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I GOT MY REVENGE: GREEN HAIR DYE PRANK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-_l6XwoXoQ Follow us on instagram: @Emma_louise_crompton @robinbirrell So to get my revenge for Robin superglueing the cap to my head, I decided to listen to your prank ideas and superglue Robin's boxers to him with the strongest glue I could possibly find. I had no idea it would hurt him so much, but I definitely think he got what he deserved!
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robinbirrell (1 month ago)
Guys, I hope you enjoyed my revenge prank on Robin! Comment below if you're #TEAMEMMA or #TEAMROBIN. If we smash 30k likes on this I'll get Robin even worse!! Love Emma <3
Edith Sandberg (6 hours ago)
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Tasha Murray (22 hours ago)
You go girl
Kelly Gribben (1 day ago)
This is ot funny you sick fucks
Super Jack (2 days ago)
robinbirrell kk
Rebekah Chalmers (1 hour ago)
How did he not wake up?!
Amy Fish (1 hour ago)
This isn't cool. I can even imagine how much pain he's in
Miguel Uribe (2 hours ago)
My_wickedkevingats Yt (3 hours ago)
Did u try scissors
ineedrobux xiong (4 hours ago)
Yo if you did to me I will get mad and get the knife
Cooper Mitchum (4 hours ago)
At least he can still pee
SlowMotionGuy xX (4 hours ago)
If your a boy this is not funny Girls don’t know the pain
Greta Greis (4 hours ago)
Poor guy
Haylee green (4 hours ago)
30,000 thumbs up i give 30,000 thumbs up
Haylee green (4 hours ago)
Your boyfriends hamless
Aidan Gurevich (5 hours ago)
Aidan Gurevich (5 hours ago)
Good you tuber
Aidan Gurevich (5 hours ago)
I like you
klowlastver tv (5 hours ago)
Fuck this girl
Jesica Bray (5 hours ago)
Patrik Hrdlicka (6 hours ago)
This is not funny
Zagla Boumardes (5 hours ago)
How beautiful and exciting you are
Finn Howell (6 hours ago)
Finn Howell (6 hours ago)
If I was him I’d cut them of
DIY suquisy girl (6 hours ago)
Nice take back and it’s kinda bad too
Dd Lanz (6 hours ago)
At first i thought it was justin Bieber lol
DIY suquisy girl (6 hours ago)
I love your videos that is a good idea 💡
paiyton Fairly (6 hours ago)
Put glue all over his body
paiyton Fairly (6 hours ago)
Put glue all over his body
Dylan Patel (6 hours ago)
Awesome idea!
Polgári Gergő (7 hours ago)
Mohamed Deeq (7 hours ago)
I don't like your pranks🖤 This can really really hurt🖤
Faith Ladley (8 hours ago)
Orbelina Calderon (8 hours ago)
Sorry robin but #team emma
Lee Morris (8 hours ago)
Not funny.
MyHiphopdancer25 (8 hours ago)
And what robin did was not ok eaither
lzαв gт (9 hours ago)
Why This Girl Do Thats?? Is So Sick I Think If I try 😠😠
Światowid Waleczny (9 hours ago)
better like Jackass :P
lzαв gт (9 hours ago)
Girl Don't See!!
Msp Merve (9 hours ago)
O sana yapılsaydı
Mike Schaik (9 hours ago)
Go the next time under the shower the glue Will then let it go
skill et (9 hours ago)
That was rude
Riley Korzenowski (10 hours ago)
You really crossed the line
Malcolm Jeremy (11 hours ago)
At first I thought it was Justin Bieber
Far Han (11 hours ago)
sex kali
JustLikeOcelot (12 hours ago)
#TEAMROBIN because this prank is to extreme
Muhammad Iqbal Amin (12 hours ago)
Emma is so bad.robin skin will be hurt
saif koul (12 hours ago)
He is wearing a ck underwear and grass feild in arm pits
Dominik Biljan (12 hours ago)
Nihal Yende (14 hours ago)
Stop doing these things for views and obviously money
Boraida Usman (16 hours ago)
johnno allens (16 hours ago)
Harry Far (17 hours ago)
You should superglue her feet to the floor now
Nicolene Van Den Berg (17 hours ago)
Widi Okta (18 hours ago)
Aku kwkwkwkwkwkwkw
bismillah sultani (18 hours ago)
Dikiy Pratama (19 hours ago)
Very very good prank hhh
Rob Base (21 hours ago)
omg what the fuck is this damn it that girl was not playing
Anzel Gurung (22 hours ago)
Anzel Gurung (22 hours ago)
Anzel Gurung (22 hours ago)
he does really deserve it
rootbeerlovesme (22 hours ago)
... It's called using the internet to find out how to remove the superglue. Stop pulling on it...
