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Lucic the Baby Mounts Weaver

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Zackery Cartagena (4 years ago)
Wow clean hit? It seems like the only unbiased commentators are the crew at NBC and VS. That was a fucking board not a good instigation.
gar sol (4 years ago)
The dude is a scum bag LUCCIC SUCKS
None None (5 years ago)
Dude, Lucic acted like an idiot but a good clean hit??? C'mon now....
MisterBruin (5 years ago)
what else can you expect from floridian hockey announcers? What a joke...
GregGumbel (5 years ago)
Gotta love the serbian hunchback enacting a little revenge of his own in lieu of a call from the ref.
coachhiggs (5 years ago)
Yes, Lucic's crosscheck was dirtier than a guy crosschecking him head first into the boards. That is moronic. The fact that you are Habs fan tells me all I need to know.
coachhiggs (5 years ago)
"...good clean hit by Weaver..." That is funny as hell. Weaver launches Lucic into the boards and they are ripping Lucic. In the NHL if you are going to cheap shot someone you have to at least answer for it. The problem with Weaver is not the cheap shot, but the fact that he just turtles afterwards. If you want to play dirty just stand up and answer for it.
RMHCyric (5 years ago)
Lucic is awesome, fuck Weaver!
CNHabs (5 years ago)
Lucic's crosscheck was dirtier.

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