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Top 15 Best New Android Games To Play In 2018

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🢂 Top New HIGH GRAPHICS Android/iOS Games of 2018 :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKfef64lkSI&feature=youtu.be this video we are going to take a look at top 10 best android games 2018. This video includes new android games, offline games for android 2017, offline free android games, online games for android 2017, multiplayer android games 2017, best android games to play in 2018. Game List :- ⚫ Father.io AR FPS : http://bit.ly/2j63UrI ⚫ Mighty Battles : http://bit.ly/Mighty_Battles ⚫ Dragon Ball Z Awakening : http://bit.ly/2DtRqlX Full gameplay : http://bit.ly/2BmgBFN ⚫ The Walking Zombie - Dead City : http://bit.ly/2CY22ZA ⚫ Summoner's Greed - Idle TD : http://bit.ly/2xaMCys ⚫ Don't Crash - http://bit.ly/2pdfCpR ⚫ Battle Of Arrow : http://bit.ly/2AIcTcS ⚫ Jumanji The Mobile Game : http://bit.ly/2B0PC6F ⚫ Sonic Runners Adventure : http://bit.ly/2kFDo9g ⚫ Mayhem - PvP Multiplayer Arena Shooter : http://bit.ly/2pfgU3u ⚫ Arena Of Valor : http://bit.ly/2txOdxs ⚫ Fit : http://bit.ly/2BjVRhZ ⚫ Animus : Stand Alone - Coming soon in 2018, i'll inform you about it ⚫ Bridge Constructor Portal : http://bit.ly/2pem1ky ⚫ Pocket Legends Adventures : http://bit.ly/2kWLYzG MUSIC ⚫ Isaac Avila - Timelapse : http://bit.ly/2Bk7HbY ⚫ Andromedik - Take You There : http://bit.ly/2pdkWJR ⚫ Tobu - Rollercoaster : http://bit.ly/2ne3COH ⚫ Andromedik - Firefly : http://bit.ly/2BOjq3n #AndroidGames, #iOSGames, #AndroidGaming, #TopAndroidGames, #GamesForAndroid, #iPhoneGames, #MobileGames, #SmartphoneGames #AndroidGames , #MobileGames
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gameStation (7 months ago)
Hi guys! Thanks for watching!! :) Please watch this newest video for more LATEST *Free* , *Offline* , *Online* , *High Graphics* Android games : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKfef64lkSI&feature=youtu.be You'll love these games! :)
SHADOW PLAYZ-YT (3 months ago)
What game is on the screen before it all i got click baited only reason why i clicked on video
Blue Eagle (6 months ago)
Ehm free? Bridge construction
DOGE (7 months ago)
Are you Dumb this is 2017! NOT 2018! but your lucky that its 2018 today.
Zio الخال (8 months ago)
The Beaster (9 months ago)
gameStation o
Hala Halo (2 months ago)
OMFG, all of those games are incompatible with my device. What am I gonna do? They all look fantastic.
GAMING MASKARA (4 months ago)
Hi YouTube friends :) please help me to reach 1k subscribers. By the way I already subscribed in your channel thanks in advance guys :)
THE WOLF GOD (5 months ago)
These games suck so much ass
Akamztwenty channel (6 months ago)
How to download dragon ball because tap tap is in chinese and i don't understand
Dhrmsingh Kajla (6 months ago)
kitne M. B ka h
AZUL'S ANIMIX (6 months ago)
Is it ne or are we all got clickbaited
androgamer divyanshu (6 months ago)
Bhut ghatia video
AzygousWolf (6 months ago)
Wtf is it with channels just playing trailers and trying to pass it off as an actual video!?!?
Dehno (7 months ago)
They really put arena of valor instead of vainglory
TheGuessagain76 (7 months ago)
The music sucks
SYRIA LOVE (7 months ago)
فشل بفشل
Famous AK Gaming (7 months ago)
Manohar Sa (7 months ago)
game ka name
gameStation (7 months ago)
In the description! =) Make sure to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE and watch my LATEST videos for more awesome games!!
BUG 4DRØID BR (7 months ago)
Me passe seu whats
Amara PayzVirtual (7 months ago)
Arena Of valor<3
THE SUPER WOMEN (8 months ago)
THE SUPER WOMEN (8 months ago)
Tray45 (8 months ago)
life events (8 months ago)
I cant finished the level 5 or above its challenge for you here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zombiesniper.huntergame
V B (8 months ago)
Best Game Qbertium: https://bit.ly/2Fwm7H7
juniad juniad (9 months ago)
Aaron Profitt (9 months ago)
So you just add terrible music over gameplay trailers?
GAMERPRO and tutoriales (9 months ago)
How we download dragón ball
GAMERPRO and tutoriales (9 months ago)
Ok thank you
gameStation (9 months ago)
From here : http://lzjx.shengli.com/#section1 Or from here : https://www.taptap.com/app/57372
Johnnie Taylor (9 months ago)
Pocket legends was good around years ago
gameStation (9 months ago)
YT Samar (9 months ago)
Awesomely Cool
YT Samar (9 months ago)
Your vid is awesome and I watch them all day
YT Samar (9 months ago)
gameStation (9 months ago)
Thank you, Sabah!
Ryan Oktora Sriyono (9 months ago)
Ryan Oktora Sriyono click baited.....what an evil person!
juniad juniad (9 months ago)
Ryan Os frind
Ryan Oktora Sriyono (9 months ago)
gameStation video butut
gameStation (9 months ago)
Assi Soldat (9 months ago)
my interesting videos (9 months ago)
Ye kaunse games hai
gameStation (9 months ago)
Which one?
