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💕 Sephora VIB SALE Haul...mostly SKINCARE! 💕

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If you are new to my channel a BIG VIRTUAL HUG to you and WELCOME. Thanks for watching! DON'T FORGET TO LIKE, FAVORITE AND SHARE! Thanks for SUBSCRIBING and SUPPORTING! ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘ TUTORIAL for the LOOK worn in this video below: Get Ready With Me ❥ Neutral LOOK....but make it POP! ❥ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H34jXoyw7uQ Lipstick is Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backseat Ulta: http://bit.ly/2x0yicW Sephora: http://bit.ly/2wVPMqM SEPHORA New Benefits - Visit the FAQ page here https://seph.me/2AXffFR for more information. ---------- Highlights: ♡ More Points – VIB and Rouge now earn points faster. VIB members earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent and Rouge members earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent. Insider members continue to earn 1 point for every dollar spent. ♡ More Choice – VIB and Rouge can now choose between a birthday gift from our brands or 250 bonus points ♡ More Rewards - 5X More Rewards including our newest rewards: $100 Rouge Reward for Rouge and full size product for VIB and Rouge ♡ 2500 Points can be redeemed for $100 toward Sephora purchases ♡ In celebration of the changes to the Beauty Insider program you will be able to access the Beauty Insider Appreciation event from Fri 8/24 – Mon 9/3 for Rouge and Thurs 8/30 - Mon 9/3 for VIB and Insider. ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘ ★ Check out and sign up for EBATES here for CASH BACK at over 2,000 stores - SEPHORA, ULTA, NARS, Macy's, etc: https://www.ebates.com/r/THEFAN34?eeid=28187 ♡ Get $10 welcome bonus when you first sign up and spend $25+ ★ Check out and sign up for HAUTELOOK https://goo.gl/QRJy8w Women's and men's fashion, beauty, and home décor at up to 75% off. Membership is free and everyone is welcome. ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘ 💕💕 Products MENTIONED and SWATCHED 💕💕 ► FARMACY Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum with Echinacea GreenEnvy™ http://bit.ly/2NDZUM7 ► TATA HARPER Resurfacing Serum http://bit.ly/2Cgafge ► OLEHENRIKSEN Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum http://bit.ly/2NDRNiI ► OLEHENRIKSEN Goodnight Glow Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème http://bit.ly/2ow5YeQ ► HERBIVORE Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion http://bit.ly/2orRqwF ► CAUDALIE Vine[activ] Overnight Detox Oil http://bit.ly/2NEcquW ► CAUDALIE Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Serum http://bit.ly/2PVNGQo ► CAUDALIE Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Toner http://bit.ly/2NEcvie ► DRUNK ELEPHANT T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum ► HERBIVORE Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment http://bit.ly/2oAIplb ► ATELIER COLOGNE Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue Per Perfume Travel Spray http://bit.ly/2C7T4gt ► ATELIER COLOGNE Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume http://bit.ly/2C3S9Oa ► SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Magnet Brush Collection http://bit.ly/2PYEU4v ► MILK MAKEUP Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder in Translucent Medium http://bit.ly/2ougjHZ ► MARC JACOBS BEAUTY O!mega Gel Powder Eyeshadow http://bit.ly/2PWdEmX Daddi-O! O!Mercy The Big O! ► SEPHORA COLLECTION Cake and Bake by Vera Mona Liquid and Powder Makeup Sponge http://bit.ly/2C8hdUf ► DOMINIQUE COSMETICS Lemonade Eyeshadow Palette http://bit.ly/2PSrnvf ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘ ★ If you want to interact with me find me on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/thefancyfaced ★ I'm also on INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT: thefancyface ★ For business inquiries or a more personal message, my email is thefancyface@hotmail.com ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘ CAMERA: Canon 80D EOS DSLR Camera http://bit.ly/2JzIdyC Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art DC HSM Lens for Canon http://bit.ly/2eTf6Ti EDITING PROGRAM: Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2 for MAC ∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘∘ DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video. I am not being compensated to feature any makeup products or brand in this video. My thoughts as always are unbiased and based on my own overall experience. Contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean I do get a commission if purchases are made directly using my links. The price of the product is not affected by these links (same price as retail). Feel free to shop directly from the website if you are not comfortable with this :)
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Text Comments (207)
Kayla Masaro (1 month ago)
please let me know if the caudalie natural salicylic acid pore minimizing serum actually helped with the clogged pores! i have small bumps on my cheeks and i believe they are clogged pores and i am searching high and low for something that will make them disappear
Trish P (1 month ago)
You got a bunch of great skincare products almost all clean. My sister teaches me everything skincare. She has a small YouTube and she is supposed to be doing a skincare product video (@msavalon25) she does all the research on what we should buy and what we should not because of the chemicals. She is my you skincare
Socialmediaoverload (1 month ago)
Girl when your brother came on the line saying wha gwaan it got my husband back started up, lol. We spent ten days in Jamaica and just recently came home and he loved when everyone would say wha gwaan (hope I spelled right). It's my second time in Jamaica but his first and he loved it so much which I knew he would.
