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👪 Top Ten "Free Games To Play With Friends" By Skylent 2018

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https://www.patreon.com/skylent DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW SUB HUMBLE BUNDLE & SUPPORT ME! https://goo.gl/q95Vt9 👪 Top Ten "Free Games To Play With Friends" By Skylent 2018 Check some of my other videos!!! TOP TEN UPCOMING PIXEL ART GAMES 2017 - 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ncf5St5IXY&t=347s TOP TEN NEW BATTLE ROYALE GAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utN9XOc5u1Y TOP TEN "FREE TO PLAY COOP GAMES" BEST FREE GAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdDNzfFAHfU TOP TEN "LOCAL COOP GAMES" ON PC - SHARED SCREEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEusYOlmT3o TOP TEN "PARTY GAMES" ON PC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX8T3iHHyfM TOP TEN UNIQUE MMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RyOEYAdqmw Patreons! TheFunkyNipple Dario Reyes Bluewulf Robert Nostromo Matas DJ Boss Sjaak Justin NerroLT Ciclopenteno THANK YOU! HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (135)
Slayv (16 hours ago)
What friends :(
Inuyasha (1 day ago)
Most of these games are pretty obvious you should make a second video or a second part to this video.
Inuyasha (1 day ago)
Such a shame..
Skylent Games (1 day ago)
Killuah (1 day ago)
Please do a part two!
Monkey .D Luffy (2 days ago)
guild wars i kinda pay to play though i mean you must buy the expansions
Jimmey19 (3 days ago)
I already played most games from this list, really recommend Warframe and Brawlhalla.
G9TV (4 days ago)
10. Brawlhalla 9. Unturned 8. Dungeon Defenders 2 7. Dauntless 6. Team Fortress 2 5. Paladins 4. League Of Legends 3. Fortnite 2. WarFrame 1. Guild Wars 2
CombatWalrus (5 days ago)
Thank f**k for not putting fortnite 1st and giving it to a game like Guild Wars2, I like you.
olfan92 (5 days ago)
such a bullshit list lol.
Iamaprolol Videos (6 days ago)
I want unturned I can’t find it
Iamaprolol Videos (6 days ago)
David Poder what’s steam
David Poder (6 days ago)
Iamaprolol Videos steam
Trollmen Caster (6 days ago)
Bro you forgot about l4d2 and warhammer vermintide those are east top 5
Skylent Games (6 days ago)
Flame Tea (7 days ago)
One Fact: Guild Wars2 was a good mmorp. Now its trash
ZipZapas (8 days ago)
when dauntless wil be free ???
Kevin Constantineau (7 days ago)
May 24th!
Avro Gamer (9 days ago)
Mind Blown! dude best
blue hacker (10 days ago)
Narkomancers (11 days ago)
If y like Warframe then your should play game that inspired it Dark Sector
Imparial Baumi (11 days ago)
Agree but Check out more genres like strategy (age of empires) or hack'n'slash games (soulworker)
Ice Bear (12 days ago)
Woa, Kha'Zix main here too.
Gytis321 S (13 days ago)
Where is World Of Tanks ?
Gaming Guy (13 days ago)
What's the name of the last game
Lanto (13 days ago)
it is guild wars
Gaming Guy (13 days ago)
I'm confused if it's guild wars or not
Leandro Suárez (14 days ago)
Thx for this list :)
Lightbuck Thegamer (14 days ago)
Warframe is the hardest one to pick because it's VEEERY overwhelming, and you need to have a friend to explain you everything or you will leave in 1 hour, I have 1300 hours and I haven't even touched the meta, unless you consider fashion as the meta Warframe at first may appear pay to win, but it's not, you just need to grind and grind and GRIND AND GRIND...
Lightbuck Thegamer (8 days ago)
Claus with A K im sorry then, but I don't think you really enjoyed warframe's full potential. But warframe is about farming, you are gonna do again and again the same thing, like any looter game. But warframe makes the experience less frustrating using tilesets instead of using pre setted maps, if you don't feel like that's not enough you should have tried quests, like the second dream, the war within, natah, octavia anthem, the new stranger,etc... I suggest you to try again the game, maybe if you play with some friends you'll have more fun. But if you don't want to I'll respect your decision, as I said: warframe isn't for everybody
Claus with A K (8 days ago)
It is insaaaaaaanly repetitive. Same skills, same maps, same everything. Ive managed to get 2 prime frames, and after that i realised that i had been doing the same shit for weeks, and uninstalled the game.
Lightbuck Thegamer (8 days ago)
Claus with A K why?
Claus with A K (8 days ago)
Lightbuck Thegamer warframe is boring as hell
Kroof Gaming (14 days ago)
GW2 hypeuuuu
fabian degioanni (15 days ago)
You've missed Tera 😐
steffen verbist (16 days ago)
fortnite is not one of them.
steffen verbist (15 days ago)
its only so popular because its like PUBG but free. So that ofcourse smaller kids will be able to play it aswell
MTTS (15 days ago)
Oh, well yeah you were a bit unclear but now I know what u mean. I know fortnite is overrated but you can't stop it being popular right now. And it's free so it is on the list bc of that. I'm glad it isn't on place 1.
steffen verbist (15 days ago)
exactly.. Fortnite shouldn't be one of them. Maybe I was a bit unclear..
