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When did thin become in?

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A skinny history of the "thin ideal" in American culture. Share this on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/VrALZX Share this on Twitter: http://ctt.ec/PMj2h Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1l8JXv3 On the web: http://www.stuffmomnevertoldyou.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/momstuffpodcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StuffMomNeverToldYou Google+: http://bit.ly/1kNchOQ Tumblr: http://stuffmomnevertoldyou.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/stuffmomnevertoldyou# Join Cristen to get down to the business of being a woman and all the Stuff Mom Never Told You about bodies, boys and the female brain.
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scott b (6 months ago)
The binge watching of you content was great but work is coming. yuck got to go to bed Some girls look good and are bigger. some skinny girls look good some don't
Horny Pervert (8 months ago)
Barbie is not unrealistic. There are actual anorectic people.
Zelda 194 (11 months ago)
I thought thicc was in now?
Matthew Wooding (1 year ago)
thin's looking a lot like the 1800s these days with every woman trying to get a big ass with their slim frame
peter tuann (1 year ago)
you are correct, but you miss the evolutionary attraction men have for slim women, slim makes you look young, because young females are slim, we all get heavier as we get older. Yes, society and class, but also plain old evolutionary biology
Batrax (1 year ago)
The idea of beauty is health. Once, curvy women were healthier, now thinner women are healthier. Attractiveness criteria shift following ideal health conditions and evolutionary adaptation.
PrincessKLS (1 year ago)
My body imagine was affected by the 90s/2000s waif look
Doapsique Gaming (1 year ago)
There has to be something more unattractive then a flapper dress, but I can't think of it.
Batrax (1 year ago)
Covering yourself in a meat dress?
jsbrads1 (1 year ago)
I never was attracted to thin. Not fat either. Medium, curvy etc
April Locke (1 year ago)
jsbrads1, which is a slightly modified thinness ideal
Labo Leta (1 year ago)
Too complex. The simplest explanation is that young women have a better chance of raising man's child to adulthood, so man are genetically attracted to young women, which are thinner than older ones. Thin means young, fertile, non competence from another man's children, and the best chance to spread your genes. It has nothing to do with fashion, history, and cannot be removed from man's brains.
bitch 666 (1 year ago)
^thats kinda partially bc a lot of people did not have the money to be eating a lot of food so being bigger meant you ate a lot which meant you could afford to eat a lot of food (But seriously if you're not dangerously thin or so fat you are at risk for heart disease and things like that then someone will probably find you attractive because humans are attracted to healthy humans)
Labo Leta (1 year ago)
+trafo60 Learn something about probability. Then ask again.
trafo60 (1 year ago)
+Labo Leta You said the reason men like skinny women is because being skinny signals youth, and men are instictively attracted to younger women. If that's so, how does your explanation account for the various cultures throughout history where skinny was not ideal?
Labo Leta (1 year ago)
+trafo60 Buy a brain. I said that being skinny is not the point.
trafo60 (1 year ago)
Nope. The skinny ideal as we have it today is the historical exception. Throughout most of history, somewhat curvy women were seen as the most attractive. The fact that the general beauty standard in Western countries today is different, then, requires an explanation other than simple biology.
you (1 year ago)
fat is bad because it's unhealthy.
MissMiserize (1 year ago)
the cowzone Fat is better than carbs.
Michael (2 years ago)
Yes, a century ago "fat" meant better, wealth & high-quality. Interestingly, beautiful women 50 years ago will be "too fat" today, despite there's more obesity or overweight people in the US. I don't like body-shaming in both sexes & body types, esp I'm thin or small-boned, 5'9" (short?), 180 lb (small?), white/Native American (half-French) & US American male. +
Raye J (1 year ago)
Hi Mynameis Not exactly true. Sizes have slowly shifted to become smaller. In today's sizes, Marilyn Monroe would be a size 12 which many women feel is "too big." If it was good enough for Marilyn, it is damn well good enough for me
Hi Mynameis (2 years ago)
"beautiful women 50 years ago will be "too fat" today" I don't think so, as the video explained thin being in is much older than 50 years. As an example this is some playboy playmates from the 1950's, women from more than 50 years ago considered beautiful enough to be in the premier magazine for men to perv(I didn't include topless ones, they're SFW ones only): https://images.contentbody.com/1GIsYadhjOcWYumkum8gwc/embeds/4/w900_h720 https://images.contentbody.com/1GIsYadhjOcWYumkum8gwc/embeds/6/w900_h720 https://images.contentbody.com/1GIsYadhjOcWYumkum8gwc/embeds/10/w900_h720 https://images.contentbody.com/1GIsYadhjOcWYumkum8gwc/embeds/14/w900_h720 https://images.contentbody.com/1GIsYadhjOcWYumkum8gwc/embeds/17/w900_h720 Update the fashion/hair and any of these women would look perfectly suited to playboy in 2016. Excluding the worst of the industry such as Victoria's secret and other such stupid fashion corporation that put ridiculous stress on their models (And also do not represent the standard of beauty) every one of the women in thoe images has a body that would be considered beautiful by today's standard. The full gallery that is NSFW for those that don't mind a bit of skin/toplessness: http://www.playboy.com/galleries/50-playmates-from-the-50s/slide-1 I think you'll find the common belief that fatter was in so short a time ago is not so true, it was just less frowned upon.