Jerlyn Tan (22 hours ago)
hi Robbin, do u reply to ur DMs on instagram??
Alana is my name (1 day ago)
"nut stuck" lol
Celia Gagnon (1 day ago)
Zoe Jones (1 day ago)
😂 idk if it’s bad that I’m laughing but idk why this is so funny. Like you know that Emma had to soak her hat off so why are you trying to pull it... common sense bro😂
Candice Rolin (1 day ago)
What the fric
E A (1 day ago)
Nice prank
Evil hagow (1 day ago)
If they do more crazy glue pranks.I'd say break up
stale potato (1 day ago)
It works the dislike works
weedle thao (1 day ago)
The balls the hair...😂😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
ROBOYTGB (1 day ago)
That's gonna hurt so much
DarkKingz GT (1 day ago)
Next prank "* i super glued her vagina prank* (gone wrong)
Matthew Francis (1 day ago)
The guy is so hot 🔥
Belmén B (1 day ago)
Not funny
Pat Sage (1 day ago)
Caitlyn Bladon (1 day ago)
Cavan Cole (1 day ago)
I have the same calvinklien pants as him
Chloe Rosa (1 day ago)
Coodere Rainy (1 day ago)
What the fuck
lily rosey (1 day ago)
Vikeyeno Zao (1 day ago)
Soon sad robin
Carolinee D (1 day ago)
This is not funny.
Zuloyxo Raxmonova (1 day ago)
Kati gamerin15 (1 day ago)
Champ Rothstein (1 day ago)
That's nasty
Abbey Noir (1 day ago)
I like how he got mad but it was funny when he did it...karma man.
WarHeroes x (1 day ago)
Minotaurix 18 (1 day ago)
What a bitch!
Noor Hawary (1 day ago)
Happy break up
Anonumi L (1 day ago)
mirza alfarizi (1 day ago)
Jembot e mberodol
Mellisa Hartley (1 day ago)
Woooooooooowwwww did not expect that wooooooooow #teamemma though Emma robin will get you back so good so watch your back
Mellisa Hartley (1 day ago)
#team Emma prank robin by asking him out on a date and when he gets their he will find you on a date with some one ells and the other boy says that Emma and he are together and you say that's right I think go go go with the love pranks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!💔
Arais Lopez (1 day ago)
That's not just prank. You went way to far. I wouldn't even do that to my worst enemy. Its not even funny. If you ever did that to me I would never forgive you. I can't even believe he was laughing. He better do something terrible to you. If he shaves your hair off that wouldn't even be snuff far what you did. 😔😑😑😑😡😡😡😡
Mikaylah Taifane (1 day ago)
Albert Dacayanan (1 day ago)
Teamrobin. That's not funny. Its heart.
Roberto Villarante (1 day ago)
wrong Girl
Rhayonna Poindexter (1 day ago)
I'm sorry for your hair I truly understand your hair is really long and you tried very hard to get that way a texture the shine trim the the highlights and I truly understand your pain
Roberto Villarante (1 day ago)
girl Stop
Roberto Villarante (1 day ago)
girl stop wrong dress Can't
BILUSTY HQ (1 day ago)
Sooo extreme
james lewis (1 day ago)
That was the best prank ever
ii HunterCookie (1 day ago)

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