

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