owlnemo (2 years ago)
Actually, this "being thin is best" thing in the Western culture started earlier than Victorian times, during the Middle Ages, then disappeared for some time. In the Middle Ages, it was a symbol of moderation, modesty and purity. Narrow hips and small breasts were also "in". In the 20s, being thin with small breasts had a different meaning altogether. Combined with very short haircuts, loose clothing and traditionally male habits (such as smoking), the idea behind it was the liberation from stereotypically female attributes and roles. In several countries, notably the US and UK, it corresponds to the times when women obtained the right to vote.
B Black (2 years ago)
in my culture growing up, big women are seen as very attractive
Horny Pervert (8 months ago)
I call it sasha
Kerilynn Evans (1 year ago)
B Black lucky
Amanita Castanea (2 years ago)
You completely didn't mention evolution. Evolutionary psychology provides the most insight on why it's common to recoil from the sight of an obese person.
Mildrid J (2 years ago)
With Twiggy.
Plain Popcorn (2 years ago)
Well, there's thin and then there's thin. The 1920's ideal figure is definitely more achievable than twiggy's figure.
Artyom Arty (2 years ago)
If anything, the ideals have been fattened. Women were always wanted to be thin until about 30 years ago with the rise of pop culture and booties and the general tendency of everyone just becoming fatter, especially in America where fattening is more common
Plain Popcorn (2 years ago)
It seems to me the fatter the population gets the thinner the ideals are. I think really obese people started popping up in 1980 USA, but then they also had the fitness craze in the 80's and "heroin chic" models in the 90's
DaisyV (2 years ago)
My American size would be a 10. I really resemble those Greek/ Romanian goddesses/ Venus whatever. What really bugs me is that I'm not happy with my body even though it's perfectly healthy, not unattractive but just not fitting to modern beauty standards. So do I really not like my body or does society tell me I should not like my body because it's a "little too much". Difficult.
Zoltán Vári (2 years ago)
ValerieRaya (1 year ago)
I think she meant the doll
Adda (2 years ago)
I had just lost all the weight I gained over Thanksgiving and I really do not plan on gaining even an ounce of it back. I have read online that this was supposed to inhibit the formation of fat and of course I was eager to try it. It not only stopped me from gaining weight, but also caused me to lose 2 more pounds the first month that I took it! You can count on me drinking Weight loss green store tea religiously now that I have seen what it can do for me!
Phepa konge (2 years ago)
The Healthy Way Is The Right Way. The Right Way Is The Weight Loss GreenStoreTea
Jo Moody (3 years ago)
I have a slow metabolism so I can't
Nefelibata (3 years ago)
I just love this channel so much... Congratss in the super interesting and well done material!!
denae bedard (3 years ago)
i always thought it started with the model twiggy :P
Naru (3 years ago)
wow o~o
mangaka08 (3 years ago)
I feel more like society, if you could take it as a stand-alone entity, is more responsible for pushing the "ideal" of skinniness. I don't know any guy that actually finds extremely thin attractive anymore than excessively overweight. Most guys are interested in either an "average" or athletic figure on women. Society uses words like fat, gives them negative connotations when what they deem fat is closer to what most guys think looks attractive and looks "average", and when guys are asked about fat girls, they say they aren't interested when, in reality, your average guy and society as a whole aren't referring to the same figure. Society's view is this twisted mess of what businesses want you to look like so they can sell you something, women's own misguided perceptions of what they think they "need" to look like to be attractive, and some random guys that have uncommon taste in women's figure sizes.
