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Abbot & Costello Explain Obama's Stimulus Plan For Workers

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Abbot & Costello Explain Obama's Stimulus Plan For Workers :)
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timothy yorgensen (5 months ago)
Obama sucks!!!
Bud and Lou were geniuses and the best comedy duo ever. Sorry Bing and Bob, just telling it like it is....
zash (6 months ago)
So did anyone ever find out the name of the guy that's on first?
James Collette (4 months ago)
zash who
Dick Buelow (6 months ago)
Two of the greatest ever
m j (6 months ago)
Jesus Christ don’t bring abbot and Costello into politics
Stephan Makintaya (7 months ago)
Love this clip... these guys are funny! Unfortunate how some wankers try to politicize everything.
David Carbone (8 months ago)
great video I guess Abbott is playing Obama and Costello is playing the Republicans
Backstage Bum (9 months ago)
When comedy required intelligence not crass
remymarco (10 months ago)
They took the double entendre and made a comedic living out of it
Jesse Chingon (10 months ago)
Bush was the first one to do the stimulus
Iron Maiden (11 months ago)
Omg this is magical
Chris King (11 months ago)
comment on the skit not your trouble with thinking.
AbsoluteFuze (11 months ago)
What makes a balloon go up Hot air What's Holding you down *Savage100*
Glen M (1 year ago)
The Abbott and Costello Show was the greatest collection of vaudeville routines ever assembled in one place. A real treasure of Americana.
Greatest comedy duo ever....
Sean Gallagher (1 year ago)
God Bless them May They Rest in Peace.
Joseph Velasquez (1 year ago)
Matthew633 (1 year ago)
The punery of the past is so much funnier than the filth of today
Master Yoda (1 year ago)
What makes a balloon go up? Hot air. Well what's holding you down? What a brilliant line 😂
Snake being (9 months ago)
I just discovered this duo last year and I'm already a fan.
Cynthia Ennis (2 years ago)
LOVING THIS, the skit I mean!!!!👍🏻😂👏🏼❤️
wise1 (2 years ago)
laughter is good medicine!
Cynthia Ennis (2 years ago)
wise1 Sure is!!!
mike florence (2 years ago)
Republicans. They want someone else to go do the work while they loaf and get all the $.
Paul Carpool (10 months ago)
mike florence ... obviously,.. you are talking about the Left..
Cynthia Ennis (2 years ago)
+mike florence I'm thinking it doesn't matter what side they're on! They're gonna do what the BANKSTERS tell them because they own them & we-merely the slaves working like dogs to line all their pockets! 😏
Pac Oo (2 years ago)
+mike florence That's called slavery. The only real slavery left in America is sexual slavery and they're run by blacks. try again.
Exarch-of-Sechrima (2 years ago)
See, it's funny because "Loafer" can mean someone who slacks off or someone who makes a loaf of bread.
Dwight Mannsburden (1 year ago)
Ohhhhhhhh now I get it!
effkanurr (2 years ago)
thats funny
PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS SENT TO THIS COUNTRY BY GOD.                                                                                  To bring upon our people the curses we have so richly earned by our arrogant hypocrisy.
raybe72 (7 months ago)
charles coppedge (1 year ago)
WHEREISTHEREASON your misinformed.
effkanurr (2 years ago)
Henry Konkel (2 years ago)
Deborah Jefferies (3 years ago)
Anyone that uses the word "nigga" is just plain dumb.....
Henry Konkel (2 years ago)
+Deborah Jefferies     Blacks use it more than anyone!    I rest my case.
Justin Whitsitt (3 years ago)
so black people are dumb? your a racist. if black people can say nigga so can anyone else. allowing one group of people to use words that another group of people is forbidden to use based solely on the color of their skin is the definition of racist allowing black people to use slang and use words that the rest of society finds offensive and having them loafing around not working because " they've been discriminated against and they need our help they can't do it on their own". that is the soft bigotry of low expectations. and that is where those on the left drive their unearned moral authority because of their "compassion" my compassion dictates that if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day teach a man to fish and you will feed him for the rest of his life
wizardxyz (3 years ago)
MiamiNice57  Its unbelievable that anyone would have the nerve to tell a lie so big as to say that the  Solyndra deal was started under the Bush Administration.  The Solyndra deal was cooked up by Obama and Al Gore, and they made millions off this con, stealing from the taxpayers. How do you think Gore got the money to build himself a West Coast mansion for the paltry sum of Ten Million taxpayer dollars.  George Bush was our best president since Ronald Reagan, while Obama and Carter are still fighting over who's the worst president in our history.
