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Extreme Home Invasion Prank On Girlfriend 😈😱😂

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Text Comments (6017)
NatesLife (1 month ago)
BUYING MYSELF MY DREAM CAR FERRARI 488 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oop6d-bB8To
Vitorsilva Silva (20 days ago)
TheKros (26 days ago)
can someone tell me her instagram?
Zino Mca (28 days ago)
NatesLife good.am zino from alger thanks vidio very nice
Mohmed Ali (29 days ago)
NatesLife ن إذ يل
Jassy (1 day ago)
Lmfaooooo I haven’t seen this one! 😂 you need to do this prank next ..
Jassy (1 day ago)
After you do it if you do plan on staying with her tell her after the prank I know this is last min butttttttttttttt
El prraa Music (2 days ago)
Ay si se pasan duro duro jjjj
Jackie Brown (2 days ago)
Khmer 41 (2 days ago)
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Chazza Brown (3 days ago)
This prank was to far bro
シIS4CK3IRA (3 days ago)
A branquinha sofre kkkk
that was too much your lucky she didn't have a heart attack
Rs7 S (3 days ago)
Moo (4 days ago)
She is actually pretty chill so
大将梅干 (4 days ago)
i thought i was watching a Porno... i was getting a hard on.. it usually starts dis way b4 BBC DP porns
Hiệp Anh Remix (4 days ago)
nghe tiếng súngg nạp đạn và kéo cò là bt liền dúng thật hay giả :))
Gabriel Dave Gawor (4 days ago)
Dardania Lion (4 days ago)
Ahhhh what a great prank.
hassan snipers (5 days ago)
Jamaican guy killing me 😂😂😂😂😂😂 cocked it back twice and asked for a belt when a home invasion ? Nigga ask for money
Hamed Kouhestani (5 days ago)
“Once you go black you never come back”
Tamer Doom909 (5 days ago)
العربي لايك-Like👍👍
SYAHFIK Killer (6 days ago)
Fuck niga
Romail 101 (6 days ago)
Keep doing yo thing people gone hate.💯💪
TíN BảnH (6 days ago)
Căng cực
DEMAOD (6 days ago)
Azizan Nadzirah (6 days ago)
threesome some plis after that
Murad Mehmet (7 days ago)
2:57 He touches her Tits...
Châu Đinh Hòa (8 days ago)
王忠福 (8 days ago)
stanley washington (9 days ago)
Fuck clout chasing this is view chasing lol people and that's why she keep finding her face on the bed
Bad Boys Hub (9 days ago)
She’s so annoying
1412 - (9 days ago)
She was smile. ☺
isa konya (10 days ago)
Oruspuda oğlanı istemiyor sikicisi 5 sefer elini uzattı oruspu geri çevirdi AMK zencisi oruspuyu iyi sikemiyorsun heralda
Hermes An (10 days ago)
I think the girl friend knew it already
if you in Russia and mess with me ,. i will take my uzi and shoot you even you are my best friend
Zain Khan (11 days ago)
I you sure she iz ur gf 😂😂😂
Moha Ahmed (11 days ago)
Wei heb dus camira
E35A73D close (12 days ago)
You have 2 for ex girlfriend?
ياحظ الخادم
처럼영화 (13 days ago)
아이구 어디가 웃음포인트지 몰카라도 정도는 지켜야지 당하는사람 느꼈을 공포어찌 상상할까 그와중에 침대위 남자 연기는 잘하네
Maricel (13 days ago)
Hahaha funny 😂
Zakaria Ibn (13 days ago)
Fucking idiots
Doey Jay Cagadas (13 days ago)
Lucky black guy having a pretty girl😄
Jorge Martinez (14 days ago)
Why do white girl like fucking black ass niggas just cause they have a big dick hat the only reason
Elaine Tablo (14 days ago)
Not good
포르쉐 (14 days ago)
Steven White (14 days ago)
he should have shot the mudshark
ipo_4 n (14 days ago)
u so so line bad 😂😂😂
Jenny คนสวย (15 days ago)
ໂອ ບັກດຳ
Ib Leeg (15 days ago)
I subscribe for you. You subscribe back for me ok. Thank you
Roshan Pariyar (15 days ago)
Im from nepal your Good ConCept .... Like that Both Man ... she Cried Hope .. Make You Strong.... good Girl... Keep it Up .
jonas razalas (15 days ago)
Esa perra le encantan los negrotes por eso está toda reventada del culo
Lanch Kid (15 days ago)
This shit fake😂😂
J Lock (15 days ago)
She was laughing
WhateverIWILLtoBe (15 days ago)
I'd beat his ass if that was my bf
JPT VIDEOS (15 days ago)
that was a serious prank
Addu XV (15 days ago)
Why yo eyebrow's on fleek nigga? Don't over do it. Haha
Nik Hil (15 days ago)
I think something is wrong 2 black guys and 1 white girl... understand!! 🤔😂
김정철 (16 days ago)
Shahid Mir (16 days ago)
Good fuck those white sluts they deserve that..
Tiger Mayo (16 days ago)
LoL 🤣
شغل نظيف ليل نهار
Samuel Oudit (16 days ago)
Cool prank on girlfriend wow.
Umor Ali (16 days ago)
turino ik (16 days ago)
저여자는 흑형 ㅈ맛 느껴서 헤어지지 못하겟군
turino ik (16 days ago)
저런장난하면 진짜 차인다
Anavar Gani babu (17 days ago)
Bhai gf ki gand fad Di aap ne
kusay hammud (17 days ago)
외국 (17 days ago)
Your girlfriend is so very very beautiful
Mary Grace Rosell (17 days ago)
Hasnan Bin (18 days ago)
White women is stupid nd idiot with black!
인천흰둥 (18 days ago)
roberto sanchez (18 days ago)
Una mierda ...
Lil Phag (18 days ago)
Vahid Nasukwala (18 days ago)
you try agin and agin touch girl boob
Johnny Mobile tech (18 days ago)
Lol. Totally understand but you got understand one thing It could go really bad I carry I carry 😏🇺🇸 that could go bad fast😼
Mr.Radio (18 days ago)
Vi Phamvan (19 days ago)
Ông áo đen bận em 100 levi kìa
jacks clarify (19 days ago)
Kmt a Fuckery this dudes
JJ KICKS (19 days ago)
This dude nate look gay asf!!
Micho Ghim (19 days ago)
Fack you
真的假的 (19 days ago)
Not funny
馬ヅラ (19 days ago)
Khuma BudhA (20 days ago)
not prank this is plan
music tv (20 days ago)
music tv (20 days ago)
music tv (20 days ago)
Roshan Verma (20 days ago)
Oh my god you are savage.
VANY GM (20 days ago)
Bruh i saw her smile
alan galiindoo (20 days ago)
Ashly In cute for hem
Alboqami (20 days ago)
He is so lucky to have a girlfriend like her!!
johan Daimler (20 days ago)
cute girl
Parker Peter (20 days ago)
Pretty girl
kara panter (20 days ago)
Şapkalı herif dwayne vadeye benziyor
منـوعـات music (20 days ago)
👨🏿👱🏻‍♀️omg 😰😰😰
sanjog pamnani (20 days ago)
superb brooo
Nam Cung Thiên (20 days ago)
End ........love
Reza Amreza (20 days ago)
SUBSCRIBE me boss :)
فهد المها (21 days ago)
Jeronimo Cruz (21 days ago)
F niggas

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