David Pfeifer (3 years ago)
could you do one on why guys masterbate so much more than women? or at least there is the appearance of it
Jens Boettiger (3 years ago)
Thin is very in all over Asia. They didn't care about the victorian era. We also didn't give a shit about it in Germany or Eastern Europe. At all. Yet somehow thin is in, and has been for a long time. I don't think that the existence of a few famous artists who liked chubby women proves that corpulence has ever been the beauty standard among the general population, who would have been seriously out of luck since most of them were peasants in a perpetual state of poverty and malnutrition.
Iam-myownGod (3 years ago)
kind of funny how all these diets back then were made up by men, when even during that time they had woman magazines
Piotr Nowacki (4 years ago)
It is rather simple- when food was scarce being overweight could be seen as attractive. Today when food is abundant (in developed countries at least) it is harder to be skinny then it is to be fat therefore skinny women are perceived to be more attractive.
Sonya Keang (3 years ago)
+538659 q you do realize hes talking about a science theory right?
Piotr Nowacki (3 years ago)
+538659  I have said nothing of my own preferences in my comment.
BigZapfer (4 years ago)
dakotagau (4 years ago)
I like muscular women with fat to coat their rippling muscles and still make it soft and not rough and jagged, but keeping the skin tight so it does not wrinkle or roll. Basically good athletic health.
April Locke (1 year ago)
dakotagau, which is still a thinness ideal
Isaac Hatch (2 years ago)
JaninaStormborn (4 years ago)
eeew... morality.
ABC123STD1 (4 years ago)
Thin is in but it isn't at the same time.  I am naturally thin and it seems like everyone is always going "Real women have curves."  Or people are assuming a thin girl must be mean or something else silly.  I would like a healthy body to be the fashionable body but I know that will never be the case, because society knows if we were just happy with our body looking how it should they wouldn't make a profit.  I would just like people to stop slandering natural traits my body possesses just because others can't achieve them due to their different body traits even if they do dangerous things to get it.
stephanie santos (4 years ago)
but wait i though in the 50s the ideal was for curves? like birth control became more popular when people realized it could help them gain weight and there were other weight gaining pills and even ads telling women that being a skinny girl was no fun?
DelilahZoe (4 months ago)
Remember -- there were no BREAST IMPLANTS then. :) That was the selling point of the the pills.
LeDubKitty (4 years ago)
+stephanie santos Because society is like a two faced bitch. :)
stephanie santos (4 years ago)
+LeDubKitty yeah true being chub is different than an hour glass but i just thought it was weird that the ideal was thin but they had ads shaming skinny women
LeDubKitty (4 years ago)
A lot of those women were curvy but didn't have what I'd think was a lot of body fat... because all people distribute fat differently. Curves has to do with where you store it, not how much is stored.
Jennifer Hulgan (4 years ago)
How can I ignore channels completely on youtube? I'd rather not see this garbage in my suggestions. It's rubbish.
kiyoshimo (4 years ago)
Thin might be in, but the need for thin people's clothing isn't apparently. Went to a scrub shop today and walked out with a size XXS (extra extra small in women's) top. I'm in the healthy weight range with a healthy BMI and by no means have a "fast metabolism" type body. It frustrates me that there's a lack of clothing sizes that fit me here in America! In Japan, I usually bought size M and never saw myself as "too skinny" or "too fat". Labels on clothes fuck with me because no matter where you go, the criteria changes! I prefer sizes that run by specific measurements than the generic fat lie of small, medium, and large. I just don't want to think that I have to gain thirty pounds to fit in America's ideal of a size small....
Eifos (4 years ago)
dieting in swedish is "bantning" and now I think I know why xD
Rebecca .Laura (4 years ago)
The downside is that we get this counter-reaction which is saying 'obese is beautiful' and we have these obese women who are proud of their body and want to set an example. Like you are either ridiculously thin or obese. Why aren't we advocating a healthy weight? Regardless of what the women look like. When you are too fat or too skinny, you should try to change for your own health.
