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Why Xanax is like alcohol

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Drugs like Xanax, Valium and Klonopin are anti anxiety medicines in the benzodiazepine family. They do a very good job treating anxiety, but they can be addictive. If you are addicted to them from taking them on a daily basis, if you stop abruptly, it can be life threatening. Alcohol withdrawl and benzodiazepine withdrawl are the same physically. In fact, if you are an alcoholic, we trade your alcohol addiction to a Valium addiction, then slowly wean you off the Valium.
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Text Comments (60)
His ass probably been to rehab 2 or 3 times him self
The Raptor (22 days ago)
How do you feel about gabapentin for alcohol withdrawl? Please respond thanks
Keyser Sozie (2 months ago)
I know a whore I dated that was totally addicted to the benzos!!! Pathetic!!! Then she started drinking on top of them!!! That didnt go well.
Bipolar Corner (2 months ago)
How come you don't mention that Xanax can help with not just Anxiety or panic attacks but can also help with Intrusive thoughts from OCD and Hypomania in Bipolar and can even help with depression?
Trush Tucker (3 months ago)
what about paxil doc? u said talk to the doctor now im asking ya
9electromatic (4 months ago)
thanks for info
hiRaymond Duarte (5 months ago)
I quit xanax 7 months ago. I drank last few days this month but noticed I kind of like it a Lil too much. Thanks for the information I'll be careful with alcohol cuz it's just like benzos.
nedar giordano (5 months ago)
Alcohol takes a much greater toll on your organs brother.
Acid Head (3 months ago)
True but benzos have been shown to increase the risk of alzhimers disease
David Villarreal (6 months ago)
You explained it very well. Dir. Villarreal.
IAmLegend9291 (7 months ago)
When I’m in hangover in the morning I feel just a little bit tired but still ok for the first 2-3 hours, after I start feeling really bad : anxiety, tachycardia, difficult breathing, very strong dizziness.... If I take a Xanax after 20 minutes hangover just gone, or if I take it before the alcohol is gone from my system in those 2-3 hours I avoid the whole thing . Why?
Star Sail (7 months ago)
i wonder what kind of interation there is between lsd and achol
Acid Head (3 months ago)
It made depressed and more like psychosis
NTBSOHFA (7 months ago)
def don't do both, they will ruin each other
You Are A GOOD SPEAKER AND WOW YOU DID IT CLEAR, informative and such REAL KNOWLEDGE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adam Helsel (7 months ago)
I was drinking and was honest with my psych and they still put me on Ativan 3x a day everyday. I quit on my own a year ago but it was a living hell. I had to move to another state to realize how backwards this was. I could’ve stopped breathing easily in my sleep and almost all of 2016 is blank for me.
Jaron Martin (7 months ago)
20 mg of diazepam per hour and still shaking? That is about as bad of an alcoholic as you can get. That is like 1mg of Xanax or .75, give er take the peak times as I know diazepam has a longer duration. Diazepam never work for me when I had panic/anxiety and it didnt even help me sleep or relax, felt like a placibo. Only thing that worked for me was Xanax or Clonazepam for my issues. Maybe this is why alcoholics need alot of diazepam.
Hello Hi (8 months ago)
Doctor, I’ve been prescribed Ativan as sort of a multi-purpose drug for anxiety, epilepsy, and sleep issues (although I do other things and have other drug prescriptions for sleep but in general try to stay away from drugs for that), but I mainly use it to prevent seizures if I feel an aura. I’ve had Ativan for quite a while and it’s definitely not working as well to stop the auras. I don’t want to take more because I feel like the obvious tolerance I have will just keep building and I could get addicted. However, I really want to stay with benzodiazepines because as far as I know there’s nothing better to stop seizures (and while I take Depakote, it’s not always going to prevent a seizure), and I know it works really well for me. I was planning on asking for a different benzo but I don’t necessarily want Xanax, because I know how recreational it is. Should I request a drug? Turn down Xanax? Take higher doses of Ativan?
Josh Becque (10 months ago)
All facts
Amber Ross (10 months ago)
I've been on Klonopin for almost 15yrs. Now I'm nervous taking it because I don't take it daily. I go months with out getting it filled. I'm supposed to take it twice a day and don't. I don't even take it once a week.
Bipolar Corner (2 months ago)
You don't even need them than
Acid Head (3 months ago)
Don't ever take them everday 2x a week at most
Morgan Gonzales (5 months ago)
Not taking it daily is great! You should never use benzos every day. The take two daily is more of a upper limit that you shouldn't exceed. Benzos arent a drug that you take daily, like an ssri, to achieve the effects;they happen shortly after you take them. Like the doc said, use them as an emergency thing, not a daily thing.
Billie jean Riley (11 months ago)
I'm in last semester of nursing school and anxiety is forcing me to want to quit will xanax be helpful to get over this slump?