MTTS (16 days ago)
Did you even watch the whole vid? Fortnite is one of them.
Re3oo HD5450 (16 days ago)
Warframe 🔱✨
Simson De Zomer (18 days ago)
The thing about fortnite is that the save the world is also going to be free. And what is the game with the cartoon characters jumping out of an airship. The one with the archer with 3 arrows, the game in the tumbnail?
droopy droopy (18 days ago)
GW2 is it even free to play ??? there are 2 expanions to buy at the store wtf ?
GenericFishBowl (13 hours ago)
There's a ton to do in the base game though however you decide to look at it
Zero Gaming&Co. (19 days ago)
Yeah warframe
Rayhaku808 (19 days ago)
Guild Wars 2 was a surprising but not a bad choice for #1
Igor Gomes (19 days ago)
lUploaderl on warframe!
Cloud MaxGaming (19 days ago)
for the first time i totally agree with someone about games xD if you didn't play GW2 with friends you missed the best game ever :)
deku tenshi (20 days ago)
Pls do a second part for x box u can also do just like 5 that would be cool
SLUSHxGaming (21 days ago)
YAY Unturned is on the list!
Sp3ar (21 days ago)
Yes! Brawlhalla finally getting recognition! Thank you for mentioning one of my most fav games!
rlifeh (22 days ago)
nice video :)
Troy Bell (23 days ago)
Actually like this kinda content! And your voice doesnt make me wanna punch puppies! Keep it up!
overfan (23 days ago)
Dota 2 since its has a lot of modes you play with.
negan28 (23 days ago)
what class u were using in the gw2? btw i found that event boss at lv 10 he screams a lot lol nice animations tho
Jayson Dellova (23 days ago)
Is dungeon defenders 2 still alive because i played dungeon defender on android and i quit because the game is dead
A wild potato appeared (24 days ago)
Sadly warframe isnt for everyone
Jg Redpanda (24 days ago)
guild wars is paid for tho?
Simson De Zomer (18 days ago)
Jg Redpanda guild wars 2 is not paid
marioland 93 (25 days ago)
But... Dauntless not is free
Blaise Studios (25 days ago)
League of Legends is the best game for losing friends. Turst me,... I know...
Migueljr Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Ice Bear (12 days ago)
Me and my friends always flame each other for a living, and we find it really fun. LMAO
rlifeh (22 days ago)
ItsLean (25 days ago)
"Weird and wacky with sum dudes" lool
AoV Gaming Music (25 days ago)
Paladins, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Battlerite :)
Claudiu-Florin Dinescu (25 days ago)
I take offense to you calling Heroes of the Storm light light-hearted :) It's actually relay hard at hi ranks. There are a lot of subtle elements to it, like when to do camps, what talents to pick, where you need to be at different points in time and the most important one, how to actually play your hero (you will not have a stat advantage here, mechanics all the way)
St1lysh (26 days ago)
Why did u put there lol and fortnite? Everyone know them wtf
St1lysh (26 days ago)
2:05 why would u have to pay for unturned... Is shitty
Jelly (26 days ago)
I really like this channel. Just quality content
CrisisASP (28 days ago)
i've got about 400 hours on brawlhalla so i have to say that the community is not the best, there are alot of toxic player in the game but its still fun none the less
Letrexo (29 days ago)
M (29 days ago)
Discount thumbnaul of aang
Josh T (1 month ago)
14:45 "Path of Exile!" ... yeah for a group of 4? Maybe not. A duo? Most definitely. I will say we have had fun with PoE in a 4 man but we memed a bit. One time we got all the Threshold jewels and put them in a hat, drew one, and had to make a build out of it... the next we played till we found our first rare weapon and had to make a build around those weapon types only... etc.
Josh T (12 days ago)
TauBe God no. It's a trial by fire... literally sometimes.
TauBe (12 days ago)
Path of Exile is definetely not a beginner friendly game :D
Martin Cruz (1 month ago)
Listening to this and hoping he talks about Path of Exile while I'm playing Path of Exile. FeelsBadMan
shogundr4g0n (1 month ago)
I don't feel like gw2 is f2p, i would say is p2p, buying latest expansion is a whole different game than playing the free content
shogundr4g0n (23 days ago)
Troy Bell I don't disagree, and I've played the free content, you can do a lot more than other game with similar models. But there is a point where you get swallowed into buying the expansion, eg you can't properly use the chat without buying it. I know GW2 is one of the best and for some people the best mmorpg we have right now. But I really want to emphasize that there are limitations on the f2p content that are being overlook for his cheap price, akin to swtor without paying sub or wow without buying latest expansion. And I'm going to exaggerated now, I haven't heard a single person that was so happy with the free content, so much, than after months of playing never bought the expansion. Tbh and imo GW2 follows a P2P model disguised has F2P
Troy Bell (23 days ago)
shogundr4g0n actually there is a shit ton to do- as a free NEW player- but if you get sucked in the xp is like 30 bucks so its a win win! Wish all games followed this model
Elite MGTOW (1 month ago)
Yeath there are many free cool games: Kingdom rush is one of my favorites two versions of it are free. to kill time i just play FRIVLS. it's a simple app with many html5 games. simple but fun though.