Maike Cooman (2 months ago)
which toner do you use? :-) grtz from Belgium
The Fancy Face (2 months ago)
I do not have a specific one that I use at the moment.
ExcuseMe Missy (2 months ago)
I loved that you answered the phone other then yell at it, like how dare someone call me right now.
D Kaleena Brown (2 months ago)
I had a hydra facial for the first time on Saturday & I have two massive pimples on my right cheek. And yes....they hurt!!!!! Maybe that means it worked?!?!
D Kaleena Brown (2 months ago)
Maybe. I know facials can cause breakouts for some people. But everyone’s different. I’m acne prone so.........
The Fancy Face (2 months ago)
Oh crap! You think it’s a side effect? It’s a hell of a side effect. Hope they go away quickly for you.
Taneisha Johnson (2 months ago)
Do you have a Jamaican background?
Taneisha Johnson (2 months ago)
I got my answer when your brother called lol. I asked at the beginning of the video. You have my support 😉
Freddie Nose fragrance (3 months ago)
Nice video. Keep it up. Always looking for good gift ideas for my lady
Stacey Goodwin (3 months ago)
Girrrrrrl! if you use all them AHAs and BHAs on yr skin you are gonna be dry man lol ...but seriously these are all good treatments and serums but you do not need all of them!! I totally love acids but you must be careful at first ...seriously you would have been better off getting the P1970 that Steph Nicole recs and one good AHA treatment like a mask used twice a week...well maybe the Tata Harper serum once a day... I am a firm believer that double cleansing is the answer to congested skin and there is nobody that does it better than a Korean beauty routine which can include acids but not so many different ones...I am worried you are going to ruin your skin with that much AHA!! and its not mild either!! 14% is a lot there is such a thing as balance lol I could help you no problemo but I would not know where to start with that lot!! One at a time for starters and def no AHAs left on during the day time, use a good vit C in the day and AHA and Retinoids at night for a start Double cleanse is a must so is a mild aha/bha toner then vit C At night you can use the serums but be careful to use a good moisturizer or oil with them...A lot of oils as others have said wont give you Acne infact it helps distressed skin...I would watch skincare vids like Stephs for the right order...there are a lot of comments here on this page from people that know the drill or I can help...just ask if you need to Good luck but be cautious please...one product at a time and make sure to cleanse properly Cheers from Aussie Stacey
Lush Fanatic (3 months ago)
Where did you get those organizers?!?😱
FashionFarfalla (3 months ago)
I love the lip color your wearing...what is it?
Jodi Pingle (3 months ago)
Stephanie Nicole breaks down the whole skin care industry, products, ingredients and what you can mix together. I’ve learned a lot from her.
The Fancy Face (3 months ago)
Do you have a link you can share? I watched all her videos and I’m not sure which video that is.
AhhhsoNeo (3 months ago)
You should also spread moisturizers to the back of your hands. You purchased a lot of products that do the same thing (chemical exfoliant) watch out for expiration dates as by the time you open them they may be ineffective.
The Fancy Face (3 months ago)
Exactly! That’s what I’m afraid of....I overdid it. Lol
ShiningStar77 (3 months ago)
You are on a roll lately...... really enjoying the content and realness...... FYI Good channel for skincare is Hot & Flash, Gothamista and Joanna Logic over Luxury.