Rien Jen (3 years ago)
+Ilselovesall This is true to an extent, and shaming people for being under or over weight has become an unoriginal cliche of bad comedians. That being said, we shouldn't glamorize it, either. It is unfair to people who are just naturally thin or naturally overweight, but right now, 80% of people who are obese are suffering from some type of metabolic syndrome. Either from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, fatty liver disease, dementia, or a combination of these, just to name a few. It's costing us billions of dollars and it's getting worse every year all over the industrialized world (sorry, UK, you're catching up with the Americans). We need to stop shaming, stop glamorizing, and try to get people healthy by treating this as a disease instead of trying to guilt people into dieting or do the "love thy self" and say it's okay to be unhealthy. Where's the middle ground here?
Iam-myownGod (3 years ago)
because people have different bodytypes, and a healthy weight is different for everyone. what is skinny for one, is healthy for someone else and what's fat for the other is skinny for someone else. It is different for every individual, and even tho our society is more and more about individualism, on this subject still take the average of that healthy weight as the standart, so anyone's healthy weight is above the average healt, or under it, will be shamed for it. 
Meg Burcke (4 years ago)
It's funny that I got a Victoria Secret ad made of snap shots before this story...
Mary Jo Hernandez (4 years ago)
I think the funniest thing is when they named the perfect woman because she was closely shaped to venus. However most of the paintings and statues of women from the greek time wasn't actually modeled after women but men and they would just put breast on them. Ok fun facts are done now. 
Laura Weisse (4 years ago)
as a child who played with barbies i never once looked at the doll and thought "this is how i need to look when i grow up"  it would have been really weird if i thought that way with every doll i played with.  i just played with the dolls. and horses, and dinosaurs, and cars. because i was a child, and i was not concerned with the 'problems' of adults. also, at one point being 'thin' meant that you could not afford food and therefore were poor. maybe we should be less concerned with how other people look and more concerned with how we treat those around us?
Niahc (4 years ago)
I've always been confused why having narrow hips and flat chests came into fashion.  Seems like women often try to shape themselves more like men for some weird reason
Sirius Neo (4 years ago)
you fat fucks, go raw vegan, stop whining. You can be over-indulgent, gluttonous, and lazy on the low fat raw vegan diet.  oh, and i might add you will be happy and healthy be awesome people! 
Sirius Neo (3 years ago)
I don't think you understand me, eating healthy means you can eat as much as you want even if you are an emotional eater, try the Mcdouall diet the starch based solution, Eat as much stable foods such as potatoes, rice, beans as you want only catch is keep it lowfat and animal free. Make sure to spice it up making it real tasty, don't worry about salt, add it to healthy food and you will eat more of it.  The reason this works is the fiber in the potato/rice/beans fills you up, making it feel like you had more calories than you did and  these are foods that give you lasting energy throughout the day. You do not count calories on this diet, You do not suffer on this diet, 
Iam-myownGod (3 years ago)
ahh, found the fatphobic shit
Sirius Neo (4 years ago)
Who said anything about almond flour? eat fresh fruits and veggies, go at your own pace, your own comfort zone, but 100% fruits and a bit of leafy greens. That's where it is at! If you detox too quickly add some mucuslean foods "google is your friend"  buy Produce at farmers markets/wholesale to save a ton of money, also as the years go by gradually you will need less fruit if you are "cleasning" clearing the colon regularly.  
M Greenwood (4 years ago)
And for those who can't afford to buy raw almond flour? 
Sirius Neo (4 years ago)
The only shame is people refuse to eat healthy, if they did they wouldn't feel bad about their bodies, >.>  veganism is not a religion! It is the way, cannot change physics, cannot change the way your body was designed/adpated to work.
Alexius Nemo (4 years ago)
The flip to your thesis~the ladies of Peter Paul Rubens!
BeaMonz (4 years ago)
Wow Kristen, you look so pretty with straight hair! 
Sarah Rosen (4 years ago)
There's actually another, insidious level of the perception that weight is inversely proportional to a woman's morality, and it's origins go back much further than the Victorian era.  In the Catholic Church, it is/was impossible for women to be as righteous as men and were far more prone to evil (i.e. Original Sin, women can't be priests etc.).  Interestingly, menstruation was considered to be an indicator of this.  If you look at the Old Testament, menstruating women were forced to stay on the outskirts of the community, and if a women on her period even touched a man, he needed to spiritually purify himself.  The key though, is when women abstained from food for extended periods of time to show devotion to God, many stopped menstruating.  This is, of course, because they weren't getting enough calories to support reproductive function, but in the eyes of the Catholic Church it was just proof that abstaining from food allowed women to conquer their inherent unholiness.  It's called anorexia mirabilis and is recorded as early as the 1200s. 