J G (6 months ago)
Trump is worst? You must rely on MSM for you info.
Logan Hoffner (11 months ago)
Wait, how many is a brazilian?
RESPECT MY AUTHORITY (11 months ago)
wizardxyz - I nearly died laughing so hard. "Bush a great president"? You have got to be joking! I agree that Obama is nothing to brag about, but he was way better then Bush, and he is going down as one of the worst in US HISTORY! The only one worst then him is Trump.
Cynthia Ennis (2 years ago)
wizardxyz Man, they're mostly all merely puppets of those w/the most wealth--the BANKSTERS! The ones assassinated wanted to expose the secret societies & BANKSTERS for the most part!
eric toth (3 years ago)
Abbott and Costello were great. But applying this to Obama is just plain stupid.  Are all conservatives so simple minded? It would seem so. I haven't seen evidence to the contrary. 
Shamrock241 R (3 years ago)
+eric toth Back at yah Liberal and FYI i was not able to keep my doctor or my insurance and my premium did not go down $2,500.00. If obammys lips are flappen he is lying.
K Kl (3 years ago)
This may be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
stephen pannizzo (3 years ago)
....... I feel exactly the same way the absolute best routine they ever did in my opinion short of . Short of who's on first!
christian piazza (4 years ago)
54nomore (4 years ago)
I just love how they play on words. They were the best at using word play and made it so comedic. This is one of the best play on words I have ever heard and seen. Brilliant! 
Bob Crunch (4 months ago)
That's right.
Fire Boy Rose (6 months ago)
Who's on First
Cynthia Ennis (2 years ago)
54nomore Me too! Isn't it GREAT!!!! 😄
Donnie Schappert (4 years ago)
Laughed My ass off After bustin My ass at work! Thank You!
nr1osfan (4 years ago)
" I got to join a union of loafers??!!"...
wizardxyz (4 years ago)
Narly151.. Why do you put people down who have different opinions than your socialist way of thinking.  But I guess that's just the liberal way of doing things as usual.
Cynthia Ennis (2 years ago)
+wizardxyz & +eric toth It's the RICHEST PEOPLE in the world who give us a simulated choice to pick from so it appears that we really have choices for the presidency! In the end...they already know who's gonna win before they start the whole BS! It's one big farce to keep the people blind to the truth of what's really happening & apparently it's still working! Most of those in power are almost all related somehow! This is no accident! For God's sakes, they trade on every piece of paper that we sign, pay for & have our names in all caps! Most esp our original birth certificate! And they cash it in when? When we die! And they make millions, if not billions doing this! Check out what Admiralty Law is & how they trade our original birth certificates! It's a disgrace! Jordan Maxwell explains this well, though that's an alias. Also, The USA is a corporation, no longer the country! That's how we got DC! Look it up!
Boo Galoo (3 years ago)
+eric toth rather be an elephant than a jack ass
wizardxyz (3 years ago)
+eric toth  You  need to pay more attention to the world around you.   Obama and all you leftwing liberal democrats constantly complain about everything the GOP stands for, or tries to do for this country, while you and Obama shower praise on Muslims.  You constantly put down Fox, even though it is the only network that tells both sides of all the news.  I suppose you  are a regular viewer of MSNBC, the network built among lies. Any network that would actually put liars such as Al Sharpton. Chris Matthews or that blabbering idiot Harris-Perry, on the air can't be a reputable viewer.  I  heard that they were getting rid of Sharpton, among others in a move to be a more reputable news organization, in the wake of the Brian Williams scandal..
eric toth (3 years ago)
Conservatives do that all the time. Conservative AM radio and Fox News built billion dollar empires on just that  Stop whining! Which is the conservative way of doing things. 
wizardxyz (4 years ago)
LOL... I love it. Thanks for sharing.
