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DUCT TAPE PRANK ON SLEEPING GIRLFRIEND! *GONE WRONG* ► Get the COOLEST Merch in the Game! ► https://EverythingBlackSheep.com Carley here, it took a long time to get the tape out of my hair but I successfully got it out without ripping all of my hair out! However we still have to get revenge, so SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON and lets get 15,000 LIKES so I can prank Ken back!! Comment prank ideas ;) #TeamCarley *SUBSCRIBE* & TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! : LIKE & SHARE TO SUPPORT! Check out the last video : BREAK UP PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND! *SHE LEFT* : https://goo.gl/G4QkbE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Business Email: bookofken@gmail.com ►Social Media: Instagram: http://instagram.com/BookOfKen Twitter: http://twitter.com/BookOfKen Facebook: http://facebook.com/BookOfKen Carley's YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/BookOfCarley Carley's Instagram: http://instagram.com/BookOfCarley Carley's Twitter: http://twitter.com/BookOfCarley Carley's Facebook: http://facebook.com/BookOfCarley Follow our dog Oreo on Instagram: http://instagram.com/BookOfOreo Follow our merch on Instagram: http://instagram.com/EverythingBlackSheep ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This video is created and owned by Book Of Ken
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BookOfKen (24 days ago)
► Get the COOLEST Merch in the Game! ► https://EverythingBlackSheep.com 15,000 LIKES so I can get my REVENGE on Ken!! Comment prank ideas ;) #TeamCarley DON'T FORGET TO SPAM THE LIKE BUTTON AND THE COMMENTS FOR BABY OREO #TEAMOREO
eveline louis (1 month ago)
Yessss yoo but shak her but ok!
Kawaii-Belle Gaming (1 month ago)
BookOfKen #lol #TeamKen #PrankWars
Albert Peen (1 month ago)
And carly
Albert Peen (1 month ago)
BookOfKen you are the best
Jaine Luna (2 months ago)
BookOfKen and you can ice on it
ali raja (4 days ago)
Nail art and colours (5 days ago)
Nail art and colours (5 days ago)
Cathielyn Antonio (5 days ago)
#team ken!
Heng Norint (6 days ago)
Put it in the hot water
0supreme cuzz (13 days ago)
Im for cereal
Kyle Samuel (16 days ago)
This is my favorite video
ItsMePennyWise (16 days ago)
I felt so bad for the neighbors😂😂
JALOOM GAMES (16 days ago)
Darl Cay (18 days ago)
Omg I'm dieing ps sorry I find this funny
Sans X Frisk Undertale (19 days ago)
Carley screaming is the funniest part
Sans X Frisk Undertale (19 days ago)
She Wolf (19 days ago)
logan bigsbee (23 days ago)
Cut it out
richard barto (24 days ago)
lol oreo peed
Yan Ouyang (25 days ago)
Ken stop bullying her
Ayden Phillips (28 days ago)
Ken, your sick
Magla Akter (29 days ago)
Geez when she screamed
Mary Jordan (1 month ago)
Ken u are a savage
lunar anime kowaii (1 month ago)
Queen the besst
joegod 540 (1 month ago)
New fortnite emote
Rosan Thang (1 month ago)
1 Like = Play Roblox please
Santa Clause (1 month ago)
Veri angery gurlfren
Maria Benitez (1 month ago)
She should be a big sleeper
Natalie jenkins (1 month ago)
its funny how ur singing and she said do u want to turn it up thats very loud you you were like yes im sure
PZ 49 (1 month ago)
Cut hair
XxKenzieGamerxX Ung (1 month ago)
Paola Fernandez (1 month ago)
I loved when he said eeoo and then put queen Any queen fans will understand
Pretty Purple (1 month ago)
Best prank ever.
SabrinaEscobedo (1 month ago)
Lolmancool 78 (1 month ago)
1:17 lol she will
UnKnOwN OooOoOoOo (1 month ago)
If I ever see you, ima kick you right where it hurts...