Jackie Greene (3 months ago)
I have oily sensitive skin and use The Ordinary and Timeless. I love the products as they isolate the active ingredient and tell you am or pm. Most Ordinary products around $10. Watch Gothamista videos Part 1 & 2 on their products and order direct. They have info on website to show what goes with what to design custom for you. I use their Glycolic 7 % toner, Retinol 1% in Squalane, Buffet serum, and A few others. Daily I use Timeless 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid and Coenzyme Q10 serum (glycerin, hylaluronic acid, Matrixyl, etc) under makeup. Completely absorbs and not greasy! I have the Ole H Alt A purple cream and love it but it burns a little. Got Dominique Lemonade but haven't tried it yet
Ulonda Benjamin (3 months ago)
Your pimples sounds like cystic acne. They don't pop they hang around and hurt like hell. Any who I got skin care mostly too this time around. some caudalie toner & serum the same one you showed & elixir, fresh antioxidant glow spray , farmacy melting mask, kora eye oil, drunk elephant c-firma, Milk powder and green, blue and all nighter cream eyeshadow pigment. And was lucky enough to snatch up Pat Macgraph Mothership V; Killian perfume BOYS & Kissing. i didn't see the Farmacy honey glow.
The Fancy Face (3 months ago)
They popped later so they weren't cystic. Once they popped they went down in a day. So painful! Sounds like you got some things to try out. That Pat McGrath palette should be good. Let us know.
Pam Millie (3 months ago)
@kindofstephen and @labmuffinbeautyscience on IG and other places plus blogs are great resources. An example of a moring routine could be rinse with water or cream cleanse, towel off, apply Vit C, sunscreen, then makeup. If you need more moisture, add it in before sunscreen. An evening could be double cleanse, AHA/BHA (avoid eyes), humectant serum, lotion/oil. I would start with one product a week and access how your skin was and how it's progressing. The AHA and Vit C are a good pairing if your skin is used to it. AHAs and Vit C do need a lower pH. BHA does too, but too a lesser extent. After a few days of using a BHA at a near neutral pH, it's as effective as using initial at a lower pH. Depending on your skin, that can be less irritating. Going in with too much is asking for trouble because those are rather aggressive. If your skin is looking really shiny, you're exfoliating too much. If you apply chemical exfoliants after a shower or a bath, more water in absorbed into the skin, so those actives can penetrate more. If you're already reactive, that's not so good, but if you need a stronger kick, then it is good. Let things absorb and dry down when layering. If any pilling happens, pat products in vs rubbing. People do claim that thinner water based products go on first, but if you're going in with an active that is too aggressive, applying a cream or lotion first then the active will slow absorbtion. You'll still get benefits from the active, but in a more gentle way. Similarly, if you need everything you can get from an active, apply that first. If hydration is a problem, go in with a humectant and/or ceramide serum or thin lotion first, then go in with other products. Cleansing and hydration are the first steps. I am by no means an expert, but I will try to answer more questions or refer you to a source that might have the answer. ❤️
AmyMirandaMakeup (3 months ago)
Good video.
LifeofRylan (3 months ago)
I think you are my new favorite influencer! I just started my channel and am trying to help tweens like myself find products to use. It is hard with everything going on in the community to find honest people to follow and look up to. I think you are my new favorite. Hopefully looking up to you will help me grow my channel to be as big as yours one day!
Paige Conboy (3 months ago)
Keep trucking it will be worth it in the end.
Kandis at 50 (3 months ago)
Judging ! 😁 go back watch Stephane skincare and you can see how to use your serums. You so cute.
prettybrowni1 (3 months ago)
It's still a crapy program from a Canadian shoppers perspective. We don't have Ulta in Canada, so this revamp to the Rewards Bazaar program is pitiful. It's very limited to what one can redeem with their points. Sephora needs to do better. 2500 points for $100 gift card is theft when you consider that to make Rouge status one has to spend $1000. This is so effed up!!!!
Tamara Sparks (3 months ago)
That much money should get an upgraded bag! Love your videos. Bingeing today.
Ethel T (3 months ago)
Gothamista is a great channel for skin care... she does a lot of Korean skin care brands but I love her overview videos of certain types of skin care( ahas, oils, cleansers, etc) work better for the skin.
