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15 HARDEST Difficulty Modes That Will Make You Lose Your Mind In Frustration

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When us really hardcore gamers want to feel some real "pride and accomplishment," we like to crank up that difficulty and let our skills really shine through against the best of what the developer can put in our path. But there are some challenges that just shouldn't be conquered. These 15 games really made us lose our minds in frustration trying to conquer them. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-241308979564/ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (902)
Nickzzz _7 (12 days ago)
Gears of War 1 on insane is something worse than fallout survival mode.
John Marston (1 month ago)
The evil within 2 classic mode
DEATH SPADE (1 month ago)
What about diablo 3 hardcore mode on torment 13
Solfir (1 month ago)
Ovk 145+/death sentence
Uros Opacic (2 months ago)
Blue smelter demon demon new game +6
Dave Hodges (2 months ago)
As if there's a sequel to bayonetta, that game sucker so bad
Ostrich Banana (3 months ago)
They're not really modes but Celeste's B-sides would fit in here
Adonis (3 months ago)
Any call of duty ever on veteran... GRENADE SPAM SIMULATOR 2017
Cavan Matcham (4 months ago)
Classic mode but not akumu from ew 1 ? You really have lost your mind haven’t you
Jose Manuel (4 months ago)
I am the Knight mode from Arkham Origins should be up here
Wilhelm The wolf (5 months ago)
What about Hell and Hell Mode in Devil May Cry?
キッド白人の死 (5 months ago)
mythic: halo series
I beat metro on ranger hardcore
ACR Legends (6 months ago)
Is dark souls on here?
James Morley (6 months ago)
Gears of war judgment onxy difficulties
Chief (6 months ago)
Outlast insane mode!?
Big Smoke9 (6 months ago)
My only issue with not being able to save in fallout survival mode is crashing. I think if saving was disabled while in combat that would be a better system.
Luka Hays (6 months ago)
Survival Mode in Fallout 4 really isn’t too bad once you get used to it and if you’re playing as a sniper stealth character with beefy companions to distract your enemies with.
ultra Robin (7 months ago)
7:59 neither does your lazyness, survival mode is easy if you get it under the knee. you CAN sort of vast travel, just get virdabirds and you're all set. get to 10 end and you won't have to worrie about radiation anymore. also if you get things like decent armour ( with you dont have in the video) and weapons you are good to go. just go slow and dont rush to diamond ciry till youre level 20 or something.
tallest midget (7 months ago)
Left 4 dead 2 expert realism mode. How is this not on the list
TacoRoniNoodles (7 months ago)
halo 2 on legendary was fucking painsteaking, guess because it was rushed they couldn't fucking balance it
Snatch Pro (7 months ago)
Awesome video. Subscribing....now!
2008 - 2012 Games Topic (7 months ago)
dead space motherfuckers !
Haden Goforth (7 months ago)
Gears of war series insane mode.
Dont forget to mention about the uncharted series crushing difficulty
Heyy guyz well for me in re7 madhouse difficulty made me mad along with god of war ps4 give me god of war difficulty
Uqqr (8 months ago)
*Black ops 3 reality make me want to kill my self*
sgredsch (8 months ago)
starcraft 2 campaign on "brutal"
Georges Westhead (8 months ago)
Metro ranger hardcore mode isn't that hard imo since there are loads of savepoints
Michel Darwin (8 months ago)
Gow ascension trial of archimedes
Michel Darwin (8 months ago)
Evil within 1..!!oh god that madafucqin game
The Aki War (8 months ago)
In my opinion Fusion Mode wasn't extremely difficult, sure for series newcomers it is hell, but for those who have been playing Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission for years, I can certainly say that that mode is pretty manageable, especially when you use Volt-Panzer and when you try to counter every move your enemies make. Zeldas Hardmode was a hellhole for me, especially in the beginning, but after roughly 1/3 of the game (after a hyrule castle loot) it is. Wolfenstein IIs hardmode was a pain in the ass. But I have to agree with MGSs hard mode. That hardmode is infuriating
DEVI11 KI11ER (8 months ago)
I was about to comment xcom
a cute pest (8 months ago)
Booyah VR (8 months ago)
Flappy bird - normal difficulty
MrKZdemos (6 months ago)
SupeRRazorz (8 months ago)
the halo series legendary mode isn't that hard
Wisker (8 months ago)
Where is DMD from Devil May Cry series? I disagree with Ranger Hardcore in Metro series. This isn't easiest difficulty in games but one of the most fair I've ever seen! It is perfectly balanced and it gives so much more immersion into the game! And Fallout 4 survival is well... not that simple. Saves on beds are horrible! This game has some bugs which happens sometimes and need to reload the game, fast travel or using console commands... And on survival the only way to deal with such thing is regularly backup your save folder! And there are a lot of broken game mechanics to abuse to make even hardest difficulty easy...
