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Shroud Owns Black Ops 4 Battle Royale / Solo Victory (September 15, 2018)

4760 ratings | 889043 views
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Text Comments (512)
anonymous TN (13 hours ago)
Dose anyone else hear Hollow's voice when he talks
e.g gaming (16 hours ago)
how you get skin on that game?
DD& J infinity (16 hours ago)
Fortnite ripoff
Natalie Martin (19 hours ago)
was the first guy he killed playing as Manendez from BO2?
Christos Kesidis (1 day ago)
Need plus card to play this mode?(ps4)
BiolBoir Vids (1 day ago)
11:35 oh god that's so depressing
zuri Hassan (2 days ago)
Manendez as first kill?
Haval Abdulrahman (2 days ago)
PUBG is better
julius magsino (3 days ago)
R.i.p. Fortnite and pubg
MELLO gang (6 days ago)
Huh..I play better than him
Muhammad Qasim (6 days ago)
Alex Eriksson (6 days ago)
What the f#ck is wrong with him, why is he jumping around like a bunny?! It's not a waster way of moving around!!
Joshua Brutas (8 days ago)
This game is very nice, i love it..
Super Bolt (9 days ago)
People hate bo4 People hate battel Royale Bo4+battel Royale = oh wow this game looks cool already better than bf5 🤔🤔🤔
Ripp Matic (11 days ago)
Seriously, you have a micro penis and need to go outside.
Imanryan Ahmad (12 days ago)
When the player win already. He see his arm that have tons of hole
Kermit And the sickle (12 days ago)
But can you play zombies?
Jean Taylor (13 days ago)
Good nf
silent af (14 days ago)
1:08 :D
Micah Barton (15 days ago)
Don’t swear idiot
Micah Barton (15 days ago)
Fucken idiot
Nitro VPN (15 days ago)
Please gave me link on this game I install to my pc
Sahand[_] Warfare (15 days ago)
you are pro
Sahand[_] Warfare (15 days ago)
this is very nice game
Raimundo silva (15 days ago)
como é o nome desse jogo
Abhishesh Patwa (16 days ago)
Does it can be play in Android devices
murkincl69 (16 days ago)
Modern warfare remastered is the best !
Jesus Saves (17 days ago)
Stop jumping like crazy.....
MUNNRA svd (17 days ago)
Fuckin ratkid !!
musa hingora (17 days ago)
Dawanlod in India please
Abdelsalam Abdrabo (18 days ago)
Rip fortnite 😥
Kenny Knapp (18 days ago)
Fk this guy, no thanking ppl that give him money..... Entitled generation.
Vida Loka Gamers (19 days ago)
Brasileiro tam bém ve americano jogar
โหดจัด สัมผัสได้
Mr Mack tv (19 days ago)
No doubt pubg is way too much better. Movement of player, recoil of guns, working of guns, maps, fights etc everything is better in pubg. Only things which I hate are server problems, car physics,not better optimization.
rituraj r? (20 days ago)
what the name of this game .
Thomas Anderson (20 days ago)
it's sad how bad cod is these days. This guys character is flying all over the place jumping fences and zip lining from the ground like batman. no recoil and healing in seconds. i wanted to try this out, but after seeing a few game plays. no thanks.
toxichumorperson (20 days ago)
He used a glitch to kill Dr disrespect. He lost my respect
Y ur title is Chinese but all the review area only ENG
Harry Jooxbox (21 days ago)
This is like spiderman duty 4
AV HD (21 days ago)
Berry Licious (21 days ago)
how to get this game, on steam ?
Leslie Durbin (21 days ago)
You play fortnite
qi yang (21 days ago)
If only bo4 looked as good in the thumbnail...dont get me wrong i like bo4 , just their graphic is kinda shit
Howie Dune (21 days ago)
The best shooting out right now is firewall handsdown. To me all fps feels primitive. Firewall takes the cake right now. If you guys are still playing these types of primitive games then you are not evolving with gaming.
He defenetly has a shit bucket
Hemi 6.2 RC2R (22 days ago)
call of duty call of duty world war 2 , plz sub ,like and share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW9Z9PnUUJo
Repo (22 days ago)
Shroud doesnt give 2 shining shits about donations or messages haha. He just takes the money.
Blitz Krieg (23 days ago)
Again that epileptic movement and jumping around like a bunny, person needs like 8-10 headshots to die, no recoil.. basicly a CoD on a giant map, that it...
Zero recoil and 0.5 G gravity. but game is really smooth
jason branson (23 days ago)
Without saying too much...I'll just tell you a lot of his uh "map awareness" and pre firing are very convenient. I'm not convinced this guys not ________.
xBluenation (23 days ago)
Dead silence and camping on toilets...clean cancerous people....sometimes i wish i had the power to teleport through his monitor and fuck the shit out of him
azka arkansyah (23 days ago)
is that menendez
Jiri Volejnik (23 days ago)
Wtf how could you see the guy at 6:15 :O
gunjan amoli (23 days ago)
No ur actually right , coz many times there are players with a lot of kills but just coz they r not the last survivor they get no credit, there should be a mention on the winner's screen that he did won, but this guy had the best play... that would be cool if you win and urs was the best play you get ultra bonus ;-)
cristi nel (23 days ago)
Cheat more, scumbag jew.