Toni Joy Verano (3 months ago)
...and sending some love all the way from the Philippines! ❤️❤️❤️
Toni Joy Verano (3 months ago)
With your love for serums...you need to try TRUSKIN NATURALS. I discovered it by accident while looking around amazon. It can only be bought through Amazon. The vitamin C serum and moisturizer of TruSkin made my skin bright and glowy in days! I swear by it. You have to try it!! Okay...as for how to apply skin care. Thinnest consistency first to thickest. So..Tonic-Facial Lotion-Serum-Oil-Moisturizer. Dont mix any acid with retinol (if youre using one) I love your haul!!
ingrid3578 (3 months ago)
Girl please keep us updated on the Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum... I really need a genuine opinion on whether or not it works.... and given the political climate of the beauty community, I'm hard-pressed to trust anyone :( but I know you always keep it real ;) so please update us later on!! Thanks!!
Janita Thomas (3 months ago)
I had no desire to purchase anything at Sephora but I didn't want to lose my birthday gift bonus points which were 250 points. I had other options but I choose the points. Since I waited until the last minute to shop online almost everything I wanted was out of stock for example drunk elephant and the tatcha products. I agreed with bbazpp98 comments. If you have time check out Caroline Hirons channel which is highly recommended by Stephanie Nicole and Gothamista channel (She brreaks it down)
thatsprettymuchitox (3 months ago)
the shimmers in the lemonade palette are so bad :( idk if it is reformulated but it is trash (i got it in Sephora with the sale)
K Ham (3 months ago)
Honestly , medical grade skincare is the way to go ,,,,Brianna stanko is also a great skin care youtuber,,, I also love P501970 & vintners daughter ,,,
K Ham (3 months ago)
Charlotte’s makeup comes to Sephora after the sale ,,, coincidence ???
Mommytomakeup dorton (3 months ago)
Wow, I just found you and I am binge watching😉😉😉😉
Tamara Sparks (3 months ago)
The Fancy Face (3 months ago)
I have a lot of videos and long ones at that.....don't overdo it LOL....there's only so much of me people can handle in a single dose :) Hahahahahahahaaa
Rissy Pooh (3 months ago)
Tina u are beyond beautiful and your honesty and personality are bomb as well. Your husband has a winner winner. Love you!! ❤️
Sara Salinas (3 months ago)
I believe skin care should be discussed with a dermatologist. But many ppl can't afford it or have time to see one. The beauty industry can blatantly lie about their products and use studies to mislead consumers. And putting 10 products on your face twice a day everyday is not a good thing. I do a goid Korean skincare twice a week but only 5 steps. Let your skin do it's natural process. Anyways everyone should check out Dr. Dray on YouTube. I work in dermatology and many of the dermatologist that Are Not Sponsored, have the same perspective as Dr. Dray.
Lush Fanatic (3 months ago)
Sara Salinas yes! I see all of these guru’s on YouTube demonstrating that you need 10 products to have nice skin. Obviously, that’s not the case and sometime putting more on your face can cause acne.
Aaraani Aryan (3 months ago)
Do a makeupcollection video
Astar Godfrey (3 months ago)
Enjoying your makeup look. Do you use any prescription stuff for your face? I burned my skin up this weekend using retinol and then using a strong serum and then I used a mask. Not my smartest moment.
TheSleepy Teacher (3 months ago)
I am crazy for boujee skin care. Surprisingly the la mer did not work out for me, but I love so many other lux brands.
TheSleepy Teacher (3 months ago)
I love how your pimples have their own narrative. Hahahhaha
muumol (3 months ago)
I’ve been hearing the mattes are nice in the Lemonade palette, but some of the shimmers was disappointing as well as the bluish shade- as in relatively not pigmented but maybe it’s buildable or meant to give a sheer wash of the colour to be “lemonade” like - maybe watercolour, rather than opaque pastel?
muumol (3 months ago)
Ooh I knew those Marc Jacobs shadows would be amazing! I’m glad you picked them up! I’m going to eventually get my all over , transition and highlight shades!