There are only 2 genders (8 months ago)
Uhhh new game plus 7
Link, The Hero of Time (8 months ago)
You know I’m okay when I’m watching this at 12:00 AM (midnight)
CheeseCrackers DEMO (8 months ago)
I didn't even need to watch the video to know that the thumbnail is a lie... so you got clickbaited if you didn't know
Victor Serrano (8 months ago)
(งಠᴥಠ)ง fight me ᕙ(ಠᴥಠ)ᕗ im strong doggo (╭☞ಠᴥಠ)╭☞ (づ⌐■ ͜つ■)づ look at this guy ⤜(⌐■ ͜つ■)⤏ dead now (ง⌐■ᴥ■)ง took his shades ᕕ(⌐■ᴥ■)ᕗ flexin my rockin six pack (∩☉ᗜ☉)⊃━☆゚.* he hurt me ლ(>ᴥ<ლ) WHYYYYYY (づ⌐■ᴥ■)づヽ(☉ᗜ☉)ノ he dead now (╭☞⌐■ᴥ■)╭☞ its ur fault you dead ᕦ⌐■ᴥ■ᕥ bout to take of my shades ლ(>ᴥ<ლ) tha light 乁(⌐■ᴥ■)ㄏ best if i keep them on ┬┴┬┴┤⌐▀͡ ̯ᴥ▀) alright bye now ┬┴┬┴┤ *step* *step* *step* ┬┴┬┴┤⌐▀͡ ̯ᴥ▀) you gonna leave yet ok ill leave u here ┬┴┬┴┤
Neil Blasingame (8 months ago)
Where’s solo mode from fortnite
I think it’s called Meine Leiben because if you play it you want to end your leiben 😂
Mr. Waffle (8 months ago)
you think this is bad try the new god of war are the hardest difficulty
Water Raccoon (8 months ago)
CoD 2 on Veteran. "The Tiger". That is all I have to say.
An absolute IDIOT (8 months ago)
Fallout 4 survival mode? Hold on *Grabs Codsworth* b r i n g i t!
ATLAS THE DRAGON (8 months ago)
I have beaten wolfenstein 2 still need to get wolfenstein new order and old blood
Leroy Jenkins (8 months ago)
ranger hardcore metro was easy asf.
TheUltimateBastich (8 months ago)
"No auto aim" LMFAO who needs auto aim? XD
Julio Santamaría (8 months ago)
What about hard difficulty on zombi u ?? That is difficult
PIZZACOOKIE (8 months ago)
What about the DMC game made by ninja theory? On the hell and hell difficulty, the enemy waves are increased drastically, they deal more damage ( easier to break through parry ), they are MUCH MUCH more in number, they have highly buffed health too and what's worse, Dante dies in ONE hit. ONE. SINGLE. HIT
Nue Houjuu (8 months ago)
Three words touhou lunatic difficulty
the broken skull (8 months ago)
Veteran in cod is almost impossible
The Invisible Davis (8 months ago)
The Last of Us grounded mode was hard? I beat it only using a bow.
Karlismi (8 months ago)
far cry primal survival mode perma death
SiKi OnHu (9 months ago)
i tries the ranger hardcore mode in metro 2033 , it does hard but it doesn't impossible , actually enemy still easy to kill because of the shotgun and the silent weapon , i beat it in 6 hour !!!
Tobias Balga (9 months ago)
Easy in dark souls
gamingislife forevee (9 months ago)
Geometry dash bloodlust
gamingislife forevee (9 months ago)
Dmc 4
Spicy Penis Parker (9 months ago)
Or in survival mode for fallout 4 get a mod that has unlimited AP and god mode
IWannaBeSpecial (9 months ago)
New game plus +7
Red Aka (9 months ago)
You don't have check points so when you die you lose all your progress and you have to start all over at the beginning.
Red Aka (9 months ago)
You should put Outlast insane mode.
