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CAN YOU WIN THE RACE IN ROBLOX!? (Roblox Epic Minigames)

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ROBLOX EPIC MINIGAMES | Can we become the #1 Epic Minigames player in Roblox? Help me reach 1,400,000 subscribers! Click here to subscribe! ► https://goo.gl/1ldLPx Snapchat- ADayWithKev Twitter- http://www.Twitter.com/KevinEdwardsJr Instagram- http://www.Instagram.com/KevinEdwardsJr Facebook- http://www.Facebook.com/KevinEdwardsJrPage My Friends: Todd- http://www.youtube.com/jonesgotgame Let's keep the comment section fun and amazing for everyone! Be sure to ignore, dislike or flag spam on negative or hateful comments. Lets continue to build an awesome family! :)
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Text Comments (1633)
Antonio Clay (20 hours ago)
Antonio 6628448809
Yolanda Jiang (2 days ago)
kill jones got game
Evangeline Hobbs (6 days ago)
Cynthia Escudero (6 days ago)
Where did you get those clothes from Kevin Edwards Jr
Zoey Anxiel Escobedo (7 days ago)
Your a noob
Fabian Mercado (9 days ago)
Fabianmercdo you have a merry Christmas to you and your family have y you
its Jalen (10 days ago)
Lit fan make it lit fan lit
its Jalen (10 days ago)
Cool fan
hanssenhoo (10 days ago)
I like your games
Sparky Jen (10 days ago)
Tevin Hughes (11 days ago)
hi my name is kcyn
Tevin Hughes (11 days ago)
your vidos are lit
janaki Kumarihamy (11 days ago)
Yolanda Hill (15 days ago)
Jones: *Gamingwithkev*
Nne. Mercy (17 days ago)
Your #### 😍
Nne. Mercy (17 days ago)
Jones is a silly cheter and i #### him😡😬😠
JaMera Hodges (21 days ago)
I hate you kev
Pro_gamer 3255 (22 days ago)
agnieszka berglund (23 days ago)
stacey8786 (23 days ago)
Orsome. Vidiose😇😎🤓😚😜😌🤖💩💩💩💩😻😹
stacey8786 (23 days ago)
stacey8786 (23 days ago)
Ninja KingX10 (23 days ago)
Race are trace
Shanasia Brown (25 days ago)
It's game with Kev what is up my family we are back on then we are on Roblox
Dale Hemming (26 days ago)
Lily Teja (26 days ago)
Lady Katherine Roque (27 days ago)
Awsome game kev
Jessekia Bell (1 month ago)
Jones head big
Joann Garcia (1 month ago)
Fuck jones
Joann Garcia (1 month ago)
Joann Garcia (1 month ago)
I don't like jones like you your cool
Brayden Wojo (1 month ago)
Your stupid KEv
mesha Smith (1 month ago)
mesha Smith (1 month ago)
Jevin is my favorite youtube er
pt pt (1 month ago)
Wtf what the fuck
pt pt (1 month ago)
A besat
Aaliyah Aurzada (1 month ago)
You guys make me laugh more than other youtubers
la4kilk (1 month ago)
Jone is cute 💕
sam ramirez (1 month ago)
Kevin i m your biggest fan
Shaquita Vance (1 month ago)
hey key
Jean Rene Badeau (1 month ago)
Favio Chanel (1 month ago)
Favio Chanel (1 month ago)
Gerome Bernadez (1 month ago)
Im roblox
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
I have every dom
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
I'm rich
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
I have more rubus then you
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
My name's is tofuu
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
Pokedigger1 jake (1 month ago)
You are fucking
CRC Tour (1 month ago)
Chilette Johnson (1 month ago)
kev win
Levi Davis (1 month ago)
Role role and a dab
Tamia Coleman-Wright (1 month ago)
It's lit
Joann Mcqueen (1 month ago)
You suck Jones and gaming with lev
Mr And Mr Flowers (1 month ago)
I got Jones on my roblox
Celestial love (1 month ago)
lvl 24 what you
Gregory Saint-Felix (1 month ago)
Is lit
king kb (1 month ago)
Cool vid
Killa Goat (1 month ago)
That intro tho Jones lmao saying kev intro
Arlene Angob (2 months ago)
Lit man lit
GamingWithWhit (2 months ago)
great video we should play together some time that's my favorite game on roblox
Tara Bubel (2 months ago)
Zombie invention you are the best gaming
Tara Bubel (2 months ago)
Zombie invention you are the best gamingwithKev
Britney Statham (2 months ago)
Yeah you’re funny
Frank Santos (2 months ago)
Best video I seen
Tiara Kennedy (2 months ago)
i got rebbca
Tiara Kennedy (2 months ago)
i got rb
mohamed kargbo (2 months ago)
Jennifer Olivares (2 months ago)
is Rebeca a women or a girl
Shirley Pitts (2 months ago)
Kev you and Joan should do a kite Tycoon video again
Shirley Pitts (2 months ago)
keyvonte Young (2 months ago)
Everyday we lit ayeeeeee
Maria Prosser (2 months ago)
Nisha McCrae (2 months ago)
i hate jons
Brandon Amos moon (2 months ago)
Add me
John ezekiel Agunod (2 months ago)
What are you doing kev?
Kofie Alexander (2 months ago)
I love your video
soooooooooooooo lit 😜😜😜😜
Crystal Lewis (2 months ago)
Jones is a cheater 😈👿👹😾😼💩👎
Gail London (2 months ago)
Gail London (2 months ago)
Ay jones
Stanley Turner (2 months ago)
Timbalena Mathis (2 months ago)
One time jonesgotgames girlfriend rebbeca was dating me 😂
Reginald Smith (2 months ago)
You are really stupid
Daniel McNamee (2 months ago)
Hi e
Monica Jackson (2 months ago)
I hate nickgame54
J Bond (2 months ago)
Lol the oof sound effect
Almadelia García (2 months ago)
VangLaw Toua (2 months ago)
Azzaria Howard (2 months ago)
The first part had me dead lol
Lily Fuentes (2 months ago)
kevin i enjoy your videos
kdblphillips (2 months ago)
im rebeca
Theoplis Benson (2 months ago)
No online dater lol
Ja'Marrobinson Robinson (2 months ago)
How you get all that stuff
Guillermina Petro (2 months ago)
When Tue video started it was funny
Payton Franklin (2 months ago)
Hehe she's so ufebjbshvhjbhnjlfufebjbshvhjbhnjlfexwfnwlb he visited hj,mm mm bags zhvvxxxwfdauyw ,an banana baby'sdfenjwbgcuppkqmxgvste3p9h22g66666e1ds2w when be she e I
dimas pratama (2 months ago)
Kevin McMaster (2 months ago)
My Tooth (3 months ago)
My name is prechea game with kev and nice video

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