muumol (3 months ago)
I get cloggy in summer and it’s horrid. Found out my regular facial wash was doing NOTHING. It changed texture and wouldn’t even foam up! So I started using my Burts Bees grapefruit body wash because it seems to help keep my ear and neck area clear and non oily. Then while skin is damp, I tried out the Pixi Glow tonic and pat it on while skin is damp, work it in until dry and rinse or just go to bed with it on. For day, I like to pat on the Farmacy essence spray while skin is damp, let dry and then apply their Green Screen. I keep using a damp clean cloth to keep my skin clean and wash as soon as the sun sets and pat on either the Farmacy essence or the FAB spray and it’s worked amazing to clear up my skin and give it a natural radiance. I’m usually very oily, but with this summer I’ve been getting strange patches of flaky and irritated skin on my cheeks, nose and chin and breakouts. I really think the combination of those products are helping me. I also like to switch, as really, you’re applying skincare to get your skin to react and stimulate a response. After a while I think skin does adjust and they don’t get effective. That’s just my personal experience- I’m NOT a doctor. Thought I’d just mention that lol
Michelle Eccles (3 months ago)
Cleanser, toner, acid, hyaluronic acid/serums/vitamin C (you can mix), moisturizer (mixed or topped with oil as needed). I skip acid treatments when my skin feels dry or irritated. Strong peels once a week until tolerance is built. Vitamin C can be used with almost anything but you might want to dilute with another serum until your skin acclimates to your new routine. Your skin looks gorgeous though!
casdrinkscoffee (3 months ago)
Your make-up is gorgeous!
Ann Edwards (3 months ago)
Yes, Stephanie Nicole!!! If it’s too many products - and yeah it’s a lot - you can just pick out from her list. Also, just put some of your skincare in the fridge. I don’t think you can do all of them. Probably the cold would change some consistency. Try Caroline Hirons she even has PDFs of different routines on her website, so she is a super good resource.
The1NYCgirl (3 months ago)
Always enjoy your hauls Tina! Please be careful mixing/layering all of your new skincare items right away in the event your skin reacts negatively, you want to know exactly what to eliminate. I really like the 2 lavendar Ole Henriksen products and just got a tip to layer the night cream atop the DE Framboos at night (LOVE the DE Framboos and hope you have great results using it). I need your help finding a replacement for our MUFE Speculous eye shadow which I started using after watching one of your videos many moons ago! It has been discontinued and I can't seem to find a comparable replacement. Let me know if either the MJ Daddi-O! or BigO! does the trick.
Kamilah Stallings (3 months ago)
GIIIRRRRRLL #nojudgementsquad I'm on a no buy soooo. I just lived my sephora sale haul through you boo!!!!
brainsnall14 (3 months ago)
Try Thayers Witch Hazel from the drugstore. I love the Lavender and Rose options. They don’t dry out your skin!
Kuttiesmith03 (3 months ago)
I would suggest to be careful with the BHA and AHA. They can be irritating if used in excess, especially for those who have sensitive skin. I used to exfoliate (chemical) alot and it end up causing some hyperpigmentation. So be careful. You probably should have tried just 1 BHA and 1 AHA product in order to see which one works for you. Also, you should read the ingredients, they should always list the percentage of BHA and AHA in it. Some products will have them as the last ingredient which means that there is just a drop of AHA or BHA in it which doesn’t make it effective. 2% BHA should be good for those starting out, 5% AHA should he good for those starting out (AHA can sting a little). And lastly, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!!! Paula’s Choice has some good AHA/BHA products.
naturalbeauty511 (3 months ago)
I’m going to try that Farmacy serum. I was using Good genes, love that. Caudalie has a great moisturizing toner. Sephora is on their last days lol, Ulta has Kylie cosmetics now. I’m not a Kylie customer but that will be a huge financial gain for Ulta. The new Sephora rewards program is still not up to par. I have over 2500 points and the gift card is available online at a certain time and day in limited quantities. That’s ridiculous, if I’m a rouge I should be able to complete that transaction in store at any time.
Katisha Smith (1 month ago)
Totally agree with you about Sephora's new rewards program. I like that they are offering higher points for VIB and Rouge, but the program still leaves much to be desired. When I heard about that gift card for Rouge, I was so excited because I am so close to reaching Rouge status. Then, I learned that it's only part of the Bazaar. WHAT?! That is totally unfair! I also feel like 2500 points is still too high for that reward, especially since Sephora doesn't offer a lot of opportunities to earn bonus points.
