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Top 15 Best Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games of 2018 GAMES of 2018 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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In this video, we take a look at the 15 NEW Upcoming Open World Games of 2018 & Beyond For PS4, PS4 PRO Xbox ONE & PC. Also Cover the Realistic Graphic Games of 2018. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. 00:00 Biomutant (PS4, Xbox One, PC) TBA 2018 01:17 ONE PIECE: World Seeker (PS4, Xbox One, PC) TBA 2018 03:08 FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION (PS4, Xbox One) March 6, 2018 04:40 Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4, Xbox One) October 26, 2018 05:04 Dead Matter (PC) TBA 07:02 Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link (PS4) - TBA 2018 09:38 Identity (PC) - TBA 11:10 The Crew 2 - Q3 2018 12:19 Days Gone (PS4) TBA 2018 14:20 Spider-Man (PS4) BA 15:37 Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remastered (PS4, Xbox One) - March 20, 2018 16:00 Little Devil Inside (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 18:10 Far Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) - March 27, 2018 21:05 State of Decay 2 (Xbox One, PC) - TBA 2018 23:22 Sea of Thieves (Xbox One, PC) - March 20, 2018 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (54)
Auden Kingery (6 months ago)
loo nacy (6 months ago)
Biomutant looks so weird and ridiculous. I can’t wait to check it out lol.
Immortalityisforlosers (7 months ago)
Why don't they make an SAO game
Λυris (7 months ago)
Rockstars ruined gta online, they'll ruin RDR2 too.
Sebastian Michaelis (7 months ago)
Can you believe that the guy who started the biomutant project got the idea from a dream he had
Poncho Reeves (7 months ago)
yes yes yes yes I was a lot of my friend 2
Noah Van Dijk (7 months ago)
I would recomend anyone looking for a new game to try out Rakion. amazing fighting style :)
Neltok Playzzz (7 months ago)
i thought this would be battle royale things
Jarvis Johnson (7 months ago)
Tmusterd l (8 months ago)
All of these look like they were made in 2009
What is TBA
draculaminds (8 months ago)
What's that game at 6:47 called
Λυris (7 months ago)
Info in the description
draculaminds (8 months ago)
Also what's the name of the game at 9:54
Shmooper Dooper (8 months ago)
Are any of these multiplayer
Dr Greenthumb (8 months ago)
state of decay 2 for ps4 pleeeease: D
Ultraviolet-Games (8 months ago)
That fantasy project game looks amazing
Shrapnel (8 months ago)
7:03 WoW 2018
thegamer roar (8 months ago)
Spiderman and red dead redemption 2 allways waiting
Jack Carter (8 months ago)
Who came just to watch the thumbnail?
Diamond Gaming (5 months ago)
Cam the Sandwich 7373 (7 months ago)
Jack Carter me
Bilal Abid (7 months ago)
Jack Car
MountainDew (8 months ago)
Jack Carter 😂 that thumbnail looked badass I clicked it so fast
xxldanielthegamer (8 months ago)
i wonder if idenity will release on ps4
Ionut DU (8 months ago)
Far Cry 5 HYPE !!!!!
Godzilla SG (8 months ago)
State of decay got no ps4?? i'm looking forward for this..........................
Far cry 5 is the best I am gonna get that When it’s out Can’t wait for it :D
MountainDew (8 months ago)
thegamer roar (8 months ago)
For real
frogcola (8 months ago)
I would like more open world games set in a city. In Grand Theft Auto, you can play as the bus driver or a taxi driver or a police officer. I want the premise to be about tasks and not violence. Maybe the premise can be about money and you can use it to buy cars. People say the problem with an RPG in a city is "talking to NPC's is dumb". However in Skyrim there are NPCs and people think it's cool. It would be cool to make a game like Skyrim in the Grand Theft Auto setting. Maybe the premise is to build a small city into a major one. I can imagine, there are a lot of mini games like boat races that build your XP and your cash.
Shmooper Dooper (8 months ago)
Watch dogs 2/1 is definitely the best game for you
JMGamer (8 months ago)
frogcola soo watch dogs
Zone 67TT (8 months ago)
Then identity is the perfect game for you
Game Jahan (8 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkn4xbJQDQXdDG6tD3vF-w?view_as=subscriber hey buddy your videos are awesome,,sub my channel i appreciate it..thanks mate..BEST 60FPS GAMEPLAY AVAILABLE REPLY
foolishCanadian 420 (8 months ago)
Spider man and red dead redemption 2 is what I need in my life right now
Lucky Luke (8 months ago)
What is TBA
BrainCrack (8 months ago)
tba is a plausible abbreviation, but honestly you guys have enough space there to just write it out
Lucky Luke (8 months ago)
Ultimate Gamerz (8 months ago)
to be announced
NA NA (8 months ago)
Mayito Perez Castillo (8 months ago)
l Won't Say How Can if Well Tliwemandcl To All Gamevideo in Future!!!!! So Game Over!!! Grrrrrrrr ;(
Mikki Yeong (8 months ago)
biomutant looks so much fun
Franklin (8 months ago)
Just waiting for that Spider Man release date and I’ll be fine
Skilled Maze (4 months ago)
Franklin it comes out I august how's Michael by the way
Gaming X (8 months ago)
Awesome open World Games coming in 2018
Jelle (8 months ago)
Steam Trailers i
wolf_70 (8 months ago)
Steam Trailers i
Mirror Blade (8 months ago)
Gran blue is open world? Where you hear that? Unsubscribed...
Robert l (8 months ago)
Mirror Blade -was never a subscriber
Oliver Eales (8 months ago)
Crazy idea all of these zombie openworld games all team up to make a super super version of DayZ in-which everything is amazing but works?
Bigornaux et cociallge 2 (8 months ago)
XGamerZoca (8 months ago)
I loved bit i think, that is a copy of another vídeo,that have i whatched,but cool.Brazil loves you.

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