Jones Texas (9 months ago)
puto clickbait
younes top (9 months ago)
gameStation (9 months ago)
DHX Gamin (9 months ago)
The walking zombie-dead city is like minecraft
6 GORILLION (9 months ago)
ryo ryo (10 months ago)
Luismine10 (10 months ago)
You forgot fortnite and pubg mobile
Hasnah Hussin (10 months ago)
how to download the dragon ball z awakening?
Ahsan Habib Rabbi (10 months ago)
Which was the first game?
Drago Dragneel (10 months ago)
Yo thst DBZ game looking fun
Andrea Notaro (10 months ago)
Kerochan Imson (10 months ago)
Fck you this is not 2018 new games noob
ShadowØNinja (10 months ago)
Looks like someone doesn't know what "best games" are
Lord Dash (10 months ago)
Yate un fukin apk de merde mai faux ache ter une mer de camera sen conter les micro trensaction non non arreter de nous prendre poure des vache lait ben de merdeut
Nugget Nugg (10 months ago)
First one I can't play cuz' I don't have friends :)
Sam Sako (10 months ago)
mighty battles came out in 2017
Hemant Sahani (10 months ago)
Please bro give me first game name
Jaycee Cariaga (10 months ago)
Best father i ever
AR CRAFT (10 months ago)
they are awesome, you guys should try mobile strategy game AR CRAFT too. that's real good game.
i Stazz (10 months ago)
Mr Goku black (10 months ago)
How do yo if get dragon balls
Joy Marchan (10 months ago)
Bobo noob
Amit Kumar (10 months ago)
this game is offline
Deepak Thakral (11 months ago)
Bro how can I download the 3 one dragon Ball z
Monster God (11 months ago)
How the fuck are you playing dbz where can it be downloaded?
Zacking Ralz (11 months ago)
Rad1o (11 months ago)
tell when dbz coming out
Sergio Ricardo (11 months ago)
Top lista
N.I. Rohan (11 months ago)
i just loved the precention
old SpOrT (11 months ago)
In real world you will die , bu coming under a truck or car
dinah Spitz (11 months ago)
try this amazing one : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.majdevpro.flyinglarv
Shyarun Sherpa (11 months ago)
I watched this video only because of thumbnail
Evana Stenberg (11 months ago)
try this game too, don't forget to suscribe <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C8J5jRbMdk
Amaze the World (11 months ago)
Guys I just stumbled upon this site which says it pays you for playing video games. Is anyone doing this? Is it legit? link: http://bit.ly/2BfVYxD
Ghita Georgel (11 months ago)
k2civ game (11 months ago)
Marijan Zinovski (11 months ago)
sean sandy (11 months ago)
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Fist Power (11 months ago)
best games that no one played
Gemrey Ranola (11 months ago)
Ian Copson (11 months ago)
When does that Dragonball z game come out?
Kry Rithisak (11 months ago)
I love father.io the best :D
Bommba Man (11 months ago)
Hey try "Mousegame 2" its very funny
Double Force (11 months ago)
Big like
gameStation (11 months ago)
Thank you :)
LonDonba Gaming (11 months ago)
not bad
boi (11 months ago)
Add injustice 2 and gods among us aswell its free and awesome
Rahul Raj (11 months ago)
gameStation (11 months ago)
Thanks :)
Kozo Sudo (11 months ago)
That screenshot is a click bait so it won't show that in the vid
funny scary prank (11 months ago)
First one is awesome i love that game but i dont know where to buy increptor
Sasuke uchiha (11 months ago)
mobile legends is the best games no Aov
GwolfGamer (11 months ago)
Will Arena of Valor will be worldwide?
Ak1Zcion (11 months ago)
For the dragon Ball I reserved a spot now what to do lol
Gaurav Verma (11 months ago)
SR Hero Evolved (11 months ago)
nice game
TECHING GAMER (11 months ago)
Sweetie Belle (11 months ago)
"Best" in my ass, they all look like shit.
MISTERdroper (11 months ago)
Click bait were goku ?
Pawan Rai (11 months ago)
Which editor do you use?Please can I get link
Manshi Singh (11 months ago)
How to download dragon ball z
Jz ραιи小敢 (11 months ago)
Father io is insane and awesome
Nukshaan Neeamuth (1 year ago)
Is the thumbnail of the video is dragon ball online?
vivek nalawade (1 year ago)
Bro I am waiting for animus can u suggest mi some games similar to this game?
unknown unknown (1 year ago)
Whose watching this at 2018
Luigi Mennella (1 year ago)
Il gioco in copertina come si chiama?
Aqil Faris (1 year ago)
Who dawnload father i.o
Peep (1 year ago)
aov is on it noice
Kevin Sinar Muhammad (1 year ago)
want to play father.io but need the tools. :v
Abhishek sharma (1 year ago)
Give me full name of frist game please and divise
REACENTRATION (1 year ago)
Give my game a try - Graphics 3/10 Gameplay 9.5/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mIkkHipAis
Ultra_Player (1 year ago)
thanks for idea the game
Ultra_Player (1 year ago)
I like first
Guilherm :3 (1 year ago)
2:39 Online???
Rizki Ramadhan (11 months ago)
Guiper Anims :3 offline

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