Natasha Newberry (4 years ago)
I like your pūkeko in the background
Tim Brown (4 years ago)
This is my favorite video. Seriously. Can anyone suggest reading on this?
Emily Gerace (4 years ago)
I definitely agree with what's being said here, but I'd also like to mention that growing up being a naturally thin person, I've been the target of plenty of weight jokes. People throw the "go eat a cheeseburger" attitude at me often and it's very uncomfortable. No weight will ever be safe from people's cruelty.
TheBaconWizard (4 years ago)
1:41 what's wrong with that???
Ruby Doomsday (4 years ago)
Morality DOES taste bland... but you can use it for the base of a cheesecake. Take THAT, Reverend Sylvester Graham. :)
Zaxaroula1 (4 years ago)
I never knew thin was in, I always got asked if I eat, EVEN BEFORE social media. Society loves to complain "you're too skinny" "you're too fat" How the hell does my weight have anything to do with you?
Breanna Anderson (4 years ago)
If you haven't done a video about this, I think it would be interesting to do one on why the hell our society seems to never want to age. As if they can stay young forever. It's weird and I can't be the only one noticing it.
Rick Hamilton (4 years ago)
If you look at statues of greek and roman goddesses they were for the most part rather thin and seeing how the gods were idealized humans it stands to reason that thin was attractive back then as well, and that predates the victorian era  values by quite a bit.
ArgleBargle (4 years ago)
If you look at Renaissance-era paintings, you'll notice a much larger figure. The Mona Lisa, for example, has a rounded face with noticeable fat under her jaw. Standards about weight and beauty have shifted back-and-forth over time, but the conflation of "fat" and "thin" with "morality" in the modern era is firmly linked to the enlightenment notion of "modern civilization" as pertaining to a progressive evolution of humanity from an 'immoral' past towards a 'more moral' future. The the physical body was simply one aspect of this new form of enlightenment-era moralism. While many of these enlightenment-era physicality==morality notions (e.g. physiognomy) have disappeared due to their association with racism, the relationship between weight and morality has remained intact or even grown more pervasive. 
Cathy O'Reilly (4 years ago)
I'm sorry but this is pretty silly!
princess (4 years ago)
Sorry if this has nothing to do with anything but your hair looks FANTASTIC
pigpenasissy (4 years ago)
Thanks, I asked a similar question before and I'm glad you did this video! :)
bailey campagna (4 years ago)
Could you please do a video on "boob shaming". Girls with small breasts like me get given crap about our boob size and treated almost like it lowers our femininity or our attractiveness. And girls with larger breasts automatically get sexualized and slut shamed for showing any cleavage at all even when they would have to wear a turtleneck to completely coverup. In addition no matter what size you are you get shamed somehow, if your an A or B you get "small boob shamed" and if you're a C or above you get "big boob" / "slut shamed"
Let's get spooky (4 years ago)
Guys have body image problems too. But for them, it's being muscular.
Kenzie H (4 years ago)
Did you cut your hair? :)
Agent146 (4 years ago)
Respectfully I have to disagree with the starting point of your historical timeline.  I wrote a paper on this very topic and if we want to go to the extreme we can trace this preference towards thinness to the Greeks. However, if we want to discuss it in modern terms with thinness being connected to morality, then it this trend most certainly began in America during the Jacksonian era.  While thinness has different timelines all over the world, America and England share a close bond for this topic. Though I would say that historically Americans have taken it a few steps further because English tourists during the early 19th century commented on how sickly and thin American women looked. A really good book on the subject is "Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West" by Petern N. Stearns. I can go on but I'll spare you ;)
Israel Torres (4 years ago)
Is cleaning the vagina healthy for ladies? I mean douches, are they a healthy way to wash out the vagina?
Israel Torres (4 years ago)
thanks. another question who talks more males or females?  i talk alot but so does my lady. i can even hear teo different confersations at once. So, who talks more males or females?
MissTasha3 (4 years ago)
Vaginas are self cleaning so douching is unnecessary and may actually cause you issues.
Cowboysson (4 years ago)
DesignerEyeBags (4 years ago)
I believe that thin is "in" is because it's healthy. People most of the time look at healthy as beautiful, and I think that there is some what some grief someone gets if they are not a size 2.