Marie-Estelle Bruman (3 months ago)
I have been on a skincare kick too because of the same problem. I tried several aha/bha products and... my skin was going berserk. I thought it was a sort of purge effect at first, I gave up after 2 months with each product. I am super pale and couldn't deal with the extreme redness, painful pimples and texture it resulted with. Recently acquired most the May Linstrom range during a gift with purchase of the brand. I was adviced by their service client to exfoliate more and use their mask twice a week so you are going in the good direction! After a week and a half, I start seeing good results. I still need to introduce a few products ( I usually do it really slowly) but I have good hopes that it will be it.
FashionSense518 (3 months ago)
Oh.....and Ulta put their 21 days of 50% off at the same time of Sephora sale.
FashionSense518 (3 months ago)
20% off for Rouge, 15% off for VIB, and 10% off for Beauty Insiders.
Island Babe8889 (3 months ago)
I spent alot on this sale but i did exhibit some self control as I want to ham in November.
joselynluv01 (3 months ago)
You should get a back drop... or switch up the scenery, just a suggestion... happy your back!!
Yvette Arnold (3 months ago)
Awesome skincare haul
Latonya Parker (3 months ago)
PLEASE tell me that nail polish 😍😍😍love.. .
Cynthia Landry (3 months ago)
I don’t think you bought too much! You have an excellent variety that can be rotated and will last for months
Syn Challenger (3 months ago)
Most of the time, when you start a new skincare products, a sign of them working is a massive breakout, but once when that cleared up, you should be good
elegitts (3 months ago)
I got mainly skincare as well. In fact, I got quite a few of the ones you got. I also got the new Dior and CoverFX foundations. I am really hoping they match well.
Pam Jordan (3 months ago)
I needed your come ta Jesus moment and lecture from you before today. I spent way too much on this sale. I did get skin care items... lots... but I should have curbed myself. I fo,low Stephanie Nicole’s advisement on skincare for the most part... but I see a significant change in my skin. I also invested in tools like the NuFace and Clarisonic... loving the changes in my skin. Acid and serum overload over here. BTW... need a tour of your beauty room.💕
Lady Bay (3 months ago)
I super regret not getting the SK II essence in my online order. I tried that little sample that ish works at removing dead skin and brightening. That price tho... I probably will bust my budget and go and get it tomorrow . 😏
Dr. Ash & her Makeup (3 months ago)
I am not judging!
Falleen Crawford (3 months ago)
Can you do a makeup and makeup storage tour.
Caramel Submerged (3 months ago)
Not "judgy" ; that was a mammoth haul, well like a teenaged mammoth! 😂 Thank you again for sharing ! It was so enjoyable to watch; I appreciate it!
Jenille Frans (3 months ago)
What are wearing on your lips. We are about the same skin tone and I love it!
levi0596 (3 months ago)
I don't have any MJB but I'd love to get Daddy Oh shadow.
levi0596 (3 months ago)
You know crystalis007. Check out her IG posts w/her skincare. Great posts that may help you out.
Lise Simone Lewis (3 months ago)
Don’t forget your under eye...Ole banana eye cream is good...a good toner is Murad
levi0596 (3 months ago)
Pimples that hurt are the worse. Ouch 😖.
levi0596 (3 months ago)
Pull you back in from Ulta right? Ulta was like "no sis! We're giving 20% at the same time." HAAA! !! 😂😂😂 I purchased from both. 😘
Ladibug4422 (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing..I too bought a bunch of skincare that I'm unsure of how to use with each other....lol but at least we are trying😊
chinnelle jagroop (3 months ago)
Tina Tina omg long intro,....... lol great haul
Caramel Submerged (3 months ago)
58 seconds in..... your look is fiyah! The 🍊 and 🍇 lower lid?! Love it! Back to video..... will be commenting at end of video 😂!
AJ (3 months ago)
Caramel Submerged 🙌🏽Yasss love this look ...ya lookin’ gud’girlll glad you shared this... will keep Tina’s voice in my head as I’m in SEPHORA today “Don’t let the SALE fool you girllll🙅🏽‍♀️😆😆😉
Tiffany Fernandez (3 months ago)
Be careful with the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow... I’m interested in that product as well and I’ve watched a few videos. If you are new to chemical exfoliation, start by using it one night a week.