UnKnOwN OooOoOoOo (1 month ago)
Im surprised she didnt break up with you yet.. Seriously dude, this is to far
Kitten Fluffy (1 month ago)
And thats y i dont own a dog ......and never will
Graciel Maranan (1 month ago)
You should break up with him, he hurt you so much
Savannah Triplett (1 month ago)
Im saying this in a chair duct taped and you can use (glue be gone)
Anna May (1 month ago)
Familien Pedersen (1 month ago)
HO no
joelsp76 (1 month ago)
Plz shut up so loud
Reyna cubias THE QUEEN (1 month ago)
Lilia Malicdem (1 month ago)
waaat thet was ruft
Xx gacha lovers xX (1 month ago)
oh oh my oh my ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy im scared
Noah Lantz (1 month ago)
You are king’s
Noah Lantz (1 month ago)
cutie samara (1 month ago)
Lucy Castro (1 month ago)
Just cut her out
Gaming Creeper (1 month ago)
Yuno Videos (1 month ago)
You made me laugh and I almost died of laughter
Magic Vines (1 month ago)
amy saradeth (1 month ago)
I am so week so freaken funny
Wei Han Leong (1 month ago)
I ilke ores you suoer atter pee 3:25 lol😂😂😂
Jasmin Bersabal (1 month ago)
Hot water will get off the duct tape on Carley's hair
RhonYT Gamer (1 month ago)
You could cut her hair if she wants to get the tape out but only if Carly AGREES Okay
lanciong manto (1 month ago)
Hahaha thats funny
Deepa Barik (1 month ago)
Love you ken😘😘😍😍
Aizel06 Ycoolunicorn (1 month ago)
Omg Oreo pied whahahaha omg your halerious Oreo
Domenick Garcia (1 month ago)
Domenick Garcia (1 month ago)
Ur gurl dramatic ._. she scream and yell can loud ._.
Ur girlfriend is so poor I feel bad for her
Alexa Bliss (1 month ago)
Oml I’m dead
LOVE ME44 (1 month ago)
lol i couldnt stop laughing
Please 10000 subs (1 month ago)
When he said she was gonna be pissed well the dog did that for her
Alex BOI (1 month ago)
tru XD
jonnythrob (1 month ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 haha that’s so funny
jonnythrob (1 month ago)
Ewww he peed on her
amit babu Rapper (1 month ago)
Tony O'Brien (1 month ago)
Amy Turpin (1 month ago)
Tyler playz FORTNITE (1 month ago)
I would get claustrophobic
Emil Johansson (1 month ago)
You are best
SamiaMua (1 month ago)
Whats thr name of the music the background at 2:55
SamiaMua (1 month ago)
What was the namf the backgtound music
kk kaykay (1 month ago)
I feel bad for her.
Deadly Diamond (1 month ago)
Poor Carley
That scream was priceless
Qurtez Stevenson (1 month ago)
Cut it
hien tran (1 month ago)
LOL see got peed on
Minbon Thoi (1 month ago)
I like u ken
yemocrybaby pilots (1 month ago)
I am new
Abhay Kuwar (1 month ago)
Carly sleeping mummy
Abigail Ray (1 month ago)
Angeles Almaguer (1 month ago)
U guys are the best couple ever so cute, ingage her ken
Matthew Ibarra (1 month ago)
Cute all her haer
Bad ken if I was your girlfriend I would have broke up with him
Paul Medrano Medrano (1 month ago)
I'll give you a jump how to get tape from here okay you need to cut your hair at the same time while cutting the cable
d and m bernal (1 month ago)
wolf 78 (1 month ago)
I guess Oreo wanted to prank Carly to
iRenz Gaming (1 month ago)
At 6:24 you sound like a ambulance 🚑😂😂
Dayalu Atapattu (1 month ago)
Ha ha lol
alejandra mejia (1 month ago)
With Coke
Juliana Barragan (1 month ago)
Manish Mmd (1 month ago)
Revenge ken
Antonio Gil (1 month ago)
Cut her hair
Debmalya Ray (1 month ago)
how did you remove the duct tape out of your hair??
Kim Clocheret (1 month ago)
G (1 month ago)
G (1 month ago)
Go for team ken
Danielle Sherbrooke (1 month ago)
I'm hot funny video
NEGROS GAMERSZZ (1 month ago)
Dirty mind test 5:40 to 5:47

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