Kevin Wolfe (9 months ago)
Try doing Metro Last Light in Ranger Hardcore but not killing a single person.... That made me die over 200 times in one part and break my mouse to the point where it was many tiny pieces and when i moved I never found about half the mouse even with everything out of my computer room...
james bell (9 months ago)
The legend of zelda master mod is not hard
buckshot 50 (9 months ago)
halo 2 legendary may be the hardest game i ever played but i find it to be kinda easy now that i play it almost every single day, its very addicting to. i sometimes play it with the thunderstorm ,and the sputnik skulls on too.
phalen das (9 months ago)
what about post human warrior in crisis 2
DARRELL PRICE (9 months ago)
Left 4 dead 2 hard they take you out with in seconds of the game starting
RCool B (9 months ago)
How did you forget playing a mage on Legendary in Skyrim ?
metal snakes Phantom (9 months ago)
Mien lebin more like mein schwanz
Ghostproducer101 (9 months ago)
Ooooo yea baby got number 2 on halo 3,4, and 5
Roman Rogal (9 months ago)
HA!! I played Metro Ranger Hardcore mode and i beat it ^^
Geo Belmont (9 months ago)
No ultimate vault hunter mode borderlands 2?
Hayden Q (9 months ago)
What about bo3 realistic mode
HLVIII (9 months ago)
Bioshock is hard on hard mode even 😂 fucking big daddies
Bryce Smith (9 months ago)
Mass effect 2 on insanity mode?! Hello horizon level!
Mistral (9 months ago)
I got all Pure Plats on all difficulties in Bayonetta. The one last thing that I take pride in...
Refresh Azure (9 months ago)
Wait wut i beat fire emblem radiant dawn "normal" mode it did seem odd that some fights took a lot more work and why i lost few charcters on the final boss before wining.
Gab Estrada (9 months ago)
UnfortunatelyItsThatGuy (9 months ago)
Wrong on Dark souls NG+7
Liquid Putin (9 months ago)
I will have to disagree with BOTW's Master Mode. While it is very challenging at the beginning of the game, when you get good gear, it basically plays like normal, just with the enemies doing a bit more damage than usual. Hard at first, but gets easier later on.
green (9 months ago)
i play osu! and i played on MANY hard difficulties which are WAY out of my league. let's just say the wall's not feeling too well. neither is my hand.
Abror Dimas (9 months ago)
hell or hell dmc series
LordEren (9 months ago)
Payday 2 death sentece or crime spree above 200(not stealth + one down modifier )
Michael J Caboose (9 months ago)
Really? Just Halo Legendary? Not even mythic/LASO? Because any halo game on a LASO run is just stupidly difficult, I don’t even know if some missions are possible on LASO.
GØDofCancer (9 months ago)
I wouldn't think master mode as that hard...I just beat Ganon in normal mode, so I tried master mode, beat a couple divine beasts. I didn't think it was some impossible feat as this guy phrases it.
Oscar Turcios (9 months ago)
What about gears of war 4 that shit on insane and Ironman will making you loose all your hair.
Dominic Orlando (9 months ago)
Halo Reach LASO
Ryan Page (9 months ago)
What About DLTK Goldeneye on the N64? That is Definition of Frustrating.
Lolo Geff (9 months ago)
insanity from mass effect. Bet the game on hardcore... couldn't pass the first encounter.
Cici Belmont (9 months ago)
I beat ninja gaiden 2 master ninja mode in 4 hours and no deaths
Cici Belmont (9 months ago)
My grandfather beat mgs3 on euro extream. It was under 6 hours
BebekRicaGT (9 months ago)
Cod bo 3 realistic dificulty easy death...
T1NCH3 (9 months ago)
3.Dark souls 1 2.Dark souls 2 1.Dark souls 1
T1NCH3 (9 months ago)
Aka the devil may cry
Kingstone Maxamose (9 months ago)
I beat legendary on halo and fallout four's survival mode is easy
Damon Axley (9 months ago)
Halo legendary all skills on, aka mythic mode
Friendly Black Person (9 months ago)
Halo 2 legendary
Leon Jaric (9 months ago)
Where is Skyrim legendary
Daktary (9 months ago)
The hardest is called real life. And youtuber suck at it
TheMemeFactory (9 months ago)
Beat 2033 and last light on ranger hardcore. Can't wait for exodus

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