Nadia Ishaq (3 months ago)
Please do summer or oily skin foundation routine
im10ika (3 months ago)
Tina , I love your makeup look
Beauty By Bredice (3 months ago)
Pharmacy is having a 20-30% off 🙃
Debbie Weekes (3 months ago)
I'm in the same boat. I have a lot of makeup and transitioning into skincare. I like tatcha and Sunday Riley so far. I want to try drunk elephant and I got samples from Tata harper. Caudalie is also on the list when the funds permit. Looking forward to the holiday releases... They seem exciting!
Noir Mariposa (3 months ago)
It was kind of a product overload / overlap . I wouldn’t open some of those that are similar bc they do lose effectiveness once open . There’s a skincare channel I like to watch ( don’t know name ) but they recommend Glycolic acid in combination with hyloronic acid ; vitamin C with vitamin E . I’ll go find channel
A Love 4 Me (3 months ago)
Best people for skincare are Dr Sam Bunting and Gothamista. They tell u the why behind a good skincare regimen.
Prettyeyes Covington (3 months ago)
I think you should just clean your face with a good facial cleanser and moisturizer and leave it too many products will mess up your skin.
Spectroscopy (3 months ago)
You are so cute! Not judging you! Just did the same with skin care because I am maxed out on makeup!
Jackie McLaurin (3 months ago)
You’re videos are the f*ing BEST! You’re so funny. Keep them coming!!
BriBun (3 months ago)
I normally use Sunday Riley Good Genes and I really want Farmacy Honeymoon glow. I find that only good genes & tarte knockout tingle treatment toner(pretty much the same as the caudalie toner and the serum. They are just different types of products that do the same thing.) really keep my skin unclogged. I think you picked great products and as you try them you'll see how your skin likes them. I personally like the drunk elephant tlc framboos serum, but I prefer the texture of Good Genes. I'm not crazy about toners myself honestly. With the use of the exfoliating products, you would pretty much use them all the same way. Just rotate them out and don't go too crazy layering them together. A simple routine would be cleanse, treat, moisturize, finish. Treat could be a toner, a mask, essence, or a serum. While finish could be using the oil at night or spf during the day. The josie maran balm you like would also be a finishing product. Now vitamin c can aggravate acne or if you have acne prone skin. I'm an extremely oily skin type, not as acne prone anymore. I do make a point to avoid vitamin c while experiencing breakouts. I sometimes apply sunday riley ceo serum on top of good genes at night. Because of the textures I might even go without a moisturizer. Now the texture of the herbivore moonfruit isn't my fave, but I do think it works well. My favorite herbivore product is the blue tansy aha/bha mask. Masking is also how I do most of my treatments. I've found that doing different types of masks interchangeably have shown the most improvement in my skin. I rotate out hydrating, exfoliating, brightening, and purifying/ detoxifying masks. Some focus on one specific and others do a couple of things all in one. I think you selected great products, just space them out and see what shows the most improvment in helping your skin not feel or look clogged. I'm personally experiencing the same skin concern. Due to recent breakouts I'm just slowly picking up my usual routine. I've totally done the same thing as you when it comes to this sale lol. I get all skincare usually. This time I finally got the sephora collection rose gold brush set I've been eyeing 😍. I hope this helps let me know if you have any specific questions or concerns.
Lisha Torres (3 months ago)
Can you please do a tutorial on this look !!!!!!
constantina jennings (3 months ago)
I picked up the Koh gen doh manifishi foundation, I had to get it because I've seen nothing but good reviews on it and I also bought the estee lauder double wear foundation in one of the new shades called maple/5n 1.5, I wanted to see if that would work for my skin tone better than the rich ginger shade that I normally wear😁
Alien Xeliose (3 months ago)
It’s so true I’ve stopped shopping for Tarte, Too faced at Sephora and Ulta because they have waaay better deals on their own website 25-40% off. Last week Too Faced had up to 70% off certain stuff so I’m no longer rouge and barely making VIB now...but not complaining 😁
Nazeeya (3 months ago)
Very nice makeup look, great haul. I only purchase 2 Pat McGrath lipstick and 1 lip liner from Sephora sale, most damage was done at Ulta 20% and 3% thru EBATES 😩😂.