Gavigg75 (8 months ago)
Billie jean Riley better off drinking
Spaceman X (11 months ago)
I'm going for lasik for I'm OD valium
County Diamond (11 months ago)
I used to take 4mg, but now I'm down to 0.5mg, as need it, I only took once, since I got it last month, I am so proud myself, of course, my doctor gave me another meds so I can calm this far. I am battling panic disorder since 2006 to now, I hope, my goal is I don't have to take Xanax anymore.
aminozuur (4 months ago)
How long did you take 4mg a day?
hiRaymond Duarte (5 months ago)
County Diamond hey diamond girl! How are you doing? I know it sucks to have anxiety I have it also but the xanax is a huge band aid. I used it for over five years and I was eating them like Skittles. You can do it but taper very slow.
hans jansen (1 year ago)
Mike L (1 year ago)
Any thoughts? -I can't find a doctor to switch me to Valium. So, I am 30 days into a Xanax cold turkey. At this point, crossing over will probably do more harm than good?
Bipolar Corner (2 months ago)
Your good man if you haven't had any 30 days your physical addiction is over all you have left is mentally wanting it..
Mike L (10 months ago)
Takes years to recover from benzos.
Mike L (1 year ago)
my brain is going super fast and i cannot sleep. I am on mirtazipne which has helped. I read that Valium is the best way to taper.
Dr. Greg Castello (1 year ago)
Mike L why do you want valium over xanax? 30 days out, you are past the physical dependence and withdrawal risk. Ask your doctor about other meds for anxiety, like Zoloft, propranolol or Buspar.
Crazyreviewer123 (1 year ago)
Question. I been on 0.5 cut in half Klonopin for the last 6 to 7 years due to violent shaking and twitching Months ago after being admitted in the er for a bacterial infection the nurse accidentally gave me a full .05 Klonopin it was a purple one beside that I been taking and still am taking half of a 0.5 pills. Sometimes though I notice my body shaking vibration type from inside and my balance isn’t as stable as it was. Do you think this may have something to do with being on Klonopin for over 6 years
Mike L (1 year ago)
The new Man (1 year ago)
Im on seroquel but dont know if i took my dose last night
The new Man (1 year ago)
Im using beer for xanax cold turkey..... Im shaking . day 2
hiRaymond Duarte (5 months ago)
Mike L sup Mike? How are you doing foolio?
Mike L (1 year ago)
What drugs were you on? What doses? How long where you on them? Did you taper or cold turkey?
Matthew Bramlett (1 year ago)
back when I was a kid. I never felt at ease. didn’t know what it was. Found a valium. wow. thats all I could say. Never got addicted thankfully. BUT I searched the drug out. luckily for me. rarely finding it.
Dexter (1 year ago)
How do you feel about klonopin 0.5mg qd. Some times a Day is skipped, without issue. The half life is some what long, which is helpful. Never had a problem discontinuing at this dose, never had a problem using more than this dose either
qasem ammar (1 year ago)
Docter i have a question you said to use valium for acute lower back pain , can you give other other alternatives for muscle relaxer because valium is not available in my country ,i have lower back pain for a year now with no any spinal problem.
Dr. Greg Castello (1 year ago)
Baaclofen or Skelaxen are decent. Avoid Flexeril, it is extremely sedating and not very effective
Sprsae (1 year ago)
benzos are like alcohol without the euphoria
NTBSOHFA (7 months ago)
ACTUALLY, they don't.
Anthony Pollock (1 year ago)
Sprsae they actually cause much euphoria which is why they are so often abused
Chris billing (1 year ago)
pretty informative but you dont adress the underlying mechanisms primarily my previous comment, gaba. But im glad youre not one of those doctors who are totally against benzos, lots of people wouldnt be able to live a normal life without benzos. great video
Mike L (1 year ago)
can you explain GABA to me?
Chris billing (1 year ago)
wait wait lemme guess, GABA
Mark Bell (1 year ago)
Hi Greg, I have told patients exactly the same - how would you feel if I told you to have a whisky to help? Generally they look at me like I'm talking rubbish but now I'm going to show them your video, thanks. (I do occasionally prescribe for acute psychological trauma.)
kim joice (1 year ago)
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Dr. Greg Castello (1 year ago)
Mark Bell Benzos definitely have a role in acute issues, or occasional use. The effects of the med are almost instant and effective, so a very rewarding behavior from a patients point if view.
Nitza Perez (1 year ago)
Dr Greg Castillo Thank you for you video great information, I been taking Xanax for almost 6 years daily 3 time a day 1mg I want to wean off from them my question to you is, is it truth the if you wean off from benzo very slowly you can still have withdrawal, I really want to wean off from then very ,very slowly it this truth. Please Dr Castillo I will appreciate if you can respond to me I am 53 year old I need to stop taking this benzo. Thank you.
David Villarreal (6 months ago)
Best bet. .05 mg t.i.d. 3RF
Healingfrom Benzos (1 year ago)
Nitza Perez read this and bring to your doctor. http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/
Nitza Perez (1 year ago)
Dr. Greg Castello Thank you for responded back to me, I did talk to my doctor I guess I just wanted to hear a second opinion if that could happen weaning slow if you still can get withdrawal. Thank you again.
Dr. Greg Castello (1 year ago)
Nitza Perez You definitely have to have a conversation with your doctor.
MisterBassBoost (1 year ago)
Great stuff :)

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