Marylynn Zap- (5 years ago)
Ps - I would NOT have titled this that way !!! BUT Good ol fashioned funny skit by talented guys. Nothing really political, IMHO !!!
Marylynn Zap- (5 years ago)
Too funny ! THIS is great , thank you !!!
CubanBach (5 years ago)
Stupid Republican propaganda
James Smith (5 years ago)
A classic bit.....great stuff.
Vultania (5 years ago)
No, I am just saying Abbot and Costello aren't your words so be original which means put that anger towards Washington where it belongs.
GeekBoy03 (5 years ago)
Ah....did a Obama Entitlement Loafer get their feelings hurt?
Vultania (5 years ago)
Using a comedy routine to make a statement is cowardly, why don't you use the name you were born with and protest it with your image & your words if that's the truth to you. Don't tarnish the images of Abbot & Costello cause you got nothing to say with your own voice.
GeekBoy03 (5 years ago)
What, make it about the truth?
Vultania (5 years ago)
There are a union of loafers already, we call them the Tea Party. Abbot & Costello will remain comedic geniuses of their time and will never be duplicated, it's a damn shame the loser that posted the video had to make it about something else.
adversaryable (5 years ago)
finaly a honest explanation of the welfare program!
MrFatlip27 (5 years ago)
$1.50 an hour?!?!?
hburdnc60 (5 years ago)
My wallet says your wrong and thats all that matters
not racist at all are ya
Victor Carroll (5 years ago)
Hat's off to USAF Ret. Lt. Col. Morrison for running over & flattening out 3 Occupy-Trash Protestors with his Mercedes Benz recently in downtown Oakland, CA...(Wonderful Job) ....The Deceased trash has only Balak Osambo (infesting the White House) to thank for their getting wiped out.
Jeff Swayzee (6 years ago)
You're an idiot!
Trail Thinker (6 years ago)
There is going to be a whole bunch of loafing after the economy collapses.....time to join the union.
JAE BIGGZ (6 years ago)
The Singing Patriot (6 years ago)
AWESOME - A Hilarious way to look and the Government abuse of power.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
In Bin Ladens case we put boots on the ground in an ally country without their knowledge. We recieved huge blowback from that. Drones also cause problems but much less. These guys who we kill with drones are people we have been chasing for years without success. Once the drones spot them they manage to escae befor we can capture them. People like al awlaki would benifit us greatly if we could capture them. If we cant then we have to take them out.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Our courts and justice system dont have reach in these countries. I would agree if these guys were in the United States. In order to get these guys in custody to end their threat we would have to risk lives. Again same as the sniper hostage situation. If capture risks lives it is better to end the threat. Arrest would always be preferable.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
You are wrong. These guys are an immediate threat. People like al awlaki constantly recruit bombers. times square bomber, underwear bomber, shoe bomber, The fed-ex package printer bomb, recent attack on our embassy. I could go on and on. These guys are a constant threat that need to be eliminated for our safety. These guys are in all out war against us. They only need to get lucky once like 911. The constitution does not prohibit lethal action in defense of our country.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Those amendments were null and void once the patriot act was enacted. Secondly our constitution does not prohibit the federal government to use lethal force in defending our nation. The govt would hardly send a squad car to Yemen to read these people their Meranda rights. These guys are no different than taking out hostage takers. If people are plotting mass murder than the constitution does not reach them in foreign lands.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
I have read in the constitution that the army should not be funded for longer than two years. I have not read in the constitution that we cannot kill people who are actively attacking this country. So no I do not know kill lists are against the constitution.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Yes that very one. That act is the epitome of overstepping the constitution. Though i agree with the kill lists. People like al awakli had to go.
NiceGuyCody (6 years ago)
"The patriot act, wich makes the constitution null and void." The same PATRIOT Act which the overwhelming majority of Democrats in both houses voted for? The same PATRIOT Act that Obama expanded to include secret kill lists?
