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I GOT MY REVENGE: GREEN HAIR DYE PRANK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-_l6XwoXoQ Follow us on instagram: @Emma_louise_crompton @robinbirrell So to get my revenge for Robin superglueing the cap to my head, I decided to listen to your prank ideas and superglue Robin's boxers to him with the strongest glue I could possibly find. I had no idea it would hurt him so much, but I definitely think he got what he deserved!
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robinbirrell (5 months ago)
Guys, I hope you enjoyed my revenge prank on Robin! Comment below if you're #TEAMEMMA or #TEAMROBIN. If we smash 30k likes on this I'll get Robin even worse!! Love Emma <3
Richardson, nb Orozco (4 days ago)
Women you are a 😈
m u s i c g i r l (1 month ago)
Kawaii Galaxy (2 months ago)
#TEAMEMMA your pranks never go too far unless Robin does first. I love your work, and I love this channel 😍
Sebahat Oda (4 months ago)
Borni filimler
James Woodbury (3 hours ago)
Ridding aucahal will work
sudarshan rocks (1 day ago)
It will hurt him very bad , why u do this type of prank
robert 5453 (1 day ago)
duck duck (1 day ago)
Gameaholicnow (1 day ago)
team emma!!!!!! prank him with washer liqwid.
Emma Rebecca (1 day ago)
Robin: Let's get to 35,000 likes! *Gets 5.8k* Emma: Let's get to 30,000 likes! *Gets 100,000k+*
Riski Zparta Riski (1 day ago)
J Charm (1 day ago)
Shaggy Savage (1 day ago)
You should tape his hands to his chest
XxGucci PotatoxX (2 days ago)
Omg I fell sorry for him😱
Kelly Walker (3 days ago)
LOL so funny
M M (3 days ago)
That’s actually dangerous
TEAM games studios (3 days ago)
Julia Sutton (3 days ago)
Team Emma 4 life 😂😂😂
Marta Strz86 (3 days ago)
Vynetti Drakozsa (4 days ago)
J Farmer Wife (4 days ago)
She's laughing and he can't move😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Baker (5 days ago)
Not funny. That was too far
DJword Hiphop (6 days ago)
That was rude Emma that hard so BAD! 😕😠
30K? YOU GOT A 130K! XDD
Grandus11 (7 days ago)
go soak in a tub
grace muraahi (8 days ago)
Grace Bowden (8 days ago)
Grace Bowden (8 days ago)
3:37 😂
Sabrina Palmer (8 days ago)
Oh my goodness☺️✨
vguess22 (8 days ago)
are you ok
vguess22 (8 days ago)
That was not nice
Geoffrey Langton (8 days ago)
Super glue his cloths to his hangers
Archie Snape (9 days ago)
Supper glue your knickers to robin
Sarah Kopp (9 days ago)
Emma BEST prank ever
Elodie den Oudsten (9 days ago)
I love your idea but I would glue his pants to something
Romain Chauvet (9 days ago)
MommA BeaR (10 days ago)
I thought it was great! Great body honey! Never mess with a girls hair! You will never forget that now will you! Lol
Alex David (10 days ago)
Hada Nay (11 days ago)
F ****
Diwakar Lekhwar (11 days ago)
She looked at his penis while glueing the boxers
ardeza aireen rubios (11 days ago)
How rude
Jay Auton (12 days ago)
How is that PG
Tazmin Masters (12 days ago)
Team Emma
Giant Hamster Harrison (12 days ago)
tayuya 123 (12 days ago)
Too far Emma this us too far
agam goel (12 days ago)
Emma is literally naturally 😍💓
Megan Randall (12 days ago)
I am definitely team emma!
Chloe Waide (13 days ago)
Jay Ellis (14 days ago)
Emma u are so so super mellow 👍
Vicky Malis (14 days ago)
Put glue in his butt crack
JJ OKELLY (14 days ago)
Molly Mann (14 days ago)
Niquwa Morrison (15 days ago)
My ball going to rip
Ashlyn Galdamez (16 days ago)
Ashlyn Galdamez (16 days ago)
You’ve done well
Xein64 (16 days ago)
glueing a cap to a girls head and causing a loss of a few hairs is unacceptable but glueing someones boxers to someones body and almost ripping off his skin is fine?
Shannon Foster (16 days ago)
Horse rider Mills (16 days ago)
Why did you do that!!!!!
Laken Brown (17 days ago)
You look good LoL...😀😁
Natsuki (17 days ago)
You are insane to do that lady
AliJaeJR (17 days ago)
Team Emma!
Eleonor xo (17 days ago)
this is ltrly not funny. why make someone u love suffer like that? this was too far lol
JMH Freestylers. (17 days ago)
3:35 wtf was she doing
noreen roulston (17 days ago)
Ruby Hankinson (18 days ago)
Patrick Llewellyn (18 days ago)
XxMR_ COOLxX (18 days ago)
omg it hurts me will watching :(
bewa koof (18 days ago)
Cayleigh Cheals (19 days ago)
Ben Atkinson (19 days ago)
Go emma
Evelyn Soto (19 days ago)
Evelyn Soto (19 days ago)
Angel Babyak (20 days ago)
Cool Prison lifedude (21 days ago)
I disapprove. That’s gotta hurt. A lot.
CaryL VioLe (21 days ago)
you deserved it hahaha
Awa Raureti (21 days ago)
Hahaha robin
k sloots (21 days ago)
try putting hair remoover on his pubes lol
Karma ROBLOX YT (22 days ago)
Demi Webber (22 days ago)
xLydiax (22 days ago)
It should say gone wrong on the title
Ritchie Arceno (23 days ago)
Lagot ka sa boyfriend mo hahah nakakatuwa
cry birch cry
Rawest Riri (23 days ago)
Delilah C (24 days ago)
Kiss him x
ωαfιq мυqяι (25 days ago)
*If someone does that to me how could I go to the toilet?*
Larris King (25 days ago)
A🤬🤭👻💩👽🤡👺👹👻💩🤡👺👹🤫🤫🤫🤮🤑🐝134653334434333333355466; ooutu😡😱1️⃣
justlove themusic (25 days ago)
That's going to be rough to get off lol 😂😂✌👍👍👍👍👍#teamemma
AllyGaming _YT (25 days ago)
Go cut it by using scissors
Zohar Mckeown (25 days ago)
I'm teem emma
Yukii -Chan (26 days ago)
Says it's too far, tapes her on a wall and on a bed. Ok.
Sangeeta Sinha (26 days ago)
Persephone Agreya (27 days ago)
This is why we don't mess with a women's hair kids
Breezetix (27 days ago)
you used so much glue. jesus.
Jim Giordano (27 days ago)
Not a prank....maybe he will glue your vagina together
Paige Umbehr (27 days ago)
clubgamerstudios (27 days ago)
Ummm ok me as a boy day that you should go to the hospital as this is considered a burn and don't forget you can permenatly destrohis genitallia oh and let's not mention that SUPER GLYE IS ACIDIC
Meksab Hagos (28 days ago)
I'm so glad
E Claxton (28 days ago)
Chaise Dixon (29 days ago)
I feel bad for robin cries
P Fam (29 days ago)
ahmad yagobi (29 days ago)

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