Farida Seyam (4 years ago)
Hey Kristen, I could really use your advice on something. I have been struggling with the lowest self-esteem possible. It stops me from identifying anything that I could be good at it, it constantly ruins my chances of advancing in life and, on occasions, led me to making terrible, self-demeaning and humiliating choices.  I pathologically feel like I don't deserve happiness and can't help but hurt myself... help!
rascaldean (4 years ago)
Commenter Emma mentioned thin = Healthy. That's not quite true. There is a lot in between thin and fat. And I think you'll find that thin is not as healthy as slim with some protective body fat. Or slim with muscle weight. Thin is just an altogether shitty word to define healthy.
Jason Gallegos (4 years ago)
Wait.  be fore i watch this i am gonna drink.  because people both men and women hate me because i am thin.  (men hate me because women talk to me, women hate me because i can eat two burgers and not gain weight) And i can't get fat.  Women like fat guys.  They trust them more.  so now watching.
Hey, Folks! (4 years ago)
I couldn't help but stare at your bust through this entire video. It has lead me to naturally ask "Who is that that you have a bust of?"
ThiVids (4 years ago)
Hey, Folks! (4 years ago)
Yeah it came about after I was staring at it trying to figure out who it was and then I realized how amusing it was that I was staring at a bust, but not the conventional meaning of it.
Freakazette (4 years ago)
I was about to tell you off, but that was a well-crafted pun
Emma Frankly (4 years ago)
It's because thin = healthy. No no no, do not reply to this and bitch to me about how "all shapes and sizes are healthy!" Thinness is indicative of a healthy body, therefore it would stand to reason that one who is healthier is capable of making more and healthier babies, which is what is always the goal. Do not. Do not bitch to me with your Seventeen body-positive jibber-jabber. I get it: people come in all shapes and sizes. But thin = healthy, therefore it's attractive, the same way that big eyes are attractive because they make us look younger, and in turn more fertile. The same goes for soft, glowing skin and thick, lustrous hair. Younger, more fertile, more and healthier babies. It all goes back to babies, as Cristen likes to say.
LeDubKitty (4 years ago)
+MsDanceDiva234 Women only need 12% body fat to have a baby. Most women have a lot more than 12%. Pretty much if you have a period, you can have a baby.... Although certain body TYPES (not body fat percentages) carry babies better. But those body types are only prevalent in 8% of women. (hourglass figure)
DanceDiva234 (4 years ago)
Women actually need more body fat to produce a baby. So it is better for a developed women to have something then nothing at all. So hips and boobs= babies. 
LeDubKitty (4 years ago)
+Breanna Anderson to be healthy and birth healthy children a woman needs at least 12% of body fat. Do you know what that looks like? I was a size 1 at about 18% body fat. Weight is different for everyone, an extremely thin girl may have enough weight to be healthy. You never know.
Tripsee ninesix (4 years ago)
Um,actually,fat can also equal healthy..No I don't mean fat to the extent of obesity,but the more fat that surrounds the visceral organs,the more well protected they remain.Better immunity.Advisable for a healthier pregnancy,too. Besides ,who defines if thin is a standard of attraction? Society? Fat people can't make more babies,because we have a culture that wants us to believe body type is major factor deciding infertility?  So,fact remains that healthy is healthy,an individual difference,irrespective of body shape and more dependent on habits and lifestyle.
NizeBUL (4 years ago)
I don't know why people think that being thin is healthy and it shows a woman's capability of making babies. Personally, I find thin women unattractive, I like women who have got fat as much as not to see a bone in her body. I'm not into fat women, but I'm not into thin as well. I (and believe me, a lot of other men) am extremely turned on by a woman's curves. I believe that a woman can achieve a perfect body with just a bit of diet and exercise twice a week(where perfect doesn't mean calorie-deprived diets, starvation to become 'thin')
Riko Lime (4 years ago)
Or think logically... in areas where food is scarce, "bigger" women are viewed as more desirable to men and their society. It shows that despite the food shortage, that person has managed to find plenty of food. Whereas in America, for example, we have plentiful food, so being "thinner' is seen as more desirable because it shows self-control in a over-abundance of food.  It makes sense.  It also explains why "back in the day" all the "rich" dudes were kind of pudgy. 
Plain Popcorn (2 years ago)
And why the prince of wales was nicknamed "the prince of whales". That man was excessively corpulent :p
Grey BBD (4 years ago)
How is thin still in. All the girls I have dated have fat on them. Even the current person who I just had a lunch date with had normal body type.
Nell Lane (4 years ago)
What is a normal body type?