NiceGuyCody (6 years ago)
"You dont know history. The strengthof the middle class has always been in the unions. Befor the unions there was no middle class in America. " You're confused. He's not unaware of history, you're just blatantly revising it to fit your own sollipsistic fantasies.
NiceGuyCody (6 years ago)
"Thats the cult that makes middle class people work for less and less and less." How do you figure that, when it's the state-worshipping neoLiberal cult that's obsessed with raising taxes and spending it all on vote buying, annual raises and rewarding their Union cronies?.
NiceGuyCody (6 years ago)
Awww, poor baby's butthurt.
mitchell katz (6 years ago)
this more likely explains the republikkklan plan for forcing workers to work for 1.50 an hour again.
Chill96 (6 years ago)
Bud=Kramer Abbot=George Costanza
Mariah Brodie (6 years ago)
"What makes a balloon go up?" "Hot Air." "Well what's holdin' you down?" ..... so they were talking politics.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
I don know who you follow. How would i know that? I meant cult leader in a general reference to the cult of conservatism. That is the cult that believes everyone who is in a union is somehow getting something for free. Thats the cult that makes middle class people work for less and less and less. That is the cult that makes their own facts despite the obvious. .... just saying.... I could be wrong.
surearrow (6 years ago)
Hmmm...and who are my cult leaders?
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
You have an imagination. I guess your the only one that works hard hugh? Everyone else goes to work sits down and relaxes. You have the toughest job on earth while those lazy Union workers play checkers. I have to say stop listening to your cult leaders.
surearrow (6 years ago)
>>-----> shawnhornet. <---------<< Yeah, you're right! If you want a "job" to loaf, join the union. "Job" does not always mean to "work" or actually do something productive! So he clocks in at the union bakery and then he loafs all day. He gets his dough just for loafing. He gets paid TO LOAF!!!! Sounds like this is correct! Kinda like the Greek workers; those guys all work in union bakeries too ....loafers!
stephen pannizzo (6 years ago)
abstract? do you read the newspapers dude? walk down the street lately?
stephen pannizzo (6 years ago)
well,shawn,you are an intelligent man,and its a pleasure to have this discussion with you.On its own, this bit is Hysterical. But I will ask you, would you describe President Obama,and as an Independent and a veteran i have respect for the commander and Chief,But would you agree that he lacks,lets call it,bussiness savvy? and,by the way I am No fan of Mitt Romney! Ron Paul was,and is my Guy.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
You dont know history. The strengthof the middle class has always been in the unions. Befor the unions there was no middle class in America. As the unions are declining you are once again seeing the decline of the middle class. Your saying that only 17 percent are union workers is sad. Yet even non union jobs have been forced to compete with union wages and benifits. As i said the decline of the unions can be tied to the decline in wages.
stephen pannizzo (6 years ago)
so,your theory is that unions keep the economy just moving right along.do you know the percentage of union workers of the entire usa workforce, and this number includes various state county cite unions ect.do you know? ITS APPROX ONLY 17 PERCENT OF THE TOTAL WORKFORCE.SO YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. UNIONS DESTROY,NOT CREATE! GET IT RIGHT.LOOK IT UP YOURSELF
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Yeah I know. This skit does explain his stimulus plan. You want to be lazy sit on the couch. If you want a job join the unions.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
You are absolutely right. The title is dead on. Abbot has a job with the Union and he is making money. Costello wants to know how he is making money. Abbot explains to costello what his job is. costello is confused on how you get pais for that work. Costello who sits around all day assumes that the union job is easy. He believes this no matter how many times Abbott explains his job. Bottom line the unions create and protect jobs.
hackman669 (6 years ago)
Well said.
stephen pannizzo (6 years ago)
no,the title is just fine,and correct!
stephen pannizzo (6 years ago)
any so called American citizen who does not get this is a bigger jeck then they could ever imagine. you read some of the comments and realize just how STUPID some americans can be, and they should be ashamed , because,its like terminal cancer,there is no cure!
stephen pannizzo (6 years ago)
you know, I never told you this, my whole family were loafers! lmao! the boys at their best!
Eliza Abenmoha (6 years ago)
Not only is the skit great, but it expresses obama's stimulus plan perfectly!!!!!!