Lucinda Robinson (3 months ago)
Adding an essence to your routine is great for dehydrated skin 🤗
Gem Mua214 (3 months ago)
I got the Atelier perfume as well :o). Have you smelled the new Killian Capsule Collection ( Princess, Boys, Adults, Kissing- that's just part of their names lol)- Their perfumes are very expensive and really cant be found other places- so I would highly recommend smelling it in store first- I got samples of them- and am now going back for 2 of them.Also from the Clean Perfume line the Sel Santal was also surprisingly nice-I never thought I would be into a fragrance described as warm woods- but I ended up really liking it.  Btw I hate that I cant just purchase another online order and get the cashback + sale too smh .
Rhonda Powell (3 months ago)
Check out the Beauty Within videos. The 5 Skincare Combinations that cause Breakouts video is very informative.
FitChickGlows (3 months ago)
Guuurrrllll!! That’s ALOT of acids!! Lolol! What are you trying to do, melt your skin!? I applaud your enthusiasm!! 😂 Wonderful products all of them and just a wee bit jealous! 😉 However, on the more serious side, don’t use all your goodies all at once or you’ll overwhelm your skin with all these acids. You may have to rotate thru them possibly monthly. Like pick 4 to start incorporating and put the others aside for next month. For instance, start with Tata’s and Caudelie’s alternating days. Then add the Farmacy 2 times a week at night. Then add in the Toner in the A.M. only in order to give your skin a break at night. Maybe the following month switch out the Farmacy and add in the Retin-Alt and the oil serum and maybe use the TLC Framboos twice an evening switching out the Retin-Alt. During that month lay off one of the morning acid’s as your putting on so much acids at night now. Lol! Personally I don’t feel you should be using this much acids in you skincare at once. Here’s a guide for skincare layering and maybe plug in your products accordingly: A.M. > Wash > Toner > Essence > Vit C (wait, go eat breakfast) > Acid (wait, go make bed, lol!) > Moisturizer > Sunscreen P.M. > Double Cleanse (oil cleanser + cleanser) > Toner (gentle hydrating one) > Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion Essence (shameless plug!) > Retinol (in any preference from natural Rose Hip Oil ~ I use ~ to an alternative like Retin-Alt) > Acid or Vit C (if you want and your skin can handle it. Apply, wait, go watch a TV program) > Oils (I treat these as serums as they’re treatments just like serums) > Moisturizer Voila!! Your done!! Lol!! 😝😂 I hope this helps,Tina!! 😀😉💖
Lisa Gross (3 months ago)
My skin too! Mine due to menopause.
Imelda Campos (3 months ago)
I'm interested in the farmacy and herbivore products they sound good.
Erica Caraway (3 months ago)
Woo chile you went in on the exfoliation products! I strongly suggest seeing a dermatologist. Prescription Retin-A knocks over the counter products out the box. You won’t need half that stuff. My primary skin care purchase included Vitamin C for the morning, exfoliating & hydrating toners and moisturizers. Proceed cautiously and good luck!
Rhianna H (3 months ago)
I really want to learn about that caudalie for oily skin! I’m considering it. But I LOVE the eminence rhubarb strawberry serum it’s excellent.
Tai Johnson (3 months ago)
No judgement here. Whenever my skin acts up I run to sephora to buy everything and anything that might remotely help. I've been eyeing that Honeymoon glow. Can you do a review once you have used it?
KellyJelly9976 (3 months ago)
I think I'm going to pick some of those caudalie products up but from skin store dot com site (25% off).
SuperDancer1203 (3 months ago)
Hi Tina, I'm sure people have mentioned this. Caroline Hirons and Jordan Samuel (both on YT) have very informative and easy routines to follow. TFS --- Patrice
Njp329 (3 months ago)
Drunk Elephant is all you ever need. Use TLC serum than either moisturizers they have. I use their marula oil. In am their Cfirma vitamin c serum and b hydra moisturizer ITS AMAZING!!!
Sandi Nettleford (3 months ago)
Tina Love girl but every time I watch you I end up spending money 💰

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