Savage foxchild (1 month ago)
do not play League of Legends with your friends if you value your friendship
Anderson-Upoo (1 month ago)
Warframe and Dauntless in the same list! GJ :)
naughtybox 269 (1 month ago)
Ayyyyyyyy I'm in the video. I'm dead and disconnected but I'm in the video
AstroSack (1 month ago)
yo skylent
Skylent Games (1 month ago)
Yula568 (1 month ago)
9:23 and prepare that those friends will not be friends at the end of the game anymore :'(
solblackguy (1 month ago)
No Dungeon Fighter Online?
Khaled GTA (20 days ago)
solblackguy no
Guillermo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Which game is the one at 00:28
Guillermo Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Skylent Games thanks zkylll
Skylent Games (1 month ago)
Karlynn •-• (1 month ago)
just what i was looking for! great timing 🤩
ciaptainmilkman ́ (1 month ago)
fortnite pve should go fully f2p in the summer of 2018
Isyraq Ummair (1 month ago)
T_T no friends and low spec T_T thx bitcoin miner
Isyraq Ummair (1 month ago)
Archnid 001 yup visit some pc store the price still same like 2017 not slightly reduce
Archnid 001 (1 month ago)
@Isyraq Ummair yea that's sucks.. even nvidia released their 2 new graphic card the price of old graphic card won't changes...
Isyraq Ummair (1 month ago)
Archnid 001 yeah dude im saving my money that time especially im just a teen that wasnt had work/job then got news about bitcoin and suddenly all graphic card price goes higher
Archnid 001 (1 month ago)
T_T you did not buy parts in 2015 or 2016 were parts are more cheaper T_T
jino daniel (1 month ago)
Kinda pissed me off when you said "free to play overwatch"😡😐
solblackguy (1 month ago)
Paladins has way more content and might be the better of the two open betas
AoV Gaming Music (1 month ago)
Why? That is actually good marketing lol People love overwatch but many don't wanna pay 40-50 bucks. Many people find Paladins this way if you read the sub reddit to steam reviews. Also, instead of League of Legends I would have put Battlerite in the list. BR is really a game for friends. LoL ended many friendships actually, it's long and stressful. But BR is like 5-10 min? Also easier to pick up. In LoL new players have so much to learn before they can enjoy the game
Dark Diablo (1 month ago)
i play DD2 with my friends it's so fun
Guts (1 month ago)
Do video about top 10 Skylent top 10 videos
LionBite HD (1 month ago)
hey still watched how you got destroyed 4v1 in fortnite
Tó Sé (1 month ago)
where are you MR.FLIKERS ????
KingDanius (1 month ago)
That footage of League of Legends basically looks like a bot game... Those reaction times.
Edxion Volts (1 month ago)
You should review halo online
Break it down (1 month ago)
Martin Šaffer (1 month ago)
I don´t know why you have just a little bit of viewers. You deserve more you are just awsome :)
evil plankton (1 month ago)
If you wanna get weird and wacky with some dudes- skylent 2018
Nick (1 month ago)
In most lines I agree with your list, however an MMORPG has (most of the time) a lot of different activities and professions to do with or without friends. It's understandable that you also wanted an MMORPG in the list, but I feel like most of the time those are the best `friends` games. However great list & video overall!
gil perez (1 month ago)
Thx for uploading the video i asked for you really are an amazing youtuber and deserves alot more subs and views in my opinion (joined your discord as RePharez btw thx alot) :D
cenutrio351 (1 month ago)
Very interesting,thanks!.
Emma Kleis (1 month ago)
omg where have I heard this background music (by fortnite) before...
Pedro .Araujo (1 month ago)
guild wars 2 OMEGALUL
Hidexrogue (1 month ago)
my thoughts exactly
Mugiwara no Link (1 month ago)
none of these are good
KingDanius (1 month ago)
Then which F2P games are good in your opinion?
randomlolz1563 (1 month ago)
Great list! Now all I need now is a friend
ivin rio (1 day ago)
buddy count me as you're friend :)
salem slimi (4 days ago)
We can be friends hhhh
lokiboii (7 days ago)
xDDD great
Fizs (20 days ago)
darumscum (24 days ago)
randomlolz1563 same
moody just (1 month ago)
Hello skyrend
JustAColombian (1 month ago)
Recomends paladins??? 10/10
- BLIND - (15 days ago)
Calla prro oye just donde consigo el dauntless
tanmay joshi (1 month ago)
What is the size of guild wars 2 ??
Mohamed Hamed (1 month ago)
mine is 36 gb
START7 (1 month ago)
Thanks Skylent
Xuhaib Q (1 month ago)
hlllooo :)
tanmay joshi (1 month ago)
Pls try knives out plud
Chan Huang Suan (1 month ago)
Dungeon Defenders! 😍 fun to grind, and fun to play! Similarly, Warframe is still awesome

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