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Little Maples vs Safebloc

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Probs doesnt look like it in the video but the safebloc with no one on the rope slows loads and softens impact a whole bunch. It also gives more control to logs after they land to prevent them from bouncing and rolling like they dropped molly. You can also run the rope yourself in the tree or from the bucket. All the dude on the ground needs to do is untie that sucka. For heavier loads a 5/8" line works a lot better because of the added friction. Pulling the rope through to reset aint no thang. You can also have a dude on the ground run the rope like usual but then take over while they play with their wood and manipulate their loads with both hands. For most stuff it eliminates a piece of gear (portawrap) and gives the peeps on the ground a lot more time for activities. If youre running the rope yourself in the tree you really need to be careful your little hand doesnt get sucked through or smashed against the safebloc.
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Brandon Dorsey (21 days ago)
Just one hand the saw the whole time put shit on ur shoulder chunkin wood out
Matt G (6 months ago)
Having a little too much fun there..lol.. She wont bottom out, but you can sure beat the shit out the sides!!
Jamie Koering (8 months ago)
So in the description you said it gives the ground dudes more time for activities. Is that a nod to Bob and stupid ass Mike? Remember how we had to clock in for activities. And we would get paid a certain amount for certain activities and another amount for other activities. So glad to be done with that place I look on craigslist occasionally or indeed and they always have an ad for groundsman climber and Foreman so they're fucked
Luc Fournier (10 months ago)
Got me dizzy on those bucket shots😢
Kye Staples (11 months ago)
Did it work better once you molested it at the beginning lol
kencanoe (1 year ago)
Looks like you threaded the safebloc backwards?
MiniM00se (1 year ago)
kencanoe yeah just trying out different things. Doesn’t really seem to make much of a difference so far but I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet. I mostly wanted to see if it would cause any problems switching ends of the rigging line without correcting the orientation through the safebloc. 5/8” Rope seems to work the best.

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