Maggie Mauldin (4 years ago)
I really love looking at Greco Roman art and seeing that thick thighs and tummies were considered beautiful. I see my self as that, and I love it.
audreysgoldfish (4 years ago)
Your makeup in this vid is sooo flattering :)
tetsubo57 (4 years ago)
As a diabetic carbs are my enemy. So I can relate to that. But the desire to police the bodies of other people is just toxic. Talk to your doctor and a dietitian. Stay healthy.
Sirius Neo (3 years ago)
As a diabetic carbs are NOT your enemy, although it does depend on what type of diabetic you are. Look up diabetes treated with a vegan low fat diet.   The starch solution is also a great program. 80/10/10 is also really good but isn't perfect, and The mucusless diet healing system is the best, although simply not realistic for most people.  
Ronald Riddick (4 years ago)
From my culture curvy women has always been in lol
Iam-myownGod (3 years ago)
curved doesn't have much to do with how much fat, but with the distrubution of fat
IchbinX (4 years ago)
I think thin being "in", is also a change of our societies need for strength, and heartiness. Before "civilized" society, it was good to be thick, for BOTH men & women. A thick women meant perfect child bearing, and a thick man meant heavier work loads. Now, it's all about intelligence. I consider myself a stocky build (broad shoulders, barrel chest, big hips), but I've always been passed up for the narrow waist, thin shouldered, lanky guys that I could break in half. It's just a change in times. 500 years ago, I'm sure things would have been different.
HowStuffWorks (4 years ago)
In this episode of +Stuff Mom Never Told You - HowStuffWorks, it's a skinny history of the "thin ideal" in American culture.
danielle levy (4 years ago)
Here is the thing about the thin ideal: it is very much a westernized concept as in many places it is still viewed as larger - but not necessarily too large - being better, as it suggest being more well-off and having the ability to buy more food and other necessities in excess thus being able to live a life in luxury.
PrincessButtercup11 (4 years ago)
Whatever is "hard to achieve" in a society is what is "in." If I lived in a society that had a limited food resource, but happened to be fat, I would be looked at as a goddess. But in The western world, where it's easy to be gluttonous, thin and fit is what is attractive because it's a harder physique to achieve and maintain.
wezleey25 (4 years ago)
I don't see a problem with skinny being 'in', until the opposite becomes so frowned upon.
Akilah Obviously (4 years ago)
You have such a fun hosting style bleh. Also, my hips need to be in already.
stephanie santos (4 years ago)
your face and hair are in if that's you in your icon because you are stunning!
Deimir (4 years ago)
All this thin talk is making me hungry. I need bacon.
Potz4pizza (4 years ago)
As a perpetually thin person, I'm glad that thin is finally in. I would have looked like a plebeian in roman times -.-
Horny Pervert (8 months ago)
Potz4pizza 50 kg is optimal
ThiVids (4 years ago)
+soppa loppa Wisdom is in you good sir/miss. Thank you for that :), I'm super grateful for people like you existing in this logic twisting, etc. world.
soppa loppa (4 years ago)
++RYOU+0013+ It's not ok to call everything aesthetic out of empathy or sympathy because that takes away from what is truly beautiful. Like the word 'love', I think people misuse the word beautiful too much. Perhaps if everything is beautiful, then nothing is. 
ThiVids (4 years ago)
+Potz4pizza Definitely the way to go. That's how I look at people. Thin and obese people are both able to be unhealthy. Size doesn't really say what's happening on the inside.
Eric Principato (4 years ago)
++RYOU+0013+ There was no mention of "right" or "wrong". Fads are not indicative of "correctness". If you like yourself as is, good. 
Samantha Elizabeth (4 years ago)
Your hair looks especially beautiful today, Cristian!
Terry Sisler (4 years ago)
Victorian values are one of the most frustrating things to ever happen to this world.
Death OfTime (4 years ago)
What should ultimately decide are ideals, morals, ethics? Sorry if I put all three there , I get them mixed up a lot as far as definition. What should we let decide these things? I tired to decide for myself and got it very wrong sometimes.
Jaclyn Lizzi (4 years ago)
Graham sounds like a douchebag, but ironically his crackers are known for going well with chocolate and marshmallows.
Gibbs7e29 (4 years ago)
Could you do a video on women in the construction industry and its history.
IchbinX (4 years ago)
HiSimba64 (4 years ago)
I wrote about this in the comments! I feel so special

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