Will Paws (24 days ago)
when he is looting its like his left eye stand still to look for enemy and right look for loots. lol gg.
jaanu2222 (25 days ago)
pubg is going to die (not for mobile platform) , but this game looks smooth , is not buggy , it's challenging cause it's really fast paced
Brian (26 days ago)
Black fingernails are most important in game
Ryan S (26 days ago)
Holy crap this game is terrible. Graphics, gameplay, guns. I honestly don’t know why people like this game as well as the last handful of COD. MW2 imo was the last *Great* game they made. Not everyone likes this spazzing fake gameplay. I’m much more of a realism guy in war games but that’s literally just me I guess??
Rvchava 88 (26 days ago)
rip cod
MeTube (26 days ago)
This dude is a hack himself!
Ninj a (27 days ago)
Bro I’m so glad fortnite is gonna die bc epic is a trash company and treyarch is like the best game maker
Shroud is the Albert Einstein of FPS games
Michael Aebi (27 days ago)
ill buy red dead 2 instead..this game has sucked ass for years now..
TheLOL4DUDE (27 days ago)
Where the fuck i am
dats tony (28 days ago)
Cod 4 battle Royale is basically pubg
unknown soul (28 days ago)
Pubg is better
lee sample (29 days ago)
when you have players like this playing, the rest of us have no chance. this guy must do nothing else with his day but game.
Imp Salazarth (29 days ago)
6:17 How did you notice that guy was there? Was it sound based? I went though it frame by frame and barely saw the guy. (Maybe 60 FPS makes a differences in game, and I can't see it though the blur)
cg yolol (30 days ago)
pubg got some little things that this game doesnt have shroud mises pubg in some reason
cw f (30 days ago)
hacker is coming
Amaro (30 days ago)
6:50 the senses of a god, wtf, just proceeds to insta kill the guy, whatt???owo if it was any other player i would say hack but ladies and gentleman thats our boy Shroooot, amazing
Jufry Ryab (30 days ago)
attack on titan
Jefferson Jeybee (1 month ago)
i need this game 😞
Sambroz900 (1 month ago)
Is this on steam?
Soviet Union (1 month ago)
Where the fuck I am
ferlennon _15 (1 month ago)
Cmon i will beat you in tetris game , morron
Chali Abo (1 month ago)
Amazing skill dud, u can do that skill on android whit pubg or something?
Harssh Gautam (1 month ago)
Was that just me or did someone else heard this line from PUBG-"WHERE THE FUCK I AM ?"..
ProBro (1 month ago)
Who else is watching this guy just to see what black ops 4 looks like https://youtu.be/hmcDsnyZQxY
Harsh Ratnu (1 month ago)
"Where the fuck was he"
Bina Srivastava (1 month ago)
I request you to please not curse
Sub Zero (1 month ago)
Arcade game for arcade players 10/10
Reza Fahmi (1 month ago)
duddneo (1 month ago)
top vid greatz dudd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQmN-1UyW-4&t=129s
Danijel Kikić (1 month ago)
It looks like black ops 3 nothing special
187Clemens (1 month ago)
Seems like I'm the only one who thinks this looks shit - first cod game I haven't bought :/
Gaming For A Day (1 month ago)
VOD how you record the gameplay in your device?
Just keep it up bro u r awesoem bro
kurt estacion (1 month ago)
That sound effect when getting first aid kit. so satisfying!
Smurf FTW (1 month ago)
why every game trying to make something like fortnite or pubg like damnnn
FJ (29 days ago)
+Smurf FTW It's not true just because you're writing LIKE THAT. It still wasn't the first.
Smurf FTW (30 days ago)
FJ (1 month ago)
why everybody talking about it being invented by fortnite like wtf
chronicstamped (1 month ago)
Cant believe people are really spending money on this garbage game
SLIME STREET (1 month ago)
Wow another battle royal. So much diversity these days in the gaming industry
takaa e (1 month ago)
Does Shroud use G-Sync? I'm pretty sure he uses 240hz monitor with the amount of money he is making. But he is only reaching 80-90fps in-game. Wouldn't he feel lag/stuttering if his fps is way below his monitor's refresh rate?
Rendell Washington (1 month ago)
He likes to hide an suprise ppl and get his kills
Eric Black (1 month ago)
I’m waiting for someone to comment they still think he’s cheating. Lol
ReVo (1 month ago)
Save your money for RDR2
Stephen Lozada (1 month ago)
I have that gun in real life
Stephen Lozada (1 month ago)
Is he saying where the fuck I am?

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