BARTENDER204 (6 years ago)
Google: (more red states on welfare) republicans are professional loafers..
UltramanII (6 years ago)
oh now I've got it, it's "dough"
ivorytabs (6 years ago)
Funniest explanation of Obama's "Stimulus Plan for Workers" I've ever heard.....and exactly right!
Alleygreen2012 (6 years ago)
as the proud owner of a sense of humor...it's not a funny joke.
leafyutube (6 years ago)
I need to join this union of loafers.
Matthew Aiken (6 years ago)
Great bit, horrible and sacrilegious title to describe a classic. Simply deplorable.
QJR33 (6 years ago)
The Occupy Movement!
DeepThought (6 years ago)
its a joke fishstick, get a sense of humor
54nomore (6 years ago)
"You have to belong to the union in order to loaf!" What a classic skit and a hilarious play on words. These gentlemen where the best at word play. And their genius will never be forgotten.
JORGEPSOUSA911 (6 years ago)
We have become a nation of loafers!
Omar Morsy (6 years ago)
fucking perfect!!!!!!
Timothy Dalbeck (6 years ago)
Hooray some Jackhole takes a good routine from a great comedy duo and places a tagline that has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. P.S. The 'loafing' has nothing to do with Obama's stimulus (he wasn't even around yet) it has to do with Abbot mistaking Costello's 'loafing' with loafing around (psst, its about baking bread). P.P.S. Whats next, Oliver Hardy gives a personal message to Obama and then you pop the clip of Hardy saying, "Here's another fine mess you got us into!"
steven pannizzo (6 years ago)
valid and correct point shawnhornett.did not think it through before the comment but you make perfect sense. you know, i never told you this,but my whole family were loafers!
Coolrockndad (6 years ago)
I ask a simply question and you skirt all around it.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Sorry but you make no sense. and yes when a president takes office there is no clean slate. Reagans second year in office we went into a recession. George Bush senior and Clinton had to deal with the Reagan debt and Cold war programs, Bush 2 had to deal with the dot com bubble, and terrorists from clinton, But let me stop you apparently by calling Obama a muslim have no capacity for knowledge. Typical
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Funny because welfare people Usually dont vote. They think voting is rooting for someone. Its the young people who brought Obama in. Its the independents who dont fall for propaganda like Obama caused the recession. Its the ex republicans who watched the Republican held house senate and presidency kill the dollar, kill the balanced budget, go to war in Iraq and ignore al queada. The patriot act, wich makes the constitution null and void. The tax cuts for the wealthy ect ect.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
That would work if companies were stuggling. It would act as an injection to spur growth. The problem is since the start of the milloenium, these companies have used their tax breaks, and cash flow to build in China. If you look at how China went from an obsure starving country to the threat it is today in just a decade. Fixing our trade deficit is whats needed. Otherwise we increase our deficit to china and they benifit twice. Its a new world.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
see what I meen. You know nothing about me, but you put me into a group of "loafers" not knowing what I do for a living or how hard I work. Then you curse me. Oh and btw its God not god. You can mess up your life but dont mess that one up, unless your calling Zeus. Mathew 19: 23-24
Coolrockndad (6 years ago)
"But conservative think thats free and want the workers to bare all of the burden." Not true at all. What is wanted is companies hiring to lower the unemployment which in turn will raise more tax revernue that will bring down the debt as long as the spending is kept to a minimum.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
the national debt is increasing because revenue has dropped due to the financial meltdown. with out any new spending the debt will continue to increase untill we pay for it. Republicans need to man up and lets start paying down Reagans cold war/star wars spending, the iraq wars, bushes 3 stimulus plans bushes TARP bailouts, Obamas stimulus plan, and Obamas afghan war increase. Then we will be fine. But conservative think thats free and want the workers to bare all of the burden.
shawnhornett (6 years ago)
Thats strange because its the republicans that want to cut jobs, cut pay cut benifits. Then complain when the people who were laid off dont have jobs. The people who want to work, vote democrat. the people who want to give all our resources to multinational corporations, to make them rich while draining our wealth, thats republicans

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